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by Scott Johnson

You may remember Colton Haynes from our “Favorite Officiants” article where Kris Jenner officiated his wedding to Jeff Leatham. A recent article from People discusses how impactful the wedding was for him. It’s been said there wasn’t a single dry eye in the room, and even more wet eyes for those who watch the video of his nuptials on YouTube. Even the pictures in the People Magazine article show him leaking water from his eyes as he explains, “This video makes me cry every single time I watch it. It was the most special day of my life.”

Their wedding has been one of the most talked about this year. Hosted in Palm Springs, it saw a litany of celebrity guests including Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Chelsea Clinton and Billie Lourd. Leatham describes the video as “Cher meets a Guns ’N Roses video,” which to us sounds pretty freaking cool. You’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Watching and reading about Colton’s reactions to his wedding video got us wondering which of ours was most emotional to rewatch, so we went back and found the ones that had us reaching for the tissues more often than not.


Sanchez Wedding, 08/26/16, Historic 1625

One of the most adorable and loving ceremonies we’ve witnessed, as the groom powers through his vows in Spanish as the words he so desperately wants to speak tumble out in a mess of tears and sobs. There’s just so much emotion going on that these two both could’ve easily one our “Biggest Cry Baby” award, but there’s just something so sweet about the bride and groom who are so speechless for each other. Those aren’t just their sniffles you’re hearing, you’re probably hearing your own, too. Even the sister’s speech for the bride can make you a little weepy as she recounts how she raised her from diapers. That’s some true love.

Pablo Wedding, 08/05/17, Cedar Springs

A Hawaiian-themed wedding combines the love of home with the power of family. Like the previous wedding, the vows are when the tears start to come as groom Tim has to work himself up to get through the speech as the emotions overtake him. The two are so beautifully in love, and, with the soft guitar playing over the video, it’s easy to ride the wave of emotion. Even Kaleena the bride struggles through her speech, especially when she talks about placing a hand on her hubbie’s cheek. They’re each other’s worlds, but those are her words; not mine. Other moments, like some of the goofiest poses in our history during the groomsmen photos, balance out the emotion with a little bit of humor.

Schroeder Wedding, 10/14/17. The Golf Club at Newcastle

A crisp October day might not be your own ideal idea for a wedding, but for the Schroeder’s it was—especially when you take into account the gorgeous autumn views they got overlooking the region around Newcastle. Elizabeth and William have a special connection, and their tender first look with a view of Seattle makes it so much more touching as they stand together with the world at their back. At the moment of truth, as William repeats the sealing words, the excitement and emotion is so contagious as he chokes up the words while looking at the woman of his dreams. It’s hard not to feel the love, especially when Elizabeth gets caught up in the moment and the two exude pure happiness.

Vera Wedding, 08/04/17, Russell’s Loft

An elegant wedding, which you’ve seen before in our “Best Officiants” article, sees two men who found their soul mates tying the knot. They argue about who is Batman and who is Robin and every other little thing couples bicker about. But their speeches for each other will touch your heart as they talk about the doubts and fears of coming out while also embracing themselves and each other. They found this special moment together, in a community full of love and support, and celebrated it with beauty and admiration. They’re just suckers for each other—seriously, watch the video for their speeches. They found everything in each other, but most importantly they discovered love and happiness. If that doesn’t tickle your heartstrings, then boy do you need to rewatch the video.

Alford “Surprise” Wedding, 11/27/16, Mama Stortini’s

Remember that line from When Harry Met Sally where Harry passionately proclaims, “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible?” Desiree and Ron seemed to be fans, or at least they shared the sentiment because within a month after the engagement, they were revving to just do it.

So they did.

But this was even more special because they decided to throw a surprise wedding by tricking family and friends over for a “Thanksgiving Dinner” just for it to be an actual freaking wedding!

As the family—kids included—got ready for the wedding, we can’t help but get choked up because you can tell just how significant this day is in all of their lives. Desiree’s concerns for her daughter having a father figure make it all the more heartwarming as she seems to have found the perfect man in Ron, who himself has a son who might not have been even able to attend due to health issues. It’s the past repeating itself, as you’ll find out in the video, full of beauty and courage. Seriously, it’s really inspirational—but we absolutely love it and double-dog dare you not to cry.


We could showcase dozens of our videos here because we aim for every day to be emblematic of your wedding day. The day as a whole should be, in itself, full of emotion, love, happiness, and every other feeling you can think of. We hope we didn’t leave you too emotionally drained because we’d love to hear about your own weddings! Drop us a comment below and maybe you’ll be featured on down the road!

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Klehr Wedding on 6/17/17 in Wenatchee, Washington

Check out their video testimonial!

“I would recommend Best Made Videos to anyone. They were a pleasure to work with. Very professional and fun!! The video came sooner then I expected from Reid and needless to say….it was AMAZING!!! The passion he has for videography comes through loud and clear.”

What a fun day!

True story – on the day that I was supposed to sit down and initially meet with Cristina, my car broke down.  Not wanting to reschedule (Cristina had a busy schedule and was hard to pin down), I rented a car for the day and drove down to Graham, Wa. to meet her.  She was already at the bar with a plate of something, (chips or tacos maybe?) and a drink in hand.  I knew immediately we would get along!  She told me about how her favorite part of my wedding videos was how authentic they were, and in particular she liked the scene in my most recent video where the bride forgot she had her retainer in and took it out mid-sentence while reading the card written by her groom.  Cristina told me that she had showed that clip to EVERYONE including her hairdresser, and watching her tell the story just made me smile.

Cristina and Jason had THE most fun wedding day ever, hands down.  Bouncy houses, kids running around like crazy, lots of food and enough beer for everyone, what else could you want?  Watching the beginning of this video while preparing for this blog post just makes me cry over and over.  Seeing the look in Cristina’s face as she tries to hold back her tears gets me every single time.

Running around the fields snapping photos was a blast!  The groomsmen and bridesmaids were on point, keeping everybody smiling and laughing all day.  The girls even attempted to throw Jason in the air for a couple of fun photos which caused Cristina to literally fall over because she was laughing so hard.

When Cristina hired me to shoot her wedding video her one request was that when she watched her video she wanted to see everyone having a good time.  Seeing the look in her eyes as she spoke about her wedding video while we recorded their video testimonial makes me feel like I succeeded!

The reason I do what I do is because of days like this and clients like Cristina and Jason.  The love and joy that they have and the love that those around them have for each of them is infectious, you can’t help but get wrapped up in it.  Thank you guys so much for allowing me to participate in your special day with you!

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