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Photo Credit – Austin Fire Department

By Scott Johnson

Don’t let the cold, dreary days get you down when there’s so much weird and wonderful wedding news out there to be seen! That’s right, it’s time for another series of stories from the world of weddings! This week we’ve got some stories that will make you angry, laugh and wonder about if having a lavish wedding is worth it. Hopefully it will be enough to chase the rain and clouds away from your fall day! Let’s get to it:

The wedding dress is, in many ways, one of the most important aspects of a wedding. There have been movies, songs and probably a dozen TV shows that focus on wedding dresses, so they’re a pretty big deal. Alas, one weekend in September, a car thief just so happened to pick a seamstress’ car full of lovely dresses—but more importantly a single wedding dress. And then it was gone.

Some people are just awful in this world, and this car thief is but another of one of those losers who want to ruin people’s happiness. The seamstress then had to call the bride and inform her of the horrible news, which is by no means a fun thing to do. She is now pleading with the thief to return the dresses, particularly the wedding dress as it would lead to some major relief and happiness. Here’s to hoping that the thief comes through and decides to make some sort of amends.

Near the end of September, floods struck near Austin, Texas. With the water coming quicker and quicker, many fled for higher ground. With it still being wedding season, one wedding party had to be rescued from their venue Casa Rio De Colores. Around 60 people in all had to be rescued by the Austin Fire Department as within what felt like minutes, flood waters rushed through the area. What’s even scarier is this happened in the middle of the night—certainly not something anyone would want to wake up to!

The tents around the area also collapsed, with some having to cut through them in order to escape. The water grew so high and fast, it even swept away cars along with all of the rest of their personal belongings. Luckily, nobody was injured and everyone got away safely. We hope that their wedding day went a little more smoothly than the night before.

We’ve talked a lot about celebrity weddings, mostly in regards to the ludicrous amounts of money they spend to make their big day happen, but today we get into the little weird oddities of them too. With so much money flying around, there’s surely some pretty crazy facts no?

Take Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who had a 224 foot-long marble table put in for their wedding so they could all see the Florence skyline. Or what about David and Victoria Beckham, who bought out an entire Irish castle for their wedding? Queen Bey herself had 70,000 of her favorite flower flown in from Thailand to decorate Jay Z’s apartment.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who we so miss as a couple, spent around $100,000 on just security to ensure that the wedding was seen only by those invited. This fee also covered the airspace around the area, too. Now that’s coverage.

One of the funniest things on the list, especially those with tight wallets, is that at Kim Kardashian’s other wedding, the cheapest item on the registry was just a mere $1,115. Surely you’re thinking of some marvelous china or nice silverware. Nope. Just a clock. Check out the article for more weirdness!

While we’re on that same subject…what about some of the weirdest celebrity weddings as a whole? Vogue published a great list of some of the strangest and more unconventional celeb ceremonies that includes some really awesome people.

For instance, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, one of the last bastions of true celebrity love, had a barebones wedding at a courthouse. The total cost according to Shepard? Around $142. Now that is being tight with your money!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick got married in ’97, but nobody was really expecting it. They had invited their family and friends over for just an average old cocktail party, but out of nowhere they transformed it into a wedding. Maybe they were ahead of the game on that one!

At only the age of 19, Olivia Wilde married Italian filmmaker Tao Ruspoli. Where did they get engaged, you ask? Why, none other than Burning Man of course. Their wedding then must’ve been at some lavish Italian villa, right? Nope, it was in an abandoned school bus in Virginia.

I mean, you do you, I guess.

There’s gotta be this movie out there somewhere, or maybe I’m just thinking of The Wedding Date. Regardless, it’s not as hokey as you might think! In the article, Tiffany Wright is interviewed about her company called The Undercover Bridesmaid.

In some ways a wedding planner, but more simply a “wedding-doer,” she takes care of all the menial grunt work like sending out invitations and in some cases will actually end up going as a bridesmaid—fake story and all!

We have one more celebrity story for you all, this one comes from the beautiful Sofia Vergara, who is married to the equally as appealing Joe Manganiello. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, she talked about her marriage and their upcoming third wedding anniversary. Dishing on her husband’s game-day rituals for the Pittsburg Steelers, she says that he gets “all dressed up, like socks, underwear, shirt, everything, hat and rings and he’s aloe.” Here’s to a happy three years for them!


And there you have it for this week’s Wedding News Roundup! We hope you’ve been informed as much as entertained. Check back in again for more fun stories! And please share your own if you come across any!

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by Scott Johnson

Lei Wedding on 9/15/18 at Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –
The Music Bed –

Boasting some unforgettable views of pretty much every major highlight in Seattle: Mt. Rainier, Elliott Bay, the Olympics and the city skyline in general, Bell Harbor International Conference Center is one of Seattle’s premiere wedding venues.  Located on the waterfront just north of Pike Place Market, this large and very customizable venue was the perfect spot for Elaine and Aaron to tie the knot surrounded by all of their family and friends.

Midway through September, we met at Bell Harbor to witness the wedding of Aaron and Elaine. Poised right in the month where Seattle just doesn’t know what to do with itself—whether to stay summer a little longer or change—we were lucky enough to have some blue in the skies even if there were some clouds. No matter, that’s what indoor ceremonies are for.

A morning of getting ready saw some vibrant colors come out, not by any means your typical wedding tones. The boys rocked yellow shirts while Aaron whipped on a flashy red jacket, matching his bride-to-be. Some fun games outside the bride’s house got the boys all close and personal, while the ladies watched them do some push-ups. Finally, Aaron was able to head in to meet his bride, and soon they were itching for some photos.

Everyone else joined in on the shenanigans, with beaming smiles shining bright. Keeping with Filipino traditions, there was a freshly roasted pig to be had, while the anxious bride and groom continued through the other traditions as they worked their way to the big ceremony. After some exchanging of jewelry, and a few more traditions, it was time to head to the conference center.

In the wide open ceremony hall, Aaron and Elaine met to be married. The broad bay windows behind them illuminated the area. Looking slick as can be in his red suit, and beautiful as ever in her dress, Aaron and Elaine committed their love and lives to each other, surrounded by everyone they love. The traditional Filipino ceremony was full of so many wonderful traditions, check them out!

Following the ceremony, excitement was coursing through the air. With more group photos to come, the ladies and gents were all just having the time of their lives. Roaming around the conference center with tons of light letting in through the hundreds of windows made our jobs easy, but it made everyone else look even better!

Returning for the reception, some truly excellent speeches (particularly from Aaron’s “high school sweetheart”) welcomed the newlyweds with words of encouragement and support. Following dinner and cake, the dancing got off to a rip-roaring start that you have to see to believe. Then the rest of the night just flew by in a series of unbelievable coordinated dances, happy memories and good times.

Thank you again to Aaron and Elaine for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first two months of marriage have been as fun as your wedding! Have any questions? You know what to do!

Venue – Bell Harbor International Conference Center

Photographer – Cheryl Ford Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

Elaine and Aaron’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We met at a mutual friend’s (Brian one of the groomsmen’s) 16th birthday party. We played red rover and water balloon fight.

Tell us about the proposal!

Aaron planned to propose on a helicopter ride but because of the weather, he proposed during dinner on our 4th Anniversary. After dinner, there was a surprise engagement party at home with our family and friends.

Why did you choose your venue?

We love the rooftop ceremony. We both grew up in Seattle so we want to showcase beautiful downtown Seattle to our many out of town guests.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Performance and dancing!

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by Scott Johnson

Grybos Wedding on 9/9/18 at Salty’s in West Seattle

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“REID was awesome, timely, talented, and extremely easy to work with…He captured all the important moments of our big day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM AND BEST MADE VIDEOS.”

As summer slowly made its way to the bitter end, though some remnants still remained into October, we headed off to one of the most significant (and frequented) venues for us in the region. We’ve seen quite a few weddings at Salty’s on Alki (heck, we even had one of our own there, too), so going back there feels, well, like going home. If there’s anything that quickly becomes apparent about Salty’s, it’s the scenic view it boasts of Seattle’s waterfront.

Being the sharp thinkers that they are, the Grybos’ opted for our drone package which let us see the entire bay on the day of their wedding.

The blue sky was so vibrant and beautiful for the big day and the drone captured the entire area with such pristine clarity, it was the perfect way to start a Seattle wedding video for a bride and groom that now call California home.

Kicking off the day with makeup and apparel, the ladies and gents got to looking their absolute best. With as picturesque of a first-look spot as any, Mark stood waiting at the end of the dock waiting for his bride to approach. Like a sailor looking off towards the bright unknown, he anxiously waited for Marcy to come from behind. Turning to greet his bride, the two embraced at the edge of the dock as we started to snap away with the magnificent city we all call home rising up behind them.

The rest of the bridal party made their way out for group photos before splitting off into the guys and girls respectively. Everyone brought their best poses to display, with more than enough chuckles to keep the smiles glued to their faces.

Lining the lower walkway at Salty’s, there was nary a dry eye as Marcy walked down the aisle to meet her groom. Once again, with the city as their backdrop, Marcy and Mark were together—this time to get hitched. Following a series of poignant vows and declarations of love, and enough emotion to make Marcy regret not going first with her vows, they placed the rings on their fingers and sealed it with a kiss that was nothing but pure passion.

With some family photos and paperwork to follow, it was time for everyone else to head on in to get some refreshments. As the light outside slowly disappeared, the reception hall at Salty’s came alive with flashing cameras and twinkling lights. The dance floor opened up for their first dance and before we knew it, everyone else was getting into the dancing spirit.

What a perfect (if you exclude the first attempt at the bouquet toss) day for the Grybos’! We want to thank Marcy and Mark once again for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding. We hope your first two months being married has been magical!

Have a question or concern? Let us know in the comments below!

Ceremony & Reception Site – Salty’s on Alki Beach

Day of Coordinator – Wedding Events by Athena

Photographer – Andrew Tat Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ/MC – Love’s Events

Photo Booth – Seattle Facebooth

How did you guys meet?

We met in Seoul Korea, while he was living abroad and I was traveling abroad.

Why did you choose your venue?

We love the view of ALKI BEACH, so Salty’s was a no brainer 🙂

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Excited to see our wedding day play out from different angles, seeing the small details all the way to the bigger moments. We also would love to see our friends and family (all our wedding guests) also included in the video, even if it’s just for a few seconds/clips here and there 🙂 Plus the beautiful skyline of Seattle from Salty’s vantage view point.

Mark and Marcy’s story in their own words:

Our story is quite unique in how we met… They say people find love when they’re not looking for it or when they least expect it. But in our case, we ended up falling in love while living halfway across the world from each other.

It all started a few years ago… At the time, Mark was living abroad in Seoul, South Korea working as an English teacher at CRADA International Academy. Meanwhile I was in the midst of traveling across Asia, visiting my relatives in the Philippines and exploring Korea and Japan. I had planned on spending a few days in Seoul to visit my old high school friend Meghan. It must’ve been fate, luck, or simply good karma, since Meghan just so happened to be teaching at CRADA alongside Mark. Ultimately it was through Meghan’s excellent matchmaking skills that I was able to meet the love of my life that fateful night in Seoul. Hence “Seoul-Mates” 🙂

They say timing is everything when it comes to finding love. I never expected anything serious to come from our short encounter with each other. But the next few days we spent exploring Korea together made such a lasting impression on me. Over the next 22 months or so, we constantly found ourselves texting and communicating almost every single day. Mark would keep me company on the phone while I drove home from work every morning (I work graveyard shift, and am usually super sleepy on my drive home) He would stay up until 3am (Korea time) making sure I made it home safely on my long drive. I somehow knew at this point that I was hopelessly and madly in love with this guy.  A year after Korea, we met up again in Thailand, where Mark officially asked me to be his girlfriend. Later on, Mark decided to make the “big move” and relocated from his home in Colorado to be with me in California. I was beyond ecstatic for us to finally start our lives together.

The long distance was finally over!!

Maui, Hawaii

There is a certain point in every relationship where you wake up, you look at your significant other lying there next to you, and you come to a realization… You realize that you could wake up a thousand more times and you’ll still only want to see their face each and every morning. You’ll realize that the time you spend just lying around in bed is more special than anything else. You’ll realize that your life is no longer an “I” or a “me”, but an “us” and a “we” You’ll realize that… this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.  So one morning, I woke up and I just knew…She was the one for me.

They say Hawaii is one of the most romantic places in the world, so in Dec 2017, we booked a trip to paradise for Marcy’s 30th birthday. It was on the beautiful island of Maui that I planned to pop the question. On that faithful day, we ventured the ‘Road to Hana’ a long, windy, narrow road that made Marcy extremely carsick and nauseas. After a fun day of sight seeing and adventure, we finally arrived to Haleakala National Park where we hiked the Pipiwai Trail. The hike took us past several waterfalls, pools, and a massive bamboo forest, all culminating at Waimoku Falls: a stunning 400-foot waterfall. As we were hiking up to see this massive waterfall, another group of hikers encouraged us to go past the “Do Not Trespass” sign in order to see the full view. Usually we aren’t ones to break the rules, but I knew this was the time and the place.

Once we reached the bottom of the waterfall, I had Marcy stand atop a rock while I set up the camera and tripod to take a self timed photo of us. In reality, I was framing the scene so I could record that faithful moment. Luckily she was too distracted by the breathtaking waterfall to even notice me getting the ring out of our backpack. I ran up next to her, dropped down on one knee, gave her a short speech, and said the four biggest and most important words of my life.

“Will you marry me?”

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by Scott Johnson

Wangopian Wedding on 9/1/18 at Country N Lace in Toldeo, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

You may not have realized it, but you’ve probably driven through Toledo if you’re on your way down to Portland. Nestled along I5, south of Olympia as you’re approaching Vancouver, this charming city barely boasts a population of 1,000 but it certainly packs a pretty punch. Especially if you get down to the country roots of the area, which is exactly what we did.

A venue such as Country N Lace should tell you everything you need to know just by the name itself. This wonderful rustic venue offers four areas for you to get married, a 50-acre estate, and nary a noise for miles. They also provide all the decorating, tables and set up for the entire event–all you have to do is bring the caterer!

If the name Wangopian sounds like something you’ve never heard before–that’s because you’re absolutely right. David Hagopian and Krystal Wang decided to combine their names, as they have seemingly the perfect names for it. So we met for the wedding of the Wangopians bright an early on the first day of September.

Our day got started out with some pool and ping pong, to take the edge off of things, as well as the typical hair and makeup. After everyone was looking dapper in their vests and salmon shirts (yes, you saw that right, even the dog got dressed up), it was time for a few beers.

As David stood looking out across the grounds, waiting for Krystal to approach from behind for the first look, the clouds were just beginning to break. Sharing a kiss (or a couple) the two posed on the stairs of the farmhouse before we headed off to more secluded areas for some privacy. Getting even more romantic in front of the barn and in the forest, we even got them to pet the horses! After making our way around the entire area, it was time for these two to get married!

Like something you’d envision while reading a romance novel, the bride and groom met in a little clearing in the woods for their wedding. Flanked by bridesmaids in jean jackets and cowboy boots, and groomsmen in tan vests and pink shirts, this was such a fun ceremony that really blended well with its venue! With a kiss, the two officially became husband and wife, new name and all.

An already stellar day bled over into an even more exciting reception. WIth a first dance that puts many to shame, Krystal and David sure got the party started by throwing down some incredible dance moves. Soon enough, everyone else was trying their best to keep up.

Not too long before the sun crept behind the hills in the distance, we went outside and got some shots of the newlyweds running in the fields. It was breathtaking to say the least, and the perfect punctuation to a spectacular wedding.

Thank you again to Krystal and David for choosing Best Made Videos® to film your wedding! We hope you first two months of marriage are going great! As usual, if you have a question or comment leave it below!

Venue – Country N Lace

Photographer – Courtney Bowlden Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

DJ – Encore Northwest

Caterer – The Crowded Kitchen

Flowers/Decor – Country N Lace

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by Scott Johnson

Burkenpas Wedding on 9/1/18 at Carleton Farms in Lake Stevens, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

“If you are going to pick one thing to splurge on for your wedding I will always tell you to make it your pictures and videos. (Besides yummy food and drinks for your guests because after all, they are there for you!!) Being able to go back and rewatch and feel what I felt on that day, and see all of our friends and family’s smiling faces, is far more meaningful than anything else 💕”

Many of us remember September 1st as the beginning of the end of Summer. Following Labor Day, it was back to school and no more fun in the sun. Office Depot would be slammed, the sun wouldn’t nearly be out as long, and you had 9 months of school to look forward to. Now, many of us don’t really notice the first of September at all, but certainly the Burkenpas’ will. And they’ll remember it as something much, much better.

Just down the 204 from Lake Stevens (for those of you who don’t know, this is Chris Pratt’s hometown), is Carleton Farms, an exceptional stop for Pumpkin Patches, Brewfest, school tours, Zombie Paintball and, well, you guessed it: weddings. A short drive east of Everett will land you in this little-known neck of the woods (literally), with beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings.

We used to love going up to this region to pick out pumpkins in the Fall, but now we love it even more for weddings. The Burkenpas’ big wedding day greeted us with some slight overcast, and enough of a tease of blue skies to keep us hopeful about the sun burning way the clouds. Setting foot on the farm transports you back to the Old West, with horses roaming around and a massive barn. But there wasn’t too much time to take it all in, it was time to giddy up and get going!

Well, maybe not as fast as a rampant stallion, but the boys got ready while sneaking in some foosball and beer. The ladies rocked some deep red dresses while the boys sported grey vests without jackets. The morning crept along with the excitement continuing to grow; it was almost time for the first look. Kyrsten received some lovely earrings while the guys got some nice Leatherman utility tools.

Standing back to back out on a gravel path, the soon-to-be newlyweds turned around and greeted each other with pure emotion. The first look was so precious that we did not want it to end. We had them roam around the area, enjoying the country life before the married life, sneaking kisses out in the fields and traipsing across the grass.

We got some awesome group photos with the barn and wooden fences as a background, adding that lovely rustic feel to everything. The smiles were contagious, and the happiness was more than palpable. Without much else to do, the two were off to get hitched.

Following a wonderful ceremony, in which heartfelt vows were exchanged and delivered by a charismatic officiant, Karsten and Kyrsten finally got to kiss and become husband and wife. After all the incredibly fun paperwork, everyone headed to the barn for the reception. As the day slowly started to fade away, the sun crept ever so slightly over the hill at magic hour to take the whole day to a beautiful new level. Fairy tale doesn’t quite cut it.

Congratulations to Kyrsten and Karsten on their wedding, and thank you again for choosing Best Made Videos® to film your big day! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

Venue – Carleton Farms

Photographer – MMR Design and Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

Florist – Flora D’Amore

Baker – Hey Sweets Buffets

Caterer – Keren Littrell

DJ – Jeff Chapman

Rentals – Sweet Buffet Lady, CORT Party Rentals

Kyrsten and Karsten’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Karsten and I met through work. My grandpa owns a construction company called Ponderosa Pacific Inc, and Karsten is a field superintendent and I am the Accounts Payable and Payroll Manager. After meeting in the office, going on a few secret dates, and figuring out a way to tell my family (work and personal life can get messy especially when the work side of things is my family), we started dating exclusively and the rest is history!

Tell us about the proposal

Karsten is a pretty spectacular guy, and had to plan the proposal all in one weeks time. He spent an entire week leaving work early and planning out all of the itty bitty details. The reason he had to do it in just a weeks span is because I write his paychecks and see his time cards, and if I would have seen that he was leaving work early….but not getting home till 8 or 9 pm….I would’ve thought something was up LOL. So after being practically a super hero Monday-Friday, he woke me up on Saturday November 11th and told me that we needed to head over to his parents house to help his dad with something in the garage (this happened all the time so I thought nothing of it and got up and got ready to go). After getting in the truck and heading out at 8 am, I realized that we were not heading towards his parents house at all, but heading towards a ferry. When I asked him what was up he told me that he felt like we needed a date day, and I agreed, and didn’t think anything of it because he has always been that type of guy. He loves surprising me with little things so I just thought this was one of his little date surprises.  I also didn’t bat an eye at the ferry part because one of our favorite things to do together is ride ferry’s and explore the San Juan Islands! We ended up in Port Angeles and had some pizza for lunch, walked around in some shops, and found ourselves in line for the Black Dot ferry…now I had no clue where the Black Dot Ferry went, and Karsten told me it took us back to Seattle to head home, so I was like okay, and didn’t think anything of it….and also have no sense of direction on water so I had no idea that the boat was only heading North LOL. We met this couple on the ferry that kept asking questions like “Have you two ever been to Canada” and stuff like that and Karsten was being really short with them…and kind of rude in fact but our final destination was still a surprise and he didn’t want this couple to spoil it so he instigated we go back down and sit in the truck. Once we sat back in the truck he told me he was running back upstairs to the restroom, but little did I know that he actually went back up to apologize to the couple for being so rude. He told them that he was surprising me and proposing and the woman was so excited she jumped on him LOL. When the ferry docked I noticed that we were in Victoria BC and I looked at him and was like “what are we doing here” and he grinned at me. Now a little back story, Karsten and I bought a truck tent that sits atop his truck that we had taken to Glacier National Park the summer prior, and the tent was still on the truck. Going through customs Karsten didn’t want me to know where we were staying and he actually lied to the border patrol and told them that we were camping in our truck tent. Now, it’s the middle of November….in Canada…..and even the officer was like “I hope you have blankets” lol and after making it through customs I looked at him and was like “CAMPING IN CANADA…NOBODY GOES CAMPING IN CANADA IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!” and again he just grinned at me and remained silent. After driving a few miles, we found ourselves in line for the Valet at the Empress Hotel right on the water in Victoria BC. No camping in Canada for this girl…Phew!! After dropping our giant truck with the truck tent on top with the valet among all the BMW’s and Mercedes (lol it was pretty funny) we checked in and went up to our beautiful waterfront suite and he told me to get ready for dinner. I forgot to mention that he literally raided my closet and packed a bag for me! Even went so far as to buy some of the essentials like a hair straightener and contact solution because I would have noticed those things missing and packed away. After I got ready I noticed that the room was really quiet (he was nervous and planned everything up to WHAT he was going to say LOL) and I greeted him in front of the window in our suite, he proposed and I said no…HAHA just kidding of course I said yes and we had an amazing dinner in the hotel restaurant, and had the best time! I’ve got a real romantic!

Why did you choose your venue?

My dream wedding has always included a barn, and I just so happen to be marrying a cowboy! So Carleton Farms was our perfect fit!

What are you most excited to see in the video?

I am most excited to be able to look back and feel the raw emotions that will be felt on our wedding day. Our first look is going to be us standing back to back reading our letters to each other silently just before turning around and seeing each other for the first time on our special day and I am really excited for that moment in our video!  

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by Scott Johnson

I know, I know, you’ve really been missing us haven’t you? It’s ok, we’ve missed you too. So, never fear! We are back with plenty more stories from the big wide world of weird weddings! This week we have quite the selection of articles coming your way: some informative, some funny, and others that will make you wonder just how bad being a Bridezilla can get! Let’s get down to it!

We’ll start with some big numbers and even bigger personalities. Yes, you guessed it: we’re talking about celebrity weddings.

Remember when all that Royal Wedding hullabaloo was going on? Yeah, I’m sure you’re as done with it as most of the country was after about two weeks, but alas, Harry and Meghan’s wedding cost quite the pretty penny. This means they are now making their way onto the already established “Most Expensive Wedding” lists.

Beaten out only by Harry’s mother, Princess Diana herself, Harry and Meghan’s wedding debuts on the list at #2. Costing an estimated $46 million, one can probably make an excuse that, well, they are royal, aren’t they? So their weddings have to be huge, right? Some may disagree, but they join the company of family (Prince William is just behind Harry at the #3 spot), and other royalty if you so count Justin Timberlake and Michael Jordan. The thing is, all these royal weddings cost at least 3 times more than non-royal affairs, considering the #4 spot cost $10 million, while #3 cost $34 million.

Maybe if we’re in the business long enough we’ll get to go to one. Here’s to hoping.

Let’s start out with the obvious on this one: to ruin somebody’s wedding day on purpose is one of the gravest sins one could ever commit. Ruining a day of love for whatever reason is just silly and immature. Whether you are a love stricken guest still in love with the bride or groom, or a neighboring farm who wants to kill your business, there is no empathy or respect given in the slightest for interrupting or otherwise.

Which is exactly what is going on over in Virginia, in a little town called Catawba. Much like many of the weddings we shoot, they have tons of farms over there with picturesque landscapes and rolling hills. The Triple J Farm is just one of many, but definitely the only one with such a problem.

While the owners of the offending farm obviously dispute this, many videos and comments from newlyweds go to confirm that it appears that every time a wedding is about to take place, the Catawba Equestrian Center does whatever they can do to make some noise, whether it’s weed-whacking or lawn-mowing.

The owners claim they are willing to work towards a solution, but they counter by saying that it’s unfair for Triple J to “impose their invents on everyone else.” Based on the quotes in the article, I would say that the owner of the Equestrian Center is a little full of it. But that’s just me. Go ahead and decide for yourself!

If that last article didn’t make your blood boil, this one surely will. We’ve all heard the term “Bridezilla,” which refers to, well, a bride who has lost all sense of reason and has gone on a tangent to ensure that everything goes just the way they want it. Now, not saying that Bridezillas are all bad, but there comes a point where one should wonder if they might need to lighten up just a little—though you certainly do not want to be the one to tell them.

About a month ago, an email from a wedding coordinator ended up on Reddit after receiving said email for a wedding she was about to attend. In it, the wedding coordinator, at the wishes of the bride, detailed every little rule that needed to be followed that day. And boy, are some of them a doozy.

First off, the coordinator dictates that everyone need to arrive about “15-30 minutes early.” Easy enough, not too demanding. She then demands “Please DO NOT wear white, cream or ivory.” Again, not really that big of a demand, considering it’s an age-old rule to not upstage the bride in white.

But then she gets more specific. “Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail. Please do not have a full face of makeup.” Oh boy, this bride really wants to be the best looking one in the room, bar-none.

Other demands include not recording at all during the ceremony, no checking in on Facebook, and using a mandatory hashtag on all photos.

But wait, there’s more! She also states “DO NOT TALK TO THE BRIDE AT ALL,” and lastly, “come with gift $75 or more or you won’t be admitted.”

Redditors did not hold back in their comments. Sure, there’s a place for demands, but some of these are just ludicrous. Do you agree with the Bride? Or think that she is way over controlling?

This one hits a little close to home for us, mostly because in the PNW, Fall really hasn’t been the most popular of wedding seasons since you’re almost guaranteed to get rained out during an outdoor ceremony. The article explains that the advantages of booking a fall wedding includes different color schemes and fall-decor. For instance, Carly Gierczak was interviewed and said her wedding will contain “deep reds, bridesmaids dresses gray and tablescapes and groomsmen’s suits a deep green.” Her dress, too won’t be the standard white, but will have “fall elements.”

The article also explains that in more toasty climates, the fear of sweating through your suit or makeup makes for more than enough of a deal-sealer. In general, getting married in the fall is just cheaper. You can also find great deals and more unique venues. Check out some of our fall videos to get an idea of how great a fall wedding could be!


There you have it for another week! Check back in soon for more Weird Wedding News!

And if you have a question or comment, leave it below!

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by Scott Johnson

Ohashi Wedding on 8/26/18 at The Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

“Reid is seriously the best! Both times we met (consultation and wedding day) he was upbeat, friendly, and showed a creative and authentic approach to his work. We both loved his ideas for showcasing our perfect day and are beyond thrilled with the results. Reid (and his fellow videographer) captured our magical day with everything we wanted. They were up for anything and good with improvising when needed. They were willing to help out with non videographer related things when needed (we had a speaker issue during dinner and announcements) and were very communicative throughout the entire process even post wedding (Reid is super quick to respond via email and social media). Thank you Reid and Best Made Videos for the amazing video! We will cherish it forever :)”

Seattle’s northern neighbor, Everett, is by no means a fun city to try and get to or from during the week. Horrendous traffic issues plague everyone on that I5 corridor during their weekly commutes–but on weekends, this rising city is definitely a great place to visit. Heading on up there at the end of August, we got to film a wedding at one of our favorite stomping grounds: Monte Cristo Ballroom!

As opposed to giving multiple options for your big day, Monte Cristo Ballroom simply gives you everything–and we mean everything. The full day of service, multiple rooms, a DJ for 7 hours, a photo booth, lighting, beer/wine and so much more. It also feels sleek and elegant, and it’s especially great for those opting to not risk an outdoor wedding. For ease of planning and removing stress, they certainly know how to make things just perfect!

The Ohashi’s wedding day was peacefully overcast, almost like a tease for fall. This prompted some Starbucks and a fittingly indoor wedding. Once the guys were all decked out in their grey vests, they popped the bubbly to celebrate…before switching on sports to kill the time. The ladies didn’t quite have such relaxations, but the hard work showed in spades.

After a morning of preparation and anticipation, bride Kaytie went to meet groom Ryan for their first look. Out on the street corner, Ryan stood anxiously waiting his bride-to-be. What he didn’t see (but now can) was that Kaytie was giving him silly faces and looks from behind! Upon turning around, Ryan embraced Kaytie with a cute little kiss. We got some more shots of the two roaming the area before we got the rest of the bridal party to join in on the fun.

It was time to make our way inside the Ballroom. With stark white/cream walls, marble floors and a backdrop adorned with a beautiful array of flowers, the venue itself feels like a palace instead of a ballroom. Following a touching ceremony, delivered by an exhilarating officiant, Kaytie and Ryan were finally able to seal their union with a kiss. The confetti started to fly and it was all like a fairy tale. The Ohashis were official.

Family photos followed as the two stood right where they had been married, but this time with their families right next to them. Arriving to the reception hall with applause, the rest of the evening started to fly by. Cutting their enviable cake, sharing their first dance as husband and wife, and getting the party started, Kaytie and Ryan were in a state of pure bliss.

Soon, the ballroom was being used for the exact purpose it was built for: dancing! The night sped by in a flicker of lights and camera flashes, and music that never seemed to end. Thank you again to Kaytie and Ryan for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding, we hope your two month anniversary goes splendidly!

Have a question? A burning comment? Leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

Venue – Monte Cristo Ballroom

Photographer – Jill Most

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Florals – JNJ Floral

MUA/Hair – Sarah Ren Makeup Artistry and Hair

Ryan and Kaytie’s story in their own words:

Ryan and Kaytie met through Our Match profiles showed we have a lot in common and Ryan made the first move in reaching out to Kaytie for a first date. Ryan and Kaytie met in Auburn on June 20, 2016 at a sushi/teriyaki restaurant. Ryan and Kaytie talked a lot during dinner about Disney, Aladdin, and the Flash and Arrow TV shows. This led to a second date to see Finding Dory which led to more movie and dinner dates after work for us. The third date was a bowling alley in which Ryan really showed Kaytie no mercy. Ryan and Kaytie shared their first kiss and Kaytie was a good sport about Ryan’s lack of explaining his bowling background before the date.

In August 2016 Kaytie invited Ryan to go with her to New York, our first trip together. It was hot and humid but we really got to know each other while sight seeing and eating delicious New York pizza. After that we went on trips every month: Ryan’s Spartan race in Lake Tahoe in which Kaytie spent 6-7 hours watching and supporting Ryan throughout his race; we went to Las Vegas for a Korean concert in which only Kaytie actually attended; in January we went to Disneyland and California Adventure for Kaytie’s birthday (Ryan’s birthday and Christmas present for Kaytie); we went to Reno with Ryan’s family for the Superbowl; Ryan and Kaytie met Tom Felton at Comic Con in Seattle and the cast of Once Upon a Time in Canada; we went to Long Beach for Ryan’s birthday (Kaytie’s surprise birthday present for Ryan); and Disneyland and California Adventure again for Ryan and Kaytie’s one year anniversary. Ryan proposed first thing in the morning on our one year anniversary and Kaytie said “of course”. Ryan gave Kaytie a ring with little mickey mouses on it as a placeholder for the engagement ring so she could choose her own engagement ring. They ended the night with a fancy dinner at California Adventure and watching the World of Color show.

Who made the first move? How?

Ryan made the first move when he emailed Kaytie on

Who’s going to take out the trash?

We both take out the trash equally.

What was your most memorable date?

All of them!

What’s your favorite activity together?

Taking naps, watching tv, and cooking together.

Where are you going for your honeymoon?

Disney World

What’s the best meal you have eaten together?

Any when we’re together!

What’s the most memorable trip you have taken together?

Tie between our first trip together (New York) and our latest trip to Disneyland when we got engaged!

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by Scott Johnson

Lin Wedding on 8/25/18 at Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

“My husband and I worked with Reid and his team at Best Made Videos. It was a wonderful experience – I love that they captured some of the best moments of our wedding day, first look, first kiss, first dance. It was awesome to see our highlight video which was our whole wedding condensed to 10-12 minutes — this has been such a gift to share with family and friends. This video is a keepsake and something we will have for the rest of our lives  and can share with our future kids and grandkids. Overall, excellent service and would recommend them!”

Now before you go and get all your hopes up: no, The Hollywood Schoolhouse is not some acting academy to propel yourself to stardom, though that would be pretty cool if there were such a thing in Washington. While it may not have to do with the glitz and glamour that the name inspires, it remains a wickedly cool venue to host a number of events—especially weddings. A century ago, it served as a school. After some restorations and the passage of time, it is now considered one of “the most charming” event centers on the Eastside.

Capping off the final weekend in August, the Lin wedding got started with a sudsy morning—and by sudsy I mean beers. Cracking open a few brews is a great way to get a day of celebration started—at least in our books—as is watching sports while doing some last minute primping. The emotions got started flowing a little early as Tyson read the letter from his bride-to-be, but with some silly socks the sadness was quick to go away.

Heading on over to Gasworks Park for their first look, Tyson and April met on a hill overlooking Lake Union. Immediately shedding some tears at the sight of his future wife, Tyson went in for a sweet little kiss before admiring his lovely lady. Soon the tears turned to giggling as we had them traipse around the area, meeting up with the rest of the bridal party along the way for some nice group shots of them with the city and old machinery in the background. Looking stunning with the city as a backdrop, both the ladies and the gents brought their best looks for some wonderful photos.

Officiated by Tyson’s older, “more attractive” brother, the wedding itself was a mixture of laughs, memories, and quite a few tears. Definitely taking the cake as one of the best officiants we’ve seen, it’s a wonder we haven’t seen more of this guy! Delivering a profoundly funny and moving speech, he was just excited to marry these two as Tyson and April were themselves. Following vows that left both the bride and groom a little weepy, especially when Tyson starts talking about their relationship as a mountain. We’ll leave it at that, you’ll have to check out the rest of the vows and perhaps bring some tissues while you’re at it!

Heading into the Schoolhouse for the reception, the music started pumping with everyone ready to celebrate such a wonderful day. Cake-cutting followed, with the couple sharing a delightful first dance while everyone looked on at the happy newlyweds. Photo-booths helped keep the kids entertained while lots of dancing and drinking kept everyone else satiated. As the day winded to an end, we stepped outside with the newlyweds for just a few more shots of them before they embarked on their life together.

Thank you again to April and Tyson for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope you’ve had a wonderful first month as man and wife. Have a question? Can we do something better? Let us know below!

How did you guys meet?

Online Dating (

Tell us about the proposal!

January 2018 sunset in Puerto Vallarta

Why did you choose your venue?

We love to have fun and have great memories at the Hollywood School House

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Candid glimpses of the bride and groom; storyline; recapping our wedding day and its highlights; capturing our family, friends and guests enjoy the day

Venue – Hollywood Schoolhouse

Photographer – Leesha King

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – Gerald Lull

Day of Coordinator – Brandi Flood

Chef – Frank Pantoja

Photo Booth – April Photography

Cake – Dianne’s Delights

Officiant – Terry Lin

Floral – Alice’s Floral Designs

Tyson and April’s story in their own words:

How We Met

It all started with a message on Match, “You have a beautiful smile…” which led to our first date at Seattle’s Green Lake Park. That date went so well, we ended up spending more than eight hours together, laughing and learning about each other, and even sharing our first kiss in Queen Anne. We both knew we found someone “special” on that first date and were both excited about what the future would bring.

Fast forward 3.5+ years later, we were able to experience a lot of “firsts” together — snorkeling in the oceans of Maui, hiking beautiful Torrey Pines in San Diego, running a 1/2 marathon across the Golden State Bridge in San Francisco, drinking savory wines in Sonoma, experiencing Super Bowl 50 in Vegas, soaking in the sizzling hot springs in Colorado, watching the Ball Drop on New Years Eve in New York, eating VooDoo donuts on the 4th of July in Portland, securing our love lock along the Seine River in Paris, to getting in engaged in the most beautiful sunset of Puerto Vallarta.

Our relationship has been anything short of fun, surprising, and adventurous. We look forward to experiencing another “first” with all of you — our Wedding Day.  

Wedding Party

Debbie Barker – Matron of Honor

Debbie is my Sister Soulmate, if there’s such a thing. 🙂

She gets me — my quirks, humor,  and personality.

We have a decade worth of memories, jokes, embarrassing moments, adventures, acne tricks, funny haircuts, dairy queen dates, sleepovers, prayer sessions, real talks, nursing school dates, roomie trips, Alaska memories, etc.

Debbie is my closest friend. I’ve been so lucky to do life with her the past 11 years. She has such a youthful spirit when you want to have fun, and a caring heart when things are tough. I know I can count on her to be there for me.

It was a joy to stand by her side as a Maid of Honor at her wedding to Joel, as well as see her become an amazing momma to her two cute kids, Charlie and Eli.

I am so happy that she’ll stand by my side as my Matron of Honor.

Sarah Garcia – Bridesmaid

Sarah is the oldest of the ‘’Budd’’ sisters.

Growing up, Sarah was our role model and ‘second’ mom. She was also our personal stylist. From helping me pluck my eyebrows, to highlighting my hair (from the box, good ol’ days) to styling my outfits, to making sure I look great for prom, to giving me pointers on dates, the list goes on. I’m appreciative of her for always looking out for my middle sister and I.

It’s  been so fun seeing her be a mom. Her kids, Roman & Isabella are the cutest, and her husband, Vince, has been a great brother to me.

I’m grateful to have her standing  by my side.

Hannah Budd – Bridesmaid

Hannah is my second oldest sister.  Since we are so close in age, majority of my childhood memories are with her.

Some of which were of us running like a bunch of crazies after the school bus every

morning (‘’come baccckkkk!’’) to traveling to China and witnessing her almost eat a chicken head  to sharing a bicycle every week to Cheney Lake (I sat in the U-shaped handle bars… times have changed! #safetyfirst)

I’m grateful to have her standing by my side.

I will make up all the lunch money I owe you, one day 🙂

Carmela Andrada – Bridesmaid

Carmela-  We met about seven years ago on a medical mission trip to Thailand. I remember early on the trip, we shared our life-stories on a stair step, and knew after that, we built a close connection. It’s crazy to see how our lives have changed and even paralleled, with now working at the same clinic.  

Carmela is one of those people, that when you meet her you feel lucky, like you found a true & kind sister-friend.

One thing I love about our friendship, is even though we have deep talks and are out here trying to save lives (literally), we also have a love for all things TMZ. 🙂 She is my person to share the latest happenings with celebrity gossip and the Real Daytime.

I’m so happy to have her standing by my side.

Clare Santana – Bridesmaid

Clare – is the sweetest person I know, hands down. She has a heart of gold. I’m grateful we met many moons ago in nursing school. We have been become such good friends & share so many fun memories. A few that come to mind — getting ‘birthday’ shots on my 21st during a class break (mind you, SPU has strict, dry policy), and to later that night doing respirations and pulse checks because someone had too many Long Island ice teas to being roommates for the summer (‘’what’s that noise?? ‘’Oh, that’s just April sleeping’’) to getting real adult jobs to walking by your side on your Big day to seeing you off as you become a Nurse Anesthetist (so proud of you!)

I’m so happy to have you standing by my side.

Kyle Morrison – Best Man

Kyle and I have been close friends for more than 25 years. We grew up playing sports together, trying to collect girls’ phone numbers and just being immature kids. Our adolescent ways continued on through junior high, high school, college, and through our 20s – thank goodness for us, he met his wife, Sarah :-).

When I look back on the history of my childhood to the present day, a lot of those first experiences have been with that skinny kid who somehow evolved into a great man; one who now owns a successful business and has a great family life with Sarah and their two kiddos.

All jokes aside, Kyle has always been there for me – making me laugh, smile and challenging me to be a better man. More importantly, he was always a friend who stuck with me through thick and thin or fought to make it right.

If you know Kyle, he definitely has his quirks and “Kyle-isms” (April learned pretty quickly); but at the end of the day, he’s a great husband, fun-loving dad, and a guy that will always make you laugh (or just cringe). Ha! Kyle has been my longest/closest friend, the little brother I never had and now, my Best Man.  

Jay Lewis – Best Man

Jay and I go back nearly 20 years. I first met Jay going into senior year of high school. Jay was a friend who liked to have fun, laugh, and then he got old 🙂 Haha!

In all honesty, Jay is someone I had a special bond with growing up – ‘a brother from another mother.’ I turned to him for a lot of life experiences and advice. What I appreciate the most about Jay is how he helped me get through some rough patches in life. I like to think true friends are there for you no matter the circumstance.

Deep down, I’m always appreciative of my friendship with Jay. I already have two older brothers, but with him, I always felt like I had another big brother. Jay can be sarcastic, stubborn and a total butthead, but underneath his shell, he’s a great guy (especially thanks to his wife, Cathy and their two kiddos).

I am very happy that Jay is part of my life and will be standing with me as my Best Man.

Terry Lin – Groomsman

Terry is my middle brother. We are very close in age and he has always been someone I looked up to and tried to mirror. Terry is one smart cookie and has an entrepreneurial spirit unlike many I know. Terry found his love for teaching and created an SAT Prep Tutoring business helping kids increase their grades/exam scores and worked to make them better students.

What I respect most about Terry is how he always strives to be better in his personal and professional life. He is a great husband to his wife, Teresa, and is a caring and considerate dad to his two girls, Clara and Nora. Terry is the type that sets his mind to something and then produces a result. For example, in his off time, he has written/published a book, created a patent and runs two other businesses.    

Terry and I usually laugh about what will likely go wrong next with our bodies. Being one year older, Terry always gives me a heads up on what I’ll likely experience the coming year. Just another reminder that growing old sucks ;-D

April and I feel very fortunate that Terry will serve as our wedding officiant and one of my Groomsman.

Tyrone Lin – Groomsman

Tyrone is my oldest brother. I have always looked up to Tyrone. Growing up, he had a natural ability to play and excel in any sport, get the attention of the girls and was always the best at video games. Tyrone was always well-respected growing up, which made my life a lot easier, knowing I was protected. Being the youngest, I always felt looked after and also up to speed on what was “cool” – whether that was baggie pants, R&B music or even new stylish hairdos 🙂

What I appreciate about Tyrone is he has always stepped up and looked after our family. He and his partner, Jen, always made sure our family stayed together and that the holidays were memorable. The two of them also have a handsome son named Cameron. I’m very grateful for what Tyrone has done for me and our family.

April and I are fortunate and happy to have Tyrone stand with us in marriage as one of my Groomsman.

Ryan Madayag – Groomsman

I’ve know Ryan for more than 26 years. We first met in 6th grade during a track & field event. We grew up as friends through junior high, high school, college and beyond. We were roommates in freshman year, sharing beds directly across from another at Western Washington University. Our roommate bound continued with some of the other guys sophomore year in a sweet house we called ‘97 North’ (before he left the guys for his one love/wife, Julie).

After college, Ryan and I later reunited as close neighbors in the heart of Queen Anne. Every time I went on a run, I would always stop by Ryan’s house to see him, Julie and their kiddos (now three). I always knew the Madayags were great friends because they always made time, treated me like family and never complained about how much of my sweat dripped on their hardwood floors :-).

Ryan will always be my favorite neighbor and a close friend who knows how to have fun and keep me young. I have more than “six reasons” why Ryan is a great friend (our wannabe six-pack ab joke), but the one that stands out the most is his ability to make you smile. I’m very happy and fortunate that Ryan is going to stand with me as one of my Groomsman.

Scott Lefeber – Groomsman

Scott has been a close friend for more than 25 years. I first met Scott in the 7th grade and he was an instant buddy. I still recall letting him know that he had a cool shirt on (I.O.U t-shirt) and that we should borrow each other’s clothes. It sounds pretty un-man-like, but back then we were kids who were bro-bounding.

Scott and I grew up through the years playing sports together, hanging out after school and having fun as kids. We were friends through junior high, high school, college (another roommate) and beyond. I always enjoy spending time with Scott, his wife, Lisa, and their two kiddos. Scott has introduced me to a lot of firsts – biscuits and gravy for breakfast (“makes you smarter”), pursuing graduate school and last, but not least, the Hollywood Schoolhouse – a place where April and I will be tying the knot, thanks man!

I’m always appreciative of Scott for being a close friend and someone I can turn to for fun, laughs and fitness-oriented activities. I’m very happy Scott is going to stand with me as one of my Groomsman.

Dave Freeburg – Groomsman

I have actually known Dave the longest out of all my friends. He and I are pushing more than 30 years. I first met Dave in kindergarten at Kenmore Elementary before our school boundaries changed. He and I became friends in junior high, high school and stayed friends through our 20s/30s.

Dave is probably the closest thing to a celebrity I know 🙂 He and his dad/family are regularly featured in television ads promoting Dave’s business, Slabjack. Beyond the limelight, Dave is someone that can make you laugh/smile, and he has a chuckle that is truly one of a kind!

Dave has become a closer friend through the recent years not only due to his close proximity to me/April (he and his wife, Kristina and the three little Freeburgs reside in Edmonds), but because he is someone that always brings out the kid in me. It’s easy to get focused/serious as you get older, and what I appreciate the most about Dave is how he stays light-hearted, positive (if he’s not losing at tennis/fantasy football) and knows how to have a good time. I’m very happy that Dave is going to be standing with me as one of my Groomsman.    

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by Scott Johnson

Do you hear that? That rumbling of exciting, weird and wonderful stories roaring towards you? You must know what that means! It’s time for another installment of Bizarre Wedding News. Sure, Fall has officially arrived, the gray clouds and drizzling rains are here, and that means we are in the dreary times. But never fear! This doesn’t mean there aren’t any wild wedding stories going on around the world! Because we’ve still got plenty for you: this week we’ve got some scams, some celebrity sightings and a trip to the hospital coming your way, so let’s get down to it!

Typically, we’re always down for donations and charity of any variety. Especially for those who have a spouse in a dangerous line of work, whether it be the armed forces, police, or a firefighter like in our first story. But what we’re not down for is lying jerks who try to scam others out of money, like one Ashley Bemis who has been accused of lying about having a husband who was supposedly working the fire while she was out collecting donations for him and other members of his crew.

Totaling an estimated $11,000 worth of money, on top of other toiletries, Bemis scammed a fair amount of people before one firefighter decided to look up her husband in the database—only to discover he didn’t exist at all. An investigation is currently underway, though the scariest part is there’s evidence that Bemis has done this sort of thing before; she even is claimed to have faked an entire pregnancy.

Here’s a little known fact that many people surely don’t want to believe: Keanu Reeves is at the top of his acting game thanks to the John Wick movies. But while he isn’t shooting people up with dozens of weapons and performing “gun-fu,” he’s still that charming fella (who definitely isn’t a vampire) who will gladly take pictures if you ask him nicely.

Which is what happened to Leslie Walker and Jarrod Camara, who were celebrating their wedding at the Dream Inn in California. The brother of Jarrod approached him asking if he could take a picture, and like the gentleman that he is, he happily agreed. Though he didn’t stay long, he certainly left a lasting impression and memories for the bride and groom. For even more of his antics, there’s a subReddit called r/KeanuBeingAwesome, where you can find Camara’s original account of the story.

Another photobomb story? Coming right up! This one was entirely unintentional in the funniest way possible. Typically, our animal photobombs have happened out in nature and came as quite a surprise. This one was absolutely safe but equally as funny.

A couple was getting ready to celebrate their wedding at the Minnesota Zoo. During their first look, they decided to pose in front of the bear enclosure. What they didn’t quite realize is that this bear had the most utterly expressive faces that anyone could imagine.

Ranging from bummed out to sad, to just entirely confused, these photos probably look staged but they aren’t in the slightest! Be sure to flip through the instagram post to see all of the lovable bear’s funny faces. It seems like he had a “beary” good time.

There’s so much that can go wrong in a wedding. On top of all the planning already required to get it going, the big day sees the arrival of friends and family from out of town and everything else coming to fruition. That means the stress is high—that is until the reception. When the rings have been exchanged, a few kisses shared, and a big round of applause, it’s time to let loose.

But whether through libations or just simple carelessness, things can still go wrong. For one recently married couple, a few drinks and some lack of coordination while dancing landed the groom awkwardly on his leg as well as in the hospital. As bride Nicola would explain, James had been quite “merry to be up and dancing,” until he tripped and fell. Rushing to the hospital to ensure nothing had been broken (it hadn’t) the newlyweds missed out on part of their reception but fortunately James made a quick recovery in time for their honeymoon!


There you have it, folks! Check back soon for more Bizarre Wedding News. If you find any stories floating around on the web, send them out way and we’ll be sure to feature them!

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by Scott Johnson

VanNieuwenhuise Wedding on 8/25/18 at Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

Of all the weird oddities that makes Washington, well, Washington, the Thornewood Castle certainly has the most history behind it. Boasting the fact that it’s the only genuine private castle on the west coast, Thornewood was built a century ago on the shores of American Lake. Now the fact that a castle would even be built in Washington is already super rad, but when you discover that Chester Thorne (one of the founders of the Port of Tacoma) actually purchased an already four hundred year old Elizabethan manor and had it dismantled to rebuild over here, that’s where this story gets kicked into high gear. Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft both stayed at the castle, while several movies have been filmed around the grounds (we’re looking at you There Will Be Blood).

With as awesome as it sounds, it could be easy to get your hopes up and have them be let down—but we promise you they won’t be. Which is probably why the VanNieuwenhuises decided to tie the knot on the storied grounds of the castle. A morning at the Hotel Murano helped ease everyone into what was surely a “royal” day—I mean, getting married at a castle should count for some sort of royalty, right? The ladies got looking lovely in their lilac while the guys donned whites and light grays for a lovely contrast. Some celebratory Red Bull and coffee perked everyone up for the high energies of the day.

Once it was time for group photos, it became all the more clear how awesome this place is. With the guys strutting their stuff outside the castle, they looked incredibly suave—even while doing some rather silly poses. Unfortunately Wes was suffering from an injured foot, so we didn’t quite put everyone through the more outrageous poses, so decided we should save some energy for dancing later on!

In as romantic a spot you could find in an already hopelessly romantic venue, the ceremony space rested at the end of a little clearing, complete with a fountain and a stairway up to a gorgeous backdrop. If you want to see something truly beautiful, just get a shot of the entire scene of the wedding with the bridal party descending downwards and the arch enclosing the bride and groom as they share their first kiss as man and wife. Hearts will swoon—and you will also surely want to get married at your own castle!

Some group photos followed while tables and chairs were set up in a little clearing on the rear side of the estate. Soon they were filled with the three most important F’s: family, friends and food. The bridal party was full of excitement following the ceremony and the ladies decided it was time to show the guys up from earlier! The partying started outside but ended on the inside as the day wore on, though there was hardly a complaint to get to dance inside a castle!

Thank you again to Rhianna and Wes for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first month of marriage has gone perfectly! Have any questions or comments? Leave them below!

Venue – Thornewood Castle

Photographer – Rebecca Jane Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Coordinator – Erica w/ Town and Country Weddings

Officiant – Bill with Rev. Ray Van Winkle and Associates

DJ – SoundAbout DJ

Florist – Love Blooms

Cake – Celebrity Cakes

MUA – Makeup by Cece

Hair – Katie Tidwell

Rhianna and Wes’ story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Wes and I met in Sandlake, Oregon in September 2011. ( You can call for the full story very long!)

Tell us about the proposal!

Wes proposed to me after a fun day in Leavenworth in February 2017. It was amazing! Right in front of the gazebo below the sledding hill. So after I said yes all the parents at the top of hill clapped for us hahaha

Why did you choose your venue?

It’s old world charm! Beautiful gardens and it’s on American Lake.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Wes’s face when he sees me for the first time!

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