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by Scott Johnson

We are in full effect of the Seattle Squeeze, rain is in the forecast, and if that doesn’t sound like Winter in Seattle to you, well, I don’t know what will. We are here to fend off the gray, monotonous commutes and dreary weather with weird and wild wedding stories. We have a big focus on the secret wedding of Miley Cyrus and Chris Hemsworth this week, as well as some riviteting wedding showdowns and a dazzling, unicorn-styled wedding. Ready for some fun?

A surprise wedding saw the marriage of Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead, two television hosts, after a whirlwind love affair that lasted only a year before the big day. Host of Flip or Flop, Christina divorced her former partner and co-host Tarek El Moussa back in January, and entered into a relationship with Ant, the host of Wheeler Dealers.

Their guests arrived under the impression that they would be going to the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, but instead got a front yard wedding. Christina announced she would be changing her name–and that she has a new show coming called Christina on the Coast. Congrats to the newlyweds!

This one is quite the doozy of a story. We all have exes, and chances are they probably won’t be invited to our weddings. Well, one ex did decide to show up to a wedding, obviously without an invitation, and proceeded to create quite the ruckus.

Coming from the point of view of the Donut Shop owner who essentially saved the day, this one will make you feel a bit of rage. Apparently, one day he received an urgent call just before closing. Making an exception for the customer who pleaded to come in, they came and pretty much cleared them out of their donuts. Writing “Congrats” on some eclairs, he makes the sale and the lady goes on her way. A while later, after the honeymoon, the newlyweds came in to tell the story of how the groom’s ex invaded the wedding after learning her ex was to be wed. She burst in, grabbed the cake, and threw it at the newlyweds. She then proceeded to smash wine bottles on the floor before the police came and charged her with assault, destruction of private property and more. All in all, the wedding turned out superb, and left the owner feeling as happy as the newlyweds!

Tired of the same old wedding designs? Want something to bring a touch of magical, happy clouds and rainbows? Take a look at this wedding shoot that is described as a “sparkly unicorn in a field of horses.” From designer Jade of Let’s Bee Together, it features, well, a rainbow of colors, dazzling makeup and all comes together with some lovely soft, pink tones. Though it might not be everyone’s flavor, for those wanting something a little different this is surely right up your alley!

The wedding dress, for some, is the most crucial aspect of the big day–I mean, they even make shows and movies just about the dress–so naturally there’s a rather large premium on dresses and some go for thousands of dollars. Fans of Say Yes to the Dress should immediately recognize Kleinfeld, the show’s home-base.

Just a few weeks ago, they opened (and have already closed) a temporary pop-up show that brought in 1,500 different styles of wedding dresses at remarkably low prices. We’re talking going from $15,00-$20,000 all the way down to less than $1,000! Now that’s just insane. Too bad the deals are gone, but boy oh boy what savings!

We’re capping this week off with a dive into the biggest wedding of the last month! After what seemed like too-many years, a rough relationship, and some near-misses, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth finally got married in a secret ceremony at right before Christmas, almost a decade after meeting on the set of The Last Song.

In their small, private ceremony which saw the arrival of the Hemsworths (Chris included), Billy Ray and more, the two kept things sweet, fun and family-oriented. Take a look at the Popsugar article for some fun photos of Thor doing shots, Miley and Liam kissing, and the united families cutting the cake.

Elite Daily writer Bella Gerard dug into the importance of Miley’s dress, as like we have come to know her, her style isn’t exactly what would be considered conventional. Yet, she went for a lovely white dress above anything else.

Designed by Vivienne Westwood, known for bringing modern-punk looks into mainstream fashion, Gerard describes it as “ivory silk satin, with an off-the-shoulder neckline and a draped, corseted bodice.” Costing an estimated $8,600, she certainly did not buy it from the previous article!

The last article discusses the cake, a centerpiece of almost any wedding. After a year of some crazy cakes, like the eighteen-foot-tall behemoth from the Jonas/Chopra wedding, Miley and Liam’s was, well, pretty normal just like her dress. The author of the article digs into this same notion too. The last decade has shown us that Miley wanted nothing more to break free from her childhood star roots and make a name for herself. It seems like she did that, doing exactly what she wants and not sticking to any presumptions about her. Congrats to the happy couple!


There you have it folks, we hope you enjoyed this installment! Check back soon for even more fun stories, and please share any that you come across below!

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by Scott Johnson

Welcome one and all to our final Favorites of 2018 countdown! You’ve seen our favorite new wedding venues, repeat wedding venues, indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies, and now it’s time for the granddaddy of them all: Favorite Wedding Vows. In a year full of love and happiness, tears and laughter, we have boiled down our Top 24 Favorite Wedding Vows and are presenting them to you in three parts! So grab some tissues or prep your hankey, because the feels are coming! Let’s get the show on the road:

Spiziri Wedding

The wonderful early September Spiziri Wedding led us over to Chateau Lill in Woodinville. Though the sky was a little cloudy, it didn’t stop the vows from making this day so full of love and warmth. Remember when I said to have the tissues ready? Well, you might need one as soon as Christina begins her vows to Andrew. “Today is the best day. Ever. I get to marry my best friend. Since the day we met, there was only you. I was twenty-one. I thought I was a little crazy, but the more I got to know you, the more sure I became.”

She then goes into a storied history of their time together, the things they’ve done and will continue to do. But the line that sums things up pretty well for us is: “Even after seven years together, I cannot stop finding new reasons to love you every single day.” Hey, I’m not crying, you are!

Plummer Wedding

Over at our favorite misnomer farm, Dairyland, we saw the Plummers get married on a brisk October day. Both Ashley and Cole came ready with some poignant vows. Like others, Ashley’s vows detail their time together. Starting with their summer romance and how she didn’t know it would “grow into the lifelong love” she had always dreamed of. To really drive it home, she says “You have been the best person I could depend on during the best and most difficult moments of my life.”

Cole did not wait around to return some of his own emotion-stirring vows. Starting out with the basic truths, “I love you so much. You are my best friend and my soulmate. I must’ve hit the lottery when I found you, because you make me the luckiest man on earth.” You’re not gonna find too many people who disagree!

Leslie Wedding

The Semiahmoo Resort played host to the lovely Leslie Wedding in September. Their stunning waterfront ceremony also contained some truly inspiring vows that anybody can take lessons from. Brian started out first, essentially showering Lindsey with all of the amazing things she does and is, “I absolutely adore your playful spirit and the silliness you bring to our home. Thank you for embracing my weirdness and always allowing me to be myself. You bring optimism and positive energy into all that you do and that truly does motivate me.”

Not to be outdone, Lindsey brings out the emotion right away, “Brian, life is a funny thing, you can try to plan it and predict it, but it has its own agenda. As most people here can attest to, I am a planner. I tried to plan my future a long time ago, and life just laughed in my face and said, ‘we’ll see about that.’” Hey Lindsey, you available for coaching?

Grybos Wedding

One of our absolutely favorite stomping grounds, Salty’s, was an excellent venue for the Grybos’ wedding. Marcy and Mark were poised and ready, overlooking the Sound, to deliver their soul-stirring vows. Going first, Mark recalls meeting Marcy in Seoul, “Our road here wasn’t the easiest. With almost two years of long-distance we had to endure, the distance mattered little because what you meant to me was so much more. Every late night talking on the phone, all the times we had to say goodbye, it was all worth it.”

Mark goes on to really make us swoon, but you have to check out the video to find out what he says!

Snow Wedding

The Snow wedding took us down to the Inglewood Golf Club for a late-August ceremony. Starting right out with the humor, Sterling makes us all laugh, “Alright, I’m gonna try to get through this without crying, so bear with me here. From the first day I met you, I knew it was going to be special…” And he kept to his word! Imbuing it with love and laughter, it was a superb speech.

Genieve did not quite do so well on the emotion front, but nonetheless dazzled with some deep words, “Your heart is so pure, everything you do is with the best of intentions, not expecting anything in return. My heart is so full every chance I get to speak with you.” Oh boy, grab the tissues!

Lin Wedding

Over at the stellar Hollywood Schoolhouse, April and Tyson Lin got hitched. The tender ceremony which had the bride and groom looking doe-eyed at each other, even had the officiant getting in on the digs. April, going first, says “you truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are my lover, my encourager, my provider and my best friend. I feel so blessed to have you as a life partner and husband.” She goes on to make a series of promises to her husband-to-be, only for Tyson with a sob-worthy speech.

“You have often heard me refer to our relationship as going up a mountain. We have climbed and grown together, we have experienced switch-backs, tougher trails, but most importantly we have pushed forward, persevered and experienced some beautiful destinations.” Cue the waterworks!

VanNieuwenhuise Wedding

The extravagant Thornewood Castle was the perfect destination for the VanNieuwenhuise wedding. Rhianna and Wes came ready to dazzle with their vows, but it’s Rhianna who really brought the emotion, “I choose you in friendship and in love, in strength and in weakness. I promise to love you faithfully in the good time and the bad. I vow to not to just grow old with you, but to grow with you.” Short, sweet and to the point, these two didn’t need long, storied history to get their messages across.

Bullard Wedding

Kimi and John’s regal wedding at the Woodmark Hotel came along with tons of laughter and tears. Kimi could hardly get going without the tears overwhelming her, “I feel not only protected but invincible in your presence.” That’s when the emotions started to flow, so let’s switch over to John who says, “You proudly tell family and friends that early on, you knew our relationship would amount to more than dating. You had it all figured out, well before I did, and were patiently waiting for me to grow up, sober up, and get down to business.” These two are just grand!


And that’s it for the first installment of our Favorite Wedding Vows of 2018! I hope you’re not too sad because we have plenty more coming your way! Have your own wedding vows to share? Leave them below!

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Cedar Cove Inn Bed and Breakfast in Port Orchard, Wa

This video is the first of hopefully many high-end real estate videos I plan to produce around the greater Seattle area with a new drone videographer I’ve begun working with.  Riding the ferry out to Port Orchard we really didn’t know what to expect.  Once we finally come across the property, a 7 bedroom, 7.5 bath Bed and Breakfast we were blown away.  A husband and wife team had owned the property for many years, but after the husband passed away the upkeep was too much for the wife to handle, thus their need to sell this amazing property.  I’m trying to bring the creative flair and cleanliness that I approach wedding and event videos with and apply it to real estate.  I hope that my quick turnaround and eye for detail (aka mild OCD) can help me find the same success I found in wedding videography in real estate videography, which I believe is a rapidly expanding market.

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Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson, CHANGE IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!

Shooting weddings of different traditions and cultures is always fun. Something it’s challenging to find inspiration with shooting the same types of ceremonies weekend after weekend. This week I have been blessed so far to have 2 entirely unique events to cover (Thurs/Friday) and and looking forward to even more excitement tomorrow and Sunday.

Thursday evening we attending a Sagai, at a couple’s residence in Sammamish. It was my understanding that this is part of the “engagement processing” in the wedding tradition of Indian couples. It was difficult to cover not knowing exactly all the intricacies involved in the symbols and blessings used, but it was a very eye-opening experience regardless. Being allowed into the couple’s home, in their backyard surrounded by family and friends as they went through the ceremony was a very meaningful experience for both Dorothy and myself.

Today I was honored enough to attend and cover a wedding of 2 native Kenyans and got to experience all that their culture has to offer. Whether it was the elder women of the family escorting the bride from her residence to the church and finally the reception with songs and cheers (something I know will really “pop” on the final video) or the extended portion where the mother/father of the bride/groom addressed all the wedding guests and gave stories of the importance of marriage and more importantly faith, it was certainly a first for me and something that I will feel better prepared if I ever encounter another similar ceremony in the future.

Tomorrow is a Cambodian family (from what I understand) with a Khmer ceremony taking place at the family’s home. The funny thing about this is that the bride although part of that culture/family isn’t entirely sure all that goes along with such a tradition (mostly going off on instructions from her father and other elders) so I’m sure all the events of tomorrow will be a great surprise to both of us! All I know is that she has penciled in at least 3 outfit changes tomorrow (traditional, western, and cosplay!) so I have to imagine it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind celebration.

To round out the weekend Sunday finishes up the Indian couple from Thursday evening with a early morning Indian ceremony with family and friends in Kirkland. That leaves enough time in the afternoon/evening to book a more traditional wedding at a winery in Woodinville so I think it’s fair to say this weekend will check all sorts of boxes in making me a more well-rounded and worldly wedding videographer.

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Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson, YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE THE MONEY WILL COME FROM!

It’s not just weddings for Best Made Videos, that’s too seasonal of a business. In an attempt to prevent my business from feeling like “feast or famine” between the summer months and the off-peak wedding season, I take on all sorts of video projects. Whether it’s a kickstarter video for a gentleman looking to launch a new chain of fast food restaurants, or like today, I’m paid to shoot raw video of a real estate convention, you never really know where your next paycheck will come from. 

This sort of approach opens yourself up to interesting challenges however, as you need to differentiate which projects will result in actual pay checks, and which ones are pure speculation. I’ve had conversations with my fiancé lately about a common trend I see with lots of film makers and other video producers lately, which is “shoot now, get paid later.”  I wrote the other day about using craigslist as a way to generate leads and although it’s usually decent, it amazes me how many of these projects are “come along for the ride” endeavors.  It might be a good idea in theory to get in with a little startup company or entertainer early in their growth and then ride that wave of momentum to a big paycheck. In my opinion however, I would say 99% of these projects fizzle out long before any monetary reward is gained.  So although the gamble might pay off in huge rewards if you get set up with the next Macklemore, it’s way to big of a risk/reward or time sink to make it a way to actually run your business day to day. 

Most of the time now I tell new clients who have lofty ideas or goals, “I need to get paid now.” I don’t care if it’s $50 or $500, but I need something in my pocket to keep the lights on and the batteries charged. I would rather take $200 now and know that I have something to put in my bank account, than keep my fingers crossed for $500 2 months from now. I may be missing a diamond in the rough, a big time act that I can ride to a nationwide tour.  In my opinion however, these acts are too few and far between and the landscape is too murky to really put any real faith behind it.

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