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by Scott Johnson

Favorite Surprises:

The longer and bigger a wedding is–both in terms of the event itself and simply just planning it–the more opportunity there is for a surprise. Of course, all surprises can range from delightful to just plain horrible. No, none of our brides and grooms have ever not shown up to the altar, so we take that as plus, but there’s still plenty of moments that have surprised us.

With the release of Stephen King’s It in theaters a few months ago, clowns are on the rise, as is ever-apparent in Jesse McLaren’s engagement photos he took for his sister. In a cute (or subtly terrifying) move, he snuck in Photoshopped Pennywise the Dancing Clown into every one of her photos. The result is a sinister surprise for his sister—and luckily one he can easily remedy when she finally discovers the twisted clown leering at her and her loving fiancé. See the photos for yourself below.

Here are some of the best surprises from our own wedding videos:


Wagner Wedding, 07/15/17, Craven Farms

The biggest surprise any wedding day could bring is the bride or groom not showing up. As stated before, this has never happened at one of our weddings, but that doesn’t stop the groomsmen from not poking a little fun at the groom prior to the ceremony. Everyone knows of Runaway Bride, Run Fatboy Run, and every other movie where one of the two parties makes a fast getaway before they tie the knot, so perhaps it isn’t always best to make comments on the day of the wedding to the groom. Luckily as you can see in the video, he takes the jokes in stride and the bride did indeed show up.

Berry–Reich Wedding, 08/10/17, Kitsap Memorial State Park

Weddings are stressful; no doubt about it. That stress can seep into even the easiest tasks—like tying your shoe. If this is your biggest issue of the day, it’s pretty safe to say you got off easy. But for the groom, the simple task was a bit of a struggle even with a few sessions of Mario Kart to ease his nerves, though we can’t really blame him because for one it is the biggest day of his life, and two—nobody really likes those thin, wonky laces, do they?

Watch the video if you need a quick chuckle, or some empathy if you’ve ever been in the same situation.

Forney Wedding, 06/18/16, Chambers Bay Golf Course

There’s a lot of work going into getting the bride all made-up for her big day. Hair, nails, eyebrows, make up, the dress, and teeth all need to be attended to, which makes it all the more easy to forget about the little things—like a retainer. Just as she’s ready to open up her dazzling jewelry, bride Elizabeth’s friend reminds her that she still has her retainer in her mouth, to which Elizabeth responds with glee and humor as she urged us to keep it in our video.

So we did.

Nelson Wedding, 07/01/17, Chihuly Garden and Glass

Even though the wedding dress is the most important piece of attire in the ceremony, the groom still has his own suit to worry about—and you know how guys are. Thankfully, groom Adam has a thing for perfection as evident by our video of him picking and plucking with a lint roller at the sleeve and cuff of his jacket to get it just right. It takes a certain amount of dedication—or fear of snarky comments from his bride—to get this level of grooming from a man. At the very least, it shows that he loves his bride-to-be dearly and wants to dress to impress.


Sometimes cute, always unpredictable, surprises don’t all have to be bad. Whatever the case may be; we just hope that it’s for the best and on video. Share your own surprising wedding moments below!


Recon Tripod Head Kickstarter Video

This is the most recent in a bunch of Kickstarter and crowdfunding videos I have worked on lately.  The Recon is a DSLR tripod head designed by the people over at Pillar Design, a local West Seattle design company. Although I’ve partnered with them lately to produce videos for some of their design clients, (the Foldz wallet was an example of this), I was very surprised when they called me up to film their own Kickstarter video.

It’s really fun to work on videos like this because of the excitement of everybody involved.  They’re obviously passionate about the project (having spent years sometimes working on perfecting it) and the excitement really carries over to the video.

I’m not sure when they are launching the project on Kickstater but I will keep my eyes posted and share the link when they do.  It’s always good to support a local company, especially one that’s right down the street from me in West Seattle!

*UPDATED – The Kickstarter campaign has gone live as of November 25, 2015

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Foldz – Money isn’t simple but your wallet can be.

This was a fun video to work on.  Peter is a local small business owner himself who joined forces with Pillar Design (a local West Seattle business down the street from my house) to perfect his minimalist wallet invention, the Foldz wallet.  I always like working on crowdfunding / kickstarter videos because you are really helping someone else achieve their dream.  Although Peter is a successful businessman in his own right, he’s always found himself tinkering with products and inventions trying to improve his everyday life.  His idea for the Foldz wallet came from him witnessing his buddy struggle with his thick, overstuffed wallet, very similar to George Constanza on Seinfeld.

After many years of product development and numerous amateur prototypes, he now has a finished, polished final working design. He’s gone to Kickstarter to raise the final necessary funds to produce his wallet on a larger scale and test the market for interest.

I encourage you to check out his Kickstarter page and consider donating to his cause!

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