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By Scott Johnson

Every year, dozens of celebrities get married in extravagant bashes that put most common weddings to shame. As you’ve seen in our other articles, some even cut their cake with a sword and other over-the-top flourishes that demonstrate the wealth of the bride and groom. Of course, not all of these multi-million dollar affairs end like the fairy tales do—some lead to heartbreaking divorces that cost the couple even more money.

A few recent articles highlighted the biggest celebrity weddings of 2017, while another took a look at the most expensive weddings that ended in divorce. While that makes us very sad to think about—we want nothing but lifetime’s of happiness for our clients and every married couple—it does go to show that sometimes a simple wedding can prevent regret later on.

As part of our Wedding News Roundup, we love to dig into these articles, so before we turn the page on 2017 entirely, let’s take a look back at some of the biggest celebrity wedding headlines of the year!


Biggest Celebrity Weddings of 2017

As previously mentioned (and featured in our Favorite Wedding Cake Cutting Moments article) Gucci Mane’s wedding to Keyshia Ka’oir was a…sharp…affair with his sword-sliced cake-cutting ceremony. The wedding, which totaled an impressive $1.7 million, was held in Miami just this past October. Be sure to check check out that article for more pics of the sword and shin-dig!

It’s been a few years since that whole “Let It Go” song completely ruined (or revolutionized, depending on who you ask) airwaves, and even shorter since John Travolta completely butchered Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars. But, thankfully, Travolta wasn’t in attendance at Menzel’s September wedding or we have no idea who would’ve gotten married to who. The acclaimed singer married now-husband Aaron Lohr. Boy, Travolta would’ve been in trouble if he officiated.

This one is pretty exciting, Julia Stiles (who is no stranger to Seattle for anyone who has watched the immeasurable classic 10 Things I Hate About You), actually got married husband Preston J. Cook right here on a beach in Seattle during a private ceremony! Seattle seems to be pretty low in high-profile wedding planning, so we’ll take this one as a win!

While you can catch both of them starring in The Disaster Artist right now, Dave Franco and Alison Brie (who stars in the stellar Glow on Netflix) tied the knot in a “low-key top secret” wedding back in March. What started out to be a big year for Franco keeps getting bigger as his latest movie is receiving rave reviews. Hopefully his brother, James, wasn’t still in his Tommy Wiseau character for the ceremony.

Fans of Game of Thrones and now Aquaman will be saddened to know that Khal Drogo himself, Jason Momoa, is no longer on the market. The hulk of a man who won over the Queen of Dragons and now wields the mighty Trident in the DCEU films, married his partner of 10 years, Lisa Bonet, back in October! I’m sorry he’ll never be able to tell you, “you are the moon of my life.”

2016 proved to be a devastating year for actor-comedian Patton Oswalt who tragically lost his wife. 2017, however, was a complete 180 for him. Marrying partner Meredith Salenger just last month, Patton proves that you can always find happiness.

Most Expensive Weddings that Ended in Divorce:

A lot of these might confuse some of the younger audiences, especially those who can’t imagine a world where Brad Pitt married Jennifer Aniston. But this did happen back in 2000 and cost a reported $1 million. Supposedly featuring tons of flowers, several bands and a freaking fireworks display, it’s no surprise they racked up such a high tab. Unfortunately, just five years later the two divorced right around the time Pitt starred in Mr. and Mrs. Smith with future ex-wife Jolie. Hmm.

Eddie Murphy sure isn’t a name you hear about very often anymore, especially after the slide into the crapper that the Shrek franchise took (and is still taking, supposedly with another sequel incoming) but in the early 90s he was at the top of his game. So much so, that his marriage to Nicole Mitchell cost an astounding $1.5 million. With 500 guests, an estimated $25,000 just on the cake, you’d think it was royalty getting married. Twelve years later, divorce was filed for with the finalization coming in 2006.

Oh Tommy boy, how we loved seeing you hop up and down on Oprah’s couch and profess your undying love for Katie Holmes. The action hero who never rests, Tom Cruise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea—what with all the scientology and all—but you can’t deny him his taste. For one, who doesn’t love Katie Holmes? And two: he and Katie got married in a castle! Back in 2006, the two got married for a staggering $3 million. Maybe all of these action movies are just him paying off his debts?

There’s a lot of money flying around on this one. The not-so-happily-ever-after of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries began with a ring that was almost as much as Tom’s wedding! Just four months later, the two were primed and ready to go with a $10 MILLION wedding that hosted over 450 guests in 2011. They say money can buy you everything—but that doesn’t equate to a happy marriage. Kris and Rob separated 72 days later with a divorce to come shortly after. But what does it matter? She was always meant for Yeezy.

Few weddings surpass the $10 million mark, though many of us could probably think of far better ways to spend that kind of money. Prince Williams and Kate Middleton’s lavish affair is the most recent costly wedding at $34 million, and they’re still going strong!


That’s it for this week’s Wedding News Roundup. If there are any topics or subjects you would like us to cover, drop us a comment below. Hope you all have a great week, see y’all next time!

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by Scott Johnson

The wedding industry is in a constant state of evolution that never seems to slow down. Every week, thousands of people—from athletes, to celebrities, and even royalty—get engaged or tie the knot. In trying to keep up with the trends, we are introducing a new series to fill you in on fun current events in the wide world of weddings. We hope this will be as informative as it is fun as we dig into celebrity weddings, funny videos and more.


Mike Leach’s Hilarious 3-Minute Wedding Rant

While many might already know of the Cougar’s repeated loss to the Huskies—it was the Apple Cup, after all—what they probably didn’t catch was Cougar’s head coach Mike Leach deliver something in the same caliber of a standup routine to a reporter who was getting ready to tie the knot. In a hilarious three-minute-long rant, he declares that they’d already “lost” the reporter to it, and that he should’ve “come to” him sooner.

It doesn’t stop there, “my wisdom would be you have to stay out of the way. I wish you a very happy marriage and I’m sure you will have one, but I’m just telling you, when it comes to marriage—women lose their mind.” He then goes on to explain that just about every “female relative will lose their mind,” and then they’re “going to barrage you with constant questions.” To which Leach says simply one answer, “I don’t care,” but that isn’t “satisfactory at all, and you’re going to get caught in a Catch-22.”

He continues to have a conversation as both man and woman:

W: “Well I want you to be a part of this too, so what color invitations?”

M: “Alright, the blue ones.”

W: “Well I kinda like the tan ones”

M: “Ok, the tan ones then.”

W: “Well you’re just saying that because you want this over with.”

So on and so forth…sounds familiar, right?

Anyway, check out the video: it’s hilarious. Maybe the loss means he should quit his job and do standup.

Edwin Encarnacion Marries Karen Yapoort 

MLB player Edwin Encarnacion might be a free-agent for the Indians, but—depending on who you ask—he might not be considered a “free-man” any longer as he tied the knot with Karen Yapoort down in the Dominican Republic. Described by teammate Carlos Santana as, “Wedding of the Year,” the lavish wedding—which you can see in Instagram posts and videos—featured a band, tons of cake and goodies, beautiful decorations, and a celebration really solidify it as one of coolest shindigs of the entire year.

Also in attendance—baseball fans will really be jealous, here—were legends such as Albert Pujols and David Ortiz. It certainly seems like Encarnacion really hit a grand slam with this one, and we do hope the best for the new union.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Engaged

It’s not too often that royalty makes the headlines–as of late it has been more about the the adorable children, Charlotte and George, of Prince William and Kate–but just this past weekend Prince Harry proposed to American girlfriend and Suits actress Meghan Markle over a roast chicken dinner at his home in London. The couple, who fell in love and maintained a long-distance relationship, are set to marry in the spring.

While old traditions would have prevented this–Markle has already been married before–the 2005 wedding of Prince Charles to Camilla began a push to move traditions into the 21st century. As said in The Daily Telegraph, “such a sentence could simply not have been written a generation ago.” It is said that Markle bonded immediately with the family, the dogs, and with becoming royalty–all after being set up on a blind date.

Congrats to the happy couple!


Stay tuned with us in the coming weeks—we have some big new things coming your way as we finish off the year and head into another one full of love and weddings.

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