Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, CAPTURE YOUR SURROUNDINGS!

I’ve begun to notice myself recording more and more of the location or venue that our weddings take place at. Maybe it’s my new equipment, (my slider has really improved the B roll I am able to capture), and maybe it is just me going through the process more and more and more. It’s honestly another way for me to individualize and personalize the videos I create.

Whether it’s the most recent video I competed (link coming soon) which took place at the Edgewater House in Olalla, Wa or my farm wedding from Sunday at Tazer Family Farms in Stanwood, every location has a story to tell.

The waves lapping along the shore, the sun reflecting off the sand or the horse trotting around to play with children and an old apple tree with some fresh fruit, I try to look for anything and everything I can capture (visually and with sound) to include in the videos I try to create.

This practice has also helped me with the music I select for each video, because I really try to marry the song to the environment. Sometimes the forecast for the day wasn’t spectacular (just like the Olalla wedding) and the song talks about not minding the rain, or the groom received a stopwatch that used to belong to his grandpa (and the song talks about stopping time) all of these small details (whether or not they are noticed by anyone but myself) all come together to create the tapestry that is a wedding video.

Of course capturing the clients always comes first and always will, but the place you choose to get married has a lot of significance and should be featured prominently as well. My fiancé and I took great time and care selecting our wedding venue (Salty’s on Alki) for next summer. It’s near where we live and a place we visit regularly.  I for one hope our location is spotlighted as much in our wedding photos and video as I try to do in the videos that I create. Lol. After all, we all know most locations cost an arm and a leg to rent to get married, so you might as well get as much out of it as you can!

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