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by Scott Johnson

Wow! Time sure does fly by fast when you’re having a good time! Wedding videography is a year-round job, with its spikes during the spring and summer for obvious reasons (at least here in the Pacific Northwest) and we get to see a few just about every week of the year! One of the best things about our job is being able to see so much of our state. From stunning hotels, to accommodating athletic clubs, out to the fields and meadows and a few new locations that surely surprised us, 2018 has been a wonderful year so far.

Let’s break down our five favorite weddings of 2018 thus far!

Van Cise Wedding, 3/10, Trinity Tree Farm

Who would’ve thought that getting married at a Christmas Tree farm on the verge of Spring, with just little sproutlings popping up, would be such a wonderful idea? The Van Cise wedding took us out to Trinity Tree Farm near Issaquah for a day of fresh starts, new beginnings, and the decade-in-the-making marriage between Angelina and Taylor. What stands out most from the day, however, are the tear-inducing vows they share for each other that will surely make you cry, too.

Wurtz Wedding, 05/05, Ballard Locks

A new venue for us–and also one we never would’ve thought of–was the Ballard Locks. For those of you unfamiliar with Seattle, these water gates allow transportation to and from the ocean from Lake Union. For the Wurtz it was a gorgeous day, accented with our drone footage, that saw everyone looking spiffy in grey suits and lilac dresses. With a balloon arch in a little clearing, Jazmyn and Josh tied to knot in front of their friends and family in the most adorable fashion.

McGee Wedding, 01/28, Sentinel Hotel

Taking a road trip down to our southerly neighbor, Portland, is always a grand time, this time even more so. The so-called “Most Storied Hotel” and National Historic Landmark,The Sentinel, played host to the McGee’s truly spectacular wedding; a day of celebration, dancing and near-royalty decorations. After the satisfying crush of the ceremonial glass (and most importantly the kiss), Greg and Allie were officially married. All in all, it was one of the most unforgettable weddings we’ve been to in quite some time!

Foster Wedding, 02/17, Washington Athletic Club

The Fosters really lucked out with their February wedding, held at the Washington Athletic Club, as there was sun shining bright in the sky. Opting for drone footage, the beautiful Seattle waterfront was truly a marvel. Sipping mimosas, posing in front of the utterly sophisticated hallways and bookshelves of the Club, and looking dapper while doing so, occupied us for most of the morning. Failing to hold back his tears, Cory happily watched his wife-to-be walk down the aisle for a touching ceremony. However, it was the hilarious garter dance and the s’more bar, that really make this one stand out for us.

May Wedding, 05/06, Hidden Meadows

The May’s got married in May, which is certainly the easiest way to remember your anniversary, but their wedding as a whole already proved to be unforgettable. With perfectly warm weather, the outdoor ceremony which featured the bridesmaids and groomsmen rocking beige dresses and grey suits, was a lovely spectacle. With their union sealed, they officially kissed and become husband and wife. What we loved most were the photoshoots with the guys on the train tracks as they puffed on cigars like true gents.

And there you have it! Our Top 5 Weddings of 2018 (So Far!) Do you agree? If not, let us know which ones really deserved to be up here!

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by Scott Johnson

Cordova Wedding on 4/27/18 at The Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett, Wa

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Song Freedom –

“I was really wanting videography for my wedding, but I was unsure if the price tag was worth it. Let me say, Reid made every single penny spent worth it. I cried when I got our highlights video back. The wedding day goes by so quick, having this video let’s me relive the day and see things I wouldn’t have seen the day of, like my husband not being able to keep it together even when he just heard the song I’d walk down the aisle to. I cannot thank Reid enough. Absolutely amazing!!”

For anyone who lives in Seattle and has to deal with the ever-degrading traffic situation will surely shudder at the prospect of having to drive to or from Everett. As the city surely but slowly continues to inch their way northward with a light rail system, the current commute from Seattle’s northern neighbor is an arduous journey even if it’s just a few miles. Nevertheless, weddings like the Cordova’s make that trek worth it as the city has bloomed and blossomed during the recent influx of Amazon techies and otherwise.

We’re no strangers to The Monte Cristo Ballroom, a superb wedding venue that provides everything you need in one grand package. With up to 10 hours of service, setup and breakdown, planning, coordinators, wine, a DJ, and a whole slew of other amenities, they truly make it easy and painless to have your big day go just as you want it. Oh, and with Award-Winning executive chef Anthony Reeves in the kitchen, you’re bound to have some delectable food as well.

A fresh Spring wedding for the Cordova’s saw Ronnie and Lauren tying the knot. Their morning got started with the usual affair: getting ready, doing makeup, and killing time by playing foosball. Once the groom and best man were all set up, we got some shots of them outside looking especially cool amongst the brick buildings.

After some silliness with getting the earrings on, it was time for Lauren to go meet her groom for the First Look. Covering Ronnie’s eyes as she approached from behind, it was a magical little moment. We were then able to get some shots of them around the building and outside, making for some truly lovely images.

Before heading on in for the wedding, we got some shots with everyone and their family. It was quite the good-looking group, as everyone came dressed to the nines in their best attire. Not too long after, it was time for everyone to file in for the wedding. Inside the Ballroom is a gorgeous sight. With metal-barricaded balconies, white walls and marble floors, it feels like a mix between a courthouse and a luxurious hotel.

With a kiss, the two were officially married and they set off to do the laborious paperwork. In a flash, they were done and ready to party. As they headed off to the reception, the purple lights went on (matching the purple of Ronnie’s shirt). With a fireplace keeping the room warm, the party really got to burning! Even with the lights low, it was all too clear that everyone was having a magnificent time.

But as weddings go, they do need to come to an end. We want to thank Lauren and Ronnie for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope your first month of marriage has been full of nothing but happiness!

I know this probably gets old, but if you have a question or comment please feel free to leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

Venue, Catering, Coordination – Monte Cristo Ballroom

Photographer – Jeanette Eggerman

Floral – Belles and Whistles

Stationary – Alexander Printing

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Lauren and Ronnie’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We met through a mutual friend and have been attached at the hip ever since!

Why did you choose your venue?

The venue is beautiful, and they did most of the work for us! The food in excellent and my dress was included which was AMAZING.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

I’m really excited to see our vows and the ceremony. I also really look forward to seeing everyone have fun and enjoy the celebration. I want to see walk down the aisle and then see everyone’s (ESPECIALLY MY HUSBAND’S) reaction to seeing me for the first time.

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by Scott Johnson

Hines Wedding on 5/5/18 at Tibbetts Creek Manor in Issaquah, Wa

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“Reid was incredibly quick to respond during the whole process, and the videographer at the wedding was in a great mood – super relaxed & a great communicator. I didn’t even notice them being around from the ceremony on. They fit in well in the background. Video is great quality!”

It’s always fun to discover a new wedding venue that isn’t too far from where we’re located, especially one that’s as great as Tibbetts Creek Manor. Just a few miles south of Lake Sammamish, this 7,000-square-foot venue offers both indoor and outdoor receptions (with the assistance of tents) and provides ample space, seating and tables for all of your needs!

As wonderful of a holiday as Cinco de Mayo is, we typically don’t associate with weddings. For the Hines, whether or not they truly planned it to be on the day typically associated with Mexican Independence, (the date is actually observed to commemorate the Mexican Army‘s unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862), it’s just an even easier way to remember their anniversary. A mostly quiet, nearly stress-free morning had the bride and groom getting all dolled up for their big day out at Tibbetts Creek Manor. From the little tyke (who rocked a jacket-less getup and bow tie) all the way up to the more sophisticated, all of the boys looked dashing in their suits.

Getting a little goofy with the boys before the ceremony, Bobby and his groomsmen posed around the area with a fair amount of fun. Their poses and smiles were enough to burn away any stress or unease about what was to come. When it was time for the ceremony, the dapper little ring bearer made his way down the aisle shortly before Rachel, who left the whole role—especially her groom—speechless.

Trying not to make his sheer excitement too obvious, the groom was able to turn it all into bashfulness. And with a wonderful ceremony, with a soul-touching sermon from the officiant, it was all sealed off with a kiss.

Heading outside for some group photos with the family and the bridal party, the happiness was palpable. Everyone was full of smiles and bliss, while the bridesmaids looked wonderful in their blue-green dresses. Luckily, we were able to get the newlyweds alone for a bit as they posed amongst the roses, flowers, and generally gorgeous scenery offered by Tibbetts Creek Manor.

As it was time to go inside to sign paperwork, the rest of the group meandered around sipping beer and waiting for the DJ to announce the arrival of the newlyweds. After cutting their utterly delectable cake, the newlyweds hit the dance-floor, holding each other closely. Once the bride’s father came out, the music got pumping for one of our favorite series of parent-child dances.

With enough inspiration from the newlyweds and their families, the rest of the group got right on up to join in on the fun. As they danced the hours away, the good times kept rolling and rolling, even if some of the little kids got tuckered out.

Alas, the night eventually had to come to an end, but we’d love to thank the Hines’ for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! It was a true delight getting to spend your big day with you!

Have a question? Need to tell us something? Well do so below!

Venue – Tibbetts Creek Manor

Photographer – Paul Rivera, Bellagalla

DJ – DJ Standout

Florist – QFC

Catering – Camelot Catering

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Rachel and Bobby’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Summer 2016 at a nationwide college athlete ministry camp with Athletes in Action in Santa Barbara, CA.

Tell us about the proposal!:

The following Summer of 2017, we both went back as interns at the camp and he proposed at Seal Beach Pier in front of all of our close camp friends, also after he had just baptized 2 guys in the ocean to accept Jesus! It was an overwhelming moment of joy.

Why did you choose your venue?:

Intimate, Traditional, Family environment, hometown

What are you most excited to see in the video?:

Shots of sweet moments & candid joyful emotion


by Scott Johnson

May Wedding on 5/6/18 at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish, Wa

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“Reid and the Best Made Videos team are amazing.

I wasn’t planning on having a videographer at first but am so glad that I decided to hire them. Reid was super responsive and professional. He was also so quick to deliver the videos and the quality of them is outstanding. Now I’ll have a piece of my wedding day forever to look back on. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re on the fence just do it. You won’t regret working with them. Thanks so much Reid and the Best Made Videos team!!!”

While it wasn’t our first trip to Hidden Meadows–and we certainly hope it isn’t our last–this time it was in the lovely, warm month of May. Alas, this was also for the May Wedding, as in their name is May, and they got married in May. Got it? Don’t worry, words are hard.

The utterly gorgeous area, able to fit up to 350 guests, features some of our favorite breathtaking views that tease you with never ending nights and a sky full of stars. Any time of year you’ll find some great views, and they even offer indoor ceremonies if the weather gets a little damp.

We were fortunate to go on a nice May day, this year has been rather hit and miss. The day started out in typical fashion, the boys and girls get their own private rooms to get all dressed up. Before too long, it was time for the First Look. As Emily went out to greet Charlie, the smile on his face before he even sees her showed just how amped up he was to marry the love of his life.

Spinning around, the happiness melted away into pure bliss as we followed them around the grounds, snapping pictures under awnings and trees. It wouldn’t have been complete, though, without the family dogs who did wonderfully in posing for the photos we wanted. Eventually the rest of the bridal party came out and posed with the bride and groom. Pinks and beiges went hand-in-hand with the light grey’s of the guys’ suits. There’s even some train tracks nearby, and we got a few shots of the guys looking incredibly badass puffing cigars, wheeling and dealing like businessmen.

With it being so nice, we were lucky to have the ceremony outside. As the families filed in to the little white seats, the groom made his way to the altar. Looking ready, and just the right amount of nervous, Charlie shined quite a smile as his bride made her way towards him. And after a delightful little ceremony, the two kissed and became husband and wife.

As they headed off to sign the paperwork, the rest of the wedding guests helped themselves to wine and beer, chatting amongst themselves until the newlyweds would reemerge. With a magnificent applause, they showed up to the reception hall for their first dance under stringed lights. Holding each other tight, they were both smiling the biggest smiles of their lives.

After they got the traditional dances out of the way, the rest of the group got up and dancing. The garter and bouquet toss were both hotly contested events, and the amount of delicious desserts to choose from was overwhelming!

Eventually, even if not everybody’s feet were tired, the dancing had to stop and the night along with it. Thank you once again to Charlie and Emily for choosing Best Made Videos to film their big day!

As usual, if you have any requests, recommendations or questions, please let us know below! We’re always eager to hear from you.

Venue – Hidden Meadows

Photographer – Vail Studio Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – Otto-Matic Mobile Music

Flowers- Flora D’ Amore Floral Artistry

Planning – BXTN

Caterer – The Wooden Spoon

Dessert – Hello Robin

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Emily and Charlie’s story in their own words:

Charlie and I went on our first date at Beverly’s Restaurant in Coeur D’Alene over 7 years ago. He proposed over Thanksgiving last year, 2016……. in the car driving home to see our families for the holidays (patience is not his strong suit). We stopped for our first meal as an engaged couple at the Arby’s in Ellensburg 🙂 Since then we’ve also purchased our first house in Kirkland. Between home projects and our 2 fur babies, Frank and Clyde, life has kept us busy. We also try to find the time to travel as much as possible and have recently been to Costa Rica, Mexico, Boston and Puerto Rico, among other places. Our honeymoon which is booked for Bali, Indonesia will also be one to remember and something we are looking forward to.

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by Scott Johnson

Wurtz Wedding on 5/5/18 at The Ballard Locks in Seattle, Wa

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Song Freedom –
The Music Bed –

“Reid and crew are flat-out exceptional (all our thanks and due credit to Jeff and Matt, too!). From the onset, Reid is no stranger to carrying himself and the tight communication with such poise, confidence and excellence. He takes extra weight off your shoulders that you didn’t even know existed until you endure and share an immense gratitude for vendors/partners like Reid that allow such finesse during Wedding planning; the type that will never be taken for granted but all-the-more appreciated in the final product and keepsakes, thereafter. Not once did we ever feel concerned that our voices weren’t being heard or that our feedback was being compromised. Reid has this get-it-done mentality that is exciting to witness and see translated in his quality of work. We were, first, referred Best Made Video’s way by an old colleague in the Marketing Media/Production industry and deservingly so. We had a very unique Same-Day edit vision and, not only was Reid up for the challenge but, Best Made Videos over-delivered and exceeded our expectations. The entire process is set-up for success. I recall our Day-Of Coordinator assuring us that he “knows what he is doing” when sharing and reviewing that our Videographer contract was good-to-go. During the morning of our Getting Ready phase, he showed up to the Bridal Party location ready, enthusiastic as ever and took control of all the timing that he had to work with. Not in the least bit of the over-bearing type but the kind where you truly don’t know how the Day-Of is going to go until you are fully immersed in it and it is happening (you can only bake in slots of timeframes to a point) and Reid got the job done with intended shots while paying great attention to each and every little detail that could possibly be captured. He did so in such a refined and encouraging way. Another family friend asked post-wedding if we had a personal relationship with Reid just by the embracing way we were able to hug it all out at the conclusion of the crazy, wild, fun and beautiful day’s filming but I firmly believe his natural passion in this business has the tendency to reflect in this way. Without a shadow of a doubt, take on Reid and his team if even slightly considering. The new Mr. & Mrs. Wurtz have the utmost respect and admiration for the level of service exemplified here. The highest of recommends we are able to give. There are not enough thanks in the world to convey how much Best Made Videos truly completed our day!”

After what seemed like a never-ending winter, complete with bitter cold and ceaseless rain, us here in Seattle have been treated to a warm and sunny spring time–even if it was a little late to get into motion. With days reaching the 70s, we are officially in Wedding Season, and along with it a whole new batch of wonderfully bright and toasty outdoor ceremonies. For the Wurtz Wedding, we got a chance to head somewhere we’ve never been before–at least not while on a school field trip–the Ballard Locks.

Acting as the ebb and flow between the Pacific Ocean and Salmon Bay, which bleeds into Lake Union and Washington, the Locks are in many ways a poignant reminder of what marriage is: the meeting of two worlds.

Clear skies mean drone footage, and boy did we capture some wonderful shots of the waterways. But the day got started in a quaint little Queen Anne neighborhood, with the sun streaking in through the windows. Grey suits and lilac dresses adorned the bridesmaids and groomsmen, while the maid of honor wore peach. Goofing around beforehand, the guys got in a quick workout session to be extra ready for the wedding.

Once everyone was ready to go, we headed off to the Locks for some pre-wedding shenanigans. Hopping around the hills with the groomsmen, the boys were having quite a blast coming up with new and unique poses.

As everyone showed up for the wedding, which was held in a little grove between two towering trees and a balloon arch, the Josh beamed with excitement as he saw his bride Jasmyn approaching down the aisle. As they delivered supportive, emotional vows, their love rang true. And then, with a kiss, they were officially husband and wife.

Heading off for some private time, and to cuddle their kitty, we got some shots of the newlyweds wandering around the neighborhood looking stylish and cute amongst some of their favorite stomping grounds. Stopping for some celebratory drinks and more group photos (this time overlooking the Space Needle from the north), the group was full of jubilation.

When it was time to head to the reception, the newlyweds emerged into the beautiful event space with a roar of applause. Opting for a same-day edit, we were able to compile a quick video of the events of the day so far for the guests at the reception. Modern technology allows for a lot of cool things, and the Wurtz’ really took advantage of all that we offer!

Taking their first dances, it was an absolutely gorgeous time with wall-to-wall windows illuminating the space along with some beautiful chandeliers. After cutting their cake, it was time to dance the night away. Getting everyone in on the action took some time, but once everyone was on their feet the night zipped by with all the guests having a grand time celebrating.

Thank you again to Jazmyn and Josh for picking Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We really appreciate you being adventurous and taking a shot with some of our specialty packages!

As always, if you like what you saw or have a question, don’t hesitate to let us know below!

Venue – Hiram M. Chittenden Locks – Ballard Locks, China Harbor Restaurant – 中國海景
Photographer – William James Photography
Videographer – Best Made Videos
Drone – David Owen Hawxhurst
Dress – MeaMarie Bridal Atelier
Day of Coordinator – Carol Gavhane
Designer – Rodney Bamboa
Decor – Danielle Edvalds
Officiant – Narin Vann
Emcee – Luke Anderson
Hair – Gather, the salon
MUA – Jane So
Transportation – Butler Events
Florist – Golden Bow Gifts
DJ – Tyler Steckler

Jazmyn and Josh’s Story in their own words:

High school sweethearts. Different high schools, though, everyone at Bothell High believed Josh was enrolled as a fellow Blue Train Cougar. Some still do. Would like to think that it then manifested itself into the life – or, shall we say,  Crimson – blood line that we were fortunate enough to shed and share as WSU Cougars.

Met through Ricky McDonald; being Jazmyn’s best friend, first (in Junior High after their St. Luke and St. Markian ties), then becoming tied at the hip with Josh during the height of their Meadowdale Maverick days. Young Jazz clearly had no idea what she was in for when Ricky insisted that he had a good guy he thought she should fancy meeting.

Hot Tub Official. One, fine evening, four friends casually got together on a weeknight after school in the Summer of ’06. Giddy, naturally, one of Jazmyn’s girlfriends “suggested” she needed to quench her thirst by grabbing a soda inside, whereby Ricky followed suit in getting whatever hint Jazmyn didn’t see coming (she swears she is, otherwise, really on-point when it comes to paying attention to details but all of that can tend to go out the window when emotions come into play). Sitting a cute, arm’s-length distance apart in the awesome hot tub set-up his family had in their backyard – the, ultimate, cool factor for any high schooler – sweet, little Josh then got up the courage to ask Jazz to be his girlfriend.

The rest is history still in the making.

It even comes full circle. Hawaii makes the dream work. Not even a year after being together, Josh and Jazz had the tremendous opportunity of joining the Sanchez family for a memorable vacation in Kona. Fast-forward to present day, November 2017 where Josh executed an astounding, full-blown proposal on the beaches of Maui. Even surprised Jazmyn by flying her mom out for this special, momentous occasion; capturing incredible, behind-the-scenes footage – giving paparazzi a run for their money – of the bended-knee moment from an overlooking balcony.

Why so long to tie the knot?

Why not? Agreeing that there was no rush from the onset or, at least, knowing we, both, wanted to feel in a good place before this part of our journey. No one can ever really produce or anticipate the best timing but we would like to think we created a loving, trusting, encouraging and promising foundation that can only continue to grow and thrive from here. Learning how to love ourselves, first, before tackling on the wants, needs and desires of the other really lends itself to how special this relationship is. Now, we couldn’t see it any other way and only want to bring out the best in each other and our loved ones. We are thrilled to solidify our courtship in marriage with you, all, come 05.05.2018!

Going on 12 Years strong, together.

Why did you choose your venue?

After experiencing some of the most serene, extravagant and beautiful wedding venues that the Pacific Northwest had to offer, we couldn’t help but admire how accommodating China Harbor’s staff and personnel were in advising and curating a hard-to-beat Reception package for us in the heart of the city. 5 is the Bride’s favorite number (soccer number growing up) and May 5th happened to land on a Saturday which makes it easy to always remember such a joyous, momentous occasion (plus, all-the-more reasons for the bride’s select liquor choice: Tequila!). Its gorgeous backdrop overlooking SLU during an unpredictable Seattle weather timeframe with easy access for close friends and family that have shared 12-some years together with was just right. As for the ceremony, Ballard is home to the soon-to-be newlyweds first “Seattle” residency and after Trooper Bowser mentioned that anyone can get married at the Locks for free with a suggested grounds-keeping donation (while the couple went jogging one, fine Summer), it clicked and lined up perfectly.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

A collation of all the wonderful memories we will get to continue to share with each other and our closest loved ones as a testament to all that our relationship stands for and will continue to thrive from.

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By Scott Johnson

Photo Credit – Alexi Lubomirski

After months of planning, speculation and anticipation Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedded on Saturday, officially becoming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. While many of us were still asleep when it happened, I salute those who either stayed up late or got up early to witness the historical occasion, because it really takes a lot to get up early on a Saturday to watch a wedding in which most of us have no connection.

To those who waited to watch it after the fact (or if you decided to pay and watch it at a movie theater, which I guess is a thing) then you’re a lot like us on the West Coast. Alas, Royal Weddings are often the only international marriages we ever really care about, other than whatever “royalty” we wish to place on people like the Kardashians or other celebrities.

It seems like there are two distinct sides to every Royal Wedding: those who care…and those who don’t. On the one hand, especially for us in the wedding industry, marriage is a glorious celebration of love and happiness. Weddings themselves are, in a way, their own industry. From the cakes, dresses, decorations, venues, flowers, and just about everything else that goes into a wedding, there are often dozens, if not hundreds of people involved in one that isn’t even “Royal.” So when an honest-to-God Royal Wedding happens, you bet your butt that all of us in the industry stop and pay attention.

On the other hand, particularly for us who have no ties to Great Britain (nor live in any nation presided over by Elizabeth II), all this hullabaloo might just seem like far too much distraction from more important matters, especially when you realize that Harry and Meghan don’t hold any real claim to the throne, nor that Meghan won’t officially even be a “princess” (that right is held to blood-members of the family).

So this little recap is going to be geared towards that second group because those who already care about the wedding probably already watched it and ingested all of the minute details like it was their very own.

With everything kicking off in November, when Harry proposed to Meghan, it seems like the wedding has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Which, in some cases, is true. Taking less than six months to plan their wedding (We know; that sounds just as shocking to us because one would think Royal Weddings would take up to a year to plan), the day finally came. May 19, which in British history bears a grim reminder (it was the day Anne Boleyn was beheaded by Henry VIII, Harry’s ancestor), will hopefully now have much more happy connotations.

In leading up to the day, one thing caught my eye: the cake. With an estimated 200 lemons, 500 eggs, and an absolutely astonishing 40 pounds worth of butter, sugar and flour (each), you probably gained 10 pounds just reading all of that. Taking six bakers almost a week to craft this magnificent piece of art, they only had one shot at making it right, considering the astronomical amount of ingredients, so you can imagine the sheer pressure going into a single cake. What’s even more crazy is that the tradition isn’t even to have a cake. Rather, It’s to have a fruit cake. Some traditions we’re perfectly ok breaking.

Shortly before 10am, the first celebrity guests arrived at St. George’s Chapel (a break from the traditional Westminster Abbey). I’m not sure about you, but the person who arrived first is the one I bet anyone would die to have at their wedding: Oprah—freaking—Winfrey. Talk about a great wedding gift giver, huh? On that note, Meghan and Harry refused standard gifts (though Elizabeth gave them a “small” castle). Instead, they asked for donations to their favorite charities including Scotty’s Little Soldiers, Surfers Against Sewage, and Children’s HIV Association.

Along with Oprah, Idris Elba, James Blunt, George Clooney, the Beckham’s, and even Tom Hardy were in attendance. One of the biggest surprises, despite the star-studded guest list along with all the royalty, is that this wedding is actually smaller in comparison to previous Royal Weddings. For instance, Princess Diana had the most guests at a whopping 3,500. The next smallest was William and Kate’s with about half that at 1,900. Meghan and Harry didn’t even reach 1,000, instead opting for a much more manageable 600. Though, to most everybody else, that still seems like quite a lot. And you’re exactly right.

With the guest list this small, it’s easy to guess this was one of the lesser expensive ones as well. Diana’s, back in 1981, cost an astonishing $110 million while William and Kate’s was only $34 million. Meghan and Harry spent approximately $45 million. Again, that sounds like a lot because it is.

As the first hour of arrivals sped onwards, the rest of the family and friends made their way into the chapel. With a few last minute touches, Meghan arrived right at noon in her Givenchy dress designed by Clare Waight Keller. Footage showed Harry getting a little emotional upon the arrival of the love of his life.

A few minutes later, the bishop started the ceremony before asking the first important question of the evening “are there any reasons they can’t lawfully marry?” Michael Curry, the bishop from North Carolina, brought a certain amount of excitement to the wedding that nobody was expecting. Preaching one of the greatest sermons in probably all of wedding history, he was even able to toss in some MLK quotes. As the audience, and even William, stifled their laughter at the bombastic speech, it became even more clear that this whole thing came out of left field. Meghan, though, seemed to eat up every single minute of it.

Following the incredible speech, the Kingdom Choir performed an equally legendary rendition of Stand By Me. If that song got to you before, it will do so even more now. But after that came the vows, and then the long-awaited kiss; they were officially married and the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

As far as Royal Weddings go, we’d have to say this one was pretty grand. With the bride being American, it surely threw some of the British traditions for a loop—and we’re all for it! Surely, this wedding will be reminisced on with pride and happiness. Everything went off without a hitch, and it was the perfect ending to what could literally be a fairytale story.

Did you watch the wedding? Didn’t care to? Let us know in the comments below, we’d be happy to know!

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by Scott Johnson

Van Cise Wedding on 3/10/18 at Trinity Tree Farm in Issaquah, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

A quick drive out of Seattle, though that really depends on what time of day you depart, lies the town of Issaquah that serves as one of the last few bastions before entering into Snoqualmie Pass along I-90. A little further south, just outside of town, you’ll find Trinity Tree Farm. When they’re not basking in the warm summer sun hosting weddings and events, they’re setting up shop to sell their own Christmas Trees come winter. With the ability to host up to 150 guests, and featuring stunning views of some of the state’s most beautiful mountains, this little nugget of land really brings you into nature.

With all the quiet of being out in the country, the Van Cise Wedding day got off to a quaint beginning. Despite having plenty to do to get ready, there was still enough time to get in a couple rounds of foosball and pool. The day kept on going before it was eventually time to meet for an utterly adorable first look.

Meeting out amongst the baby Christmas trees (it is March, after all), their fully blossomed love stood tall. With sunlight blasting through the trees, we found a wonderful little clearing to have everyone pose for group photos. Silliness and happiness ensued as the entire bridal party made their way out to make it special, though at one moment Taylor decided to play a prank and run off out of the area. He came back though, don’t worry.

When it was finally time to get hitched, a moment the bride and groom had been waiting over a decade for, everyone filed into the hall decked out with dangling lights and a chandelier. Eagerness overtook Taylor before the guests could give away Angelina, but then a heartwarming and tear-producing ceremony followed and officially sealed their storied love.

While the guests headed onto snacks, the newlyweds went back out to the fields where the sun had set, resulting in more romantic lighting. After some time, they decided to head back to the reception to greet all of their guests. With a mouth-watering assortment of desserts and food, they cut into their cake and kicked off the rest of the festivities.

Dancing followed with the lights twinkling high above, and then everyone else got onto the floor (even the babies and stuffed animals). There were some seriously impressive moves to be seen that night, and nobody was afraid to show off even their wildest moves.

To cap off a stellar day, the newlyweds were sent off in a tunnel of sparklers with all of their guests wishing them well. Hopping in a fancy car, the two drove off into the night and towards new beginnings.

Thank you again to Angelina and Taylor for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope the first few months of marriage has been nothing but happiness and joy.

In case you’re new here, please feel free to leave a question or comment below! We always are looking for feedback!

Venue – Trinity Tree Farm

Photographer – Erin and Ryan Button

Floral – From the Ground Up Floral

Caterer – Jacks BBQ

Bar – Bartenders Extraordinaire

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Angelina and Taylor’s story in their own words:

Our Story

The Meet Cute

Angelina and Taylor met in middle school when they first “dated”, which mostly consisted of holding hands between passing periods and him walking her home from school. They would periodically keep in touch throughout high school and college, usually prompted by Angelina’s mom asking how “that Taylor Van Cise boy is doing”, but didn’t truly find their way back into each other’s lives until shortly after Angelina’s father had passed away. Taylor reached out to Angelina to offer comfort as well as reconnect and from then on they’ve been inseparable.

The Proposal

Unbeknownst to Angelina, family, and friends…Taylor had been planning the proposal for months. He had sought out a jeweler to create a custom engagement ring and had also discovered Angelina’s Pinterest page to help in that endeavor. For the actual proposal Taylor had planned to go to ZooLights at Woodland Park Zoo and have a private meeting with Santa where coworkers would be arranged to photograph the event. But then the zoo caught on fire, setting everything back. Forced to course correct, Taylor then planned to go to Flaming Geyser State Park where their first date (this time around at least) had been and have another coworker kayak down the river to photograph him popping the question. But then the park was partially closed for construction, the ring wasn’t done, and the weather also prevented kayak photography from being possible.

Then, on the night of December 22nd, Angelina and Taylor made their way to ZooLights at Woodland Park.The zoo that night ended up being too crowded and Taylor wasn’t able to find a suitable moment or spot to ask while they were there. When they were on their way home, they decided to stop at Coulon Park to see the light display there as well. After arriving and taking in the lights for a while, and at the urging of Angelina who wore the incorrect shoes for extended periods of walking, they found a bench to sit and chat. Taylor began talking about how sometimes when he makes plans things tend to go awry because he seems to aim too grand. Then he asked Angelina if she would like to help him plan things forever. And eventually, through ugly-girl-crying, she said yes.

They then discovered, after announcing their engagement to parents and family, that it turns out that without even trying Taylor managed to plan and carry out the perfect proposal. Taylor’s parents had gotten engaged at Woodland Park Zoo, while Angelina’s had gotten engaged at Coulon Park.

Why did you choose your venue?

We both love the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and felt that the whole venue showcased that perfectly. The Lodge is also one of our favorite architecture and design styles so it seemed like the obvious choice. On top of all of that we love Christmas so the fact that it’s a functioning Christmas tree Farm was a really fun addition.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Being able to see the first look and us exchanging vows, we’ll both be living those moments but being able to go back and rewatch them will allow us to revisit those moments.

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by Scott Johnson

Foster Wedding on 2/17/18 at The Washington Athletic Club in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“My husband and I were on the fence on booking a videographer for our wedding. When we came across Reid with Best Made Videos, we knew it was worth the investment. Never have I been more thankful to have our video. It takes us right back to our magical day, and makes us cry every time we watch it! Photos are great, but having a video captures it ALL. Reid and his team were professional and fun to work with on the day of—capturing every detail that we could possibly want. The quality we received is way more than other videographers we researched. Invest in the video for your wedding—I promise you will thank yourself later!”

There’s nothing like the Seattle waterfront on a bright, sunny day. Especially in the middle of February, a notoriously grim and cold month for the residents of the city. With steam rising from underground and rooftops, the sun glistening across the water illuminating the great ferris wheel, you can’t help but marvel at the beauty that is the city. On days like this, we really got lucky with our drone footage, a service we’re more than happy to provide for clients looking to add a little extra something to their video.

The Fosters decided to go all out with their wedding, hosted at the utterly regal and extravagant Washington Athletic Club, and the results were extraordinary. As the quiet morning got off to a start, the Kristi and Cory got ready with their respective parties. Drinking mimosas and champagne, the ladies were bubbling with excitement as the bride adorned her almost-royal dress. The groom, on the other hand, sported a dapper bow tie and a stunning black tuxedo.

Posing for photos in the elegant book rooms and sitting areas of the club, it really felt like we were at some fancy politician’s wedding, but alas we were not! While the girls were looking classy and sophisticated inside, the guys headed outside to pose in front of the building. More akin to secret agents, they all looked as suave as can be, though the coolness was eventually supplanted by a hearty dose of silliness.

Before too long, the guests lined up for the wedding inside the Athletic Club. A purple backdrop flanked the altar, providing a wonderful ambiance to the room. Before the bride headed down the aisle—and especially so when she did—our lucky groom could not hold back the tears. With sheer emotional coursing through him, the excitement and happiness he had was billowing out in joyous tears. After a series of vows that left us both laughing and crying, they finally sealed the vow with a kiss and became husband and wife.

Heading back to sign paperwork and posing for their first photos as a married couple, Kristi and Cory celebrated the initial moments of their marriage surrounded by all of their loved ones. When it was time to head back to the reception, a massive room lit by the same purple lights, the newlyweds cut their massive four-tiered cake before entering the dance floor for a splendid first dance. An utterly riotous garter dance was also to be had, as is evidence by the end of our video!

With a montage of photos playing behind them, it was a supremely romantic evening. As the dancing continued and the night wore on, everyone got off their feet for some slow dances before the music really got hopping. A photo-booth provided more opportunities to savor memories, and a s’more bar proved to be an excellent idea for a wedding (come on, who doesn’t like s’mores?)

After a while, we stepped outside to get a few shots of the newlyweds as they walked around the outside of the building. It was the perfect end to the evening.

Thanks again to Cory and Kristi for picking Best Made Videos to film their wedding! As per usual, let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Venue – Washington Athletic Club

Photographer – Julianna J Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Planning – Clutch Events

Cake – The SweetSide

DJ – Kryspin

Hair – Off White Hair & Makeup

MUA – Glam Life Beauty

Florist – Bloomed Out Floral Design

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Kristi and Cory’s story in their own words:

Our story begins at the gym, as cliché as it sounds, I was Kristi’s trainer and she was my client. It actually allowed us to get to know each other for months as we built a friendship that was to become the foundation of our relationship down the road.

One evening, we met up at the same winery to listen to live music. A few glasses of wine and one cheese platter later we realized it was 2am. The conversation was so good that we hadn’t noticed that we were the only two people left. After a slow stroll to the parking lot and a hug goodbye, we both floated away with smiles.

We learned that we both had grown up in the very same neighborhood, had gone to the same schools a couple years apart, went to the same orthodontist, the same summer camp, we had both grown up fishing and camping, we both adored our family dogs, and we were both nuts about fall weather and Christmas time. If you said pumpkin spice latte in the mirror three times, Kristi would appear as a true Seattle girl. We were made from the exact same “stuff”. I thought matches like this only happened in the movies.

After telling my parents about her, they wanted to meet her. I brought her over one evening and they hit it off. I had never seen my parents so happy. While the three family dogs wrestled for who got to sit in her lap, I built a fire out in the backyard and we made S’mores with Reese’s peanut butter cups inside. Except that I forgot to take off her wrapper…so her first bite was a mouthful of paper! We laughed about it the whole night as we sat on the back porch swing under a clear summer night’s sky, the dogs laying over our feet, the wood of the fire popping in the background. It was perfect. I knew that very night that we were meant to be soulmates.

For 10 months I planned carefully for the day. I wanted it to be a day to remember like no other. At 3:30am we woke up to catch a sunrise hike at Mt. Si; I had made breakfast for us to eat at the top. After a strenuous morning of hiking, I had scheduled a couple’s massage at our favorite spa. We went home to spend the afternoon Netflixing our favorite shows, then headed up to Crystal Mountain for an early dinner date. I had a hidden photographer at the top of the gondola waiting to capture us as we disembarked. I flashed a quick smile to the camera in excitement that after 10 months of planning, she still had no idea that she was only steps away from receiving the most anticipated question in life.

As we approached the top looking over Mt. Rainier, we stopped at a table showcasing her favorite Lilies. As I picked up the flowers, she gave me the most puzzled expression like, “Um, you should put those back!” She thought they were part of the restaurants display. I smiled and dropped down to one knee. The realization of what was coming finally hit her. Then I asked, and well…you know the rest.

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by Scott Johnson

McGee Wedding on 1/28/18 at the Sentinel Hotel in Portland, Oregon

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

While we absolutely adore our home state of Washington, we are not solely limited to it for your wedding needs! Just a few months ago we headed on down to Portland (which is almost on Washington soil) for a lavish wedding at one of the most iconic hotels on the West Coast.

Described as “Portland’s Most Storied Hotel,” The Sentinel boasts quite the list of amenities. From a curated art collection, to Jake’s Grill and Jackknife (considered some of Portland’s most prestigious restaurants), and some of the finest decor you’ve seen. Built over a hundred years ago, independent film fans might just recognize it from Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix.

For the McGee wedding, the bride and groom headed to the National Historic Landmark at the end of this past January. Polishing his shoes, the groom looked and felt ready for the big day. Sporting a salmon bowtie, he beamed with excitement for what was to come. On the ladies’ side of things, the feelings were also quite mutual as hair was done with nothing but happiness.

As the guys posed for photos in the library, it felt sufficiently sophisticated. Some silliness, some sweetness and a whole lot of smiles left us all excited for the ceremony. When the ladies got together, it was much of the same story.

Entering into the throne room wedding hall, Greg made his way down the aisle along with his parents. In a room fit for a royal wedding, all adorned in gold with a chandelier hanging from high up, the ecstatic groom watched his bride Allie come down the aisle with the exact look you would expect to see from someone about to marry the love of their life. After a splendid traditional Jewish ceremony, Greg crunched the ceremonial glass that signifies the union and went in for a romantic kiss.

Posing as a big group and family, the spirits were as high as could be. Making their way to the regal dining hall for the reception, wine and beer were poured to get everyone into a celebratory mood. Following the ceremony we were able to follow the newlyweds around the insanely gorgeous building. Little hallways, grand windows, and distinguished libraries added a classy touch to the photos.

Heading back in to their guests, the dancing started as purple lights lit up the hall. Slow dances started with all of the couples before the tempo picked up and everyone else got onto the dance floor (even the children) for what was an utterly unforgettable evening.

Retiring outside for just a few more shots, we got the bride and groom at night in the city, luckily without rain, as they held each other tightly.

Thanks again to Allie and Greg for picking Best Made Videos for filming their wedding! Congratulations on your almost-six month anniversary!

Have a question? Saw a wedding article you’d love to share with us? Well we’d love for you to! So drop us a line below!

Allie and Greg’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Greg and I met at Shade and Monique Kelly’s wedding at Rancho San Antonio on June 28th, 2014. Shade had been telling me about Greg for months, waiting patiently to introduce us. As I write this I realize that I have never asked Greg if Shade told him about me before the wedding. Shortly after dinner he waved me over and said, “Allie, this is Greg, Greg, this is Allie.” He abruptly walked away leaving us alone and laughing. We spent the rest of the wedding getting to know each other, celebrating our friends and eating candy!

The following Friday Greg drove down to Santa Monica and took me out. It took less than the car ride to the restaurant for us to know that this was only the beginning.
We have been inseparable ever since.

Why did you choose your venue?

We needed an indoor venue for a winter wedding and The Sentinel offers a beautiful indoor setting.  

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Our wedding day!  Everyone says it ends up being a big blur so I am excited to have more than still photos to remember the love, joy and fun of the day.

Venue – Sentinel Hotel

Photographer – Powers Studios

Planner – Gratitude Event Planning

Cake – Laurie Clarke Cakes

Catering – Sentinel Hotel

DJ – Paradox DJs

Florist – Flowers by Riley

Hair and Make up – Nancy Martinez

Rabbi – Rabbi Brian

Dance Floor – Barclay Event Rentals

Photo Booth – Portland Photo Party

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

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By Scott Johnson

Gallo Wedding on 1/13/18 at Lake Union Cafe in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –
Song Freedom –

A quiet winter day in Seattle led us down to the Lake Union Cafe for the marriage of Allison and Evan. The deceptively little, yet staggeringly pretty space which can fit up to 100 guests, quickly became one of the more memorable venues we’ve been to in recent months. For the minimal price of $10,000, you can have an all-inclusive wedding featuring food, alcohol, and decorations along with cupcakes and a full service staff. On top of all of that, the venue itself is a feast for the eyes with gorgeous architecture and tons of space for everyone.

As the guys sat around playing board games, waiting their turns to get ready, the ladies got started bright and early with hair and makeup. Popping champagne (after a little bit of a tussle with the bottle), the bridal party got underway with getting dressed in elegant black gowns and popping red shoes.

While the guys finally got ready (there would be more games to come later) the ladies headed up to Seattle’s iconic Volunteer Park for some photos around the area. Braving the cold, we followed them around the park (avoiding the soggy ground), capturing their blissful smiles as they all eagerly anticipated the rest of the afternoon.

Filing in for the ceremony, the venue sparkled and glistened with gold and white, amplified by the abundance of mirrors in the room for an all-around dazzling space to have a wedding. For such an unassuming venue, there’s sure a heck of a lot of beauty going on inside. As the officiant declared Allison and Evan husband and wife, the two kissed before triumphantly walking back down the aisle, sneaking one more in before they headed off to sign the paperwork.

Following the ceremony, as the guests filled into the reception area sipping on beer and wine, the newlyweds posed for photos inside while we waited. As the newlyweds signed the wall inside the restaurant, forever (or at least until the building gets destroyed) signifying their union, their happiness became more apparent than ever. Since we didn’t get to do a first look with them, we followed the bride and groom outside into the streetlight-illuminated streets. The quaint little neighborhood, almost directly underneath I-5, was perfectly lit for our couple as they strolled the pavement before heading back inside.

As the guests surrounded the dance floor, Evan and Allison took to their parents for the traditional dances before having their first dance as a married couple. And then everyone else joined in on the fun and the strobe lights kicked up and scattered colors all over the room.

Eventually the lights had to be turned down, which in a Seattle winter is a little too early if you ask us, but the evening was nevertheless a wonderful occasion. Thank you again to Allison and Greg for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope you are enjoying the first few months of marriage.

As per usual, if you have any questions or comments please share them below! Any feedback would help us out immensely!

Venue, Caterer, Cake, Coordination – Lake Union Cafe

Photographer – David Volpone

DJ – Sounds Unlimited

Floral – LUC Custom Florals

Officiant – Reverend Dayna Reid

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Allison and Evan’s story in their own words:

The Day They Met

In fall of 2011, Allison had an interview for a tour guide job at Case Western Reserve University. She was hired on the spot, and the supervisor told her she could have a private tour with a current tour guide that day to learn what to say to prospective families on a tour. The supervisor walked up to the front desk and spoke with the guide for a few minutes, then came back and informed Allison that there was only one person working right now. She said he needed to stay at the desk to cover any walk-ins, but she said he could give her a tour on the map and just tell her what to say, as if they were walking around campus. Allison agreed anxiously, excited for her new job! Allison walked up to the desk, and Evan introduced himself and confirmed that he would be giving her a tour on the map. As Evan started to go through the tour, Allison began to feel that Evan was acting as though she had never stepped foot on the campus before today. He was giving her directions from one part of the campus to another, as though she planned to walk around and see the campus for the first time after they talked. At some point, Allison stopped him and said “You do know I go here, right?” Evan had thought that Allison was a prospective student, as the supervisor had only told him to give someone a tour on the map, not that she was a new hire. The two of them had a good laugh and immediately bonded over the miscommunication. After Evan’s shift, he took Allison on a real private tour. After she was hired, Allison picked up a weekly shift that happened to overlap with one of Evan’s shifts. It wasn’t a specified tour time, so they spent an hour every week together, waiting for walk-in tour requests, and they quickly became close friends. It wasn’t long until they officially started dating on January 13, 2012.

The Proposal

As a college graduation gift for Evan and Allison, Evan’s parents (Jim and Laura Gallo) took the two of them to Disney World for a well-deserved vacation. On the night of June 2, 2014, after the parents went to bed, Evan and Allison decided to take a walk on the boardwalk. They walked to a bench at the end of the boardwalk and sat together, looking out across the water toward the beautifully-lit World Showcase. Evan said to Allison, as he had many times before, “You know, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Allison responded, as she had many times before, “Yeah? Me, too.” Though this exchange was certainly not the first of its kind, this time, Evan continued. He responded with, “Well…that’s convenient,” and pulled out a jewelry box. Inside the box was a ring Evan had designed with inherited diamonds from his mom’s original engagement ring. He specifically had it designed so there would be no prongs to catch on Allison’s gloves at work. The newly engaged couple stopped at a grocery store along the boardwalk, picked up some champagne to bring back to the room, and celebrated with Evan’s parents.

The Family Jewels

On the wedding day, Allison will be wearing a custom-made double pendant necklace crafted with 2 very special diamonds. One of the diamonds is from Allison’s maternal grandmother’s engagement ring. The other diamond was a gift from Allison’s father (Dean Luoma) to her mother (Patty Luoma) on their first Christmas together, after they had only been dating for 1 month. The diamonds have been set in white gold to match Allison’s engagement and wedding bands. The wedding band also has 3 smaller diamonds taken from Allison’s maternal grandmother’s engagement ring.

Why did you choose your venue?:

We saw really great reviews all over the internet for the Lake Union Cafe. Evan and I decided we had to check it out. We walked in, took one look around, and Evan saw my face and said “We’re putting down a deposit today, aren’t we?” The venue is just absolutely gorgeous. It has an antique look about it and just feels warm and loved (like it isn’t brand new, but that makes it even more beautiful).

What are you most excited to see in the video?:

Allison: I just want a video that will capture the memories of the day. I want to remember the fun the girls had getting ready, the beautiful venue, all of our loved ones being together to celebrate with us and the fun they had, etc.

Evan: I am excited to see the reception. I feel like it’ll be a blur for us, and we won’t remember much. Probably the one thing I really want to see is the first dance.

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