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by Scott Johnson

Favorite Wedding Vows Part 3 of 5:

Welcome back to part 3 of our Favorite Wedding Vows series. We’ve worked hard to bring you these videos, but the true appreciation should go to the brides and grooms who came up with such beautiful words of love and affection. As it has been stated multiple times—it isn’t always easy sharing such personal feelings for the public, so we are truly thankful that we can share their words with all of you. So let’s keep on trucking!


Morrison Wedding, 12/31/16, Embassy Suites

The Morrison Wedding is pretty special in that their big day took place on New Year’s Eve. But even more special than celebrating a wedding day that spans into two different years are the words of love spoken by Gus and Andrew when they tied the knot. Up against a gorgeous, snow-white altar, Gus begins his vows by stating the obvious—“Andrea, you look very beautiful”—before flipping the pages back to the very first time they met.

“We had no idea who one another was,” he starts, “when I saw you I felt a strong sense about you. I could feel your warmth, loyalty, genuine nature and cheerful soul. I somehow knew in that moment we would be together some day. Over eight years later from that day, my heart is bursting to know that I was right, and that we’ll be together forever.” Who is this guy? He should hire his services out! He continues with another gut punch, “Over all things, my happiness is tied to yours” and at this point we have to move onto Andrea because he’s just too good.

Holding back tears, Andrea declares, “Today, I am marrying my best friend, my soulmate, my prince charming. You know me better than anyone else in this world, and somehow still manage to love me. You’re my best friend and one true love.” Talk about openings! But wait, there’s more; later on, Andrea says, “Love is saying ‘I feel differently’ instead of ‘you’re wrong.’ And some day, if the stars align, I might even let you win an argument.” Well that right there says it all—true love.

McDonald Wedding, 10/2/16, The Monte Cristo Ballroom

Drew and Briannah’s early October wedding is one of our favorite fall weddings—with unseasonably nice weather to boot! Kicking things off, Briannah stares lovingly at Drew, issuing an awkward laugh from the audience, before really diving into the feels (and fighting back tears) with the line, “you’re my dream come true, you’re a man I didn’t know existed.” You know it’s real when they can’t even get through the first line without losing it, but Briannah musters her strength and charges forward, “you’re my world, the joy in my heart and the air that I breathe. Today I take you as my partner in life, and my one and only true love.”

While there was nary a dry eye in the audience after that one, Drew has to somehow follow that emotional cry-fest. The audience realizes this too as they let out a collective laugh as he’s about to start, “Briannah, my love, thank god we found each other. You know I never thought I would get married, I never thought I would be so lucky, I just had no idea there was someone in the world as incredible as you. Someone I could love with my whole heart, someone I could trust with my full confidence.” He then proceeds to shower her with compliments and affection, surely coming to common ground with the sheer emotionality of her speech. They both take the prize with this one.

Ainsley Wedding, 08/20/16, AXIS Pioneer Square

Elise and Alex’s wedding was replete with words of love and promises of devotion, like Alex promising to “support your dreams and to grow with you. I vow to tell you what I am thinking and feeling. I vow to be your food-taster, sous chef, and your dishwasher.” But he even vows to put her before Seahawks and guitars! Now that’s dedication—but he further underlines it by promising to only make “inappropriate jokes at appropriate times,” and by promising to kiss her every single morning, even if she’s sick.

Elise starts to lose it almost immediately after she begins her vows, even declaring it’s tough to follow. She begins by saying he’s the love of her life and brings out the best in her. Through sobs, Elise delivers some really poignant vows, “I want to uphold this union, to fight for this union whenever necessary. I look forward to spending my life living out the vows I make to you today.”

Donoso Wedding, 09/04/16, College Club of Seattle

When you have something that connects you, never be afraid to use it. While it may sound corny, Erin and Alex’s nautical-inspired wedding is all the proof you need to see they’re ready to set sail on a new voyage in life. But Alex took it a bit further and infused his vows with rowing references (the bride and groom are both rowers) that easily calls back to that one scene in Wedding Crashers, though his are far less cheesy and much more sincere.

Erin reciprocates without any mention of rowing, through when they’re perched on a dock it is pretty easy to accept their love for spending time on the water. Fighting back tears, Erin says “you’re everything I could’ve imagined and more. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and dreamed together. I promise to always be by your side and share your happiness and success. I promise to support you as you strive to reach your goals.”

Bukowski Wedding, 08/20/16, Private Residence

Starting out with thanking her husband-to-be, Laura says “I am grateful for this day, but I am most thankful that I get to stand up here with you—my best friend—and promise to love you forever.” Cue the tears.

“Thank you for choosing me, I love you so completely.” Oh man, stop it Laura, you’re going to make us all cry. “I love when you look at me with sparkling eyes and mischievous smile.” Hers are some of our all-time favorite vows, and if you can watch the video and deny that—we wouldn’t believe you.

Augustus responds with a confident, mature, profanity infused message promising to listen and allowing her to call him on his *expletive,* but it is nonetheless sweet and meaningful. He may not have cried, but that didn’t mean nobody else did.


Thank you for checking out #10-15! With the final ten approaching, we hope we haven’t caused too much emotional trauma–but if we have, wasn’t it worth it? Check back tomorrow as we begin the final countdown!

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by Scott Johnson

Favorite Wedding Vows Part 2 of 5:

Welcome back to part 2 of our Favorite Wedding Vows series! Throughout the week, we are spotlighting some of our favorite wedding vows from 2017 as a way to close out the year! If you missed the article yesterday, you can find it here. We hope you’ve been anticipating the next post, so let’s jump back into it.


Balsoma Wedding, 04/29/17, Great Hall at Green Lake

Right off the bat it’s clear that Brooke is crazy for Dominick: she knows they’ll be together for at least fifty years (and even fifty years after that). As she reads a message from the future, she talks about the life they’re going to build, the people they’ll still be in touch with, the challenges they’ll face. It’s creative and different from most other vows that only reflect on things that have happened, and that’s why we love it so much. Then it turns meta as she references the wedding itself and the vows she’s currently saying. She should be a writer.

Dominick responds with some suave vows as he starts with, “Brooke, I knew you were special the day we met. When you first smiled at me, your eyes sparkled like emeralds and I felt like we were the only two people in the room.” He later shares how much of a “counterbalance” she is, as she is always there when he is upset and helps keep him level. It’s been said that Dominick rewrote his vows 3 times on the advice of their officiant Huey. Both Dominick and Brooke had handed over their vows for Huey to read before the wedding and after seeing how good Brooke’s were, Huey told Dominick that he better “step his game up.” I think he did!

Robak Wedding, 05/12/17, The Canal

A shaking groom is almost always simply suffering from stage fright–it really isn’t an “easy” thing to do to open your heart up in front of an audience, after all. But Brett works his way through some heartfelt words to his bride Katie with lines like “you are the most loving, caring, kind person. You have showed me how to love unconditionally.” The emotions soon overtake him, but he still threatens to kill spiders for her–which to some is the sexiest line you could ever say.

Katie responds with a little more containment, “you are my hero,” she says, “you are the love of my life and you make me happier than I ever could have imagined.” Break out the tissues, audible sobs can be heard as just about everyone gets swept up with the love of these two. They’ve got some potent verbiage.

Klehr Wedding, 06/17/17, Wenatchee, Wa

You may remember this as the wedding with the bouncy castles. Yes, you read that right: bouncy castles.

Yet aside from the childhood fun for the reception, the vows spoken between bride and groom Jason and Cristina are seriously touching. As the bride begins, she calls for tissues. Full of sass, humor and love, Cristina begins with, “I always thought it would take a special someone to handle this ball of craziness,” which, in other words, means we’re all in for a wild ride with her vows. “You have shown me how to look at the world through a new set of eyes,” she concludes, “But most importantly, I promise to fall in love with you, more and more as each day continues, no matter what our journey has in store for us.” She was right about the tissues. Jason responded with something a little less epic in length–as Cristina teases him about before starting her own–but it is nonetheless personal and exemplary of his feelings towards his bride.

Takisaki Wedding, 07/01/17, Maroni Meadows

There are wedding vows that go off without a hitch and those that are a sobbing mess the entire time. Bride Julie’s vows for Kevin are the kind that start off strong as can be, but due to the weight of the words they crescendo into a flood of emotions. Beginning with, “I never believed in love at first sight or finding the one, until I met you,” she peaks and triggers the tearfall with “We talked every single day for four months over Skype, and that’s when I fell for you.” Most importantly, he’s the “best decision” of her life.

Kevin, however, fights the emotion with a determination we rarely see from grooms. Starting by declaring her as his favorite person, and one of the most genuinely caring people he knows. He tells her life has never been better since they met, and even when all is wrong just having her makes everything fine. The recounts of their relationship is something of beauty as he lists a multitude of his favorite activities he’s done with her. After all, it is about the little moments–and there are a lot of them.

Pearman Wedding, 04/22/17, The Landing at Tyee

Rachel and Jon’s spiritually-infused vows combine their love of each other with their love of god. Jon begins by vowing to take her as she is now, and who she will become. With promises of support, courage, comfort, and to fix, “Everything, or to recognize when not to,” Jon gives himself up to his bride for life. He not only gives himself up to her, but to god as well. Best of all, he promises to laugh at all of her jokes, “even when no one else thinks you’re funny,” that right there is something we all need.

Rachel’s vows are a mixture of laughs and sentimentality. Recalling memories, inside jokes, and promises of devotion, companionship, and loyalty to the man of her dreams. Beginning with “I love you, I choose you, and I promise to make that choice day after day. You are my best friend, and I promise to make you a priority above all else.” Then she switches to jokes, as Jon is a total Spurs fan, promising to be by his side when they lose, or drink beer when they win (especially when they lose.) Anybody who promises to drink beer with you is someone you want to keep around.


And there you have it for the second round of our favorite wedding vows! Check back in tomorrow for more. Hopefully that’ll give you enough time to get some more tissues; you’re gonna need them.

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by Scott Johnson

Favorite Wedding Vows Part 1 of 5:

Of all the elements in the wedding—whether it’s the dress, the ring, the suit, or the venue—there’s nothing more personal and paramount than the vows. Those words come in many forms; poems, a promise, a simple “I love you,” or maybe even an epic saga detailing your courtship and the devotion for your future—but the most important part is they come directly from the heart. They are directed to the one you love, as they stand across from you looking into your eyes as you promise to be their partner through life, for better or for worse, until the day you die.

A writer from the New York Times recently got married and recounted his trials and errors of writing his own wedding vows to his wife who is also a writer. He panicked that he had a certain responsibility to make it eloquent even though he typically is more of a comedic writer, and as he explains—weddings aren’t really supposed to be funny.

In the end, he was able to come up with something simple, sweet, and personal—talk about the person you’re going to marry and don’t worry about anything else. Even if it’s the traditional “in sickness and in health, till death do us part,” you still mean it because you love the person standing across from you. Don’t let a lack of passionate writing skills keep you from speaking your heart.

This article really got to us, especially since we do over 50 weddings per year. For the next week, we will be posting our 25 favorite wedding vows for you to cry to at your leisure. Maybe it’ll remind you of yours, or it might even inspire you to renew them! We do more than just weddings, you know!

Let’s get started!


Faoro Wedding, 09/02/17, Ashe and Alder

To kick off the vows, we start with one of our most recent weddings at Ashe and Alder, a magical farm-like estate with towering trees, barns, and a view of the hills. The groom, though, couldn’t be phased by any of it. As he delivers a truly touching speech to his “best friend,” saying that he was “exploding with excitement” to wake up that morning, it’s hard to doubt his love for her.

He keeps going on with just the introduction by saying it is, “A day I have dreamt about forever. Today I get to stand here and look my best friend in the eyes, tell her I love her, and commit to her for the rest of my life.” I mean, come on, that’s some specialness right there, but he finishes off by promising her a list of things only those who truly love their partner can. This is where the tears start—especially in the audience, but especially when he promises to be her “Superman.”

Wagner Wedding, 08/12/17, Dairyland

Let me crush your hopes right now—Dairyland is not some farm-themed amusement park.

But it was the perfect venue for Kayla and Erika who tied the knot on this beautiful estate. When Erika steps up to the plate to speak her vows, she addresses Kayla with love and sincerity—but almost instantly she starts to lose it (maybe this should’ve been in our biggest cry babies?) Kayla assures her they can talk through it, as Erika devotes herself to the love of her life, “you will always be the most important person to me.” If you want to see what love looks like, this is it, especially when Erika says she loves Kayla “to the moon and back.”

On the other hand, Kayla is full of jokes, perhaps to keep herself composed, as she immediately announces “you have an amazing booty.” But she pushes the jokes aside and digs into the heart of her speech with a speed of both impatience—to be married— and nervousness that is entirely understandable.

Vera Wedding, 08/04/17, Russell’s Loft

A wedding you are certainly going to recognize from our Best Officiant and Most Emotional articles, the Vera wedding is definitely one of our favorites. As Alex addresses Mathew in his vows, it’s almost like someone flips a switch as the floodgates open and the tears fall out. Going into the first time they met, Alex details the account of the partnership and describes how happy and perfect their time has been. But most importantly, “we make up and apologize in some way or another. We are friends, companions and lovers, you are the Robin to my Batman (even though we argue about that.” Those are words of love, my friend.

Mathew’s is no less emotional, saying he “doubted this moment would never come.” But he continues to say that, “Now I could not be more blessed or proud to have this life with you. To be in this community with you, being gay has been one of the most incredible blessings in my life.”

Davis Elopement, 08/06/17, Quinault Rainforest

A tranquil elopement in the Quinault Rainforest saw two young, passionate lovers meet and become one all alone in the forest. No guests, no bridal party, just the two alone (with the officiant and us, obviously) within the vastness of the forest. Even more impactful than the venue and decision to elope are the vows themselves as Malik completely spills his heart and soul to Ashleigh. He even offers to build her an entire kingdom. Actually, maybe don’t watch this one ladies, this is some tough stuff to beat. Ashleigh responds with a recollection of their relationship, a story involving a sword, and the promise to be the rock in his life. These two are really meant for one another, no doubt about it.

Pablo Wedding, 08/05/17, Cedar Springs

Our final vows for today are from another wedding you may recognize from our other articles. As Tim starts his vows, he announces he’s already crying before going into a list of everything his bride is to him including friend and confidant. In his words, she is the “engine behind this very slow-moving Island-time of a guy.” He knows she has been there for him “through thick and thin,” and that he is “completely, 100% in love” with her. That sounds pretty great to us.

When bride Kaleena begins her vows, it becomes apparent how long the two have known each other as she mentions their time in high school before starting to sniffle as she recites her vows for her groom. Her love for him “is love I have never felt for anybody else.” These two really got it, they ground each other and make each other know they’re cared for.


These were just the first five of twenty five vows to come! Check back in every day this week for more weddings, more vows, and more tears! We hope to see you soon.

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by Scott Johnson

Favorite Wedding Reception Moments:

While the wedding itself might be the most important part of the big day, the reception to follow should be an unforgettable—or forgettable, if you do it right—event full of alcohol, food and a whole lot of dancing.

A recent article from Uproxx brought up the subject of which songs not to play for the dancing portion of the reception, with “Chicken Dance,” “Cha-Cha Slide” and “Macarena” filling up the top three from surveyed DJs (the first two appeared on over 20% of do-not-play lists.) Other obvious choices included “Turn Down for What,” “Baby Got Back” and “Hokey Pokey” while a few had the audacity of not wanting to play “Footloose” and “Uptown Funk.” Come on, guys.

All this talk of music, dancing and receptions got us thinking about the best reception moments we’ve witnessed, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites!


Mortega Wedding, 08/26/17, Kitsap Conference Center

The Mortega wedding, for the most part, was a traditional, formal affair. With the whole family there, the reception took a completely different turn as EJ donned a cowboy hat and started busting moves like Magic Mike himself. It definitely looks like someone practiced quite a bit as he removes Jessica’s garter, rocking moves you probably shouldn’t do in front of children. This would take first prize in our “Most Shocking” moments, but for now it remains prominently on this list.

Faoro Wedding, 09/02/17, Ashe and Alder

A crisp September day proved perfect for the Faoro wedding, with bride and groom Jeremy and Stefanie being ushered off by a forest of glow sticks held by their friends and family. It’s little moments like this, particularly at the end of the night, that have so much magic in them as they’re set against the twinkling lights under a dark sky. Fun, creative, and most importantly touching, this send-off ranks as one of our favorites.

McLaughlin Wedding, 09/24/17, The Monte Cristo Ballroom

A decadent wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom was capped off by some of the best dancing we have ever seen, as the best man tore up the floor with some seriously impressive moves…with a back-flip as the grand finale. We seldom see dancing like this, and can’t help but re-watch the clip over and over in awe of his skill. Check out the video for yourself and wonder why he can’t dance at all our weddings.

Manheim Wedding, 10/28/17, AXIS Pioneer Square

Danica and Phil’s wedding in Pioneer Square features one heck of a sing-along to none other than the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.” A song that nobody can deny knowing the lyrics to, “Wannabe” should be played daily by everyone, but here it came blasting on and so did the singing as the bride and her entourage started belting the lyrics right on the dance floor.

And, you can note that it didn’t appear in the Uproxx article.

Staggs Wedding, 08/29/15, The Edgewater House

The flower and garter tosses are lively—and sometimes aggressive—events that get all the ladies and gents together to catch their respective objects. For the most part they’re usually pretty similar, but football fan Shawn heard the beck and call of the NFL (literally, as the music played) and turned around to toss the garter like Tom Brady ready to throw a game-winning touchdown at the Super Bowl. A slow motion replay shows a young man at the back being the lucky one to catch the ball…er…garter for a touchdown.


Whether it’s an unforgettable dance, an epic sing-along, or just throwing the garter like a football, receptions lead to some pretty wild and spectacular memories. Sure the wedding ceremony is what everyone came for, but the reception is the cherry on top to the big day. Let us know of any favorite reception memories and maybe we’ll feature you later on!

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by Scott Johnson

Very rarely is there ever a piece of clothing that garners the amount of attention than the wedding dress of a bride-to-be.  Shows like Say Yes to the Dress and I Found the Gown peer into the amount of work and research that goes into designing, crafting and ultimately deciding on the dress you’ll choose to wear on your wedding day. To say that the decision is huge is only a minor understatement–as shows like Bridezillas detail the more intense sides of the decision-making process.

Popularized by Queen Victoria and earning its traction over the last century or so, the white wedding dress actually dates back as far as the 14th and 15th centuries as white transitioned from a mourning color to a celebratory one. Following the trends of royalty, commoners began adopting similar traditions which led to the rise in popularity of the white wedding dress.  Almost 200 years later, the wedding dress has evolved just as much as the wedding ceremony itself, though one thing remains–it still holds the same significance.

Over the past few years, we have seen hundreds of dresses in all shapes and forms–ball gown, mermaid, or even sheath, each representing the person wearing it. So when it comes to setting up the perfect “Dress Shot,” videographer and founder of Best Made Videos, Reid Johnson, does so with the care and expertise to truly capture the dress as it best represents the bride to be.

I sat down with Reid to discuss dresses, his favorite and most challenging shots of the year and why he puts so much effort and care into such a brief moment.


Scott: Let’s begin with a simple question, why the dress shot?

Reid: To me the dress shot is really our chance during the day to flex a little creative muscle. When it comes to wedding videography, a lot of our day consists of capturing moments as they occur. Your wedding ceremony, the reception, wedding toasts, things like that.  We don’t like to stage a whole lot of shots, we just like to let the day unfold as it goes, and doing the dress shot and other detail shots like your shoes or your wedding bands or even the groom’s details, really gives us a chance to show a little flair. Whether that’s hanging a dress from a tree or a picture frame or a window, all of our dress shots are unique and different ways to showcase not only our client’s personality, but the venues they choose as well.  Your wedding details are a tremendously important part of your day, not only because of the money that you spend but also because of what they represent.  I always try to find the best and most creative way to showcase my client’s particular wedding details, just as a wedding photographer would.

Scott: Great. How many dress shots are in this year’s dress shot video?

Reid: In total there’s 55 wedding dress shots in the video this year from slightly less than 55 different wedding venues. We were at Newcastle Golf Club five or six times this year, and I think there might be a couple other repeated venues for some of our other clients. There’s 55 dresses from probably 47 or 48 venues across the area. Sometimes you lose track at the end of the wedding season, haha!

Scott: Sweet. Did I see a purple dress in the video? What’s the story with that?

Reid: Haha, that was actually from this summer. We had a client that was having her 18th debutante ball.  When we got there she had a beautiful purple dress on a mannequin in the window where she was getting ready at. Basically the whole day was like a wedding, there was a reception with toasts and dancing. She even had her own cake cutting, and so I felt it was appropriate to include her dress in the video as well.

Scott: What is your favorite dress shot of the year and why?

Reid: I always really like the Newcastle Golf Club window in the bridal suite. That’s probably one of my favorite places to hang a dress because the client can watch you work while you work. They can see you go up there and hang it up and then when you show them the final product they are always really excited!  Newcastle is such an iconic wedding venue, it’s always really fun to go back there and reinvent what you did the last time you were there.  

Outside of Newcastle, down in Cedar Springs by Port Orchard, our bride Kaleena had probably the longest train of any wedding dress this year. We actually struggled to find a place that was tall enough to hang her dress, and you can see in one of the photos associated with the blog that we climbed up on a chair and tried to use the side of the shed.  We ultimately ended up finding this huge arbor swing set in front of the lagoon there that we finally used, and it still wasn’t even tall enough to adequately showcase the train, but as tall as it was, it was the best we could do.  It was such a beautiful venue, we could have hung the dress from every tree on the property and it still wouldn’t have gotten old!

Dress Shot Video 2.jpg.JPG

Scott: Alright. What was the best client reaction of a dress shot?

Reid: We were over at Novelty Hill this summer in Woodinville, Washington, which is another one of our favorite venues. Our bride Sally was a smaller, petite girl, and her dress was more manageable to work with and hang. This allowed us to hang it on the iconic red wall at Novelty Hill, along with a couple of trees on the property. We always try to find 2 or 3 places to shoot our wedding dress detail shots.

Over by the main entrance of Novelty Hill fixed on the cement side there is the sign for the Novelty Hill Winery. There’s a ledge that protrudes out that you can’t even really reach, it’s so tall. I actually bought a shepherd’s crook or a hook that you would use in a retail store to hang clothes. I’ve bought a couple of those off Amazon that allows us six feet of extra hanging reach to be able to hang the dress wherever we need to. And me being six foot tall with another six feet of hanging reach really allows us to get up in there and get it hung. After I got the dress up there by the sign I was so excited I took a picture of it on my phone and ran back in to show Sally while she was getting her makeup done. She was so excited, and it was really cool because it instantly shows them, the client, that we know what we’re doing, we’re getting cool stuff. It really represents our creativity and I thought that was really neat.

When we were at the Sorrento Hotel this summer as well, we did a similar thing outside the front of the hotel with the hotel sign. We were able to frame it where you were able to see the hotel up above and the sign and dress down below, I really like the composition of the shot. One of the bellhops or somebody that was walking by that worked at the hotel said, “I’ve worked here 20 years, and I’ve never seen anybody hang a dress up there like that.” To me that was really cool because that meant that we were doing something different and new.

Scott: Cool. What was the most challenging dress shots?

Reid: Without a doubt, the hardest dress shot we did all year was at the Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo with one of our favorite wedding photography teams, Kate and Josh with GSquared Weddings. You’ll see from one of the other pictures in the blog that we had to borrow this huge ladder from the venue. The reason that I bought the shepherd’s hook to hang the dresses was because of how difficult this particular dress shot was.  At the Community Center there, the whole side of the building is this huge picturesque window that looks out over the sound, and you see the ferry coming and going and we knew we had to use it for our dress shot.


There’s ledges at six feet, and then I don’t know how high it is, 12 or 15 feet in the air. I actually had to get on the top or near the top of that 10 or 12 foot ladder to get it hung up, and you see my assistant, Jeff in the photo holding the ladder and then Kate’s husband, Josh, is helping as well. That was really challenging, but it was really cool because I don’t know if all types of vendors would go to that kind of trouble to do that. But it was great because they (Kate and Josh) got their photos and then we got video of the dress as well. She was really happy, the bride Rachel was ecstatic.

Scott: Alrighty. Final question. What song did you use for the video and why?

Reid: This year we used the song, “White Dress” by Ben Rector, which I think in years past has gotten used a lot in wedding highlight videos almost to the point of over-saturation, but it is a really classic song. The title “White Dress” is obviously pretty appropriate in terms of talking about the white dress of the wedding. I just thought it was too perfect of a match to not include it in our first ever white dress compilation wedding video. So that was why I did that and I hope that my fellow wedding videographers will forgive me, haha!


It’s crazy to think there’s this much effort that goes into just a dress that is going to be worn on but one single day. Yet the dress represents so much more than most people could ever imagine, so it is the duty of people like Reid to encapsulate that meaning. We hope you enjoyed the interview and all of our dress shots that we captured over the year, let us know your favorites below!

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Pearman Wedding on 4/22/17 at The Landing at Tyee

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“We love.”

Spring weddings are tricky in Seattle, especially in the dreadfully rainy month of April. Even if it doesn’t rain, you’re still looking at a huge chance of it being overcast, which makes for a gloomy day (and video). This is what drives many in the Pacific Northwest to book weddings throughout May and the end of Summer, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting married earlier in the year.

Bride and groom Rachel and Jon decided to roll the dice and get married on April 22. Their prayers paid off; the wedding day was blessed with sunshine and happiness. Getting ready early in the day, it’s clear that purple is the way to go. Everything from the ties, to the flowers, to disco lights at the reception was a different shade of purple. The photo shoot, especially down on the docks with the sun glittering through the clouds in the distance, was breathtaking and remains some of our favorite work.

After mistakenly breaking a necklace given by Jon (yes, we got that on camera, Rachel) and a loving chest bump with her dad, the bride met her fiance on the balcony of the house for their passionate first look. Emerging through the double doors, the two share a long kiss as the groom sees his future wife in her wedding dress with a bouquet of cascading orchids.

The wedding, held at the Landing in Tyee, was classy and gorgeously planned. The gray suit with purple tie worn by the groom added a sophisticated flair to the event, while the altar itself was a sight to behold. As family filed in, the entire room was abuzz with excitement . The traditional ceremony, with prayers and heartfelt vows that bring tears to the eyes, was a personal and spiritual event for the the two as they made the promise to devote their entire lives to each other and God. Though, we think Jon puts it best when he promises to, “laugh at her jokes, even when she’s not funny.” Finished off with yet another passion-filled kiss, they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife, while also sneaking in another kiss just for show.

We see a lot of different cakes at a lot of different weddings, but the brilliant, pure white, four-tiered cake with a frosted flower draping down its entirety at the Pearman wedding–well, it just takes the cake. The dancing and celebration to follow featured quirky moves, good music, and the sort of bliss that comes from weddings. The night ended with Jon carrying Rachel through a sparkler send off towards a life of happiness together.

The Pearman’s wedding was a joyous celebration that we were honored to do the video for, and we hope that you found something to appreciate on their wedding day! Don’t let the potential for rain scare you for your wedding day, if you live in the Pacific Northwest you just know it comes with the territory, but even if there’s a cloud here or there–it’s still home, right? Sound off below and let us know your favorite moment from their wedding video!

– Scott Johnson

Planning and Coordination: Grace Davis, Smiling Rose Planning (@smilingroses)

Venue: The Landing at Tyee (@thelandingattyee)

Catering: Erwin Arceo, Belltown Pub (@belltown_pub)

Photography: Amy Soper, Amelia Soper Photography (@yourfriendtographer)

Florist: Jon Gardner, Aria Style (@ariastyleseattle)

Videography: Reid Johnson, Best Made Videos (@bestmadevideos)

DJ/MC: Darmeny Jones, Sounds Unlimited (@asoundsunlimited)

Chalk Art: Dominique Davis, Chalk Artistry (@chalkartistry)

Cake/Bakery: Midori Bakery (@midoribakery1)

Hair & Makeup: Brianna Dean, H M Salon (@bmdean03 / #HMSalon)

Bride Dress: Bellevue Bridal, (Stella York Style #6371), (@Missstellayork / #sostella)

Grooms Suit: SuitSupply Seattle (Style: Light Blue Havana), (@suitsupply)

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Fay Wedding on 4/8/17 at Golden Gardens in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“We love Reid! He was great to work with from the first moment we met at the Seattle Wedding show. He was accommodating with our needs and professional at each step of the way. We love our videos and it was great to re-live the day over! One of the guests event commented that she did not know we had videographers at the wedding because they stayed out of the way. Yet they captured all the great moments! I would recommend Reid to anyone thinking of video for their wedding. Meet with him discuss your needs and watch the magic happen!”

Anybody who knows Seattle will know of Golden Gardens, the quaint, rocky beach just west of Ballard that is too cold to swim at almost 90% of the year. Yet it also features one of the best sunsets in the entire region as it rests just across the Sound from Bainbridge Island and the mountains soaring up from even further. It provides the perfect location for shooting video with plentiful light (especially on a sunny day), open spaces, and a view that takes all of our breaths away. Just off from the beach is a beautiful clearing near some marshes containing the likes of ducks and turtles, but also the prime location for an altar with the mountains in the background. Sure it may have been a little chilly, but who can deny the view and the greenery?

You may recognize the Fays from our “Favorite Wedding First Looks” blog, and now you can witness their entire wedding day as a whole. Bride and Groom Erin and Matt love each other just as much as they love the city. With Starbucks cups in hand (their first date was at a Starbucks), Erin arrived to meet Matt at the waterfront with the great ferris wheel poised right behind them for their first look. As happy as can be, the two braved the wind of this cold April morning for some delightful photos at one of the most recognizable locations in the city before everyone was whisked off north to the wedding itself.

Secluded off from the beach volleyball, concession store frigid waters, the bride and groom tied the knot in a field of green with jacket-less groomsmen and scarf-draped bridesmaids. The serene location, which was entirely decorated by the wedding party, gave it a personal touch while also feeling elegant and formal for a venue that normally only sees bathing suits and flip flops.

Photos followed the wedding ceremony as the bride and groom walked along the beach, looking like blissful children on their little private getaway. Dancing and wine were next on the agenda as the bride and groom took shots off of a set of skis, known as ShotSkis”, while a photobooth allowed for some silly memories. Be sure to check out our most recent wedding promo video where the Fays make a cameo taking shots with their ShotSkis, it’s not to be missed!

At long last, the end of the day drew near and the two went off for a golden hour photo on the beach with the sun setting to the west behind the mountains. Happily married, the bride and groom look in love even from afar as our video lets them have some space on the secluded beach with nothing but the sunset–and maybe some driftwood– to interfere as their big day slowly dwindled to a close.

We love weddings like the Fays; ones with quiet ceremonies in familiar yet memorable places, a love for the city in which they met, and family traditions that go back through the years. All of these elements combined make for a truly special wedding day. As always, we want to congratulate and thank the Fays for letting us film their wedding, we sincerely hope all is well and thank you again!

– Scott Johnson

Photographer – GSquared Weddings

Venue – Golden Gardens

Planner – Jeleisa Sorenson

DJ – Blue Beatz Entertainment

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by Scott Johnson

The wedding industry is in a constant state of evolution that never seems to slow down. Every week, thousands of people—from athletes, to celebrities, and even royalty—get engaged or tie the knot. In trying to keep up with the trends, we are introducing a new series to fill you in on fun current events in the wide world of weddings. We hope this will be as informative as it is fun as we dig into celebrity weddings, funny videos and more.


Mike Leach’s Hilarious 3-Minute Wedding Rant

While many might already know of the Cougar’s repeated loss to the Huskies—it was the Apple Cup, after all—what they probably didn’t catch was Cougar’s head coach Mike Leach deliver something in the same caliber of a standup routine to a reporter who was getting ready to tie the knot. In a hilarious three-minute-long rant, he declares that they’d already “lost” the reporter to it, and that he should’ve “come to” him sooner.

It doesn’t stop there, “my wisdom would be you have to stay out of the way. I wish you a very happy marriage and I’m sure you will have one, but I’m just telling you, when it comes to marriage—women lose their mind.” He then goes on to explain that just about every “female relative will lose their mind,” and then they’re “going to barrage you with constant questions.” To which Leach says simply one answer, “I don’t care,” but that isn’t “satisfactory at all, and you’re going to get caught in a Catch-22.”

He continues to have a conversation as both man and woman:

W: “Well I want you to be a part of this too, so what color invitations?”

M: “Alright, the blue ones.”

W: “Well I kinda like the tan ones”

M: “Ok, the tan ones then.”

W: “Well you’re just saying that because you want this over with.”

So on and so forth…sounds familiar, right?

Anyway, check out the video: it’s hilarious. Maybe the loss means he should quit his job and do standup.

Edwin Encarnacion Marries Karen Yapoort 

MLB player Edwin Encarnacion might be a free-agent for the Indians, but—depending on who you ask—he might not be considered a “free-man” any longer as he tied the knot with Karen Yapoort down in the Dominican Republic. Described by teammate Carlos Santana as, “Wedding of the Year,” the lavish wedding—which you can see in Instagram posts and videos—featured a band, tons of cake and goodies, beautiful decorations, and a celebration really solidify it as one of coolest shindigs of the entire year.

Also in attendance—baseball fans will really be jealous, here—were legends such as Albert Pujols and David Ortiz. It certainly seems like Encarnacion really hit a grand slam with this one, and we do hope the best for the new union.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Engaged

It’s not too often that royalty makes the headlines–as of late it has been more about the the adorable children, Charlotte and George, of Prince William and Kate–but just this past weekend Prince Harry proposed to American girlfriend and Suits actress Meghan Markle over a roast chicken dinner at his home in London. The couple, who fell in love and maintained a long-distance relationship, are set to marry in the spring.

While old traditions would have prevented this–Markle has already been married before–the 2005 wedding of Prince Charles to Camilla began a push to move traditions into the 21st century. As said in The Daily Telegraph, “such a sentence could simply not have been written a generation ago.” It is said that Markle bonded immediately with the family, the dogs, and with becoming royalty–all after being set up on a blind date.

Congrats to the happy couple!


Stay tuned with us in the coming weeks—we have some big new things coming your way as we finish off the year and head into another one full of love and weddings.

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Calash Wedding on 1/21/17 at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“We love them! Thanks Reid.  Thank you for all your hard work, it’s lovely!”

On a cold, winter day earlier this year a young couple tied the knot in a traditional Greek wedding at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. Though it was the middle of January, it was an unseasonably clear and bright day for the area as bride and groom John and Rachel excitedly got ready for their big day. Despite the cold, the groom and his buddies were all smiles for outside photos near the lake while the bride got ready with her entourage–adorned in lilac dresses– in the Marriott hotel on the Seattle waterfront.

It’s not everyday you get to attend a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding, which is exactly why we love being able to do the video for ceremonies such as this to share the experience with everyone we know. It also gives you the chance to experience the many different forms of weddings that take place all over the world, especially in religious communities you might not ever get to see otherwise.

Chanting voices filled the large space covered with paintings and idols as everyone took their seats and positions inside the beautiful St. Demetrios church. One by one, the bridal party proceeded in, followed by the ring-bearers and flower girls. Once the organ kicked in with the bridal march, the smile on John’s face and the tears in his eyes say it all–he cannot possibly wait to marry this girl. Walked down the aisle by her father, the bride glowed in a strapless dress with a long, trailing veil.

After a blessing from the priest, the language switched to English as the ceremony got underway. The intricacies and traditions might seem strange to the uninitiated, but everything about the ceremony is meant to communicate with God and seal the bond between these two. But one thing that always remains the same–the beautiful first kiss as man and wife.

Anybody who knows Seattle will say that the weather can flip on a dime–and today was one of those days. Initially bright and sunny, the photoshoot after the wedding was marked by rain clouds and umbrellas, though it hardly could rain on their parade as they were still beaming with delight with the Space Needle in the background. With a view like this–and what just happened inside the church– there’s no amount of rain that could damper the happiness of the bride and groom.

The reception to follow was a massive affair as the family and friends funneled into the event space for their first dance. Tender and giggly, the two danced beautifully in front of everyone they knew. Traditional Greek dancing soon took as the entire family got involved, circling the dance floor with their hands intertwined. It was really a sight to behold, and one we are happy to have gotten on video.

We want to congratulate John and Rachel on their big day and thank them for not only choosing us to have the honor of recording their wedding, but to also share their culture and relationship that they hold so dear.

– Scott Johnson

Photographer – Rebecca Jane Photography

Venue – St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church

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by Scott Johnson

Favorite Wedding Bridal Parties:

Surrounding yourself with a trusting and loving bridal party is one of the many keys to success for your wedding. They help you coordinate, support you, and guide you along the way to your new journey in life. Of course, some of them may be goofy and do things that surprise and confuse you. Other times, they might infuriate you. We hope for the latter.

A recent article from Awkward Mom details how the maid-of-honor photobombed the bride-to-be’s photoshoot with the groom. As the couple stood looking pretty in their attire out in nature, Sharilyn Wester took it upon herself—when the opportunity arose—to have a little fun with her best friend. As the photographer asked her to assist with the veil, she went for some pretty hilarious poses along the way, but in the end all of the photos look like pure fun and happiness. Check out the photos for yourself for some laughs!

We love this type of camaraderie, so we dug through our video archives for our favorite bridal party moments.


Nelson Wedding, 07/01/17, Chihuly Garden

You wouldn’t expect to have to duel anyone in 2017 to get the woman of your dreams like the Old West so romanticizes, but you know how things go. For Adam, who was already featured in our “Best Wedding Video Surprises” post for obsessively cleaning his suit, this was probably the last thing on his mind.

As the groom and his brother are posing for their photos, they both pull out finger pistols and the duel begins. The entire exchange lasts about fifteen seconds as the two stare intensely into each other’s eyes. The duel ends with Adam pulling the trigger and sending his foe off on his way so he can take the spotlight for himself. It’s a kind of moment only siblings can have; they are the ones who know you the most.

Sturdivant Wedding, 07/24/16, Sodo Park

Everybody has that one friend who is always looking for a way to tease or embarrass you. The Sturdivant’s seem to have quite a few, or at least so it appears in their wedding video. They’re that person in your life who loves teasing and pushing your buttons, and they come in many different forms.

They’re simply doing it for love and support, just like they do multiple times throughout the Sturdivant’s wedding video. During the first look, as the bride enters the gazebo surrounded by friends and family, multiple guests out of nowhere start heckling the groom who takes it all in stride as he goofily turns around to see his lady. Hilarious to listen to, it really shows the bond they all share. Later on, even more goofiness follows with the family photo shoot as they exhibit silly poses with wide smiles. Of course, the ceremony itself—specifically the kiss—also featured a bit of commentary. Right before the big moment, a distinct and resounding, “Get it,” rings out.

They got it.

Anderson Wedding, 07/21/17, Swans Trail Farms

With so much worrying about yourself, you’d assume that everyone else would be able to back you up and make sure they have the basic necessities. As groom Zachary is getting ready for his wedding, the photographer is heard saying, “So, who forgot their pants?” To which the slightly embarrassed groomsman says, “well, they should be in the car.” Unfortunately it turns out that no pants were brought, as the groom realizes the extent of the problem. There’s no denying the absolute frustration in moments like this, but people make mistakes.

Fortunately, a pair of dark jeans stood in nicely for the photo shoot, otherwise this wedding would’ve looked like it was heading in an entirely different direction. Later on, the groom and his buddies even drop their pants to expose their underwear, which is even more funny considering the guy almost had to do the wedding in his boxers.

Pablo Wedding, 08/05/17, Cedar Springs

Like in the Awkward Mom article, there’s just something that happens to people during weddings that gets them in a silly, goofy spirit—like literally all of the groomsmen in the video. As groom Tim and his buddies pose for photos in one of our favorite photo shoots ever (even featuring a hip-hop album cover), they’re hurling funny lines like “I’m gonna suck my stomach in,” and posing like husband and wife with a near-kiss and all. This is the bridal party you want around you; all of your best friends who tease and celebrate along with you as you get ready for your big day. Though, we can’t help but wonder what the bride thought of all these men trying to steal her husband.

Klehr Wedding, 06/17/17, Wenatchee, Wa

A wedding with bouncy castles is something you probably never knew you wanted. What better way to celebrate a soaring day than flying through the air like a kid at the carnival. But for this bridal party, this wasn’t the only flight to take place today. While posing for photos, the groomsmen lift the bride off her feet and hold her across their interlocked arms, swinging her like they’re about to launch her. She’s nothing but laughs, otherwise this wouldn’t have probably made the video. The bridesmaids would then get retaliation by literally tossing the groom into the air, and both flights landed safely.

Cizmar Wedding, 09/05/15, Suncadia Resort

A dapper gathering of groomsmen leads to a striking photo shoot as they pose with fingers pointed to the sky followed by, you guessed it, shots. The buddies who drink together, stay together it seems, and these groomsmen really seem to have quite the bond. Later on, they even help save the day from a sinking dock as the bridal party posed for photos on a wobbly walkway that couldn’t support their weight. But their drunk dancing and push ups really seal the deal of their companionship. We hope the bride knows she’s gonna have to share.


The people in your bridal party can prove to be your best of friends, especially those who truly understand your personality. Sure they might not be absolutely 100% reliable at times, but they stand by your side on the biggest day of your life. We’d love to hear some of your bridal party stories, so please share below!


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