by Scott Johnson

Hello everyone! It’s TGIF so why not treat yourself to some more Bizarre Wedding News and get yourself ready for the weekend? This time around we’ve got some bridezillas, “naked brides,” and last but not least–cake! Let’s get going!

If you haven’t heard of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (commonly known as PUBG), Fortnite, Apex Legends, or even Tetris 99, well, they’re the big new commotion in the video game world. Battle Royales as they are called, it’s essentially The Hunger Games, but in video game format. They have reached some heights in terms of popularity, that now couples are having pre-wedding shoots themed after their favorite battle royales.

If you are reading this and happen to live in Mumbai, then there’s a photographer there for you who will help you get the shots done. Doing a test shot for Aakash B. Jain, the photos made their way to the internet and exploded in popularity. Be sure to check out the article for the awesome pics!

Assuming you read the intro, you probably skimmed to find this article, you silly pervs. Alas, there isn’t actually any nudity here, rather a new wedding trend known as the “see-through” dress. The article describes them as “mostly sheer, with skin-toned lining and strategically placed lace decorations.” Judging by the video, these dresses make quite the statement. Not sure how they will talk off in some of the cooler climates, especially if your big day ends up being cloudy. Though you can’t deny they all look phenomenal! Check out the link for a quick video!

We love hearing about bridezillas, mostly because they are often so unreal in their absurdity that it feels like like a highly-entertaining fictional tale than anything. But boy are they real, and this one is quite shocking. In case you didn’t know, there’s many pages dedicated to wedding-shaming, which is just dumb if you think about it.

One bride went on to comment about one of her bridesmaid’s “awful orange red hair,” and even went to claim that she would ruin all of their shared photos. You’d be surprised at how many defenders the bridezilla has–so now we pose the question to you: do you ask your bride to change their hair or accept them for who they are?

More fashion talk, this time for the bridesmaids. Martha Stewart Weddings poses the question, “should your bridesmaids’ gowns be as formal as your wedding dress?” Aleesha Thomas gets to the bottom of it by simply saying “it all depends on your preference,” and then digs into some more of the specifics you should follow in case you still can’t decide.

The three major tips she has are, “choose styles that are as or less formal,” “when in doubt, choose the same fabric,” and “remember that the length of the dresses makes a difference.” Along with the explanations she provides, these three tips will surely help you when it comes to making a decision!—4.0-styling

With millennials now entering into married life more and more frequently, and considering the state of affairs for the generation in terms of jobs and the economy, it’s no surprise we have stricter marrying habits and ultimately longer-lasting marriages. Do you really need fancy silverware that you use once a year anymore? What about fancy bedding, towels, an expensive toaster and all of the other stereotypical wedding gifts? Sure, you may need some, but what you probably really need is somewhere to put it all…like a house.

Which is exactly what Armand Lebrilla and Stephanie Cuellar decided to do when they got married back in August. They went to Honeyfund, which is typically used for honeymoons, but asked for money for a down payment instead. It makes sense: if people are already dropping hundreds of dollars for wedding gifts, at least have it be something truly useful! Though they didn’t actually make enough for their down payment, they now have enough in savings to work more towards owning a home in the future.

This story is about none other than the “Ace of Cakes” himself, Duff Goldman, who just got married to Johnna Colbry back in January. I do warn you, this could make some vegetarians and vegans a little queasy:

While the dinosaurs in the background might be enough to make you turn your head, it’s the cakes that get the real scrutiny–particularly the meat one.

Yep. A meat cake.

Perhaps it’s best for Goldman to describe it in his own words, “The bottom tier is meatballs, the second tier is meatloaf, third tier is lamb shawarma, and the top tier is scrapple.” Feeling appetised yet? Well, the icing is also mashed potatoes…and the flowers are bacon. No, I am not lying. To…top…it all off, they converted a chocolate fountain into a gravy fountain. So there you go. Meat cake. Sound tasty or not?


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