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by Scott Johnson

Hello everyone! It’s TGIF so why not treat yourself to some more Bizarre Wedding News and get yourself ready for the weekend? This time around we’ve got some bridezillas, “naked brides,” and last but not least–cake! Let’s get going!

If you haven’t heard of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (commonly known as PUBG), Fortnite, Apex Legends, or even Tetris 99, well, they’re the big new commotion in the video game world. Battle Royales as they are called, it’s essentially The Hunger Games, but in video game format. They have reached some heights in terms of popularity, that now couples are having pre-wedding shoots themed after their favorite battle royales.

If you are reading this and happen to live in Mumbai, then there’s a photographer there for you who will help you get the shots done. Doing a test shot for Aakash B. Jain, the photos made their way to the internet and exploded in popularity. Be sure to check out the article for the awesome pics!

Assuming you read the intro, you probably skimmed to find this article, you silly pervs. Alas, there isn’t actually any nudity here, rather a new wedding trend known as the “see-through” dress. The article describes them as “mostly sheer, with skin-toned lining and strategically placed lace decorations.” Judging by the video, these dresses make quite the statement. Not sure how they will talk off in some of the cooler climates, especially if your big day ends up being cloudy. Though you can’t deny they all look phenomenal! Check out the link for a quick video!

We love hearing about bridezillas, mostly because they are often so unreal in their absurdity that it feels like like a highly-entertaining fictional tale than anything. But boy are they real, and this one is quite shocking. In case you didn’t know, there’s many pages dedicated to wedding-shaming, which is just dumb if you think about it.

One bride went on to comment about one of her bridesmaid’s “awful orange red hair,” and even went to claim that she would ruin all of their shared photos. You’d be surprised at how many defenders the bridezilla has–so now we pose the question to you: do you ask your bride to change their hair or accept them for who they are?

More fashion talk, this time for the bridesmaids. Martha Stewart Weddings poses the question, “should your bridesmaids’ gowns be as formal as your wedding dress?” Aleesha Thomas gets to the bottom of it by simply saying “it all depends on your preference,” and then digs into some more of the specifics you should follow in case you still can’t decide.

The three major tips she has are, “choose styles that are as or less formal,” “when in doubt, choose the same fabric,” and “remember that the length of the dresses makes a difference.” Along with the explanations she provides, these three tips will surely help you when it comes to making a decision!—4.0-styling

With millennials now entering into married life more and more frequently, and considering the state of affairs for the generation in terms of jobs and the economy, it’s no surprise we have stricter marrying habits and ultimately longer-lasting marriages. Do you really need fancy silverware that you use once a year anymore? What about fancy bedding, towels, an expensive toaster and all of the other stereotypical wedding gifts? Sure, you may need some, but what you probably really need is somewhere to put it all…like a house.

Which is exactly what Armand Lebrilla and Stephanie Cuellar decided to do when they got married back in August. They went to Honeyfund, which is typically used for honeymoons, but asked for money for a down payment instead. It makes sense: if people are already dropping hundreds of dollars for wedding gifts, at least have it be something truly useful! Though they didn’t actually make enough for their down payment, they now have enough in savings to work more towards owning a home in the future.

This story is about none other than the “Ace of Cakes” himself, Duff Goldman, who just got married to Johnna Colbry back in January. I do warn you, this could make some vegetarians and vegans a little queasy:

While the dinosaurs in the background might be enough to make you turn your head, it’s the cakes that get the real scrutiny–particularly the meat one.

Yep. A meat cake.

Perhaps it’s best for Goldman to describe it in his own words, “The bottom tier is meatballs, the second tier is meatloaf, third tier is lamb shawarma, and the top tier is scrapple.” Feeling appetised yet? Well, the icing is also mashed potatoes…and the flowers are bacon. No, I am not lying. To…top…it all off, they converted a chocolate fountain into a gravy fountain. So there you go. Meat cake. Sound tasty or not?


That’s all for this time, everyone!  If you have any questions, comments or would like to share some stories of your own, please drop them below and we will be glad to feature them! See you all next time.

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by Scott Johnson

Smith Wedding on 3/2/19 at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

“The best videographer around!

I’ve been thinking about what to say…. Reid and his partner Matt were so amazing to work with and really on top of everything. They were there from the start to the end of the day, capturing all of the most important parts. He got the video to me in a week…. I was planning on at least waiting a month for the video. But apparently they are over achievers. Haha.

But honestly. I really felt like they enjoyed the day almost as much as we did. They laughed with us and shared all the important moments with us. My now husband has brain cancer and this wedding was planned in a month, and these guys gave their whole Saturday away to document our day.

I can’t say enough nice things about them. Obviously the fact that they donated their services to a family they didn’t know but just came across their story, says a lot about the kind of people they are. I really enjoyed working with them and honestly having this video to look back on whenever I want really just makes the whole thing that much more special.

Thank you Reid and Matt. From my entire family to yours, thank you…. when I say I’ve watched the video probably 3-5 times a day since you sent it to me on Saturday is not an exaggeration…”

It’s been a while since we got to head out to Snohomish, particularly the Hidden Meadows wedding venue! So we were pretty thrilled for the Smith’s big wedding day at the beginning of March. This 350-guest venue is breathtaking all around. From the rustic charm to the sprawling fields and everything in between, we will never get tired of coming here. You can even get views of Mt. Pilchuck as you stroll around the patio, or simply rest by the fire pit and enjoy the summer sky.

Every wedding is special, no doubt about it. It’s one of the happiest days of anyone’s life, and you get to share it with your partner who feels just the same way, as well as your family and friends. Then you have weddings like the Smiths’ where everything comes together in such a profound way that you wonder if maybe fate really does exist.

For those interested in the full, unabridged story of their storied romance, trials and tribulations and uncompromising love for each other, all you gotta do is click here to read Dan Manning’s account of the day.  Three years ago in February, Josh and Erin met on a dating site. An “instant connection,” is putting it lightly, and within the year they were already living together with Josh’s (technically now their) kids, and planning for the future. Only to have December 2016 roll around with Josh ending up in the hospital due to a seizure and eventual cancer diagnosis.

They removed the tumor shortly after, but then he was diagnosed with Grade 3 Anaplastic astrocytoma brain cancer. After a year of treatment, Erin wound up pregnant (despite being told it was highly unlikely) and gave birth to a boy in May 2018. This past January rolled around, and another diagnosis revealed the cancer was back and he had about a year to live. Like all awesome moms, Erin’s came over and gifted Josh her own ring to propose to Erin with, and within the day they were engaged. This has all the makings for a hopelessly romantic and heart-swooning movie, even more so once you see the final decisions for the big day!

So, Erin went to the internet to post about their story in hopes that there would be some charitable organizations that would help them tie the knot. Sure enough, they rounded up all of the necessary vendors and got ready for their wedding day with only several weeks notice. Be sure to check out Dan Manning’s account of the day himself before reading on to ours. Sometimes things are just meant to happen the way they are, and everything about this day reads perfection, as you will shortly find out!

A brisk March morning greeted us along with fog rolling in over the fields. Nestled up inside, avoiding the chill, the ladies and gents spent the morning getting all done up. The boys were rocking some lovely maroon vests and ties, while the bridal party some sparkly dresses with matching maroon bottoms.

As the morning progressed, it soon became time for the lovely first look between Erin and Josh. Meeting underneath a wooden covering with curtains tied to the sides and little chandeliers hanging, Erin approached Josh and soon they were all over each other with excitement.

We led them around the farm, posing in fields and by barns, looking as loving and ready as ever to be married. The lighting was so unique while we were out there and we loved every minute of it. We could tell they were getting antsy to get to the major part of the day, so we squeezed in a few group shots and then headed inside for the ceremony!

It was readily apparent that this ceremony was going to be just so wonderful. As the officiant began, he goes “welcome and thank you all for joining us for joyous occasion as my first time as a wedding officiant…possibly my last.” What followed was a series of lovely stories about their meeting, their love for each other and all the things they want to do together. At one point, Erin promises to “be less stubborn than the day I was before,” to which Josh retorted, “that would be nice.”

With everyone laughing, loving and ready for these two to finally tie the knot, it was just up to the officiant to give the magic words for these two to become husband and wife. Once it finally happened, there was hardly a dry eye in the room…and the two kissed and became one. Knowing full well the story behind it all, that kiss meant more to them than anything else in the world.

Taking some time just to themselves, the rest of the group headed over to the reception hall for some finger foods and libations. Once the newlyweds rolled on in, it was time to get the party started. Once the lights dimmed down, the music started bumping and got everyone to their feet. A night of celebrating life, love and happiness followed. Everyone is in the highest of spirits and wanting to groove their way onto the dance floor.

With just a little bit of sunlight left, we went outside for some tremendous twilight hour shots of the newlyweds, eager to begin this brand new chapter of their life.

Thank you again to Erin and Josh for picking Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first few weeks have been utterly magical and wish you nothing but love and happiness. Have a question or comment? Leave it below!

Photography – Dan Manning Photography

Photography – Jennifer Tai

Wedding Planners – Unforgettable Wedding and Events

Videography – Best Made Videos®

Venue – Hidden Meadows

Desserts – Lady Yum

Cake – Cakes by Day

Photo Booth – Frozen Sentiments

Catering – Wich Came First

Hair – Elle Marie Hair Studio

Makeup – Shannon Mercil Makeup Artistry

DJ – Otto-Matic Mobile Music

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By Scott Johnson

Photo Credit – INSTAFOODIETWINS/Instagram

Welcome everyone to a brand new week of Bizarre Wedding News. As we barrel towards the 2019 wedding season, prepping along the way for all the spectacular ceremonies we are bound to witness, we still have to make time to keep you all informed about the wild world of weddings! This week we’ve got some new life, weird piercings, a French wedding–and yes, cake. Be ready: this week might make your skin crawl a little.

While this doesn’t have anything to do with a wedding ceremony perse, celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, and his husband Joey Troth, just had a baby girl last month through a surrogate. Her name is Stella Toth-Tutera. David already has one child from a previous marriage, Cielo, who is five-years-old. If the name Tutera is at all familiar, it might be because back in 2013, he broke up with his ex, Ryan Jurica, who he had hired another surrogate for that would eventually produce twins. The controversy arose from the fact that the two were going to raise the fraternal twins separately.

Nonetheless, congratulations are in order for the happy couple!

One of best publications is their “Wedding of the Day,” and their one for January 22 is quite the doozy! Following Caroline and Courtney, two Australian nurses who had met in 2011 and started dating in 2013. Back in 2017, Courtney asked Caroline to marry her in a romantic little picnic at the beach.

With Caroline being Irish, they thought they should at least get married in Europe. They had decided the “high chance of rain eliminated Ireland,” as an option, but they finally landed on the highly luxurious South of France. To be exact, the Chateau De Robernier. The 16th century venue is just drop-dead amazing. It really feels like royalty based simply on the pictures, though we can hardly imagine what it must have been like getting to walk the grounds! Check out the article for a full breakdown of the day!

Brace yourselves, things are about to get weird. A new trend known as Finger Piercings is slowly taking over and making its way for the wedding industry. Instead of popping a ring on your finger, you can get it embedded in your skin just below the surface. These have been around for a while, and practically speaking they aren’t too favorable considering how easy it can be for it to get caught on something, and well…you know. The article states that “the ring finger takes roughly a year to maybe accept the embedded ring.” That’s right. Your body might not even accept it. Remember our article last time about smoke bombs at weddings? Add this one to the list of no-thank-yous.

With that out of the way, there’s no better way to wrap up the week than to talk even more about the Royal Wedding between Meghan and Harry. More specifically, however, about their cake. Noted for not sticking with tradition, the Royal couple chose a three-tier sponge cake (though “simple” it actually cost around 50,000 euros), which consisted of Lemon and Elderberry.

For those who didn’t get a seat at the wedding (or those unwilling to pay for the slices from eBay), you can now buy the uniquely flavored cakes in the form of Mr. Kiplings slices. Note, however, that this is “lemonade” and not simply lemon. For being on the cheap, you really do get to taste royalty…but only if you live in England or want to have some imported over here.


That does it for this weeks folks! Hopefully the cake made up for the nasty piercings. As always, if you have anything you want to share or see, let us know and we will make it happen!

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by Scott Johnson

Photo Credit – Matias Ezcurra – @nvmauimedia

Welcome back everyone for some more Bizarre Wedding News! The clocks have changed, the sun has returned and we are almost out of this miserable winter! This time around we’ve got some celebrity news, memorable movie wedding dresses, and a certain trend that really should not be sticking around. Buckle in and get ready!

We had already covered the Luyendyk/Burnham wedding about a month ago, but more details are emerging from their wonderful Hawaiian ceremony. First and foremost: their rings were designed by the renowned Neil Lane. The bride’s was a “handmade platinum eternity band set with almost 35 French cut diamonds down the center and surrounded on all three sides with over 200 smaller round diamonds” Talk about a sparkly ring! The groom’s wasn’t nearly as glamorous, but fancy nonetheless, it was just a simple rose gold band “fused with platinum.”

Some other fun details include the fact that the Bachelor host himself, Chris Harrison, officiated the ceremony. After such a controversial season on the show, Harrison surely was hoping for just a little more–alas, it never came. And the two are happily married now!

We’re big movie fans here at Best Made Videos®, so surely there would come a time when we talk about bridal gowns featured in the most famous movies of all time. This article from Elle does an excellent job of covering the many decades of film.

First and foremost, the dresses from Frankenstein and, well, Bride of Frankenstein, give us the 1930s black-and-white feels with both being made by Vera West. Jump ahead four years and things have gone full Technicolor with Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind rocking a Walter Plunkett gown. Some more familiar faces in the article like Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, remind us of all the wonderful movies we have gotten over the years. Don’t forget to check out 1987 for The Princess Bride, and all the way up to the most recent film on the list: Sex and the City starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Now it’s time to go back and rewatch all these classics!

The article title is really a question, “What should a guest do If he or she arrives after the ceremony has started?” Well, the easy and totally not smart-alec answer to that question is: never be late for a wedding. These things are planned out months, and sometimes years in advance, so it should be pretty easy to get there on time.

However, if you must be late, the article provides the proper etiquette to use to not embarrass yourself, or ruin the ceremony. The first tip is pretty self-explanatory, and considering you are already late, you don’t need to “plan ahead” anymore. The next tip is to find an usher to try and guide you into the ceremony, which blends into the third tip, “enter unnoticed.” Of course, once you do get in, “act like it didn’t happen,” because if nobody saw, nobody needs to know and get upset! And you’ll keep all your credibility. Win-win for everyone!

We have seen a lot of crazy things at weddings. From gruesome (yet delicious) cakes, to animals showing up for some photobombing all the way to exes barging in to ruin the day. This trend, we can thankfully say we have never experienced–and if this article is any indicator, we never will.

According to Pinterest and their “biggest wedding trends for 2019,” none other than…smoke bombs make the list. At first, this might seem really dazzling and unique. What says JUST MARRIED like popping off some emergency smoke bombs to illuminate your photos with colorful smoke and chemicals. You wouldn’t believe it, but “according to Pinterest, searches for smoke bomb photography are up by 436%.While they are technically, ‘safe grenades,’ you really have to ask yourself a good hard question: do you really want “bombs” or “grenades” anywhere near your big day? If the answer is yes, please be careful and have a couple of fire extinguishers on hand. If the answer is no, good for you. Seriously.

As 2018 was officially wrapped up, the big numbers started to roll in for the average costs of weddings last year. It must’ve been a year of some truly spectacular weddings, because the average cost hopped up around $17k from 2017. That cost right there is enough for a car: 2017’s average was $27k, which means 2018 was $44k. Now that is a lot.

The article dives into where all of this money goes. Basically, couples aren’t paying more for new trends or anything like that; rather, they are just dropping more money on weddings as a whole. According to the article, the wedding cake, favors, rehearsal dinner and more all remained the in terms of proportion, while the most major differences occurred on the jewelry side of things.

With all this money flying around, someone has to be paying for it. And according to the article, it’s the parents who get hit with the bill more often than not. And there’s even been a large increase in the amount of parents who do. In 2018 alone, 42% of married couples had their parents pay for the wedding. For comparison, in 2017, about half the couples asked claimed to have paid in full for their wedding. Either way, 2019 is going to be an interesting year for sure!

That’s it for this week! We hope you have been left informed and entertained! If you have any stories to share, please leave them below!

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by Scott Johnson

Photo Credit – Andy Wills, Facebook

Welcome back everyone to another wonderful edition of Bizarre Wedding News. For first time readers: this is our chance to share all of the crazy and weird shenanigans that go on in the world of weddings. As such, these stories range from hilarious to tragic, as well as informative and inspirational. This week we have a pretty good balance, so let’s dive right in!

We will get the tragic news out of the way first. This story comes out of North Carolina, where a thief broke into a photographer’s car and took more than just a camera.

The camera itself contained a memory card that held the footage from a couple’s wedding just a month ago. With everyone horribly sad about this stupid thief’s actions, Will Brank, the photographer, doesn’t even want his camera back–if only the thief would share the photos online for the bride and groom to cherish forever.

Like many situations like this, internet posts have gone out to see if the thief might actually have a bit of a heart. Alas, like we have come to learn, they do not. And so this couple still remains without their wedding footage. We hope it is found soon!;-lands-on-afv/5071938/

Flossing has really become the greatest new thing since sliced-bread. And by flossing, I do not mean the action that would make your dentist happy (though people really should be flossing more). No, I mean the dance that has seen celebrities and regular people alike making waves on the internet by busting out their moves. During one wedding ceremony, the son of the bride and groom in question started to just rock on out with some flossing.

Though he eventually stopped, he snuck in a quick dab as well. The video has gained such traction that it actually appeared on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Whether you love it or hate it, flossing is here to stay for the time being.

Some big news from one of our favorite Royal couples: Duchess Meghan’s half-brother is now engaged–and he wants his sis and her hubby (meaning Prince Harry) to come along for the wedding. Fortunately this probably won’t cause as much hullabaloo as their own wedding, but whenever you have royalty involved–things can get pretty ritzy before you know it.

Alas, the US Weekly article does indeed state that he is actually “estranged” from Meghan, however Thomas Markle believes that the wedding could reunite the two families once again. The end of the article goes on to rehash all of the bad blood between Meghan and the rest of her families. I would make the bet that they don’t attend. What do you think?

Our final story this week is a quick one–but one to surely make you chuckle. A wedding in England featured a truly hilarious group photo following the ceremony. In the photo, the newlyweds stand beaming with excitement along with most of their bridal party. However, one friend, appears to be staring down the bride’s dress with an utmost silly look on his face. He later admitted that he had perhaps dranken a little and thought it would be a fun way to “wind them all up.”

It certainly did, as both the newlyweds chided he was an A-hole, though they also saw just how funny it was in the scheme of things.


There you have it folks! Check back in next time for some more crazy news! As always, let us know if you have any stories of your own to share!

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by Scott Johnson

Photo Credit – Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty; Frazer Harrison/Getty

Now that the streets are clear and the city is moving again (with hopes that we do not have any more freaking snow this year) we are back into the swing of things! We have just a few stories to tide you over this week regarding bridesmaids, thieves and Mr. Tim Tebow! Cozy up and get ready, we’re about to begin!

The second most important dress in any wedding is the bridesmaids’. Some brides really care about the finest details to these dresses (heck, some don’t even want to be topped if their bridesmaid looks better than them), while others let their girls have free rein to look as lovely as they want for their friend’s big day. An article from Elite Daily digs into the history of why bridesmaids typically wear the same dress. Rachel Shatto writes, “while may modern wedding traditions, like diamond engagement rings, were created by the wedding industry to harvest that wedding dollar,” the actual reason is truly ancient—literally!

Quoting an article from Mental Floss, “bridesmaids would not only dress like each other, but also just like the bride, covering the altar with nearly indistinguishable ladies.” Why, you ask? Well click the link above to find out!

This next story comes from across the pond, however it is rather disappointing (don’t worry, we have happy news in the next article) About a month ago, thieves broke into a house in Lodge Moor, Sheffield. In addition to cash, a signet ring and other jewelry, the worst part is they also stole an elderly man’s dead wife’s ring. The police and family have requested any information to be sent to them, and we really hope the thieves come through. Sadly, like many recent burgles, it has remained unsolved and unfound.

Remember Tim Tebow? The guy who would always kneel before things got totally political? Well he finally took a different kind of knee and proposed to his girlfriend, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters (a former Miss Universe) just a month ago. So while that in itself is a grand news story worthy of celebration, talks about their wedding have officially begun—and it’s sounding like it will be a destination wedding.

Leaving the planning entirely to his fiance, there is talks that the wedding could be held in the Caribbean. Not letting his friends and family miss out on the big day, he claims, “We’ll find a date that works for everyone,” however, “It will be her day though. I’m really ready to get married, like, any time now, but we can make sure that it’s exactly what she wants.”

Well would you look at that, he’s so excited and happy! Be sure to check the article for more details (and back here when we cover the wedding itself!)


There you have it for another fun week, folks! We hope the lost ring didn’t get you too far down in the dumps. Be sure to share your own stories or suggest and changes we can make below! See you all next time!

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