by Scott Johnson

Photo Credit – James Day Photography/Vision Australia

Welcome all of you popsicles to another installment of Bizarre Wedding News! As many of us have learned (or been reminded), we Seattleites really don’t mesh well when the white flakes start falling from the sky. After a few weeks of being buried in snow, the sun is finally back out and it’s time to return to life as normal. Luckily, we have more stories to share with you to keep you entertained and warm during our attempts to get out of the slush and nastiness. Let’s not waste anymore time and get down to it!

We’ll start this week with a look at all of the wedding trends predicted to no longer be trendy in 2019; don’t worry, we’ll get to the new trends later! Justine Schwartz of She Finds predicts a total of 19 trends to fall by the wayside this year, and some are pretty surprising. For one, she thinks that the legendary alcohol-driven bachelorette parties are a thing of the past, instead to be replaced by workouts and other physically-engaging activities.

Another shocker: Men will now be attending bridesmaids parties. According to wedding photographer Kaitlin Cooper, “Millenials have been shaking up the wedding industry, and there has been a rise in the number of weddings where men are a part of the bride’s entourage. They’re called bridesmen.” Check out the article for even more trends!

The next story is entirely improbable, yet it happened nonetheless. Imagine losing something as small as a ring for 45 years. You’re likely to never see it again, and by about ten years in you should have probably moved on to a new ring, though certainly not a new spouse!

Well, one day Iowan Will Frye was taking apart an old car for spare parts, when he came across a diamond ring in one of the pistons. Shocking, right? Yeah, we think so too. So, Frye gave the original owner a call who happens to remember losing it back in the 60s. There’s even more emotion to the story, but I’m not gonna spoil it for you!

This is such an amazing story here, and certainly might require some tissues before we’re done!

James Day, a wedding photographer out of Sydney, was asked to photograph the wedding of Steph Agnew and Rob Campbell back in 2018. The thing is, Steph cannot see due to Cone-Rod Dystrophy, and has been unable to see for four years. She describes it as watching an “old TV you’re trying to tune in and you get the fuzziness of the black, white and grey.” Needless to say, she was pretty hopeless that she would be able to “see” her wedding day.

Then came Dave. A little collaboration, a pinch of creativity, and a whole lot of love–and they were able to create a “fully tactile, immersive wedding album of sorts.” The “photos” are mind-blowing, and certainly make you wish you could touch them yourselves. Be sure to check out the article for this groundbreaking idea!

So you want new trends for 2019, huh? Well here we go! Coming from Woman Getting Married, the article outlines the hot trends for this year, including minimalist designs, au naturel appearances, and cutting the cord…er, power cords…on all electronics during ceremonies!

Though it should be noted, they declare that deep colors (like purple and burgundy) will remain in while the previous article says they’re on the way out!

Fan of copper decorations? Well they’re going to be big this year, too! Don’t forget about all of the new creative food displays, too, like the Soft Pretzel one pictured in the article!

Click the link to get more ideas for your wedding!

Did you know that there is an “International Wedding Photographer of the Year Contest”? You do now! And just last month, they announced the winners. One photo in particular garnered a lot of intention: two grooms stand in the shadows, only half of their faces are lit, as bushes rise up behind them. It is a serene, breathtaking photo that won the Black and White category. You can thank Chris Glenn for snapping the stunning shot!

Click through the rest of the photos at the top of the page to see some truly unforgettable images!

Guess what? We are ending yet another article on the best theme possible: wedding cake! This article comes out of the UK, so it does not apply to us a whole lot, but in regards to weddings as a whole it could help you make decision-making a little easier!

The article digs into, well, the best supermarkets for you to buy your wedding cake if you don’t want to dish out hundreds of dollars for something you hardly get to eat. Typically going for around $400-$500 here in the states, over in the UK these cakes can all be purchased for less than 250 euros (about $283 USD).

For instance, traditional cakes can be found at Mark & Spencer for around 200 euros, while the Fiona Cairns (who created William and Kate’s cake) goods go for around the same. These cakes can serve upwards of 100 people. Mark & Spencer also offers the opportunity to build your own cake, including the cake itself, frosting, jams, etc. This can range from 5 to 50 euros, so that will really cut the cost!


There you have it! We hope everyone endures the cold and stays safe on the roads. Feel free to leave us a story of your own below! Catch you all next time!