By Scott Johnson

As any resident or visitor to the Pacific Northwest knows far too well, we get quite a lot of rain up here. While this in itself only really adds a little more wetness and misery to any task you need to do, when it comes to weddings it is a much bigger ordeal. Which is why between the months of October and March, there really aren’t too many great days to have outdoor weddings. Sometimes we get lucky, sometimes we don’t, but we have never had any rain ruin a day thus far (knock on wood). If you have been following our Favorites of 2018 Countdown, then you will probably guess the natural progression from Favorite Indoor Wedding Ceremonies is Favorite Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies. And with that, we can begin!

Spiziri Wedding

The Spiziri Wedding in September was not the sunniest day to begin with, but there was still just enough summer for the sun to burn away the clouds before showtime. The delectable Chateau Lill over in Woodinville provides ample locations for some seriously sweet shots. From the little vineyards cut across the estate to the massive white barn, and an almost Monet-like pond, the entire place feels more like someone uprooted a quaint Italian villa and plopped it just outside of Seattle.

The ceremony was held in a little clearing surrounded by towering trees, while white chairs were soon filled by loved ones and friends. Just through the trees you can see way off into the distance, making this wonderful venue feel even more secluded and personal. Once the officiant said those magic words, it was finally time for the Spiziris to officially become husband and wife.

Leslie Wedding

We loved getting to head up to Semiahmoo Resort for the Leslie wedding because of its perfect location looking out at the ocean, and just behind it the Canadian border. As picturesque as can be, the water lapped up onto the calm beaches while the gents were inside getting their virtual golf game on. Like the Spiziri Wedding just a week earlier, the ill-boding clouds of fall were certainly there early in the morning, but that would quickly change before the ceremony.

Out on the dock for both the first look and ceremony, the entire bay was just so serene. With plenty of romantic overlooks for us to plant the soon-to-be newlyweds, we were simply excited to see what the ceremony would look like out here. And boy, was it a beautiful occasion. With dozens of chairs and sprinkled flower petals, the bride and groom stood just over the water with their bridal parties looking exceptionally suave next to them. Though the wind picked up just a bit, we were happy to be blown away by the ceremony.

Grybos Wedding

With the exception of maybe about ten feet, getting married at Salty’s is almost entirely an indoor affair. But their absolutely perfect dock, that looks out across the Sound towards the towering Seattle skyline, makes it one of our most favorite locations to get wed in the city (and that’s not because our founder got married there). An early September wedding greeted us with some typical overcast, though we were able to get out before the clouds rolled in with the drone to catch some awesome footage of some blue skies.

The Grybos’ big day was such a blast. A lovely afternoon roaming around the docks and waterfront eventually led us back to the restaurant where the bride and groom met to be wed. With the clouds overhead, a certain calmness filled the bay that helped create such a wonderful vibe for the ceremony. Once all was said and done, we headed on inside until the late hours of the evening for some dancing, food and tons of celebration.

Burkenpas Wedding

Just a week earlier from our last wedding, we headed up to another familiar area: Lake Stevens. Though this ceremony was technically outdoor, the bride, groom and officiant were still under a little gazebo…so we will give them a pass since everyone else was basking in the summer sun. Take one look at the surrounding area, and you probably won’t have many complaints just like us. The Burkenpases headed out here for their fresh September wedding with the most optimum weather. Clear blue skies aside from a few patches of clouds allowed for the sun to shine bright down on this blessed day.

The bridesmaids rocked rich maroon dresses while the groomsmen sported slick looks with grey vests and matching maroon ties. The entire space where the ceremony was held was tastefully constructed. Lights string out from the middle of the gazebo in all different directions, making one wonder how magical a late-night wedding might look here.

Snow Wedding

One of the best things about golf courses is you can usually get married indoor or outdoor. A late August wedding almost guaranteed an outdoor ceremony, and we definitely were in luck when we showed up for the Snow wedding at Inglewood Golf Club up by Kenmore. Held in a clearing overlooking the course, right near the clubhouse, the ceremony was a lovely celebration of these two’s love. With a littering of trees, the fairways and fountains came together for a superb backdrop to the altar. The emotional groom is all you need to see to get an understanding of how wonderful the ceremony was: nothing but love.

VanNieuwenhuise Wedding

Daniel Day Lewis fans will recognize the Thornewood Castle over in Lakewood as the exterior to his mansion in There Will Be Blood. For the VanNieuwenhuises, it will forever be the place they wed and became husband and wife. The Tudor Gothic castle, slowly shipped from Europe to America, the 400 year old building is such a stunning sight. Day trips here are a must. But it’s the miraculous grounds that inspire such beauty. The stairs leading up to the fountain, lined by the bridal party with the bride and groom at the top, is something out of a wedding magazine.


That is it for this installment folks! We have two more coming your way, so be sure to check back in later. Did you get married outdoors? Have some photos to share? Leave them below!