by Scott Johnson

Leslie Wedding on 9/15/18 at The Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Wa

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“I wish all my vendors were a fraction as responsive as Reid was. At all hours of the day, he’d always write back within minutes! It was nice to feel heard and not be anxious about waiting days for a response. We were lucky enough to get a bit of a deal for his services after attending Weddings in Woodinville and really appreciated the fact that he was willing to include his 2-hour travel time to and from our venue in his overall package pricing.

Reid arrived early on our wedding day and didn’t waste a second getting to work. I really appreciated his attention to detail. He would stop a shot to fix my hair or someone’s posture. Having his second shooter there was a huge help. Reid was incredibly professional throughout this whole process and you can tell what a hard worker he is.”

The final weeks of wedding season here in the Pacific Northwest treated us to an awesome new venue! The Semiahmoo Resort features a number of our favorite things in a wedding venue. For one, it has a golf course, which already brings a sense of calmness to your big day. They can handle quite the sizable number of guests: upwards of 400 to be exact. All the chairs are provided, as is the majority of other accoutrements like linens, a full day of service, and a team of people to help make your day perfect. You can also opt for a bonfire—s’mores and all!

The Leslie wedding happened just a week before the change of seasons. Luckily for us, the sun was burning off the clouds by the time we were up and ready. The morning lurched by, with everyone getting ready to look their utmost best (check out the groom in a sharp navy suit). A break for some virtual golf and general relaxation helped ease any nerves for the big day. Once everyone was ready—it was time to go have that First Look.

Perched at the end of a wide dock that juts out into the Sound—and pretty much looks right over into Canada—our groom stood ready and waiting for his bride. Coming from behind, with some gray clouds dotting the sky, the Lindsey still shined radiantly even if it was a little overcast. They walked around the docks for a bit while we got some romantic shots of them, before returning to some cute little cutouts (constructed by the bride’s father) for staged shots. The rest of their friends and family came for group photos down by the water. The sun was really burning through the clouds now, lighting our way for hilarious photos. After everyone had great time laughing and horsing around, there was little else to do than, well, get married!

Meeting on yet another dock, this time they had already seen each other and were there for one thing and one thing only. Their vows came out in a series of choked words and sniffles, but those are the best kind of vows—they show the truest love. Flanked by groomsmen in gray and bridesmaids in pink, Brian and Lindsey at least could do what they had been waiting all day for: kissing to seal their union.

With a roar of applause they retreated down the aisle to go sip some celebratory bubbly and sign all the boring paperwork. Everyone else made their way to the reception hall where they had their own libations. Underneath the reception tent, family and friends filed in for the main celebration. Food and cake filled everyone’s bellies. So much so that they immediately start dancing it off.

As quick as lightning, it seemed, the sun had gone down and we were left with just the lights in the tent to show the way for those dancing. The night wore on with tons of dancing, photos and the sense of new beginnings.

Thank you again to Brian and Lindsey for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding. We hope your first two months have been grand!

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Venue – Semiahmoo Resort

Photographer – Amelia Soper photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Planner – Gather Events

Linens – BBJ Linen

Rentals – CORT Party RentalSweet Buffet LadyWander Event Rental

Bakery – DashofSalt

Florals – Erin Land

Bride / Bridesmaid Fashion – I Do BridalThe Wedding Bell

Catering – Semiahmoo Resort

Beauty – Jan Schumacher

DJ – Whatcom Sound

How did you guys meet?

We met online dating

Tell us about the proposal!

The proposal was at Kerry Park in downtown Seattle. We then went out to a private dinner at Canlis and I surprised her with all our friends waiting at a bar to congratulate us afterwards.

Why did you choose your venue?

It can hold all our guests, and a good place to have a weekend wedding. Very beautiful scenery.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Our Ceremony, Vows, etc.

Lindsey and Brian’s story in their own words:


We were both looking for each other for a long time and had both given up some hope of finding our forever love. Luckily fate (and the internet) brought us together and our story began over fish cocktails and failed attempts at parking elusion. It didn’t take long for both of us to realize that this was the real deal and that everything just made sense when we (and Bella!) were together. Despite having food poisoning, Brian confessed his love on a weekend getaway to Leavenworth filled with matching onesie pajamas and hilarious snowmobiling adventures. We have since shared unforgettable memories, a ton of laughter and more love for each other than either ever thought possible. We are SO grateful to have found our counterparts and could not be more excited to share our eternal commitment to one another surrounded by all of you. Thank you for supporting us throughout our individual (not-so-pretty) journeys leading up to this point and for cheering us on as we begin this happy chapter together! Let’s CELEBRATE!



man of honor

“What’s a Man of Honor?” you might ask. To that I answer, “Have you not seen the movie with Patrick Dempsey?” But seriously, let me answer a few questions for you: yes, I have a Man of Honor. Yes, he will be standing on my side of the altar. No, he will not be wearing a dress (though I think he secretly wants to!). He’s my brother-from-another-mother, though my mom quasi-adopted him and he calls her mom too, so even closer than that! Our friendship began back in high school when I’d always give him a hard time for his curly locks and daily beanie and somehow grew stronger as I went to college and he went into the Navy (forced to cut that hair – yes!). Somewhere along our journey of hours-long phone calls, shared hopeless romanticism, salsa dancing, insane laughter, sad tears, dating advice, and his ability to bring out the weirdest in me, he became my ‘bestest’ friend. He’s also my harshest critic, especially when it comes to my dating life, so it meant the world that he loved and accepted Brian almost immediately and now loves to say, “don’t ruin this for me!”  I can think of no one better to be standing next to me and am so grateful for the friendship and support he’s given me all these years.


best man

My older brother Patrick is a great friend and confidant, always willing to share advice and his experiences with me; for that I am extremely grateful. I have fond memories of wonderful summer vacations as kids in Oregon, playing golf and riding bikes in Sunriver. Camping at Banks Lake, visiting family on the East Coast and in California.  As adults we had lots of fun when I would visit him at Central, on hikes together, enjoying good meals and great wine. I also treasure the time we went to the Cayman Islands together and am so glad we made it back alive after all of Patrick’s driving on the other side of the road. Patrick has been so welcoming to Lindsey and I am very thankful and honored that he has agreed to be my Best Man.



I am so grateful this woman came into my life! I honestly believe my life would be so different if she hadn’t agreed to be my roommate freshman year of college. I’m pretty sure I would still be super shy with zero girl friends if it weren’t for her magnetic likeability bringing others into my fold that year. I will always have such fond memories of our “FRIENDS” dates, her lumpy pillow, our sweet dance moves, our awesome road trip from San Diego, and so much laughter – you just can’t help but be in a good mood around this gal. It was so validating when she told me how much she loved Brian after meeting him for the first time (I think she loves him more than me now!), and she’s been my rock throughout this planning process. Her friendship means the world to me and I’m so happy she’ll be sharing our special day with us!



I’ve never met someone as sassyingly-sweet as Kelly G! You can always count on her to tell you like it is, and can honestly count on her for anything at all. Though I’m pretty positive she loves animals way more than she loves humans, I’m so grateful I made the cut. 🙂 Kelly and I went to the same high school, but didn’t become friends until college (thanks to Michelle, of course). I was lucky enough to live with her for my last two years at WSU, where we shared tons of fun shenanigans with our neighbors, forced game nights (we all loved them and she hated them), and an unforgettable sleepless/delirious 12-hour road trip to Coeur d’Alene the week of winter finals (always a good idea). Whether it’s guy advice, animal care advice, or anything in-between, I can always count on her to have the right and honest answer. Brian and I love spending time with her and her boyfriend (also Brian – never confusing) and look forward to many more years of fun and friendship together!



I met Brittany at my first job out of college. She was so sweet and likeable, and with all the bonding experiences at that job, it was hard not be become fast friends! She’s always been the best at making sure our group gets together on a regular basis, which I’m so thankful for. I’ve treasured our Bachelor/Bachelorette nights through the years, the trip we took down to Corvallis (I’ll never forget The Peacock!), and now the nights I get to look forward to our murder mystery boxes! I loved getting to experience her relationship with Dave grow and was honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding a few years ago. They were always so welcoming to me and invested in my dating life.  I’m so glad she’ll now be in our wedding and we can continue our friendship with our growing families!



I also met Ami at my first job out of college. Actually, I met her while LOOKING for that job! I was at a tradeshow and she was the first person who looked friendly and un-intimidating. It turns out her company was hiring – it’s crazy to think she was there at the tipping point of the start of my career. Her loyalty is unwavering (as seen by the fact that she’s still with that company), her sense of humor always weirdly enjoyable, and her home-making talents enviable. I too was a bridesmaid in her wedding and honored that she’ll be one in ours – especially since she will have just had a baby about a month prior! I can’t wait to watch her family continue to grow and have her teach me all the tricks of motherhood and photo-worthy cupcake baking.



Andrew and I have known each other since 1st grade and have been friends ever since. Growing up together we spent many nights playing Super Nintendo in his parent’s playroom, countless hours jumping on the trampoline, became masters at the art of professional wrestling and practiced for years to become professional roller-bladers (we are going Pro any day now). As adults we have shared a love of the Snoqualmie River, Red Dwarf, Rainier Beer, and lady Northwest! We have always kept in touch no matter the distance and maintained a wonderful friendship over the past 25 years. Andrew’s wife Shay is also a great friend of mine and am so lucky to have them both in my life. I was a groomsman in Andrew’s wedding and am so glad he has agreed to take part in our wedding.



Dara and I met in 6th grade – we actually competed against each other in wrestling (our weight class at the time was 78lbs!) We became friends then but became very close in High School and have remained so ever since. Dara is a person I lean on for advice and insights in all matters. He is always willing to offer his help and give me honest feedback (whether I want to hear the truth or not) which I truly appreciate. I am so honored to be godfather to his daughter Sloan; I truly adore his family and wife Leah, who has also become a great friend of mine.  Dara and I have gone on many vacations to Vancouver BC and share a love of great meals spread out over many hours. I am honored that he will be a groomsman in our wedding and am so thankful to have him as my brother and friend.



Nick Patty and I have been friends for over 29 years; we attended Eastside Christian School for preschool.  Growing up we spent many hours watching professional wrestling of the early 90’s together, terrorizing Play Space and his mom driving us around in the “Patty Wagon”. Nick’s family has always referred to me as Brian the Lion, which was a tribute to a bike I rode that had training wheels on it. In middle school and high school we hung out after school together on a daily basis. Nick would vacation with my family as kids, playing golf and spending time biking and adventuring in Oregon. I have always enjoyed Nick’s incredible sense of humor, his calm demeanor and fun spirit. Whenever I get to spend time with Nick these days I am so thankful for the experiences and laughs we share. So grateful to have Nick’s friendship and for him to be a groomsman in our wedding.



Ryan was the first friend I ever had, we met before I turned 3 years old. Growing up his family lived 100 yards away and we spent vast amounts of our time together building forts and running around in the wooded area that was between our homes. As kids I fondly remember the Lego towns we would build in his family’s playroom. Ryan and I played many sports together, most notably competing in wrestling. As adults we have always remained very close friends speaking on the phone at least weekly. Ryan is the most loyal person I know, willing to help out any of his friends no matter the time or place. I have always admired his charming nature and ability to make a new friend or strike up a conversation in any environment. I am honored to have become friends with his wife Kaytlyn and to have been a groomsman in their wedding. Ryan’s suggestion that I attempt to participate in online dating led to me meeting Lindsey and he has been so welcoming and kind to her from the very beginning. I am so thrilled he will be a part of our special day!


mother of the bride

My mother has ALWAYS been there for me. Even if I’m on the other side of the globe, she’s always told me that if I ever needed a ride home, she’d fly there to drive me, and she meant it. I’m not sure there’s a mother out there who has ever loved her children more. She was the reading time mom in kindergarten, the snack mom every year I was ever in school, the room mom, the chaperone for every trip, and still the type of mom who will drive an hour out of her way just to drop off soup when I’m sick. I love her and appreciate her more than I can ever express. I don’t know how I would have survived without having her to call time after time crying over the latest disaster date or terrible breakup. Thanks for keeping me sane, Mom, and for continually reminding me what to hold out for. I’m so excited to share this joyous day with you. He was well worth the wait!


father of the bride

I have so much to thank my dad for. He’s worked so hard for our family my whole life, and even in retirement is still working hard! He set the standard early on that it was never an option to slack off, to be loyal, to be honest, and to do the right thing. I’m so thankful to have grown up with these values. I love how he didn’t want to have a little girl because he didn’t know what to do with her, but I fondly remember how he’d dry my hair, give me a horsey-back ride, or let me sit on his lap (I still do that sometimes). As much as my mom has been dying for me to find my mate, I think he’s secretly wanted it just as badly. Thanks, Dad for always supporting me through the tough times and seeing it through to walk me down the aisle!


mother of the groom

My mother has been such a wonderful part of my life, she has truly shaped me to be the person that I am today. We have always had a very close bond and I am so lucky to have her presence in my life. Mom you have always made sure I didn’t let the little things in life slip through the cracks. I am inspired and proud of all the time and effort you donate to people in need, specifically your service to the food bank and the after school program for children in Tucson, and the animal shelter in King County. Thank you for always being willing to talk about anything that may come up in life; it is so comforting to have your wisdom at my disposal. Thank you for welcoming Lindsey into our family, she and I both love you very much!


father of the groom

Thank you Dad for leading by example and always being a strong presence in my life. Some of my fondest memories growing up with you is learning to play baseball in the front yard, our downstairs sleepovers and our trips to Orcas Island. I owe you a million times over for all the effort and time you have put in to provide a great life for our family. Thank you for encouraging me to finish college and still supporting me when I decided to be a surf bum in San Diego for a few years :). I have always felt a sense of comfort in my life knowing sound advice, your love and support were always only a phone call away. Thank you for just being the person that you are Dad, I love you.


ring bearer

Lindsey’s 6-year-old nephew Tanner (son of brother Jeff and sister-in-law Jessica) has coined his duty “Prince Boy”. He’s also the one to thank for her nick-name, “Zee”, as he couldn’t say “Lindsey” as a baby. This child is full of light and so much sweetness – one hug from him and your heart will melt. We can only imagine his ninja-dance moves getting the party started!


flower girl

Watch out for this one – Lindsey’s gorgeous 4-year-old niece will steal your heart with one bat of her luscious lashes and then make you work for her love! She is beyond adorable and it’s so fun to watch her go from playing girly-girl dress-up games to rough-and-tumbling in the dirt with her brother Tanner. Let’s just hope she keeps her flower girl dress clean long enough to get down the aisle. 😉



Lindsey is so grateful for one of her longest-standing friendships with this guy. Travis has a heart of gold and has been such a wonderful confidant through the years. We have created a wonderful couples friendship with him and his wife, Annie, bonding over the campfire, our love of the outdoors, dogs, and guitar. When it came time to pick our officiant, we decided that having a friend marry us would be much more meaningful than a stranger. It was a light-bulb moment when we thought of Travis for the job – we’re sure his mixture of romanticism and humor will be the perfect fit to guide our ceremony along and are so glad he’s up to the task!