by Scott Johnson

Wangopian Wedding on 9/1/18 at Country N Lace in Toldeo, Wa

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You may not have realized it, but you’ve probably driven through Toledo if you’re on your way down to Portland. Nestled along I5, south of Olympia as you’re approaching Vancouver, this charming city barely boasts a population of 1,000 but it certainly packs a pretty punch. Especially if you get down to the country roots of the area, which is exactly what we did.

A venue such as Country N Lace should tell you everything you need to know just by the name itself. This wonderful rustic venue offers four areas for you to get married, a 50-acre estate, and nary a noise for miles. They also provide all the decorating, tables and set up for the entire event–all you have to do is bring the caterer!

If the name Wangopian sounds like something you’ve never heard before–that’s because you’re absolutely right. David Hagopian and Krystal Wang decided to combine their names, as they have seemingly the perfect names for it. So we met for the wedding of the Wangopians bright an early on the first day of September.

Our day got started out with some pool and ping pong, to take the edge off of things, as well as the typical hair and makeup. After everyone was looking dapper in their vests and salmon shirts (yes, you saw that right, even the dog got dressed up), it was time for a few beers.

As David stood looking out across the grounds, waiting for Krystal to approach from behind for the first look, the clouds were just beginning to break. Sharing a kiss (or a couple) the two posed on the stairs of the farmhouse before we headed off to more secluded areas for some privacy. Getting even more romantic in front of the barn and in the forest, we even got them to pet the horses! After making our way around the entire area, it was time for these two to get married!

Like something you’d envision while reading a romance novel, the bride and groom met in a little clearing in the woods for their wedding. Flanked by bridesmaids in jean jackets and cowboy boots, and groomsmen in tan vests and pink shirts, this was such a fun ceremony that really blended well with its venue! With a kiss, the two officially became husband and wife, new name and all.

An already stellar day bled over into an even more exciting reception. WIth a first dance that puts many to shame, Krystal and David sure got the party started by throwing down some incredible dance moves. Soon enough, everyone else was trying their best to keep up.

Not too long before the sun crept behind the hills in the distance, we went outside and got some shots of the newlyweds running in the fields. It was breathtaking to say the least, and the perfect punctuation to a spectacular wedding.

Thank you again to Krystal and David for choosing Best Made Videos® to film your wedding! We hope you first two months of marriage are going great! As usual, if you have a question or comment leave it below!

Venue – Country N Lace

Photographer – Courtney Bowlden Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

DJ – Encore Northwest

Caterer – The Crowded Kitchen

Flowers/Decor – Country N Lace