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by Scott Johnson

Wilson Wedding on 8/18/18 at Radar Lake in Woodinville, Wa

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Song Freedom –

“Best Made Videos did an amazing job of catching all the important parts of our day. The footage looks so professional and they were really quick to provide clips and edit the final video. I also really enjoy the shout outs and footage they show on IG and social media so frequently, it shows they really card about and connect with clients/friends. The final highlight video was exactly what we were looking for, and I would recommend Best Made Videos to anyone out there in need, wedding or not!  Exceptional job Reid and team! Book soon!!!”

You’d think here in the Pacific Northwest that there’d be tons of lakes for all your water-sports needs. Alas, back in the 70s, it was decided there wasn’t. So a guy by the name of Herb O’Brien decided to turn a plot of land into a manmade lake up by Woodinville. We all know it now by the name Radar Lake (it was bought out by Radar Electric only a few years after, thereby getting its name), but many probably don’t know the true story behind it!

Bride and groom Mike and Mallory opted for our drone package, so it was awesome being able to get to the lake and shoot some footage from high above. Typically we’ve gotten to look at the city from the waterfront, but never have we really gotten to go this far out into nature with our drones. With plenty of space, little hideaways enclosed by trunks and dazzling views of the sun streaking in through the towering trees, it felt almost like a fairytale.

Once the bride and groom had their first look, the rest of the crew came out and we galavanted all throughout the fields and docks. The bridal party was in high spirits as we had them pose, laugh and smile around the area. The lake might be manmade, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful, especially with the natural serenity of everything else.

Soon enough it was time for the ceremony. With stringed lights covering the trees, draping down over their heads, Mike and Mallory met at the altar. As the officiant delivered a heartfelt speech about the little moments, and how love is different for everyone, the excitement for their new journey in life was palpable. Mike and Mallory both delivered some touching vows themselves; it’s certainly tough to not get swept up in them! And then he declared them husband and wife with a quote from Dumbledore!

There was some paperwork to do, while everyone waited patiently for pizza made right there at the wedding. After everyone had their pie, it was time for the cake! Some cuteness during the cake-cutting definitely inspires some smiles and then they hopped on the dance floor for their first dance.

After the sun went down, the lights came on and the party was only just getting started. Luckily, before it was too dark, we were able to go out with the newlyweds to snap some more shots of them at twilight. I know it’s already been said, but this place was really simply magical. Dancing and general silliness kept the night going. Check the dance moves for some inspiration for your next wedding! Soon enough, it was too late to keep the party going and time for the bride and groom to begin their new lives together as husband and wife.

Thank you again to Mike and Mallory for choosing Best Made Videos®! We had a blast up and we hope you have had a wonderful first month of marriage. Now comes the time where I once again ask for any suggestions or recommendations for our next article! So leave any ideas below!

Venue – Radar Lake

Photographer – Kyle Lim

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – DJ Frisky Fingers

Caterer – Slide Thru Food Truck and Fire Dog Pizza

Florist – Down to Earth Florist

Invitations – Evolution Press

Invite Design – HausDivided

Rentals – CORT Party Rentals and Luxury Restroom Trailers

Cake – BAKED.

Hair – Kristin Shea

MUA – Bethany Yackel Beauty

Tux – Tuxedo Club

Drone – Aaron Castillo

Mike and Mallory’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We met at a pot shop in SODO, down the street from my job at the time – Mike was managing the shop and watched me come in via the camera in the back office and rushed out to help me every single time for a year straight before approaching me. It wasn’t until I started working there to make some extra money over the summer that he finally asked me to hang out.

Tell us about the proposal!

Proposal was done in the exact same spot we’re doing the ceremony.  He asked me to go for a walk to smoke a joint as soon as it was dusk. When we approached a particular cluster of trees, the lights came on and we were surrounded by a ton of white Christmas lights as he got down on one knee and said “You know I love you more than anything, will you spend forever with me?”  This was August 26, 2017.

Why did you choose your venue?

His aunt’s home, private lake built by his uncle Herb O’Brien who passed a few years ago. He is the founder of O’Brien Waterskis, this is a lake built specifically for his family and the pros to practice, as well as to host dealer days for water sport companies all over the nation.  It’s a beautiful spot, local, private and a perfect way to have Herb spend it by our side. We also loved the fact that we could have the wedding in a place that is close to our hearts and in the same exact location as the unforgettable proposal. This is a truly heartfelt place, and his aunt will not be able to reside here forever.  We are so incredibly lucky to be able to share this special place.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Vows that I’m sure we’ll be blacked out for, and walking back down the aisle together as one.  Dancing and seeing our guests have a great time, and a drone shot of the beautiful 120 acre spot are also a must.

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By Scott Johnson

You might be thinking: wow, there sure is a lot of weird wedding news recently. And you’re right, there has been. Like we said last week: the season is almost over (at least here in the PNW), which means that everyone’s trying to get their weddings done before the rain and dreary fall weather comes back. After that, it’s all chilly days and indoor weddings, which still occur almost every weekend.

Before you get sad that this is the last Bizarre Wedding News— you need not worry because we’ve still got plenty of awesome articles coming your way. You really think we’d ever run out of wedding stories? Of course not! But that doesn’t mean we still don’t ask for them! Let’s get to it:

The first story is a bit of a downer, so we’ll just get it out of the way—and it’s one that definitely feel relatable to us!

A few weeks ago, the camera bags of a videographer were stolen out of his car. Now, we typically have multiple backups of the footage we shoot (you can check out all of the information about our data preservation here, but alas he had not quite gotten to that yet. The bag contained not one, but two sets of memory cards for two separate weddings. So, aside from whatever was taken by guests and family, and also the hired photographers, the two sets of newlyweds really don’t have much videos or photos to look back on. It’s everybody’s worse nightmare in potentially losing their wedding day footage and photos, whether it be to a fire or accident. But to have someone steal it makes it feel even worse.

Upset, but feeling determined, the two brides in question are now working together to get back their footage. They’ve put out a call for the thief to simply send back their footage, “no questions asked.” And they’re offering up to $2,000 for their precious memories, which really doesn’t seem like too steep of a price. Hopefully that thief hears their pleas (or reads this article) and decides to make at least one good decision. We wish them the best of luck!

With so many Hollywood marriages never lasting quite as long as they should, it always makes us happy to see celebrity couples celebrating anniversaries. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. celebrated their sixteenth anniversary just a few weeks ago, and to commemorate such a wonderful occasion she posted a couple adorable photos and captions to Instagram.

One photo and caption in particular got a lot of attention in which Gellar compares marriage to a deck of cards, saying that at first all that’s needed is “two hearts and a diamond,” but then later on you wish for a “club and a spade.” It was super cheeky and completely hilarious, especially if you’re lucky to have been married for that long. Here’s to the both of them!

While we’re at it, one of the funniest (and charming) couples in Hollywood also just celebrated their anniversary (sixth, to be exact) and it’s none other than Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds!

No stranger to laying out utterly relentless pokes and jabs on the internet (just recently, Reynolds called out dear-old Paddington bear!), he posted a photo of a truck with Aviation Gin advertisements on it. As he is the owner of the company, his face was plastered along the side. He also included a joking caption about how misleading the tagline is. Alas, Blake Lively was quick to make a quip, suggesting that she should be driving the big truck and that this was just all so “subtle, gorgeous, and OHMYGAWDYOUREHUGE.”

Needless to say, they’re pretty freaking rad together and we cannot wait to see what they do next year.

Imagine you’ve been married for thirty six years, only to find out you were never “officially” married at all?

This just happened to one Hawaiian couple, Randy and Leigh Mitchell, who had originally held their wedding back in February of ’82. Two years ago they came to learn that their documents had never actually been filed. The unfortunate discovery came when Leigh tried to renew her license, and the document was rejected. Upon contacting the courthouse, they found there was no such record.

Their daughter, a lawyer, suggested they get to fixing the mistake, even though they were perfectly content living as if they still were married, even if a piece of paper that said they did wasn’t actually real. Living the Island life, they weren’t in a rush, but ended up retying the knot just a few weeks ago. How upset would you be if this happened to you?

Reality Dating show fans rejoice! Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham have just revealed their wedding invitations, and boy are they something! With the official ceremony happening on January 12, there’s still a few months to go. It’s been a few months since they announced the date and venue (it’s going to be held at Haiku Mill on the island of Maui), but it appears they are moving closer and closer to those two magical words that fans have been clamoring for ever since their season together!

For those of you who don’t remember, Arie had initially given the final rose to Becca Kufrin, only to break up with her on live-TV, and then immediately after proposed to Lauren on “After the Final Rose.” Controversial and salacious? Sure, but that’s reality television for you!


And there you have it for another riveting and informative issue of Bizarre Wedding News! Check back next week for even more wild and crazy news from around the wonderful world of weddings. If you’ve ever read this far before, then you know this is where we ask for your own suggestions! So send them our way and we’ll never run out of stories! See you all next week!

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by Scott Johnson

Jackson Wedding on 8/18/18 at Faberfarm in Mount Vernon, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

“I’ve been thinking about what I could say about how amazing Reid is at capturing one of the most incredible moments of my life. So I figured the best way would be to start at the beginning….I met Reid through a friend a few years ago and it’s been great seeing his business grow into what it is today. Fate would have it when he walked in the bridal suite of my Maid of Honor’s wedding in 2015 – capturing the beginning of my love story with my future husband as we both caught the bouquet and garter! Three years later, Reid was the first person I called when Paul and I had discussed our future plans to get married. I asked Reid for wedding advice and recommendations. It was really important to me that the wedding be fun for our guests and still have the vision that Paul & I wanted. I can’t thank Reid enough for everything he’s done and how wonderful our wedding video is. If you want someone who has a passion for capturing this moment and making it that much more incredible, hire Reid. You won’t regret it!”

We love getting the chance to head up to Mount Vernon, which to East Coasters might sound like we’re heading to George Washington’s house, but in reality it’s a great little town just about an hour north of Seattle. A few weeks ago we went to Faberfarm for the Jackson wedding. This wonderful venue can host up to 150 people and features both indoor and outdoor venues in case rain should be a problem. There’s also the added benefit of being able to get locally sourced fruits, veggies and flowers from not only Faberfarm, but the surrounding farms as well!

With the ugly August smoke pretty much cleared out, we were greeted with a delightfully overcast day that blocked out a lot of the August heat. It’s awesome getting out of the city, especially to somewhere like this that feels so peaceful and natural.

With some mist rolling in at sunrise, it set the scene for a beautiful day. The ladies got ready out on the porch while the guys brought out the big guns (in the form of steamers) to get ready. After some celebratory drinking (or perhaps more for fortification) it was time to head out for the First Look.

Posing in front of the barns, farmhouse and around the grounds, Ally and Paul were wonderfully happy sneaking kisses and secret conversations. Soon enough, the rest of the group joined in. The boys brought the laughs with hilarious poses and the girls brought the excitement with their loud cheers. Once all the shots were taken, it was time to head over to the clearing for the ceremony.

Surrounded by their friends and family, and following a wonderful ceremony with vows that everyone should listen to, Ally and Paul finally had permission to kiss and become husband and wife. And so they did. Walking back down the aisle together, their new life was only beginning!

With family photos to follow, it was a joyous time for everyone. The rest of the group headed off for snacks and drinks while all the boring paperwork was done. We also got some shots of the newlyweds performing their first dance out in the field with the altar they just wed at behind them. The reception followed with delicious food and cake. Lights strung across the wooden ceiling illuminated the dance floor while everyone started grooving. With the sun slowly going down, more and more lights came on to light the way for the party to keep shaking their booties. Eventually, once everyone had enough dancing and celebrating, they sent off the newlyweds with a barrage of bubbles, though these were ones that were ok to burst.

Congrats again to Ally and Paul, and thank you for choosing Best Made Videos® to film your big day! Happy one month anniversary as well! If you have any suggestions for articles, please comment them below!

P.S. Stay to the end of the video for a hilarious flashback from a previous wedding we filmed in which Ally caught the bouquet and Paul caught the garter. I guess some traditions really do pay off!

Planning & Coordination – HB Weddings & Events

Venue – Faber Farm

Photography – Sarah Harris Photography

Videography – Best Made Videos

Florals – En Fleur Floral Design

MUA – Megan Y Makeup

Dress – Essence of Australia

Groom’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Invitations – Minted

Favors – Air Plant Supply Co

Cake – Emerald City Cakes & Chocolates

Ally and Paul’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Paul & I met on I sent him a “wink,” which let Paul know I was interested. And then we sent a couple emails and set up a date at the Urban Coffee Lounge in Juanita area. It was too busy inside, so we went to the Starbucks across the street and then had Mexican food for lunch – which is our favorite food to get together.

Tell us about the proposal!

It was the night before Thanksgiving and I was meeting Paul and his friend from out of town, for dinner at Bin on the Lake at Carillon Point in Kirkland. When I arrived, Paul’s friend was waiting for me at the bar and lead me to the table we were supposed to be sitting at. As I rounded the corner, there were dozens of white roses, candles and a mini isle that lead me to where Paul was standing. After he proposed, I was surprised that my Maid of Honor was there capturing the moment and had helped Paul with the decorating. I was so surprised. There was table set up for the two of us and after dinner the restaurant surprised us with a complimentary dessert that they had spelled out “Happy Engagement!” in chocolate syrup. It was a really sweet moment that I will remember forever!

Why did you choose your venue?

I was looking for a venue that had a modern/vintage/romantic feel. I was imagining a barn but it needed to be clean and white. Not rustic. I found stages photos of the venue on instagram and I knew instantly it was the place that I wanted to marry Paul.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The funny moments that you don’t realize are happening around you since there is so much going on. That is what I loved about Emily & Sean’s video.

Also, the ceremony and dancing at the reception

Anything else?

Nope! Can’t wait!! 🙂

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by Scott Johnson

Shubha and Mike’s Wedding on 8/5/18 at The Fremont Foundry in Seattle, Wa

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Song Freedom –

“Thanks so much for sharing these links. We are really enjoying reliving the day!”

Fremont is one of Seattle’s lesser discussed neighborhoods, especially when you consider the amount of sights to see. With the Fremont Troll, the Theo Chocolate Factory, the Solstice Parade, and then there’s also Gasworks Park not too far away, it’s no wonder 10 Things I Hate About You was partially filmed around here!

More important than these sights, however, is the Fremont Foundry—which is exactly why we found ourselves in the neighborhood just a few weeks ago. Originally a studio for flourishing artists in the 80s, it has now been transformed into more of an event space—especially for weddings. With multiple options for the ceremony, plenty of space, and awesome views, this is a great little venue.

For Shubha and Mike’s big day, we got a bright and early August start. There were plenty of laughs, good times and touching moments between Shubha and her mom as they got her ready for the big day. Before you could blink, both the bride and groom were all ready to meet up for their first look!

In a little courtyard, Mike stood ready and eager. From behind, Shubha tapped Mike on the shoulder. As he turned to greet her, a brilliant smile blossomed on his face as he saw his bride to be. Showing off his own attire, he got some pretty happy looks from his future wife. They exchanged heartwarming letters before we started putting them through all the poses we had in store for them.

Their reds and maroons showed up beautifully against the green and grays of the area. The two looked especially happy just walking around. It wasn’t too long before the rest of the family joined in for a few shots.

Soon, after their friends and family had signed the guest book, everyone made their way to the rooftop ceremony that looked out at the Aurora Bridge and around the rest of the neighborhood. Turning almost the shade of his attire, Mike beamed with excitement as his bride approached him from down the aisle.

With a series of touching vows, some stories, and a fable, the whole ceremony was just delightful. But nothing is more delightful than hearing “you can seal this declaration with a kiss,” and then seeing the union of man and wife become truly official.

If you thought everything else was already spectacular, the rest of the day proved even better. After the ceremony, they switched into a little more formal attire and posed for some photos around the area before heading back to the reception. With everyone on the rooftop underneath beautiful golden hour skies, the celebration felt just magical, especially their first dance.

The rest of the evening went by in such a blur that before you knew it the sun had crept behind the mountains and the lights switched on to illuminate the dance floor. That is, until the night had to come to an end.

Congrats again to Mike and Shubha! We hope your first month as a married couple has gone as fantastically as your wedding!

You know the drill, questions and comments go below!

Ceremony/Reception – Fremont Foundry Events

Photographer – JHui Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Music – DJ Sean from Seattle Parties

HMUA – Off White Hair & Makeup

Caterer- Foodz Catering

Coordinator – Davi Sobatta from Foodz Catering

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by Scott Johnson

Photo Credit – Stephanie Norman

Wait, is it really time for another Bizarre Wedding News? You bet your bottom it is! With Fall just around the corner, we’ve got loads of stories coming from the end of wedding season. Don’t worry, most of these are all pretty funny; there are some broken bones involved (which is rather new for us) and a few are just wonderful! So let’s get down to it!

We’ll start with the most intense one, just to get it out of the way. A few weeks ago in Boulder, Colorado, before a wedding ceremony up on Flagstaff Mountain, soon-to-be-newlyweds and their bridal party were riding a trolley-style bus. When, out of nowhere, it burst into flames and soon pretty much engulfed the entire vehicle. Luckily, everyone got out ok, as did the flowers. But perhaps the most crucial part of any wedding didn’t: the rings.

With the vehicle pretty much burned to oblivion, there wasn’t much hope that the rings would be found. Thankfully, some firefighters thought they’d give it another shot.

Lo and behold, they found they were mostly intact, buried under four feet of debris, with just some polishing needed to bring back near their original state. The firemen later showed up at the reception to present the rings to the newlyweds. Now that is a great ending!

Second in terms of “most intense,” for this week involves not one, but two broken feet. Now, there’s about a dozen and a half jokes to make here about “breaking a leg,” or “wow, she must’ve really been a runaway bride,” but the actual story is a little more silly than you’d expect. Bride Lyndsey Henderson has a certain affinity for the B*Witched song, ‘C’est la Vie,’ which everyone should have surely heard by now, since it’s twenty years old.

So loves it so much that she had learned the moves to dance at her first wedding reception the week prior, only to reprise the bit for her second reception the following week. The first time, it appears, was a rousing success. The second time…well…she jumped and landed on the sides of her feet, breaking three bones in her left foot and a hairline fracture in her right. It took her two days to realize the extent of the damage, but now she is fully on her way to recovery!

This next story comes to us all the way from down in South Africa, and it’s been blowing up the internet since it first came out at the end of August. You might remember that a few weeks ago we wrote about a moose crashing a wedding up in Alaska. Here in Washington there isn’t too much that could surprise you in terms of wildlife coming out of the trees. But for one lucky couple, they were greeted by a freaking GIRAFFE.

Tristan and Luke Karshagen had just wed at the Areena Riverside Resort when they were posing for photos in a wooded area. All of a sudden, Abby (that’s the giraffe) popped her head through to say high. Initially worried that she might be potentially dangerous, photographer Stephanie Norman was able to capture what is an iconic photo that people will surely strive to imitate. Stephanie reported to the local media “I was taking photos in an avenue of trees when suddenly this huge giraffe popped its head over the trees. Everybody was nervous and the bridesmaids hid in the bush, but he just loped calmly towards us and stood there and watched us. He just seemed inquisitive. Then he went to the bridesmaids, drooled on one of them and tried to get at their rose bouquets.” See it for yourself, but don’t get your hopes up in trying to recreate it!

Fortnite has taken the world by storm. I find it absolutely ridiculous that I’m even writing the word “Fortnite” for our website, but that’s what 2018 has come to. So much so, that the infamous “flossing” dance has seeped its way into just about every facet of pop culture. Now, it has made it’s arrival at weddings…in the form of a little eight-year-old who stole the spotlight from his parents who had just gotten married, and it took them days to realize it!

During the cake cutting, Stacey and Brian did what they were supposed to do. Stood, smiled, cut the cake, but what they couldn’t understand is why everybody was so amused and laughing. Well, turns out their young son Jay had been doing the dance behind them the entire time, much to the amusement of literally everyone in the room…except his parents…who had no idea whatsoever.

Jay then spent the rest of the wedding teaching everyone the slick dance moves. Which I’d have to say is pretty darn impressive for someone so young.

Our final story comes out of England, and it’s more about weddings in general. New research has revealed that many Brits choose not to follow age-old traditions for weddings anymore, instead opting for more unique and personalized ceremonies. According to the article, many are choosing not to get his-her rings, share their surnames, or even have bridal parties. It was found that an estimated 30% of Brits truly care about these traditions. It goes deeper into more traditions like asking the father for permission, having the father walk the bride down the aisle, getting married in churches, and more.

But this isn’t really entirely surprising. Times and traditions change. We see it with every wedding we go to. Some traditions need to die for new ones to take their place, though there will always be those who stick to centuries-old traditions to get married. Read the article to find out what else is fading into history!


And there you have it: another week of Bizarre Wedding News! We hope you enjoyed it, and as always: if you ever find any strange stories out there….send them our way!

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Culpepper Wedding on 8/4/18 at McCaw Hall / MoPOP in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

Anybody who has ever been to visit the Space Needle has surely at least seen McCaw Hall. Home to both the Seattle Opera and the Pacific Northwest Ballet, it is a classy venue for anything stage or theatrical, heck we even saw Conan O’Brien there once. But you probably would have never guessed it (nor did we) but you can even rent it out to host your own events—yes, that means your wedding.

The Culpeppers knew this, unlike a lot of other people, and boy did they pick an awesome place to hold their wedding. With a variety of rooms and areas to choose from, you can have your own “gala” of a wedding here and have their top of the line catering service dish you up some excellent food as well.

We were blessed with tons of sun at the beginning of the month, despite it being so flipping hot, so it was a wonderful August day for our soon-to-be-newlyweds. Stephen and Allyson got their morning started getting ready in McCaw Hall’s “press boxes” with their bridal parties. You could probably guess that the champagne and bubbly was flowing from the crack of dawn, but the spirits were already high regardless.

Once they were looking sharp and lovely, the bride and groom made their way outside…blindfolded…for their adorable first look near the iconic fountain. Getting a little silly feeling out for each other blindly, they couldn’t hardly contain themselves. Stripping off their shades, Steven turned to great his bride with such excitement you could almost taste it, though she almost immediately started to cry.

You can easily tell that these two are meant for each other. Their first look was just so sweet and fun to watch them walk around together and get even more silly. After everyone else joined in for photos it was time for the moment everyone was waiting for: the wedding itself!

In the gorgeous event space inside McCaw Hall, the two met at an altar surrounding by natural light and all whom they love. Though, it’s hard not to mention the groom’s entrance which, well, it takes the cake. Watch and you’ll understand.

With a series of funny, touching, and seriously sweet toasts and vows, you could tell these two were just ready for it to be over with and to be married! Well, after the officiant told them to, they kissed and boy were they married!

Heading over to MoPOP for their “La La Land” themed reception, these two really knew how to party. Rocking it out to their first dance, which looked like they had been practicing for since they had met (over 10 years ago…), it was enough to get everyone else into high gear for a roaring good time. With silly photos playing above of their illustrious pasts, the newlyweds seldom left each other’s sights as they laughed, giggled and had an all around marvelous time at their spectacular wedding.

Congrats again to Allyson and Stephen, and thank you for choosing Best Made Videos® to film your big day! It was a blast!

Comments? Questions? Go ahead and leave them below!

Venue – McCaw Hall / Museum of Pop Culture

Coordination – New Creations Wedding Design and Coordination

Photography – Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry

Videography – Best Made Videos

DJ – Bamboo Beats DJ

Florist – Diamond Events and Floral

MUA – Erin Skipley

Allyson and Stephen’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

In high school through mutual friends—we went to different schools!

Tell us about the proposal!

It was our 10-year anniversary (Oct. 1) since we first started dating in high school, but we never really celebrated it, so the proposal was totally unexpected. Stephen said he wanted to take me to breakfast that Sunday morning, which is super weird for him to want to do. So we get ready and he ends up taking us NOT to all the cute brunch places around home, but to McDonald’s… Nothing wrong with that! Just weird that he seemed excited about it and talked it up.

Apparently there was a phase 2 after breakfast, and it was also a surprise. He said it had to do with the “theme of the day,” so I assumed fall was the theme, since I love the season. I guessed pumpkin patch, but we pulled up to our go-to movie theater. Again, nothing wrong with that… We LOVE the movies and go almost every week. But also again, it was just weird that we were going at 10am. And to watch “IT” the clown movie, which I’d already seen, but had been trying to persuade Stephen to watch.

Anyway, we’re in the theater and Stephen takes off to go to the bathroom. Both he and I hate watching previews and mostly always look down during that part. As I was looking down, I heard the theme song to “Drive” (the Ryan Gosling movie) playing, and I looked up to see the character with his scorpion jacket on screen. I immediately looked around to see where Stephen was because it’s one of his favorite movies and if there was a sequel, he’d want to know about it! But he wasn’t back yet.

The next trailer comes on, and there’s a baby on screen, and I look around for Stephen again because the baby looks like me and I wanted to validate that crazy coincidence with someone. The trailer goes on and now there’s another baby on screen… then these baby photos start flipping through the years getting older, and I realize it’s us—it’s me and Stephen throughout the years.

Long story short, Stephen made me a movie trailer! In it, he went around telling our immediate family about his plans to propose and the tagline was along the lines of, “This fall, he got the permission, now he just has to ask the question…” And he comes down the aisle—wearing the Drive movie jacket I had given him for his birthday (turns out it was him in the trailer!)—with the ring in hand. Popped the question, and I don’t remember 99% of the sweet stuff he said. 🙂

Why did you choose your venue?

Our love of movies and pop culture, and because we wanted a big enough space for a dance party.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Us and our guests having fun! Our reactions to things—people say we’re pretty expressive sometimes.

Anything else?

Stephen’s going to be dancing down the aisle at the ceremony, so we’ll see how embarrassing that turns out. Kidding. 😉 Thanks!

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by Scott Johnson

Wetzler – Ashby Wedding on 7/28/18 at Freestone Inn in Mazama, Wa

Music Courtesy of The Side Project – and Mike Miller on vocals

“From a couple that originally wasn’t planning to have a videographer to now husband & wife that are SO incredibly thankful we decided to have Reid and Best Made Videos as part of our special day!  Our advice – definitely have a video done (it’s well worth the $$ spent) and make sure it’s Reid & Team that you use!

We could go on & on….but just as a glimpse – Reid was – without question – the most responsive vendor we worked with for our wedding.  He’s ‘on his game’ in all aspects and was always quick with his replies to what were probably very basic questions that we had or things that were on our video ‘wish list’.  Reid showed up (after a 4 hour drive to somewhere he’d never been) with energy, passion & enthusiasm.  He went right to work and captured some amazing footage!  He was personable, easy to have around, fun and worked seamlessly with our photographer (whom he had never met).  The musicians that we used also commented on how professional Reid was and how he really knew what he was doing to ensure he had the best quality audio.

In addition to some ‘bonus’ iPhone shots that he shared with us the day after our wedding – Reid also shared his ‘work in progress’ via Instagram in the days after the wedding and true to his word – 2 weeks later delivered AMAZING highlight & full ceremony videos.  His creative ability to capture our personalities and the ‘feeling’ of the day was truly unbelievable!!!  No surprise – we (and many of our guests) have watched the videos multiple times!

Thank you Reid, Jeff & the Best Made Videos Team!!!

To those future bride & grooms that aren’t quite sure – we will gladly try to convince you otherwise.  It really is a “must do” in our opinion!”

Tucked all the way up in the North Cascades, almost equidistant from both Spokane and Seattle, rests a string of towns along highway 20 that many might not realize are there. The long drive from either city is probably enough to discourage day-trippers from visiting this utterly gorgeous region of the state, but for those who decide to venture up there, they’re in for a wonderful treat.

So we headed off at the end of July to little Mazama, your last stop before the awesome town of Winthrop, but more specifically to the Freestone Inn. Capable of hosting 100 guests for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, and with alcohol and catering provided, this delightful wooden estate brings you out to the middle of nature for a quiet, serene wedding.

As delightful of a morning you could expect out in the mountains greeted Tricia and Kent on their big day. As we wandered around the scenic landscapes that only the North Cascades could provide, the day was as casual and more at ease than you could ever imagine. Forgoing traditional attire for Kent and his motley crew , it made things feel even more special because these two didn’t want all the glitz and glamour. Instead, it was just a delicate, loving day.

As the day moved towards the ceremony, it became even more apparent just how gorgeous this venue is. With the altar overlooking the lake and the hills in the distance, you could probably say this is one of our favorite vistas we’ve had the pleasure of seeing. It’s just a pity these past few weeks has seen the Canadian forest fires bringing in hazy clouds that only choke the purely natural beauty of this area.

Reciting beautiful, thoughtful vows to each other, Kent wasn’t the only person in the audience with tears in their eyes (I was as well! lol) Soon, the officiant gave the magic words to “seal it with a kiss,” and so they did.

Shortly after the ceremony we headed off towards the lake with the bridal party to snap some shots of the newlyweds and their closest friends. With a sky that might remind you of Montana, the magnificent valley felt so safe and comforting for our newlyweds. Retreating more into the woods, the two posed along babbling brooks and the towering trees before it was time for the reception.

Booze and food started coming out while the guests wandered the grounds and saw all of the beautiful sights . Following signing papers, cake-cutting and a little slow dance in front of the lake, it was time to keep the party going with everyone else. Dancing around like maniacs with the sun dwindling behind the hills, we were even able to convince the bride to hop on an inflatable duck and ride out into the water.

What a fun day with Tricia and Kent! We hope your first month of marriage has gone magically.

As always, we love to hear from you. So please let us know if you have any questions or comments and we’ll get to them!

Venue – Freestone Inn

Photographer – Autumn Pines Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

HMUA/ Flowers – Eleveight Salon

Invitations – Pink + Peach

Catering – Freestone Inn

Music – The Side Project

Tricia and Kent’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Online – Zoosk

Tell us about the proposal!

Typical Kent & Tricia (casual)….Kent had ring for several weeks and could not wait any longer.  Tricia wanted to move a table – Kent wanted to wait. Kent went out to his car – when he came back in Tricia said ‘can we please just move this table’ and Kent said ‘will you please marry me’ and pulled the ring out of his sweatshirt pocket.

Why did you choose your venue?

“Summer Camp” wedding feel – weekend event for guests – outdoors – nice weather – perfect size

What are you most excited to see in the video?

A few things that I think will be highlights – ceremony singer (Mike Miller); dogs at end of ceremony all walking out together; vows

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Photo Credit – Wayne Lomax/Kennedy News

Woo hoo! We’re back for another week of Bizarre Wedding News! This time we’ve got some fun with dates, a few typos, a celebrity anniversary and wedding, so are you ready? August has been a fun and exciting month, what with toasty weather, bright skies (for the most part) and the unfortunate scent and sight of the dastardly forest fire smoke, though the last part really isn’t fun and exciting at all.

We love Ellen, and we also love Arrested Development, which makes the marriage between Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi so flipping wonderful. This year marks their tenth wedding anniversary. To commemorate the event, the Ellen DeGeneres Show shared a short video that contained footage of their wedding and celebration, and boy is it a tear jerker. So, be sure to have a few tissues (or a box) at the ready, when you watch it!

For some couples, wedding rings just aren’t nearly enough to immortalize the bond between spouses. You can name a star after your bride, or lock a padlock on a bridge in Paris.

Or you can get a tattoo.

But for the love of all that is good, please be sure to at least get the date right. As one newlywed man came to find out, most women are not ok if you get your wedding date tattooed incorrectly on your finger. It also probably doesn’t help that it took him about six weeks to realize the typo. Fortunately the bride wasn’t entirely too upset and actually saw a lot of humor in it, as her husband is a plasterer and would potentially lose any ring during work.

The good news is, he most likely has it fixed by now!

Did you feel anything different about August 18? A sort of calming in the air? A great surge of loving energy? Anything at all?

Well if you didn’t you’re perfectly ok, it’s just that it was a rather big deal in the wedding world. According to The Knot, there were at least 28,000 weddings planned for that day. Why? Because people are lazy and don’t want to remember dates, that’s why! What’s easier than saying 8/18/18? Well, sure, plenty of other dates, but I can already tell you that next year is going to be crazy in September with 9/19/19. Because after that, there’s no cool dates until 2/22/2022

Don’t believe us? We had two weddings on that day and we had been getting phone calls for reservations since as far back as 2016! Congrats Ally and Paul, and Mike and Mallory!

People are so weird when it comes to numbers, huh?

In one final celebrity-related wedding, rapper 2 Chainz got married this month to Kesha Ward. The wedding itself isn’t really what we’re here to talk about, but rather the groom’s traditional dance with his mom, which is absolutely, 100% adorable. Sharing their dance to Frankie Beverly’s “Before I Let Go,” they both pull out their best moves to show everyone who’s boss. Don’t believe me? Watch the video and try not to dance along!


And there you have it for another great week of stories! As you already probably know, we are always looking for new stories and fun ideas to write about, so please let us know below if you have anything!

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