by Scott Johnson

Spampani Wedding on 7/7/18 at Daybreak Star Center in Seattle, Wa

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Founded in the 70s, the Daybreak Star Cultural Center is one of the most important locations for all Native Americans within Seattle. Right near Discovery Park, it sprawls over 20 acres of land and plays host to dozens of events over the course of the year. From pow wows, to conferences, art shows (it already boasts an impressive gallery) and more, it most importantly—at least for us—plays host to weddings.

Holding up to 250 people and overlooking some extraordinary views, the Daybreak Star Cultural Center is the perfect venue for a wedding. For the Spampanis’, their big day got off to your average July start. A few touches of clouds that would surely burn off by afternoon helped keep the morning cool while our bride and groom were getting ready.

Some early morning shots of booze got the boys feeling all warm and fuzzy, just like those rad Star Wars socks, while the ladies were extra classy with champagne. Once everyone was ready, it was time to load up the shuttle with everyone to head on over to the venue. Seeing as the bride and groom were both on it, and seeing as the groom shouldn’t be seeing his bride, he was left wearing a blindfold in the back corner of the bus. There were some laughs about it, and he had to be escorted down the steps to make sure he didn’t fall.

But the blindfold would soon be stripped away for their first look. With a bit of chuckling, the two turned to greet each other as a wave of emotion overtook the two. We followed them around the area as Rob had a constant tear in his eye with the excitement for what was to come. Posing for some shots with the family brought out more laughter and emotion before it was time to get silly with the bridal party.

Heading over to St. Joe’s church, with its amazing stained glass windows and paintings, our groom stood poised at the altar with just a little bit of tears in his eyes. As his bride approached, he let a little bit of it out. Then finally, after the vows the priest gave them the go-ahead; with nothing but happiness they shared their first kiss and let their whole new life begin.

It was then time to head up to the Daybreak Star Center for the reception. With more than enough beer and wine to go around, the warm sunny day proved even more exceptional for an outdoor reception. When it was time for dinner, the newlyweds headed inside to greet their guests. Delicious food and desserts filled everyone up just enough for them to work it all off on the massive dance floor. The night soon flashed by in the blink of an eye, though I’m sure they’ll remember it for a lifetime!

Thank you again to Kristine and Rob for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding and happy one-month anniversary!

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Venue – Daybreak Star Center

Photography – Jessica Heriot

Videography – Best Made Videos

DJ – Nick Styles

Wedding Planner – Shine Event Design

Caterer – Foodz

Rob and Kristine’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Like all good love stories, this one began with a simple message about food. For those of you who know, Kristine loves BBQ, especially amazing BBQ. Little did she know that there was someone out there equally passionate about fall off the bone tender Ribs and perfectly smoked brisket. Thus, it should come as no shock that when Rob first sent her a message about BBQ, Kristine was intrigued.  After multiple correspondence about food, sports, and hobbies, the two decided to meet at Cask and Trotter in Seattle for a date.

Tell us about the proposal!

After extensive secret planning, Kristine’s best friend whisked her away to what she thought was a wine tasting venture under the guise of celebrating their “friends-versary.” Despite a series of uncharacteristic actions in the preceding week by her best friend, along with numerous slips of clues by Rob, she still had no idea what was about to happen. With a musician set up for a “private event” at the winery after close, Rob was hiding in the back while the customers cleared out.Once the coast was clear, Kristine’s friend excused herself and the musician got ready to play. Rob snuck up behind Kristine and asked her if she would like to dance with him, and the music started (Train – Marry Me.) Next thing she knew, he was getting down on one knee and the rest is history! By the way, she said yes!

Why did you choose your venue?

It’s a gorgeous venue that fits our personalities and has a great view.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The moment Father John introduces us as Mr. and Mrs. Rob Spampani

Wedding Party

Edissa Jaramillo


Friends and adventure buddies since freshman year of high school. We’ve been through it all, from random drives to the coast, to full on cross-country road trips, and of course who can forget the trek to watch Barcelona play soccer. Glad to have her stand with me on my next big adventure.

Erik Robertson


From studying some rocks in college to earn GUR credits (Geology 101) to sharing Seahawks season tickets, we have over a decade of memories so far. We’ve gone to Sonics rallies together, talk sports endlessly, and sometimes throw in a serious conversation for good measure. Excited to have him by my side as a co-best man on our big day.

Dylan Morris


Did you know I used to be taller than her at one point in 7th grade? It’s true! We seem to go through major milestones together, from making it through HNA to taking our first grown up jobs and navigating being 20 somethings in DC. Now as another big moment in my life is about to happen, I’m truly grateful that she’ll be there.

Kris Napper


Hailing from the mean streets of Mukilteo (even though he vehemently denies it), we’ve known each other for over 20 years. Despite his propensity to run into walls both in public (causing a man to throw his popcorn in the process at the theater) or at my former apartment (and take a chunk out of my wall) I couldn’t be more happy to have him by my side as a co-best man on our big day!

Francis Nguyen


Best person to draw this introvert out of my comfort zone to try new things and have a blast while doing so. Whether it’s watching fireworks on the 4th of July, a night out in Havana, or BBQs on the beach, so glad to have her with me on my big day.

Tyler Occhiogrosso


A huge Barca and Sounders fan, Tyler rounds out the other half of the soccer fanatics fan club of this group of gentleman. From his bachelor party in Vegas, to impromptu soccer games, to brunches with him and his lovely wife, I’m so fortunate to have him by my side for the big day.

Alyssa McEwen


Having grown up with Rob, she has some entertaining stories to tell, many of which Rob denies ever happened. Despite the fact that she cheers for the Ducks, I’m glad she’ll be with us on our day bringing laughter and mom wisdom to our group.

Ryan Occhiogrosso


He’s had 3 seasons of Entourage DVD’s of mine for the better part of a decade, but thankfully there is HBO on demand now. We’ve been to multiple Seahawks games, shared the Seahawks Super Bowl win at Showbox Sodo together, and celebrated numerous big moments. He’s like a little brother to me and am glad to have him by my side on the big day.

Brandon Jones


The man, the myth, the legend, we’ve been an unstoppable duo since he would sling a 50″ TV to someone driving a Honda Del Sol and I would have to find a way to make it fit in their car (side note, I did). We’ve been to Vegas on numerous occasions, attended many Mariners games (despite their awfulness), and I’m excited to have him by my side on the big day.

Thomas Garcia


Have you ever met a Liverpool fan? I hadn’t, but my future brother in law is definitely one (seriously, his name is on a brick at Anfield.) He’s the biggest soccer fan I know, and I have yet to beat him at FIFA (someday…) but luckily will have a lifetime to try and do that. Excited to have him by side as a groomsmen and soon to be brother in law.

Aaron Caruso


In west Puyallup he was born and raised, on a baseball field is where he spent most of his days…no, seriously, I’ve never met a bigger baseball/Mariners fan. We first met when I was working at Best Buy and attending Western, ended up as roommates and have been great friends ever since. Proud to have him standing by me on our big day.