by Scott Johnson

Bishbeat Wedding on 6/4/18 at Genesis Farm and Gardens in Enumclaw, Wa

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“Would 100% recommend hiring Best Made Videos for your wedding. I at first did not plan on having a videographer because we had a tight budget and I did not think it was necessary but my husband was insistent. We met up with Reid to see if we liked him and if we could make it work with our budget. He was professional, organized and we both felt at ease around him which made him an obvious choice for our wedding. Leading up to the wedding he checked in and was incredibly responsive to any communication I sent him. Day of the wedding Reid was outstanding, he truly caught the joy of the day and made the whole filming process fun. When we got our highlights video back I do not think it we could have expected how perfect it was! It brought back the emotions of that and gave those who were unable to attend a feel of what it was like. Worth every penny!

Would highly recommend Reid to anyone looking for videography work done. Everything went smoothly from our first meeting to the communication beforehand to the day of to seeing the finished product! He was professional but we both felt super comfortable around him which was important to us for getting the best wedding footage possible. Well worth the money and the video will be something we will enjoy for years!

While Best Made Videos was one of the higher quotes we got from Thumbtack after looking through several portfolios it became apparent that this was because his quality was league above the others. At our first meeting to discuss hiring him for our wedding we loved how comfortable we felt around him and that he had plenty of experience making us feel safe entrusting this special day to him. His communication during the weeks up to the wedding was great. Reid was always fast to reply to any questions we had and a wonderful questionnaire to make sure everyone was on the same page. The wedding day came and we were so happy we had hired him to capture it. Watching the highlights video he put together brings us right back and will be something we treasure for years. I would highly recommend him.

We hired Reid for our wedding and it was worth every cent! At first meeting to see if we liked him we knew he was a great fit for us; professional, personable and knowledgable. He kept in communication throughout the lead up to the wedding and was fast to answer any questions we had. On the day of he was great at capturing all the important moments and creating beautiful visuals that we later got to enjoy in our highlights video. The video was gorgeous and we are so happy that we will have it to look back at throughout the years. Would happily recommend to anyone for their videography needs!”

Over in the city of Enumclaw, which is a quick thirty minute drive from Seattle, you’ll find the aptly named Genesis Farm and Gardens. With the ability to accommodate up to 200 guests, and the choice of getting wed inside or out, this is a great little venue for any time of the year. Why is it so appropriately named? Well it all has to do with Genesis, the beginning—and with weddings it’s the start of something new and special.

But all weddings are special in their own way. It could be the venue, the date, the color of the flowers or even simply just an elopement. Very rarely, though, do we get to be a part of a wedding this unique. Meet the Bishbeats, a name that you surely haven’t heard before. Why, you ask? Because June 4th saw the union between Chloe Beaty and Tyler Bishton. Get it yet? Instead of taking one or the other’s name, they decided to combine them into Bishbeat!

This alone makes the entire wedding so cool and fun, but when you combine it with the fact that it was a perfectly splendid day and we gotta admit this was one of our favorites of the year!

With just a touch of clouds, the otherwise warm weather made for the perfect wedding day. The day started out with a bit of writing, and as one could see Chloe was already getting a little emotional with the magnitude of the day, only for it to come pouring out in a wave of happiness during her vows. Tyler did a bit of writing too before donning a kilt for the big day.

When both were looking exceptional, it was time for the ceremony which brought on waves of emotion and tears, especially once the vows were being read. Chloe not only wept through her own, but also Tyler’s (who also got sniffly), as the enormity of their love and the day overtook her. It was absolutely beautiful.

Posing for their portraits around the area, there were some incredible shots to be had, particularly as they kissed across a tree-swing with rolling fields behind them.

After they kissed, it was time to party. Completely and hopelessly in love with each other, they never strayed too far from each other for the rest of the day. As their adorable cake-cutting would show, these two are seriously meant to be.

So, with a new life ahead of them, as well as some new names, the bride and groom were ready to head off on their next adventure.

Thank you again to Chloe and Tyler for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding, we really loved being a part of such a special day and witnessing the creation of a new name!

Happy two-month anniversary!

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Venue – Genesis Farm & Gardens

Photographer – Lessie Blue Photography

Video – Best Made Videos

Catering – New York Catering Enumclaw

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Chloe and Tyler’s story in their own words:


Apparently Tyler believed that the best way to impress girls in prom dresses was to jump onto kitchen counters and act like a monkey.

Surprising everybody involved…

He was right.

We met for the first time in 2007 when Chloe was 16 on vacation with her mom visiting their close family friends Jennifer and Chuck. Tyler was living on Oahu and having moved out of their basement had swung by for a timely visit (and to eat raid their fridge). He was invited out with the group to do karaoke where Chloe awkwardly stared at him all night and blushed whenever he looked her way. Thus began Shannon, her mother, calling Tyler her “dream man” for the next several years due to his beautiful singing voice, sign language skills and love of animals.

In 2013 Chloe was graduating college and was invited by her mother to go to Oahu for her high school reunion which she gladly accepted. Unbeknownst to us Jennifer had invited Tyler on the questionable premise of teaching her mother aquatic Zumba (which is not a thing nor did Tyler have any pertinent skills) for a simultaneous visit where both of us would be staying at their house. Shannon called Chloe to inform her that she had just received news that her dream man Tyler would be there too. Chloe’s first inner response to herself was “don’t be weird!”

Tyler arrived first on the scene where he found evidence of Jennifer’s plotting in the form Chloe’s graduation photo left casually on the kitchen table. In an attempt to make good on her internal mantra of “don’t be weird” Chloe ate Ethiopian lentils to try to subtly impress him (anyone who knows her understand that this is like bungee jumping for her). Tyler then invited her out to First Friday art walk in Chinatown to which Chloe yelled yes before he could even finish his sentence. This casual invited quickly escalated into first date territory which involved a whirlwind evening full of Capoeira, piggyback rides, Streetlight Cadence, pretending to be able to read Chinese, pretending to be on our honeymoon, and actual first kisses (Chloe made the big move). Who knew that sneaking onto a lifeguard tower and plotting to break into a Radioshack while drinking frozen POG at a Taco Bell at 2 am would lead to a relationship full of equally exciting escapades and a bunch of lovely dovey nonsense.


Q.How did you first meet?

Well you would know if you took the time to read the story, now wouldn’t you?

Q.Who made the first move? How?

Tyler gave Chloe a piggyback ride down a staircase of an art gallery which gave her the courage to kiss him when set down on the street (so says Chloe). Although upon review while writing this we disagree on the particulars but it for sure involved piggybacks and kisses.

Q.Who’s going to take out the trash?

Most likely Tyler, and Chloe takes out the recycling.

Q.What was your most memorable date?

It was June 7th 2013 but its about to be June 4th 2018 🙂

Q.What’s your favorite activity together?

Thrift shopping and hiking through Saint Edwards with our dog-hter Auli’i.

Q.Where are you going for your honeymoon?

Around the world we go!

Q.What’s the best meal you have eaten together?

If we could agree on a memorable meal it would be a miracle. (The real answer is probably Cheesecake Factory or Maggiano’s cause Chloe is terribly picky)

Q.What’s the most memorable trip you have taken together?

Kalispell, Montana in October 2016. The fall colors sprinkled with the first snow of the season made for magical scenery which we viewed from horseback.