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by Scott Johnson

Giandomenico Wedding on 7/28/18 at Camas Meadows Golf Course in Camas, Wa

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Song Freedom –

Any chance we can get to head over to a golf course is a chance we’re gonna take! This time, we got to head to a new one: Camas Meadows. If you’re scratching your head wondering where the heck Camas is, it’s because it’s tucked right next to Vancouver on the Columbia River; a stone’s throw away from Portland.

A bright, sunny day greeted us for the wedding of Katie and Seth. Clear skies, warm weather and that wonderful thwack of a golf ball reminded us we were right at home. Sipping coffee and watching The Waterboy got the laughs going before anybody was dressed, which was great news for the photos that would come later.

The ladies soon broke out the champagne while the guys started to look all dapper, especially Seth in his Superman socks! Before too long, the soon-to-be newly weds met out in the forest for their first look. As the sun broke through the branches and leaves, lighting just enough space under the foliage, the two greeted each other with a kiss. We followed them around for a bit before the rest of the gang joined in for group photos. The ladies looked lovely in their lavender dresses, while the guys mirrored them with their shirts.

The photos kept on coming, which was perfectly fine with us since it was so nice out. But eventually it was time for the wedding itself. Strolling along the course towards the little gazebo in which the two were to be married, the swagger of all the guys was almost intimidating. Tucked away in a little clearing, and partially covered by an awning, the bride and groom met to be married. Following a series of emotional vows, a heartening speech, and the long-awaited kiss, Katie and Seth were officially husband and wife.

Upon kissing the crowd erupted into applause. Taking his new wife arm in arm, they posed for more photos with the family and everyone else before hopping into their own little golf cart to go sign all the paperwork. It wasn’t too long before they reemerged over at the reception tent through a tunnel of arms. Then came the toasts and first dances, which then inspired more dancing.

At one point, it really felt like everyone at the wedding was dancing. Underneath chandeliers and the wiggling tent, the day turned to night as only the purple glowing lights illuminated the dance floor. To add a wonderfully touching conclusion to the evening, we were able to go get some golden hour shots with the newlyweds. With the sun setting on their big day, it was as romantic as could be. That is, until they returned back to the reception and were ushered out by a forest of sparklers held by their loved ones.

Thank you again to Katie and Seth for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first few weeks have gone fantastically!

Got any questions or comments? Leave them below and we’ll get back to you!

Venue – Camas Meadows Golf Club

Photographer – Shelley Marie Photo

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – Great Beginnings Dj Service

Floral – Awesome Flowers

Catering – Camas Meadows Golf Club

MUA – Powder Inc., Salon Mogano

Cake – Rosycakes

Katie and Seth’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

It all started with a swipe to the right! Seth and Katie met online.

One day in January, Seth received a notification on his phone from Tinder (an app he thought he had deleted) saying, “New Year, new you! Swipe to find true love!” Intrigued, Seth opened the app and his attention was soon caught by a beautiful blonde wearing a Trail Blazers shirt. As he scrolled through her pictures,  read about her faith and her interests, he knew he had to say Hi! So he swiped right and anxiously awaited to see if he had caught her attention, too.

Katie was hoping to find true love in January as well. She was on Tinder but was selective about who she spent her time getting to know. She came across this handsome glasses-wearing man and thought he was just too cute to let pass by. So she swiped right and waited for him to message her first (she’s old fashioned like that haha).

Sure enough within minutes, she received a message from Seth. He introduced himself and spoke about his shared faith and values. He told her that he saw her Blazers shirt and thought she was “mad cute”  that he just had to say hi!

Katie and Seth connected from the start (and it helped that he spelled all the words correctly, had proper grammar and used just the right amount of emoji’s.) After a few days of texting back and forth, they decided to meet that Saturday afternoon for a lunch date at Henry’s in the Pearl District of Portland. The date went incredibly well and they made plans to go on a second date the coming Friday.

However, later that night Seth and Katie were texting when Seth admitted, he didn’t know if he could wait a whole week to see her again. So he asked if she was free earlier in the week. Sharing the same feelings, Katie responded saying she was in fact free and wondered if “tomorrow would be too soon for a second date!?” Seth agreed that the following day would be perfect!

And the rest is history!!

Tell us about the proposal!

Seth was visiting his family in Coos Bay, Oregon for Thanksgiving. I drove down that Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with him and this family. We had talked about getting married so I had a feeling he would propose soon but I did not expect it that weekend!

It had become a tradition in his family to go shooting (guns) the weekend of Thanksgiving with his dad, brother and good college friends. Seth’s Dad passed away almost 2 years ago but they have still kept with the tradition. So his two college friends had planned to be in Coos Bay that weekend, too. Unfortunately, Seth became sick with the flu on Thanksgiving and all through the weekend. It ended up working to his advantage because I definitely didn’t think he would be proposing that weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up and everyone decided that they wanted to go to a really cool beach in Bandon, Oregon before going shooting. Seth wasn’t feeling well so he said he wanted to wait another 20 minutes or so before leaving.(It made sense!) His family and close friends headed to the beach and we decided we would meet them there.

When we arrived at Face Rock Beach in Oregon, (where there is a giant rock that looks like the profile of a face), the thought had crossed my mind that this would be the perfect place to get engaged. However, I thought to myself… it’s not going to happen today! He’s sick. I should just enjoy the day and not put any added internal/subconscious pressure on the experience. haha boy was I in for a surprise! We walked down the beach and came around the corner of these two big rocks where there were rose petals scattered on the beach and a little table with a bouquet of flowers, two champagne floats and a bottle of Martinelli’s (my favorite!). Still it hadn’t click that this was for me and I remember think. “That’s so sweet someone is getting proposed to!” As we walked I was removed from my internal self talk with Seth smiling and saying, “You know what’s happening, right?!” I was so surprised that it was for me! We walked right up to the table and he got down on one knee, said my full name and asked me to marry him. And I said yes!! His family and friends were not far away, Seth motioned for them to come celebrate with us.

We celebrated with them and FaceTimed my parents and family to tell them the good news! (They already knew because Seth had asked for their blessing a week or so prior.) We also commemorated the moment by carving our initials and the date we got engaged on this huge stump that was right near where he proposed. Now we have a special little beach we can go back to in Bandon. And we did end up keeping the tradition going and went shooting after we left the beach. I got engaged and shot a gun for the first time all in one day! haha

The Story Behind Our Catchphrase

You may see the phrase “So much more than so much” in some of our photos. This phrase started when we began telling each other, I love you.  One of us would often say, “I love you so much!” and the other replying with “So much more than so much!” It has become a phrase that we affectionately say to one another.  In fact, we liked it so much (…pun intended) that Seth had the words “So Much More” engraved inside the band of my engagement ring and we plan to have it engraved inside his wedding band as well.

Why did you choose your venue?

Because we liked it and wanted to get married near where we met.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

I am excited to see the First Look and the whole day really!

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by Scott Johnson

Well, well, well! Here we are once again for another rousing edition of Bizarre Wedding News, your routine update on the happenings in the big world of weddings. This week we have some rather exciting stories of heroism, bravery and a hopefully a little humor. Who knows what next week will bring?

We’ll get the more intense stuff out of the way first here. This one comes out of New Jersey, where just a week ago torrential downpours started a series of flash floods around northern New Jersey. Now we see a lot of rain here in Seattle (though as of recently that’s not the case), but this was enough to start washing cars off the road.

In one case, a newlywed couple’s car got completely taken over by water as the two scrambled onto the roof. Luckily, they were rescued a short time after by some daring police officers who rolled up in their Humvee. Social media rang in and congratulated the police, the newlyweds, and some made comments about how much of a blessing it is to have rain on your wedding day. One might think this is too much rain, and it probably is, so they should hopefully be blessed for a couple lifetimes.

There probably is something really prophetic to be said about this wedding. Everything just lined up perfectly. It was a beautiful day down in Alabama at Orange Beach. Zac and Cindy were just wrapping up tying the knot, sharing their first kiss, when suddenly cries for help started to ring out. Luckily, Zac is a former lifeguard, as well as a Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class, so what did he do? He ripped his shirt off and dove in to save the drowning man’s life. Though he suffered a bloody nose during the rescue mission, Zac made sure to keep his lovely new wife’s dress away from it.

This one comes to us from across the ocean. And it might be a little bit funny to some. A week ago in Gloucester, police foiled the attempted theft of a cell phone and purse. Early in the day, a woman’s phone and purse went missing. Security footage shows a man walking over, picking up the the items, and then retreating towards the hotel. When he was later identified as Peter Marfione, the police confronted him at his hotel room. He then lifted the mattress and revealed the stolen items, though his one continuous response to the police was “I’m sorry, thought it would be funny.”

And there you have it for this week of Bizarre Wedding News! We hope these stories helped boost your hump-day and will get you through the rest of the week.

If you find anything weird, that is also wedding related, please send it our way and we’ll be happy to feature it!

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by Scott Johnson

Welcome back to yet another wonderful week of Bizarre Wedding News. Luckily there aren’t any tragedies this week unlike others, but we have three great stories coming your way that are surely going to get you laughing and smiling. Let’s get started shall we?

I know, I know, you’re just as tired about hearing of Meghan and Prince Harry as pretty much everyone else (at least in America), yet the two just keep on making wedding news (hey, if you have suggestions we’ll gladly take them) so we have to keep writing about them. Now it’s been a few months since the two tied the knot, which probably seems like some distant memory at this point, but just two weeks ago the two attended another wedding; this time for Harry’s friend who happens to be the godfather to Princess Charlotte.

You’re probably thinking, “well that’s cool, I guess,” but alas when you have some royalty attending your wedding, and you yourself are not royalty, people tend to pay more attention to them. With Meghan looking as stunning as ever, she quite stole the show for most of the day (as it also happened to be her birthday.) Check out the photos of the two at the event!

We all love dogs here at Best Made Videos®, especially Rosie who is not only the company mascot but also played a very important role in the founder’s wedding as well. Which is exactly why we adore the next two stories.

The first happened just a couple weeks ago at a wedding between Angie and Jayce Conway, who were just in the middle of delivering their vows when they got invaded by the “Best Boy,” Boone the dog. It all happened so fast: as the two were speaking, the six-year-old Lab bounded up to the altar and started rolling around on the ground in front of the bride and groom.

The photos are absolutely hysterical, the dog has his tongue all waggling around as if he’s looking for a nice scratch. I sure hope he got some good loving later, he must’ve really been upset that the attention wasn’t all on him!


The final story reminds us of a first look near and dear to our heart. Like our founder’s own first look, in which Rosie herself took center stage, Gia the puppy stole the spotlight from Danielle Brien and Christopher Lucca on their wedding day.

In a little prank coordinated by her husband-to-be and the photographer, Lori Ann Navarro, the adorable dog came bounding up to them when the two were leaving the church they had just wed in. Adorned in a gown and veil, it was an utterly hilarious moment that, based on the video, you can’t deny would’ve made you burst out laughing.


And there you have it for another edition of Bizarre Wedding News! We hope this week was a little more upbeat than the previous ones, but if you have found a story or even just a photo from a strange wedding, we’d love to see it! So drop it in the comments below!

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by Scott Johnson

Eisenhauer Wedding on 7/23/18 at Salty’s in West Seattle

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

Salty’s holds a special place in the history of Best Made Videos: it’s where the founder and owner himself got married two years ago just last week! So you can imagine our excitement of heading back there to its delicious steak and seafood, it’s jaw-dropping view of Seattle, and the sweet, salty smell of saltwater and the ocean.

The Eisenhauers decided to opt for the Drone Package (which is totally something everyone should consider, especially when you have a venue like Salty’s that is just across the water from the city) which payed off magically. Swooping over the greens and blues of the Sound, the entire day we could tell was going to be as bright and colorful as the water. With the city flanked by the sunrise in the distance, we started to get ready for the big day.

It was a truly a day all about love, and the union of two people who love each other immensely. As the bride and groom got all dolled up, the boys had a chance to rock their Mariners jerseys before switching over to something a little more appropriate for a wedding, though we would hardly be the first to judge!

At a dock that looks all too familiar for us, the bride and groom greeted each other for their first look. Peering across the water with ferries and boats zipping by, it’s a breathtaking spot for simply just sightseeing; but for a first look it takes on an entirely new romantic degree.

Blushing and bashful, Nate almost burst into tears upon the sight of his bride to be. With the city looming in the distance, it was the perfect spot for the two to just walk around and us get shots of them. Soon the rest of the group joined in and had even more fun!

Heading off to Holy Rosary for the ceremony, the sun shone bright through the stained glass windows as we got a few moments of privacy with the bride and groom. But then everyone else arrived and it was time for the moment we had all been waiting for! After a beautiful ceremony with an inspiring speech from the priest, Nate and Caroline kissed and officially became husband and wife.

And then it was time to journey back to Salty’s where the event space downstairs would play host to the reception. With plenty to drink, more than enough to eat, and a romantic deck to take pictures and steal kisses on, it’s a quaint environment with the perfect sized dance floor.

With the reception in full swing, the day wore on to evening as the sun slowly disappeared from view. Dancing got everyone off their feet, while a photo booth provided plenty of entertainment for those not wanting to shake their booties. But soon the day had to come to an end, though not without a few more shots of the newlyweds looking off towards the city.

Thank you again to Nate and Caroline for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope the first few weeks of marriage have been magical!

Any questions or comments? Leave them below!

Ceremony – Holy Rosary, West Seattle

Reception – Salty’s

Planner – Adele Banasik

Photography – Carol Harrold

Videography – Best Made Videos

Florist – Loves Me Flowers

DJ – Kris McCoskery

Photo Booth – Drunken Pixel

Transportation – A&A Limosine

Caroline and Nate’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We both work at Peterson Sullivan, a public accounting firm in downtown Seattle.  Nathan started working there January 2014 and Caroline started January 2015. You can see a more detailed story on our website.

Tell us about the proposal!

We took a trip to Disneyland in June of 2017 with six of our closest work friends.  In the month leading up to this trip, Nathan started planning to ask Caroline to marry him. He secretly asked her parents for their blessing, went shopping for rings, purchased the perfect ring, and hid it from Caroline.  Then, the morning of our second day at the park, Nathan completely surprised Caroline and popped the question in front of the Mickey Mouse flowers at the entrance to the park.

Why did you choose your venue?

We chose to get married at Holy Rosary Church because Caroline’s parents got married there, Caroline attended grade school there, and Caroline’s mom still works there.  We chose Salty’s for the reception because it is close to the church, has amazing views of the Seattle skyline, and delicious food.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

A recap of our entire day, from getting ready, to our first look, to the wedding ceremony, to the reception at Salty’s.

Our Story

After graduating from Washington State University, Nathan started his career in public accounting at Peterson Sullivan in January 2014. A year later, Caroline began working at Peterson Sullivan as a tax senior. In a growing company of over 150 employees and a busy tax season underway, it was a few months before they took notice of each other. Can you see where this is going?

The big breakthrough came in November 2015. It was Trivia Night at Peterson Sullivan. The competition came down to one final question. Caroline’s team vs. Nathan’s team. In the end, Caroline’s team squeaked out the victory, and to this day, Nathan has yet to hear the end of it. After the big win, a group of co-workers decided to grab a drink at Elephant and Castle in downtown Seattle. As the night grew older, Nathan and Caroline started chatting and discovered that they lived just a few blocks from each other in Queen Anne. Obviously, Nathan asked Caroline for a ride home that night instead of taking the usual bus route.

After that night, Nathan started stopping by Caroline’s cube almost every day to visit and say hi. These short visits quickly grew into something more and two began dating. During the past two years together, Caroline and Nathan have enjoyed spending time with each other’s families, traveling, and making lots of great memories.

In June 2017, Caroline and Nathan planned a trip to Disneyland with six close friends to celebrate the end of another successful tax season. Prior to leaving for California, Nathan was able to take advantage of Caroline’s busy CPA exam study schedule to secretly plan out the perfect proposal, meet with Caroline’s parents to ask for their blessing, and pick out an engagement ring. On the third morning of their trip, Nathan completely surprised Caroline when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him in front their friends and hundreds of strangers. It truly is The Happiest Place on Earth!

Nathan and Caroline are so excited to have you join them this June for their wedding. They cannot wait to celebrate this special time in their lives with family and friends.

Wedding Party

Elizabeth Blanco

Maid of Honor

Lizzy is the younger sister of the bride.  Caroline has enjoyed having Lizzy involved with the wedding, bachelorette party, and bridal shower planning.  Caroline could not imagine having anyone else by her side as the Maid of Honor for her big day.

Gretchen Stanek


Caroline and Gretchen met in kindergarten at Holy Rosary School.  They have remained close friends ever since, even after Gretchen’s recent move to Switzerland with her family.  Caroline and Nathan are so excited for their visit back to the US this summer!

Angela Pauley


Caroline and Angela met during their college days at Western Washington University. After several accounting group projects together, they became quick friends.  Over the years they have shared many great memories, survived numerous tax seasons, and enjoyed countless happy hours together!

Sarah Eisenhauer


Sarah is the youngest sibling in the Eisenhauer family.  Despite only meeting Sarah a few short years ago when she started dating Nathan, Caroline has enjoyed making memories with her during family get-togethers, holidays, and vacations. Caroline is so excited to have Sarah be a part of the big day and to add another sister in her family!

Nick Eisenhauer

Best Man

Nick is the younger brother of the groom.  He currently resides in Iowa with his wife, Chelsey, and 6-month old son.  Despite the distance, their brotherly connection has remained unchanged. Nathan and Caroline cannot wait to have them back in Seattle for the wedding.

Brett Boyd


Brett met Nathan when he began working at Peterson Sullivan three years ago.  They bonded over their joy for golf, CPA-league softball, and traveling to Cooperstown to witness the Hall of Fame induction of Ken Griffey Jr.

Matt Frerker


Four years ago, Nathan met Matt during his first day at Peterson Sullivan.  They have been good friends since that day. Matt enjoys “buddy” outings with Nathan at Mariners games and traveling to other baseball stadiums around the country.

Rob Maxfield


Rob and Nathan started working at Peterson Sullivan on the same day in 2014.  One of their favorite events is the annual Peterson Sullivan golf tournament, where they have competed for and won the Team Spirit award 2 years in a row! Y-M-CPA!

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by Scott Johnson

Spampani Wedding on 7/7/18 at Daybreak Star Center in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

Founded in the 70s, the Daybreak Star Cultural Center is one of the most important locations for all Native Americans within Seattle. Right near Discovery Park, it sprawls over 20 acres of land and plays host to dozens of events over the course of the year. From pow wows, to conferences, art shows (it already boasts an impressive gallery) and more, it most importantly—at least for us—plays host to weddings.

Holding up to 250 people and overlooking some extraordinary views, the Daybreak Star Cultural Center is the perfect venue for a wedding. For the Spampanis’, their big day got off to your average July start. A few touches of clouds that would surely burn off by afternoon helped keep the morning cool while our bride and groom were getting ready.

Some early morning shots of booze got the boys feeling all warm and fuzzy, just like those rad Star Wars socks, while the ladies were extra classy with champagne. Once everyone was ready, it was time to load up the shuttle with everyone to head on over to the venue. Seeing as the bride and groom were both on it, and seeing as the groom shouldn’t be seeing his bride, he was left wearing a blindfold in the back corner of the bus. There were some laughs about it, and he had to be escorted down the steps to make sure he didn’t fall.

But the blindfold would soon be stripped away for their first look. With a bit of chuckling, the two turned to greet each other as a wave of emotion overtook the two. We followed them around the area as Rob had a constant tear in his eye with the excitement for what was to come. Posing for some shots with the family brought out more laughter and emotion before it was time to get silly with the bridal party.

Heading over to St. Joe’s church, with its amazing stained glass windows and paintings, our groom stood poised at the altar with just a little bit of tears in his eyes. As his bride approached, he let a little bit of it out. Then finally, after the vows the priest gave them the go-ahead; with nothing but happiness they shared their first kiss and let their whole new life begin.

It was then time to head up to the Daybreak Star Center for the reception. With more than enough beer and wine to go around, the warm sunny day proved even more exceptional for an outdoor reception. When it was time for dinner, the newlyweds headed inside to greet their guests. Delicious food and desserts filled everyone up just enough for them to work it all off on the massive dance floor. The night soon flashed by in the blink of an eye, though I’m sure they’ll remember it for a lifetime!

Thank you again to Kristine and Rob for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding and happy one-month anniversary!

Have any questions or comments? You know what to do!

Venue – Daybreak Star Center

Photography – Jessica Heriot

Videography – Best Made Videos

DJ – Nick Styles

Wedding Planner – Shine Event Design

Caterer – Foodz

Rob and Kristine’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Like all good love stories, this one began with a simple message about food. For those of you who know, Kristine loves BBQ, especially amazing BBQ. Little did she know that there was someone out there equally passionate about fall off the bone tender Ribs and perfectly smoked brisket. Thus, it should come as no shock that when Rob first sent her a message about BBQ, Kristine was intrigued.  After multiple correspondence about food, sports, and hobbies, the two decided to meet at Cask and Trotter in Seattle for a date.

Tell us about the proposal!

After extensive secret planning, Kristine’s best friend whisked her away to what she thought was a wine tasting venture under the guise of celebrating their “friends-versary.” Despite a series of uncharacteristic actions in the preceding week by her best friend, along with numerous slips of clues by Rob, she still had no idea what was about to happen. With a musician set up for a “private event” at the winery after close, Rob was hiding in the back while the customers cleared out.Once the coast was clear, Kristine’s friend excused herself and the musician got ready to play. Rob snuck up behind Kristine and asked her if she would like to dance with him, and the music started (Train – Marry Me.) Next thing she knew, he was getting down on one knee and the rest is history! By the way, she said yes!

Why did you choose your venue?

It’s a gorgeous venue that fits our personalities and has a great view.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The moment Father John introduces us as Mr. and Mrs. Rob Spampani

Wedding Party

Edissa Jaramillo


Friends and adventure buddies since freshman year of high school. We’ve been through it all, from random drives to the coast, to full on cross-country road trips, and of course who can forget the trek to watch Barcelona play soccer. Glad to have her stand with me on my next big adventure.

Erik Robertson


From studying some rocks in college to earn GUR credits (Geology 101) to sharing Seahawks season tickets, we have over a decade of memories so far. We’ve gone to Sonics rallies together, talk sports endlessly, and sometimes throw in a serious conversation for good measure. Excited to have him by my side as a co-best man on our big day.

Dylan Morris


Did you know I used to be taller than her at one point in 7th grade? It’s true! We seem to go through major milestones together, from making it through HNA to taking our first grown up jobs and navigating being 20 somethings in DC. Now as another big moment in my life is about to happen, I’m truly grateful that she’ll be there.

Kris Napper


Hailing from the mean streets of Mukilteo (even though he vehemently denies it), we’ve known each other for over 20 years. Despite his propensity to run into walls both in public (causing a man to throw his popcorn in the process at the theater) or at my former apartment (and take a chunk out of my wall) I couldn’t be more happy to have him by my side as a co-best man on our big day!

Francis Nguyen


Best person to draw this introvert out of my comfort zone to try new things and have a blast while doing so. Whether it’s watching fireworks on the 4th of July, a night out in Havana, or BBQs on the beach, so glad to have her with me on my big day.

Tyler Occhiogrosso


A huge Barca and Sounders fan, Tyler rounds out the other half of the soccer fanatics fan club of this group of gentleman. From his bachelor party in Vegas, to impromptu soccer games, to brunches with him and his lovely wife, I’m so fortunate to have him by my side for the big day.

Alyssa McEwen


Having grown up with Rob, she has some entertaining stories to tell, many of which Rob denies ever happened. Despite the fact that she cheers for the Ducks, I’m glad she’ll be with us on our day bringing laughter and mom wisdom to our group.

Ryan Occhiogrosso


He’s had 3 seasons of Entourage DVD’s of mine for the better part of a decade, but thankfully there is HBO on demand now. We’ve been to multiple Seahawks games, shared the Seahawks Super Bowl win at Showbox Sodo together, and celebrated numerous big moments. He’s like a little brother to me and am glad to have him by my side on the big day.

Brandon Jones


The man, the myth, the legend, we’ve been an unstoppable duo since he would sling a 50″ TV to someone driving a Honda Del Sol and I would have to find a way to make it fit in their car (side note, I did). We’ve been to Vegas on numerous occasions, attended many Mariners games (despite their awfulness), and I’m excited to have him by my side on the big day.

Thomas Garcia


Have you ever met a Liverpool fan? I hadn’t, but my future brother in law is definitely one (seriously, his name is on a brick at Anfield.) He’s the biggest soccer fan I know, and I have yet to beat him at FIFA (someday…) but luckily will have a lifetime to try and do that. Excited to have him by side as a groomsmen and soon to be brother in law.

Aaron Caruso


In west Puyallup he was born and raised, on a baseball field is where he spent most of his days…no, seriously, I’ve never met a bigger baseball/Mariners fan. We first met when I was working at Best Buy and attending Western, ended up as roommates and have been great friends ever since. Proud to have him standing by me on our big day.

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by Scott Johnson

Bishbeat Wedding on 6/4/18 at Genesis Farm and Gardens in Enumclaw, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“Would 100% recommend hiring Best Made Videos for your wedding. I at first did not plan on having a videographer because we had a tight budget and I did not think it was necessary but my husband was insistent. We met up with Reid to see if we liked him and if we could make it work with our budget. He was professional, organized and we both felt at ease around him which made him an obvious choice for our wedding. Leading up to the wedding he checked in and was incredibly responsive to any communication I sent him. Day of the wedding Reid was outstanding, he truly caught the joy of the day and made the whole filming process fun. When we got our highlights video back I do not think it we could have expected how perfect it was! It brought back the emotions of that and gave those who were unable to attend a feel of what it was like. Worth every penny!

Would highly recommend Reid to anyone looking for videography work done. Everything went smoothly from our first meeting to the communication beforehand to the day of to seeing the finished product! He was professional but we both felt super comfortable around him which was important to us for getting the best wedding footage possible. Well worth the money and the video will be something we will enjoy for years!

While Best Made Videos was one of the higher quotes we got from Thumbtack after looking through several portfolios it became apparent that this was because his quality was league above the others. At our first meeting to discuss hiring him for our wedding we loved how comfortable we felt around him and that he had plenty of experience making us feel safe entrusting this special day to him. His communication during the weeks up to the wedding was great. Reid was always fast to reply to any questions we had and a wonderful questionnaire to make sure everyone was on the same page. The wedding day came and we were so happy we had hired him to capture it. Watching the highlights video he put together brings us right back and will be something we treasure for years. I would highly recommend him.

We hired Reid for our wedding and it was worth every cent! At first meeting to see if we liked him we knew he was a great fit for us; professional, personable and knowledgable. He kept in communication throughout the lead up to the wedding and was fast to answer any questions we had. On the day of he was great at capturing all the important moments and creating beautiful visuals that we later got to enjoy in our highlights video. The video was gorgeous and we are so happy that we will have it to look back at throughout the years. Would happily recommend to anyone for their videography needs!”

Over in the city of Enumclaw, which is a quick thirty minute drive from Seattle, you’ll find the aptly named Genesis Farm and Gardens. With the ability to accommodate up to 200 guests, and the choice of getting wed inside or out, this is a great little venue for any time of the year. Why is it so appropriately named? Well it all has to do with Genesis, the beginning—and with weddings it’s the start of something new and special.

But all weddings are special in their own way. It could be the venue, the date, the color of the flowers or even simply just an elopement. Very rarely, though, do we get to be a part of a wedding this unique. Meet the Bishbeats, a name that you surely haven’t heard before. Why, you ask? Because June 4th saw the union between Chloe Beaty and Tyler Bishton. Get it yet? Instead of taking one or the other’s name, they decided to combine them into Bishbeat!

This alone makes the entire wedding so cool and fun, but when you combine it with the fact that it was a perfectly splendid day and we gotta admit this was one of our favorites of the year!

With just a touch of clouds, the otherwise warm weather made for the perfect wedding day. The day started out with a bit of writing, and as one could see Chloe was already getting a little emotional with the magnitude of the day, only for it to come pouring out in a wave of happiness during her vows. Tyler did a bit of writing too before donning a kilt for the big day.

When both were looking exceptional, it was time for the ceremony which brought on waves of emotion and tears, especially once the vows were being read. Chloe not only wept through her own, but also Tyler’s (who also got sniffly), as the enormity of their love and the day overtook her. It was absolutely beautiful.

Posing for their portraits around the area, there were some incredible shots to be had, particularly as they kissed across a tree-swing with rolling fields behind them.

After they kissed, it was time to party. Completely and hopelessly in love with each other, they never strayed too far from each other for the rest of the day. As their adorable cake-cutting would show, these two are seriously meant to be.

So, with a new life ahead of them, as well as some new names, the bride and groom were ready to head off on their next adventure.

Thank you again to Chloe and Tyler for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding, we really loved being a part of such a special day and witnessing the creation of a new name!

Happy two-month anniversary!

As always, we’re looking to hear from you. If you saw a typo, want us to write about something special, or just want to give us some love drop it down below!

Venue – Genesis Farm & Gardens

Photographer – Lessie Blue Photography

Video – Best Made Videos

Catering – New York Catering Enumclaw

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Chloe and Tyler’s story in their own words:


Apparently Tyler believed that the best way to impress girls in prom dresses was to jump onto kitchen counters and act like a monkey.

Surprising everybody involved…

He was right.

We met for the first time in 2007 when Chloe was 16 on vacation with her mom visiting their close family friends Jennifer and Chuck. Tyler was living on Oahu and having moved out of their basement had swung by for a timely visit (and to eat raid their fridge). He was invited out with the group to do karaoke where Chloe awkwardly stared at him all night and blushed whenever he looked her way. Thus began Shannon, her mother, calling Tyler her “dream man” for the next several years due to his beautiful singing voice, sign language skills and love of animals.

In 2013 Chloe was graduating college and was invited by her mother to go to Oahu for her high school reunion which she gladly accepted. Unbeknownst to us Jennifer had invited Tyler on the questionable premise of teaching her mother aquatic Zumba (which is not a thing nor did Tyler have any pertinent skills) for a simultaneous visit where both of us would be staying at their house. Shannon called Chloe to inform her that she had just received news that her dream man Tyler would be there too. Chloe’s first inner response to herself was “don’t be weird!”

Tyler arrived first on the scene where he found evidence of Jennifer’s plotting in the form Chloe’s graduation photo left casually on the kitchen table. In an attempt to make good on her internal mantra of “don’t be weird” Chloe ate Ethiopian lentils to try to subtly impress him (anyone who knows her understand that this is like bungee jumping for her). Tyler then invited her out to First Friday art walk in Chinatown to which Chloe yelled yes before he could even finish his sentence. This casual invited quickly escalated into first date territory which involved a whirlwind evening full of Capoeira, piggyback rides, Streetlight Cadence, pretending to be able to read Chinese, pretending to be on our honeymoon, and actual first kisses (Chloe made the big move). Who knew that sneaking onto a lifeguard tower and plotting to break into a Radioshack while drinking frozen POG at a Taco Bell at 2 am would lead to a relationship full of equally exciting escapades and a bunch of lovely dovey nonsense.


Q.How did you first meet?

Well you would know if you took the time to read the story, now wouldn’t you?

Q.Who made the first move? How?

Tyler gave Chloe a piggyback ride down a staircase of an art gallery which gave her the courage to kiss him when set down on the street (so says Chloe). Although upon review while writing this we disagree on the particulars but it for sure involved piggybacks and kisses.

Q.Who’s going to take out the trash?

Most likely Tyler, and Chloe takes out the recycling.

Q.What was your most memorable date?

It was June 7th 2013 but its about to be June 4th 2018 🙂

Q.What’s your favorite activity together?

Thrift shopping and hiking through Saint Edwards with our dog-hter Auli’i.

Q.Where are you going for your honeymoon?

Around the world we go!

Q.What’s the best meal you have eaten together?

If we could agree on a memorable meal it would be a miracle. (The real answer is probably Cheesecake Factory or Maggiano’s cause Chloe is terribly picky)

Q.What’s the most memorable trip you have taken together?

Kalispell, Montana in October 2016. The fall colors sprinkled with the first snow of the season made for magical scenery which we viewed from horseback.

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by Scott Johnson

Photo Credit – King 5 News / Narin Vann

Welcome back everyone: the weather has slightly cooled down (with forecasts of it heating up again,) Seafair is in full swing and anybody trying to get to downtown Bellevue is a fool because of the Art Fair. But we’ve got more Bizarre Wedding News Coming your way to keep you up to date and entertained with all the weird and wild happenings in the wide world of weddings.

You may remember our coverage of the latest Royal Wedding. If not, that’s because you probably tuned out all the noise just like most of Americans because, well, it doesn’t really matter much to us. But the aftermath of the wedding has been utterly adorable; and whether or not you watched the wedding itself, there’s no denying just how cute the couple is.

So much so, that a moment at the Sentebale polo match sparked quite a bit of laughter and memes. As Meghan and Harry attended the charity competition that helps benefit children affected by AIDs, in which the Duke of Cambridge himself participated and won, the Duchess presented the trophy to her husband’s winning team. Right after she handed the trophy to Nacho Figueras, the captain of the team, she stole a quick kiss from her hubbie. What happened next was a sincerely hilarious look fell over Figueras face as he looked like he was desperately reaching for Harry to take the trophy, thus interrupting the kiss.

He looked so downtrodden in his efforts for his good friend Harry to give him attention, that he later posted on Instagram a photo of the moment with the caption, “When you wished the trophy would turn into a violin. What an incredible love story.” At least he had a sense of humor!

Our next story is a little more of the sad side of things, though there is a silver lining!

Down in Diamondhead, Mississippi, newlyweds Chance and Katherine Stockstill decided that it would be safest to keep all of their wedding gifts in a storage unit until they were ready to move into their new home and life.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t actually the safest as Chance made a horrible discovery a couple weeks after their wedding: someone had cut their lock and stolen all of their presents. Luckily, security footage caught the robbery entirely on camera. With an estimated $2,000 in presents stolen, the hunt was on to find the culprit.

Without really expecting much, they posted the surveillance footage to social media. Before the day was over, they had received a tip from a stranger who thought they might know who had done the deed. They didn’t have a name, but they had an address.

With good graces on their side, an investigator tracked down the suspected thief, named William Smith, and found he was responsible for the crime. The downside is, they’ve only been able to find three of their wedding gifts. The bright side: justice was swift.

Our final story for the week hits a little closer to home–and this one we even have a personal connection to! A wedding down in Tenino, which is just south of Olympia, saw some of the funniest moments we’ve seen in a wedding all year!

Comedian, insurance agent and wedding officiant all wrapped up in one, Narin Vann (who we actually got to spend time with at the Wurtz’ wedding) was officiating a ceremony for Annette and Larry Reinier when he literally made them say out loud the lyrics to the iconic and masterclass “I Want It That Way.”

That wasn’t the only funny thing to happen: when they were taking the official photos for the day, he was off making friends with a goat. Stroll on over to his website to see where he proclaims himself “#GreatestMinisterOfAllTime,” as well as some gut-busting photos of him doing silly stuff on wedding days.


There you have it for another week of Bizarre Wedding News! We love bringing you all these strange and great stories, so if you ever find some please send them our way! We’d love any help we can get!

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by Scott Johnson

Vladyka Wedding on 6/30/18 at Trophy Lake Golf & Casting Club in Port Orchard, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

Across the Puget Sound, our neighbor Port Orchard is a lovely little town that’s nestled in an inlet right across from Bremerton. A quick drive south and you might think you’ve gotten lost, but right off Lake Flora Road lies the Trophy Lake Golf and Casting Club. If you’ve seen our videos or articles before, you know we love golf courses because of their serenity. Nothing like a quiet game of golf (aside from the occasional “Fore!” or perhaps a swear word) to serve as a backdrop to a wedding as the courses themselves are finely manicured landscapes.

What makes Trophy Lake special, aside from its picturesque location, is the cool fact that you can actually learn to fly fish for trout there, though for our bride and groom they had already got their catches.

The Vladykas’ wedding, which took place near the end of June, was a day of love, beauty and happiness. A relaxing day, with pizza, coffee, and a glimpse of the World Cup kept the spirits high. As the boys got ready with their suits and ties, the ladies got their dresses on and hair done together at a nearby rental house. With goofy socks, the boys were really happy to show them off.

Once they were all ready, it was time to head to the links, though not for a round of golf! Looking like a bunch of studs, the boys had plenty of fun frolicking in the grass, playing leap frog and giving each other piggyback rides. Soon it was time for the first look, and what a first look it was! Meeting on a little bridge spanning a creek, Alee approached from behind as Alex turned to greet her from across the bridge. In an almost too-symbolic moment, he crossed the raging river to meet his bride-to-be. Posing in front of waterfalls and around the rest of the course, it was a wonderfully romantic session before the rest of the group came on in.

What came next was an utterly colorful wedding with more colors than the rainbow to be seen. Following poignant vows detailing their six-year history and how they met in college, the two were in tears before the magic words came: “you may kiss the bride.” And so they did, and the rest was history.

Venturing off to sign paperwork and pose for family photos, the newlyweds were the pinnacle of happiness. Inside the event space, complete with draping, lights, and enough drinks and food to keep everyone satiated, the reception even had board games for everyone to play. Those went away very quickly once the actual dancing started, and then everyone got on the floor and let loose their best moves. A goofy cake-cutting followed by a hilarious garter dance kept the energy blasting through the night.

Soon the night came to an end, but what a glorious day it was! Thank you to Alee and Alex for picking Best Made Videos to shoot their wedding! We hope you have a happy one-month anniversary!

Questions? Comments? You know the drill: leave them below!

Venue – Trophy Lake Golf and Casting

Photography – Betty Globa Photography

Videography – Best Made Videos

DJ – Sounds Unlimited

Florist – Von Galt Flowers

Coordination / Catering – Trophy Lake Golf and Casting

Cake – Bella Bella Cupcakes

MUA – Elizabeth White

Hair – Tami’s Hair Design

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Alee and Alex’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We met in high school through an event called “Macho Volleyball”. The girls’ volleyball team coached boys that volunteered to play on the team. She was a coach and he was one of the volunteers.

Tell us about the proposal!

The proposal was disguised as a photoshoot. The bride’s best friend had taken photos for us several times, so it wasn’t anything new. The photoshoot happened on the beach in Edmonds, WA… in late November. Needless to say, it was cold. We would figure out poses and lighting with our jackets on, and then throw our jackets to the side, take the pictures, and quickly put our jackets back on. At one point, Alex didn’t let us go back to grab our coats and just kept hanging onto me. Then, he said “How many days have we been together?”. I was cold and a bit irritated that I wasn’t being allowed to go put my jacket back on and replied “365 times 3.5, you do the math.” As soon as the words came out of my mouth, it dawned on me what was happening. Alex finished what he had planned out in his head and then got down on one knee. Of course I said yes 🙂

Why did you choose your venue?

It’s in Washington which is where home is for both of us. Also, there is a beautiful waterfall and trees surrounding the area. It’s also a lighthearted, fun atmosphere like our relationship. Also, the venue was relatively all inclusive, so it was nice to not have to find external caterers and rentals.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Specifically, I’m most excited to see his reaction during our first look. I’m also really excited to see all of the little candid moments between us and those that are attending the wedding. Alex is most excited to see the first dance.

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