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by Scott Johnson

Game of Thrones, known for its sheer epicness, massive battles, and twisting story that has long-excited fans for the past twenty years, is also keenly known for its weddings. Although, for anybody who has actually seen the show, weddings aren’t really something to be excited about.

The Red and Purple weddings both saw bloodshed–or simply death in general–as some major characters have received the axe at what should be celebratory affairs. Suffice it to say, any other weddings to be held on the show were anxiety-inducing affairs with bated breath.

A short way through the second season, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) met the Wildling, Ygritte (Rose Leslie), in the frozen north. With constant heckling, Ygritte soon gets under Jon’s skin with her signature, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Well, without spoiling too much, the two eventually hit things off and get together…

And so they did in real life too, though in reality their love hopefully didn’t blossom in a cave unlike in the show. Keeping their relationship under pretty tight wraps, with a proposal back in September, the two have made fans gleeful with excitement about the on-screen romance blossoming off-screen, too. And what better way for the two to get married than to do it at a Scottish Castle (which just so happens to be owned by Rose’s family!)

Just this past Saturday, the two finally tied the knot (Jon Snow does know something, I guess) at Kirkton of Rayne Church, which is not too far from Wardhill Castle, with celebrations that also included a live performance from Mumford and Sons. Many of their Game of Thrones co-stars were also in attendance, including Emilia Clarke (Daenerys), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner (Arya and Sansa Stark), and a few others; it sure was a family reunion in a way!

It was said that many Game of Thrones fans made journeys to the estate to hopefully catch a glimpse of the awesomeness, but sadly all of them would have to use their imaginations. Those who were in attendance claim that the celebrations lasted until the early hours of the morning, which is not entirely surprising. And for those who were hoping that there would be some big betrayal, several backstabs, and potentially murder…you’ll be disappointed to know that there was nothing that really resembled Game of Thrones. Except maybe for the castle…but that’s it!

Some of the photos from their retreat to the car through confetti tossed by their friends and family, show pure jubilation (and maybe a little fear) from the newlyweds. All in all, it seems to have been a pretty spectacular day for the Game of Thrones stars. A Scottish castle, close friends and family, and a performance from one of the best bands on the planet sounds like a pretty grand day as is–but at a wedding to boot? Now that’s how you do it in style!

What do you think? Did Jon Snow make the right choice? Is Ygritte out of her mind for marrying the bastard Jon Snow? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Scott Johnson

Saddow Wedding on 6/2/18 at JM Cellars in Woodinville, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“Reid was very professional on the day of our event. He helped us and the wedding party relax and have a great time. I was worried that I would feel he was in our way and videoing everything, but he did a great job. He worked really well with our photography (Arlene Chambers). The video he produced was done really well and felt real. We shared the video with all of our friends and family and everyone commented on how great it was! I would recommend Reid again, and I think it is important for the videography and photographer to work well together. He was very responsive over email.”

For almost two decades, JM Cellars has been crafting some excellent wines while also establishing itself as a wonderful wedding venue to boot! Located in Woodinville, on a little patch of land called the Bramble Bump, the winery comes fully equipped and ready at your request to deliver you the wedding day of your dreams. With both indoor and outdoor ceremony settings and reception areas, you’ll be able to book your wedding any time of the year without fear of rain or showers. And, of course, they provide their own delectable wine. What’s not to love about that?

Fortunately for the Saddows, who just got married the first weekend of June, there was nothing but warm and sunny weather. With an abundance of nature and scenic views around the grounds of the winery, it was such a blissful and tranquil morning to get ready for the big day. A morning of pool, makeup, and splendid fashion led the way to the enchanting first look out in the garden. Down a little path, Sima walked towards Peter who seemed so overzealous, he couldn’t hardly wait to turn around to greet his bride to be.

With plenty of smiles and cuteness, we followed them through the woods as the light streaked in through the towering trees. It was such a splendid little excursion, and we found plenty of places for them to pose. We soon caught up with everyone else for even more great shots, and then it was time for the wedding!

The ceremony was held at an undeniably gorgeous altar with the woods as the backdrop. In this little clearing in the woods it felt so serenely peaceful with everyone gathered all together. It was as if the rest of the world didn’t exist. Eventually, with the magic words, the officiant gave the OK for the Sima and Peter to kiss, finally declaring them husband and wife. With that kiss, they sealed their union.

As they headed off to sign the paperwork, the wait staff brought out drinks and snacks to occupy everyone’s time. With such a charming little patio space, it truly felt like we were just in somebody’s backyard, which is a wonderful feeling especially on warm spring nights. It’s even better when it’s for a wedding! Soon the dancing began, which got everyone in a celebratory mood, and boy was there a lot of it!

Dancing led into the cake-cutting, which then promptly stopped because that’s dangerous, and then it was time for everyone to get partying again. Some late night desserts, the garter and bouquet toss (with a cruel fake out) propelled the night forward but it unfortunately had to come to an end, though it’s certainly been one of the best of the season!

Thanks again to Peter and Sima for picking Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope your first month of marriage has been going grandly! As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know below! We can’t ever get any better without feedback!

Venue – JM Cellars

Coordinator – NW Event Success, Jacky Grotle

Catering – A Platinum Event

Florals – Fena Floral

Rentals Chairs & Tables – JM Brown Chivari & Round tables

Persian Food – Kia

DJ – Magnolia Rhapsody

Cake – Delicately Sweet Confections

Wedding Gown – Samila Boutique

Hair & Makeup – Arianna Scott

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Photobooth – Drunken Pixel

Valet – Butler

Officiant – Mike Howerton

2nd Photographer – Brooks Scribner

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

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by Scott Johnson

Middleton Wedding on 5/27/18 at Indian Summer Golf and Country Club in Olympia, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“A lot of people think a videographer is an unnecessary expense for your wedding day, but I’m here to politely, yet forcefully suggest that you NEED a wedding videographer and you need it to be Best Made Videos. You are going to spend months on every little detail of this day but what no one tells you is that while everyone else is enjoying your string quartet, admiring your flowers, and snatching up the favors that your family spent hours putting together, you’re not going to get to enjoy that moment with them and you’re probably never even going to hear it/ see it/ live it at all because you’re busy getting married! Butttt, if you get a videographer, specifically Best Made Videos, you can relive that moment and watch how much everyone loved that cake you never got a slice of or how much your grandma was getting down on the dance floor. You’ll see how everyone looked at you and your spouse and that’s something that can’t be captured just in a picture or in a memory. You also get this magical moment of how you felt that day and we all know feelings are fleeting, so now when I’m irritated that my husband left the toilet seat up, I can watch our wedding video and remember why I love him so much and how we felt on our big day! Also, Reid and his team are very cool people. Reid is not going to be one of your high maintenance vendors, he shows up, does a great job, and you won’t even know you’re being videotaped all day. It literally felt like we had one of our friends hanging out with us all day. He also got our video back to us in less than a couple weeks which allows you to enjoy it before you’re even out of the post wedding daze. I don’t think my husband knew we were going to have a videographer before our wedding weekend and it’s one of his favorite things from the wedding, we watch it over and over again! Pictures are amazing, but a video is something you get to take with you and cherish forever, so find some funds in your budget to get Best Made Videos! Thank you Best Made Videos!!!”

I don’t know about you, but there’s something magically serene about being on a golf course. Surrounded by greens of the trees and grass, as well as the almost haunting silence (save for the occasional sound of a club smacking the ball, or said ball flying through the trees), golf courses hold a natural beauty that few realize. Which is exactly why it makes so much sense to have a wedding at a golf course, especially one like Indian Summer down in Olympia. With packages that feature cake service, all the necessary equipment, and the ability to host every other event during your wedding celebration, Indian Summer is a pitch-perfect place to get married.

The Middleton’s headed down to Olympia for their Memorial Day Weekend wedding. A wonderfully sunny day is perfect for either golf or a wedding, so it all came together for their big day at the course. A fun morning of makeup, food, champagne and dazzling jewelry greeted our bride and groom. The nerves that come with such a big day with so many revolving pieces needed to be taken off somehow, after all.

With a first look coming, Jessica and AJ needed to be looking their absolute best or one another. When it was time to meet each other outside of the clubhouse, AJ looked just the right mixture of excited and terrified while Jessica just beamed with excitement as she approached her husband-to-be from behind.

Pausing for a moment, just to increase the anticipation, he finally turned around and his hands immediately reached to his face in disbelief of the beauty of his bride. You would’ve thought he was on the verge of passing out; luckily he didn’t, otherwise we would not have been able to get such lovely photos of them frolicking around the course. Dancing a bit, taking a ride in a golf cart, and posing with the rest of the party occupied their time before it was almost the moment they had been waiting for.

In a little clearing surrounded by trees and filled with dozens of chairs, a band played for everyone to approach the altar. And then it was time for the bride. After a joyous ceremony that was simply stunning just to look at, the bride and groom finally kissed and became husband and wife. At the end of the aisle, they snuck in just one more kiss for good measure.

Drinks and appetizers followed, and the lavish event felt like a touch of royalty (especially with the tiara worn by the bride). The family posed for more photos while the guests mingled inside the clubhouse. Eventually, after signing the paperwork, the newlyweds showed up for their first dance and dinner. With plenty of food, wine, and a massive amount of cake, everyone’s bellies were quite pleased.

Dancing and partying carried the night along until the sun was set and it was finally time to head off on new adventures. Thanks again to Jessica and AJ for such a blast of a day and for choosing Best Made Videos to film it! We hope your first month of marriage is going great!

Have a question? Comment? Let us know below!

Venue / Caterer – Indian Summer Golf & Country Club

Photographer – Megan Montalvo Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – Tony Schwartz

Flowers and Event Design – Sweet n Design

Photo Booth – The Puget Sound Photo Booth Co.

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Jessica and AJ’s story in their own words:

AJ & Jessica’s Love Story

AJ & Jessica first met at their Alma Mater, University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. Jessica and her friend Betsy (Haverkost) Cantrell took an Economics class called Gender & The Economy with Professor Kate Sterling. AJ took the class with a couple of his Track friends because it fit with their sports schedules and counted towards his Economics minor. The class wasn’t all that memorable besides Professor Sterling’s great hair and AJ’s fierce feminist interjections, but somewhere along the way, Jessica and AJ became friends. AJ was a hardworking two-sport athlete and Jessica was an ambitious, albeit overly outgoing Alpha Phi; one thing the two had in common was that they were constantly surrounded by their friends. It should come as no surprise then that it was their friends that brought AJ & Jessica together. In Spring 2009, Jessica met up with Jenny (Russell) Drutman and other girlfriends at the Rock for pizza and AJ was there with his friends as well. Soon after, AJ invited Jessica to watch him at his track meet and took her out to the movies. Jessica soon decided that he was the fun loving, kind-hearted teddy bear she’d been looking for, especially after he baked a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for a movie date. AJ introduced Jessica to ranch dressing with pizza and football Sundays, and Jessica coerced AJ into loving Nordstrom, brunch dates, and even prissy dogs like Copper. Eventually AJ’s inner sorority girl emerged and surprisingly, Jessica learned more about sports and cuts of steak than anyone could have ever possibly imagined. Fast forward to 2010, AJ received an offer to play football in Europe and Jessica set off for law school at Gonzaga. Despite the distance, AJ and Jessica talked daily and individually worked towards their goals. AJ and Jessica continued on like that, AJ worked towards a career in Strength & Conditioning and Jessica worked to complete her law degree. In 2013, it seemed like Jessica and AJ might finally be in the same place again, but AJ was offered a Graduate Assistantship at University of Redlands so AJ moved to Redlands, CA and Jessica passed the Washington State Bar exam and began working for her family’s construction business. AJ graduated with a Masters in Management and began interning at University of Southern California, then University of Nevada Las Vegas and was eventually hired by his mentor at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. Everything was falling into place, but both AJ and Jessica were always a lot happier when they were together! So on a sunny day in 2017, AJ asked Jessica to marry him and both of them couldn’t be happier about it! While they’re excited about the wedding, they’re even more excited to be married and spend everyday together!

Tell us about the proposal!

AJ proposed at the Nest in Seattle surrounded by our best friends and family. Everyone knew the surprise except for me! It was a great day.

Why did you choose your venue?

It is large enough for our wedding and the location is convenient.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

All of the moments I missed!

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by Scott Johnson

Ta Wedding on 5/26/18 at Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

“❤ It’s so good! We love it!!  Thanks so much!!”

While they might not usually sound like the most “romantic” of wedding venues, conference centers, like the Bell Harbor, are convenient and ready to go for just about any event you wish to host. The Bell Harbor International Conference Center on the historic Seattle Waterfront bucks that trend and is probably one of the most famous (and beautiful) in the area. Boasting some extraordinary views of the waterfront, the Olympics, Mt. Rainier, and the famous Seattle skyline the Bell Harbor is a tough venue to beat conference center or otherwise! You also get food, parking, and just about everything else you need to make the day absolutely perfect, but hey, we just like the idea of the food.

For the Ta’s big wedding, it was a pleasant May day that was neither too hot nor too cold. As everyone milled about getting ready, the ladies popped the champagne bottle, the boys snacked on goodies, and the clouds rolled in to cover up the sun. For an outdoor wedding, this could either be a blessing or a curse. Clouds can often stifle the heat, but too much and everyone will be shivering; luckily it was the perfect middle ground.

Once all the girls’ makeup was done, the groomsmen and Jason participated in some cultural games including push ups while singing Backstreet Boys (don’t ask me…) and a Q&A session where wrong answers resulted in the application of makeup to all of the guys present. After “successfully” completing the games (and posing for a “manly” photo makeup and all) it was time for the first look. Walking into his bride’s room, Jason greeted Stephania with a passionate kiss before the two of them headed off outside to pose for some shots. With both as bashful and happy as can be, we got some really great shots of the two of them wandering around the area. As the excitement continued to grow, we gathered everyone together for some awesome group shots. After some photos with all of their extended family, it was time for the wedding ceremony.

With onlookers from a nearby cruise ship parked in the harbor, and an already packed venue, this was one of the biggest weddings we’ve had the pleasure to shoot. As the gathered overlooking the iconic Seattle waterfront, it was a beautiful, heart-touching wedding with an imposing view and nothing but happiness and love.

Heading on into the Conference Center for the reception, guests were able to pose for photos in a photobooth and sip soda and alcoholic beverages to pass the time before the newlyweds arrived. With applause, the two emerged for the celebration. Cutting the cake and their first dance as husband and wife got things off to a rousing start. Soon there wasn’t much room to even stand due to the amount of people who got on the dance floor.

As far as receptions go, this one was sure a blast! The evening went on and on, and it sadly had to come to an end. To send the newlyweds off, the guests lined the stairs leading away from the reception. With a vibrant new dress, Stephania and Jason headed off into the future and a new life.

Thank you again to Stephania and Jason for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope the first month of marriage has been incredible.

I’m sure you get tired of hearing it, but if you have a question or comment please leave it below and we’ll get back to you!

Venue – Bell Harbor International Conference Center

Photographer – Affinity Photography

Design and Coordination – Rebecca Grant w/ New Creations Wedding Design and Coordination

Officiant – Ray Van Winkle

DJ – Scott Dulin

Florist – Sublime Stems

Cake – Hoffman’s Fine Cakes & Pastries

Hair and Makeup – Angela w/ Salon Maison Bridal Beauty & Style Bar

Rentals – CORT Party Rental

Magician – Nash Fung

Photo Booth – The SnapBar

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Stephania and Jason’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

High School

Tell us about the proposal!

On the night of December 30th, 2016, they had a nice evening together by going to dinner and spending time at home playing board games. At the end of the night, Jason took a leap of faith, pulled out a ring, and popped the question.

Why did you choose your venue?

Big enough to accommodate our party size, has a waterfront view

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The first dance, the father/daughter and mother/son dances.

Our Story

They met during high school summer P.E. and would spend most of their time together playing games such as Maplestory online. After high school, they went to different universities all while keeping in touch, Jason would assist Stephania with her writing skills in English. Eventually tutoring needs turned into long leisurely conversations for hours on end, before budding into a long distance relationship.

With Stephania in Reno and Jason in Seattle, Skype became their essential means of communication. They would meet up during summer and winter breaks. Their dates consisted of watching Netflix shows at the same time and eating dinner together. After university, Stephania attended pharmacy school in Las Vegas while Jason began working in Seattle, keeping the relationship long distance for 3 more years.

After being in a long distance relationship for 4 years, Stephania graduated pharmacy school and relocated to Seattle. On the night of December 30th, 2016, they had a nice evening together by going to dinner and spending time at home playing board games. At the end of the night, Jason took a leap of faith, pulled out a ring, and popped the question.

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by Scott Johnson

Kangiser Wedding on 5/19/18 at Historic 1625 in Tacoma, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“Reid at Best Made Videos was an integral part of our wedding for ensuring we will have a priceless capturing of the most important day of our lives to watch countless times in the years and decades to come. The professionalism he exudes while on scene for the big day is unparalleled. My wife and I were simply blown away. We left for our honeymoon two days after the wedding and what will be one of our favorite lifetime moments was watching the highlights video Reid put together while soaking in the sun on the beaches of Maui. The audio and visual quality of the video is superb; not to mention the brilliant and artistic editing Reid does for the highlight video. To have all of this captured means more than can be described with words. We hope as many couples as possible can share the joy we have from having made Best Made Videos an essential part of our wedding.”

As droves of people flee from the massive influx of Amazon techies and skyrocketing rent in Seattle, many are finding themselves a just a short ways south in Tacoma. Known mostly for the Tacoma Narrows, it is a bustling city that is getting ready to face the storm. More importantly, at least for us, is that it holds a dazzling wedding venue known as the Historic 1625. The award-winning venue comes with a boatload of amenities for those who wish to marry there. Beautiful wedding and reception rooms, a variety of backdrops for gorgeous photos, catering, tables and more are all provided for one lump cost (which varies depending on season and day).

As early morning clouds drifted over the Sound, the Kangiser’s Wedding Day got off to a fun start as the ladies got all made up and the boys sipped on drinks and got to looking “dapper.” Then, before you knew it, it was time to head out for the First Look.

As Matthew looked longingly out across the water, almost like a sailor who lost his bride to the sea, Kimle approached him from behind. With a tap on the shoulder, Matthew turned around to see his beautiful bride, and with an adorable little kiss they embraced. Dancing out on the pier, the bride and groom looked simply delighted. We had a great time out their on the waterfront with plenty of laughs and smiles to be had.

Then it was time for group photos with the boys starting a little ruckus (instant replays and all) while also demonstrating an intense goofiness with a series of wonderful poses. They, however, were to be outmatched by the ladies who took the cake with an even more hysterical set. Their combined efforts also produced some unforgettable images. After some shots with the family, it was time to head to the church for the ceremony.

The excitement in Matthew’s face was almost bursting as the ceremony drew to a close, inching its way towards when he could kiss his bride. Once it was time, they kissed and sealed their union. Shortly afterwards, we got some shots of the newlyweds on the steps of the church before heading off to the Historic 1625.

The beautiful interiors played perfect host for the reception. With an open ceiling displaying the wonderful woodwork and brick walls, the building is a feast for the eyes. Cutting what we consider to be one of the best cakes we’ve seen, they moved quickly onto the dancing. With some impressive skills, they stunned their guests with their first dance as husband and wife.

Keeping with the energy from the photo sessions, the dance celebration was absolutely riotous with some hilarious moves being pulled out. With a great group like this, it’s always sad for the night to end.

Thank you again to Matthew and Kimle for picking Best Made Videos to film their wedding! It was such a great day!

Want to ask a question? Have a comment you gotta share? Leave it below!

Wedding Planner – Lisa Owens w/ Elegant Affairs

Photographer – Josh Fernandez

DJ/Photo Booth – Otto-Matic Mobile Music

Florist – Brown’s Flowers & Gifts

Hair/Makeup – Angela w/ Salon Maison Bridal Beauty & Style Bar

Wedding Cake – Jacqui’s Cakes

Caterer – Snuffin’s Catering 

Reception – Historic 1625 Tacoma Place

Ceremony – Church of Saint Rita of Cascia

Bridal Salon – New Beginnings Bridal

Menswear – Men’s Warehouse

Invitations – Southern Charm Weddings

Chalk Art – Chalk Artistry & Design

Rentals – American Party Place and The Meaningful Details

Rehearsal Diner – 7 Seas Brewing Co.

Dance Lessons – Studio Six Ballroom

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

Kimle and Matthew’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet? 

We met online (plenty of fish) but our first date was at Katie Downs on Ruston Way in Tacoma.

Why did you choose your venue?

We loved how much space Historic 1625 has and that it is local to the majority of our guests and we think the inside is really beautiful. It is right down the street from the church Matt grew up going to and where we are getting married. St. Rita’s was chosen for the ceremony because matt’s family has a long history of going there (since his baptism).

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Our friends and family having a good time, the “I dos” at the church, the attempt at dancing for the first dance and the toasts.

Our Story

There are plenty of fish but I caught the right one!!!!

Welp, you may have guessed from the title but Matt and Kimle did meet on POF – but hey they be millennials so give them a break (kinda? maybe Gen Xers I get confused).

After Matt messaged Kimle several times online Kimle explained she didn’t think he would be a good fit (because he clearly listened to country music from the looks of his profile). She also worried he was too much of a “bible thumper.” A week or two later Matt persisted and Kimle finally agreed to a first date. It should be noted before continuing Matt and Kimle have now been to 8 country concerts and Kimle is taking Wednesday night RCIA classes to become Catholic (but that’s neither here nor there).

Matt and Kimle met in person for the first time at Katie Downs on Ruston Way in Tacoma on July 28, 2016. Was it love at first sight? I think so. It was also concern at first sight. Kimle had just come from an intense workout, Matt picked a table in the 100+ degree outside weather and Kimle was sweating profusely. In fact Matt’s first thought was, “man she is cute but I think she might have some sort of sweating disorder.” Kimle excused herself to the bathroom and Matt picked a table inside the restaurant as centered under a ceiling fan as possible. There was no kiss to end the night but there was a nice hug (and Kimle later made it clear over text she was hoping for one).

Nailing down a second date was not easy for Matt. He was really busy that summer with two brothers getting married, moving, the watershed festival to go to, fishing to do etc but Kimle didn’t make things any easier with deliberately taking days to text back as she deviously played hard to get. So Matt sent her pictures of Aaron Lewis on stage and pictures of fish he caught, hoping he would eventually be able to lock in a second date. The second date did come and to make it count, Matt took her to Stanley & Seafort’s in Tacoma. It was good enough to get him that first kiss in the parking lot later that night. Good work Matt.

From there the dates got frequent, despite Kimle catching the coughing plague of 2016 which lasted about 8 months. It didn’t stop the subsequent dates from ending in kisses (Matt decided to drive to the pharmacy and get his flu shot so he could take the risk).

That December Matt and Kimle adopted Baylee together. The stubborn but lovable rottweiler. Kimle takes credit for picking her out but Matt claims credit for picking out the cool name. The next May Kimle moved in to Matt’s house with her grumpy Dachshund Scooter to join Matt and Baylee and Matt’s Boston Terrier Evey. You can probably see them on any given day walking their pups around Allenmore Golf Course and looking for golf balls.

In August of 2017 Matt decided to pop the question. He took Kimle back to that restaurant he had so much success at (Stanley & Seafort’s). Matt explained he was taking her there under the guise it was for their one year dating anniversary. He told her they would have dinner and then put a lock with their names engraved on it on the lock bridge at Chambers Bay (one of Kimle’s favorite places). Little did Kimle know, Matt had made plans with his brother Josh to hide in the bushes and take photos. He also made plans with his Dad, Mom, Don and Danika to hold a poster with the question on it on a boat off the shore. She also didn’t know he called her dad in Kansas to ask for his blessing which he gave under the condition he always treat her right. Matt picked his moment on the bridge that day and the rest is history!

Wedding Party

Melanie Magana – Matron of Honor

Melanie is my dear friend and one of the most genuine and generous people I know. I honestly can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She is one of those people who would literally give you the shirt off her back. I feel like everyone should have a friend like her in their life, and I am so blessed that she is in my life. She has seen me through the happiest and most difficult times of my life. I love her like a sister and consider her family. She is always positive and one of the most caring people I know. I can always talk to her, without being judged and she always offers me honest advice. She will be my “twinsie” for life and am so honored to have her by my side as my Matron of Honor.

Becky Chalfant – Bridesmaid

Becky is my cousin. We have really become close over the past few years. I love that she lived so close to me and we had a chance to form our bond, but I knew her heart was in the warm California sunshine. I feel like Becky and I can talk about everything and anything. She has a kind heart and gentle spirit. She is always there for me to give me perspective and I am so blessed to have her as my cousin. I am so honored she will be a part of my wedding and cannot wait to give her a big hug! Love you cuz 😉

Danika Kangiser – Bridesmaid

Danika is Matthew’s sister in law. It has been so great getting to know her. Danika is so much fun, giving and always willing to help. It’s such a joy to be around her. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Danika has a big heart and I love spending time with her. I feel like I can talk to her about anything from working out to Harry Potter to our fur babies 😉 I am so excited to have her as my sister ❤ Looking forward to more memories and am so honored she will be by my side at the wedding.

Kayla Kangiser – Bridesmaid

Kayla is Matthew’s sister in law. Her smile and laughter light up a room! Kayla is so sweet, considerate and welcoming. It’s always a joy when we get to hang out, whether it’s just at her house playing fetch with the dogs or getting crazy at Watershed 😉 I can’t wait to have her as my sister 😊 I am so honored that she will be by my side when I say ‘I do.’ Cheers to many more memories to come!

Patrea Fernandez – Bridesmaid

Patrea is Matthew’s sister. She has always been so kind and welcoming to me. It has truly been a blessing getting to know her. I am so honored that she will be by my side at my wedding. I am always blown away by her caring and affectionate heart. It’s always a joy when I get to see her and the boys. I am blessed to have such a great sister. Looking forward to many more family get togethers and St. Paddy’s 5k’s 😉

Audrey Hohn – Flower Girl

Audrey is the daughter of our good friends Larry and Jo’Nell. She has been such an incredible joy to watch grow up! She is always so full of energy and life and always brings a smile and a laugh to our faces. She is also a darn good adversary in a competitive game of Monopoly or Clue.  We are so delighted she is willing to be a special part of our big day as our flower girl!

Darrell Kangiser – Best Man

Darrell has gone from the most annoying little brother ever to one of the most awesome dudes walking the earth. The only sibling who ended up handy, and the only one of us three brothers with any resemblance of domestic skills, Darrell is the total package. He is also one of my closest friends that I can talk comics and nerdy books with.

Andrew Kangiser – Best Man

Don’t let his cockiness fool you, he really is that good at the things he sets his mind to. Andy is a gentlemen and a scholar. Stalwart in his faith he has always been an inspiration that has helped me believe in Christ. Its good when you can look up to your little brother (even if he is only about a half inch shorter than you). My video game buddy, one of these days we will beat Divinity.

Larry Hohn – Groomsman

Larry is the ying to my yang. Our personalities could probably not be more polar opposite. But hey, opposites attract and we have been best friends since the 4th grade. I couldn’t find a more loyal, funny, honest (albeit unfiltered) bestie to have in my life. I mean the guy wanted me to set up a bare knuckled cage match between him and my brothers when he found out they were on best men duty. Larry’s family is my family and Ill always feel blessed for our friendship.

Charles Watkins – Groomsman

They say it becomes rare to make good friends when you get to be a certain age. Well, when you’re an introvert like me living in the “Seattle Freeze” its doubly so. Its probably even more rare to, out of nowhere, make a friend who quickly becomes one of your closest. Chris (Charles) is the type of guy who will roof your house and help you remodel your living room without you asking for help, just because he is bored and likes buying tools (and he won’t accept a dime in return).

Jeff Willoughby – Groomsman

Jeff is like a pineapple. Prickly and tough on the outside but sweet and soft on the inside. Alright, maybe I’m throwing the cliche simile out there as a joke but if you know him it fits. He is one of those guys that insults you to show how much he cares but if things get serious knows when to lend an ear and offer sound advise. An example of a good friend who can move several hours away but things pick up right where theyve always been when he is in town.

Mark Miyata – Groomsman

Its hard to describe my friendship with Mark and keep things G rated for purposes of this family geared website. The picture pretty much sums it up (I fear the potential toast if he gives one). Suffice it to say some of the most fun moments of my life in the past ten years involved this guy in one way or another and there isn’t a thing I would trade them for. Cheers to another 10 years brother.

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by Scott Johnson

Wow! Time sure does fly by fast when you’re having a good time! Wedding videography is a year-round job, with its spikes during the spring and summer for obvious reasons (at least here in the Pacific Northwest) and we get to see a few just about every week of the year! One of the best things about our job is being able to see so much of our state. From stunning hotels, to accommodating athletic clubs, out to the fields and meadows and a few new locations that surely surprised us, 2018 has been a wonderful year so far.

Let’s break down our five favorite weddings of 2018 thus far!

Van Cise Wedding, 3/10, Trinity Tree Farm

Who would’ve thought that getting married at a Christmas Tree farm on the verge of Spring, with just little sproutlings popping up, would be such a wonderful idea? The Van Cise wedding took us out to Trinity Tree Farm near Issaquah for a day of fresh starts, new beginnings, and the decade-in-the-making marriage between Angelina and Taylor. What stands out most from the day, however, are the tear-inducing vows they share for each other that will surely make you cry, too.

Wurtz Wedding, 05/05, Ballard Locks

A new venue for us–and also one we never would’ve thought of–was the Ballard Locks. For those of you unfamiliar with Seattle, these water gates allow transportation to and from the ocean from Lake Union. For the Wurtz it was a gorgeous day, accented with our drone footage, that saw everyone looking spiffy in grey suits and lilac dresses. With a balloon arch in a little clearing, Jazmyn and Josh tied to knot in front of their friends and family in the most adorable fashion.

McGee Wedding, 01/28, Sentinel Hotel

Taking a road trip down to our southerly neighbor, Portland, is always a grand time, this time even more so. The so-called “Most Storied Hotel” and National Historic Landmark,The Sentinel, played host to the McGee’s truly spectacular wedding; a day of celebration, dancing and near-royalty decorations. After the satisfying crush of the ceremonial glass (and most importantly the kiss), Greg and Allie were officially married. All in all, it was one of the most unforgettable weddings we’ve been to in quite some time!

Foster Wedding, 02/17, Washington Athletic Club

The Fosters really lucked out with their February wedding, held at the Washington Athletic Club, as there was sun shining bright in the sky. Opting for drone footage, the beautiful Seattle waterfront was truly a marvel. Sipping mimosas, posing in front of the utterly sophisticated hallways and bookshelves of the Club, and looking dapper while doing so, occupied us for most of the morning. Failing to hold back his tears, Cory happily watched his wife-to-be walk down the aisle for a touching ceremony. However, it was the hilarious garter dance and the s’more bar, that really make this one stand out for us.

May Wedding, 05/06, Hidden Meadows

The May’s got married in May, which is certainly the easiest way to remember your anniversary, but their wedding as a whole already proved to be unforgettable. With perfectly warm weather, the outdoor ceremony which featured the bridesmaids and groomsmen rocking beige dresses and grey suits, was a lovely spectacle. With their union sealed, they officially kissed and become husband and wife. What we loved most were the photoshoots with the guys on the train tracks as they puffed on cigars like true gents.

And there you have it! Our Top 5 Weddings of 2018 (So Far!) Do you agree? If not, let us know which ones really deserved to be up here!

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