by Scott Johnson

McGee Wedding on 1/28/18 at the Sentinel Hotel in Portland, Oregon

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While we absolutely adore our home state of Washington, we are not solely limited to it for your wedding needs! Just a few months ago we headed on down to Portland (which is almost on Washington soil) for a lavish wedding at one of the most iconic hotels on the West Coast.

Described as “Portland’s Most Storied Hotel,” The Sentinel boasts quite the list of amenities. From a curated art collection, to Jake’s Grill and Jackknife (considered some of Portland’s most prestigious restaurants), and some of the finest decor you’ve seen. Built over a hundred years ago, independent film fans might just recognize it from Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix.

For the McGee wedding, the bride and groom headed to the National Historic Landmark at the end of this past January. Polishing his shoes, the groom looked and felt ready for the big day. Sporting a salmon bowtie, he beamed with excitement for what was to come. On the ladies’ side of things, the feelings were also quite mutual as hair was done with nothing but happiness.

As the guys posed for photos in the library, it felt sufficiently sophisticated. Some silliness, some sweetness and a whole lot of smiles left us all excited for the ceremony. When the ladies got together, it was much of the same story.

Entering into the throne room wedding hall, Greg made his way down the aisle along with his parents. In a room fit for a royal wedding, all adorned in gold with a chandelier hanging from high up, the ecstatic groom watched his bride Allie come down the aisle with the exact look you would expect to see from someone about to marry the love of their life. After a splendid traditional Jewish ceremony, Greg crunched the ceremonial glass that signifies the union and went in for a romantic kiss.

Posing as a big group and family, the spirits were as high as could be. Making their way to the regal dining hall for the reception, wine and beer were poured to get everyone into a celebratory mood. Following the ceremony we were able to follow the newlyweds around the insanely gorgeous building. Little hallways, grand windows, and distinguished libraries added a classy touch to the photos.

Heading back in to their guests, the dancing started as purple lights lit up the hall. Slow dances started with all of the couples before the tempo picked up and everyone else got onto the dance floor (even the children) for what was an utterly unforgettable evening.

Retiring outside for just a few more shots, we got the bride and groom at night in the city, luckily without rain, as they held each other tightly.

Thanks again to Allie and Greg for picking Best Made Videos for filming their wedding! Congratulations on your almost-six month anniversary!

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Allie and Greg’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Greg and I met at Shade and Monique Kelly’s wedding at Rancho San Antonio on June 28th, 2014. Shade had been telling me about Greg for months, waiting patiently to introduce us. As I write this I realize that I have never asked Greg if Shade told him about me before the wedding. Shortly after dinner he waved me over and said, “Allie, this is Greg, Greg, this is Allie.” He abruptly walked away leaving us alone and laughing. We spent the rest of the wedding getting to know each other, celebrating our friends and eating candy!

The following Friday Greg drove down to Santa Monica and took me out. It took less than the car ride to the restaurant for us to know that this was only the beginning.
We have been inseparable ever since.

Why did you choose your venue?

We needed an indoor venue for a winter wedding and The Sentinel offers a beautiful indoor setting.  

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Our wedding day!  Everyone says it ends up being a big blur so I am excited to have more than still photos to remember the love, joy and fun of the day.

Venue – Sentinel Hotel

Photographer – Powers Studios

Planner – Gratitude Event Planning

Cake – Laurie Clarke Cakes

Catering – Sentinel Hotel

DJ – Paradox DJs

Florist – Flowers by Riley

Hair and Make up – Nancy Martinez

Rabbi – Rabbi Brian

Dance Floor – Barclay Event Rentals

Photo Booth – Portland Photo Party

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