by Scott Johnson

Phillips Wedding on 12/31/17 at The Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, Wa

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Seattle has one of the most recognizable skylines. Looking eastward from Puget Sound, tourists and residents can catch a glimpse at the towering buildings from one of the iconic ferries and tour boats that dot the bay on a sunny afternoon. As the city rises higher and higher, starting with the now-famous Ferris Wheel and peaking with the monumental Columbia Tower, the sun streaks across the windows of the glass buildings and creates an awe-inspiring sight. Head just a little bit north and you can get a stunning view of the Space Needle.

Opting for our Drone Package (yes, we do indeed do that in case you don’t remember), the Phillips Wedding occured on the final day of 2017. As has become a popular trend in recent years, New Years Eve Weddings are the perfect way to celebrate the new year with entirely new beginnings and paths in life.

A dazzling winter day, a rarity for Seattle, greeted the bride and groom as they spent the day getting made-up to look like royalty. Celebratory shots (except for the kids, who drank water) and some video games and candy had all the guys in good moods. The ladies looked like they were arriving for an awards show, with sparkling beige dresses fit for the Oscars.

As this wedding was late at night, our photos of the bride and groom on the roof were illuminated by the city rather than the sun, providing us with some wonderful shots of the group along with the city that never really sleeps. With the ferris wheel glowing in the background, it was simply a marvellous night to be in Seattle.

A luxurious venue for the wedding, The Four Seasons looks and feels like it was tailor-made for those wanting something a little extra for their big day. With an absolutely decadent altar, and space enough to fit just about everyone you want there, it is a stately room that will surely be unforgettable for anyone lucky enough to catch a wedding there. Once the ceremony started, we were treated to some wild dance moves by Ryan who came down the altar strutting moves we’re far too afraid to try.

What followed was a tender, heartfelt ceremony that ended with the all-too-wonderful kiss that sealed the union between these two. The amount of excitement these two shared was absolutely palpable, especially when you see the two essentially dance their way back down the aisle.

Some twilight shots of the two, their families and Seattle really brought the evening together before it was time for the entire bridal party to shimmy and shake their way back into the reception as they got everyone hopping, dancing, and skipping around in excitement. Like a flash mob, the entire group seemed in on the idea.

With such a fun day and an even more wonderful way to ring in the New Year, it was sad to see the day (and year) come to an end, though it was done so with as much flair and love as one could possibly ever imagine. Thanks again to Ryan and Fadhila for choosing Best Made Videos for filming their wedding! We hope the first five months of your married life have been blessed!

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Venue –  The Four Seasons

Photographer – Emazing Photography

DJ – H206 Events

Floral – Seattle Floral Design

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Ryan and Fadhila’s Story in their own words:

Fadhila’s version (The right version)

I have known Ryan since I was in the 7th grade. He used to always walk to my house and we would sit on my porch for hours talking (don’t tell my mom). See back then he was actually like really sprung and wanted more than a friendship 🙂

Fast-forward to my senior year in college. Ryan was in town for Winter Break. We all went out to celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday for dinner (Red Robin at South Center used to be the spot). The party then proceeded to the friend’s house for a game night. You can say I was “flirting” with Ryan at the party & looking through his phone. Can you believe he let me do that?? This is probably where Ryan will have a different version then me. When it was time for me to leave Ryan wanted to leave as well. He walked me to my car & we said good night. Just as I was about to pull away in my car, Ryan pulled up next to me. He asked for my phone number (Ryan, yes you did, & Ryland Brown is my witness.) We actually went on our first date the next day to one of my girlfriend’s house to watch the Rose Bowl (USC vs Mich 2004). After that date at my friend’s house you could say I was sort of hooked on Ryan. I use to drive through blizzards (literally) just to spend a weekend with him at his college Eastern Washington University .

We started dating through our early 20’s & now we are in our mid 30’s. I was there for his very first game as a Lion, and his last. He was there when I first started my career job & has supported me in every way. We have two beautiful boys together & I look forward to being Mrs. Phillips & finally sharing the same last names as all my Boys.

The Proposal

We normally go out to Christmas Brunch every year (a tradition my mom started when I was little girl.) This time we planned on doing something different. We decided to host Christmas dinner at our house. After we ate I went upstairs & got my robe so I can get comfortable. Ryan, had ask me to get up because he wanted to say a speech in front of everyone. So, I took my robe off (eye roll) and joined him & our boys in our living room. He started off by thanking everyone for joining us for dinner. Ryan went on about our families, and all the support throughout the years. He, then looked at me and thanked me for being in his life and being his best friend. I kind of have to admit most of what he said to me before the actual proposal is a blur. I remember him getting on his one knee and proposing. Completely took me off guard & I was so floored that I couldn’t stop crying. I kept asking him if he was serious & I forgot to give him an answer. I finally said, “Yes” but couldn’t stop crying. The proposal was absolutely perfect. What meant the most to me that night is he did it in front of our Boys -which made it even more special. It was the best day ever – (besides giving birth to our boys.) I will forever cherish this moment in my heart.

Ryan’s Version

This fairy tale started back in 7th grade when Ryan attended a middle school dance at St. Therese school. Being the dancer Ryan was and currently is he crossed paths with this young lady named Fadhila Davis that caught his attention immediately. Intrigued by Fadhila, Ryan was trying to get her attention as much as possible with dance moves, and so forth but to no avail. Ryan pursued Fadhila for the next year with phone calls, frequent visits to her house (just sitting on her porch of course lol) because Ryan’s mom worked a block away at Bailey Gatzert elementary school. Nevertheless, Fadhila wouldn’t take him seriously, and only seen Ryan as “The Homie”. They started to lose connection after 8th grade even though Fadhila was at Garfield high school and Ryan was attending the PRESTIGIOUS FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL. With the two schools being rivals the two individuals still didn’t cross paths often.

As time progressed and college came about in 2003 Ryan decided to come home from school on break. Ryan and a couple of his friends got invited to a birthday get together at Red Robin. They decided to attend the event and low and behold Fadhila was there also. Still looking good as ever she caught Ryan’s attention again, but Ryan refused to relive 8th grade. So, Ryan said hi and kept things to a distance but boy did times change. Fadhila saw Ryan and said, “Oh I was tripping I got to have him.” With that said throughout the course of the night Fadhila pursued Ryan like a mouse tracking cheese. Fadhila began to flirt and play the high school games such as eye contact, Lil kid hitting, and best of all playing in Ryan’s phone. She was persistent in wanting to create conversation, but Ryan was definitely flattered and interested. By the end of the night Fadhila followed Ryan outside as he was leaving and they exchanged numbers.

That night they never knew there relationship would blossom into something magical. They now share a beautiful family with two kids (Ryan and Braylen), and a lifetime memories to reminisce about and gain. She had his heart in 7th grade and he stole hers in 2003. Now in 2017 they will make it official before God that their relationship and bond will last a lifetime.

Wedding Party Bios:

Jennifer Simmons – Matron of Honor

I met Jen when I was 17 yrs old working at Bebe. Or friendship quickly formed & deepened into the relationship it is today. Words can’t describe how much she means to me & the bond that we share. She has help shaped me into becoming the women I am today. We have so many memories together that can never be replaced. Jen was there when I first started dating Ryan. Her love and support has been very instrumental throughout the whole journey of Ryan & my relationship. We have survived some tough journeys together called “life” & been through a few sad roads. But, no matter what she has always stood by me. Jen has a strong bond with our boys & was even in the room when little Ryan was born. I love this women beyond words and I am very thankful she is in my life. I love you Jen!!!

Jamael Fischer – Matron of Honor

Jamael & I first met while I was working at Bebe and she was working at BcBg. We always remained friends throughout the years but it wasn’t until a few years ago our friendship grew into a beautiful friendship. Jamael has been my strength on so many different levels and I could not imagine my life without her. Jamael is an amazing women, wife, mother, and friend. She goes out of her way to open her home & always goes the extra mile to ensures everyone is taken care of. She always puts others before herself & I admire & respect her for doing so. What I love about Jamael is she challenges me on all levels & always keeps it real which in turns helps me become the women I am. Jamael is very involved in my daily life & she loves our Boys like they were hers. My love for her is very deep & I am beyond blessed she is in my life. I pray and thank God everyday for our friendship. I love you JamJam!!!

Tanida Aye – Bridesmaid

Interesting enough I met Tanida while I was a freshman at the UW. We met through a mutual friend but at the time I had no idea she was best friends with Jamael. 6 degrees of separation is a testimony to be true. Fast-forward to a few years ago & I was reintroduced to Tanida through Jamael. What I cherish about our friendship is the spiritual bond that we share. Tanida has helped guide & advise me through many things from a spiritual angle and she prays for me when my spirit is weak. Tanida is an incredible God loving women she even teaches sometimes at our bible study on Wednesday nights. Tanida has a very huge heart, is always there when I need her, & I can depend on her for anything . I most admire about Tanida is she’s always there to have a helping hand and never expecting anyting in return. Not a day goes by that we don’t call and check on one another. I love her to the moon and back & couldn’t imagine my life without her. I love you Gu!!!

Danielle Evans – Bridesmaid

Danielle & I go way back to when I was a little girl. “Nana” and I are deeper then just friends she is absolutely family to me. We have been there for each other for all the milestones of our lives. Our families spend every Thanksgiving & Christmas together. I admire the women that she is & I have always looked up to her. Her love for her family runs deep & that shows through the amazing mother she is. I am honored to be the God Mother of her daughter Zelie! Danielle & I share a relationship that can never be broken. I look forward to the future with her & watching our kids grow together just as we did. I love you Nana!!!!

Joy Laohaprasit – Bridesmaid

Oh My! Joy is my “British Bell” because we secretly wish we lived in England during the Period Times. When we first met we instantly connected. Joy is the only person who I can watch Downton Abbey reruns with over & over – no one but Joy can understand how important this is to me. We have shared many nights over English Tea Time. Joy fills my life with happiness, grace, and JOY! and, she’s the sweetest person you will ever meet. Joy means the world to me & I treasure our friendship. I look forward to sharing the next chapters of our lives together. I love you Joy!!!

Asha Carter – Bridesmaid

Some friends come and go while others remain in your life throughout the years. I met Asha when I was 8 years old running track for SCAA. We have lots of memories growing up together during our adolescent years. It wasn’t until Asha moved back to Seattle from her college years that our friendship grew into a deeper level. We started bonding over our love of sports & the rest is history. Our families have watched many football games together & we have created memories for a lifetime. Asha is my go to girl when it comes to any breaking news with sports & she’s always up for a good discussion. We have so much in common from fashion, sports, & especially our love for family. Asha is a very loyal, caring, trustworthy, and devoted friend. She’s a Phenomenal women & incredible mother. I am a very lucky women to have her in my life & I love her to pieces. Trust me when I say, I look forward to the Gigi/ BrayBray chronicles coming our way! Watching these two grow up together is going to be a lot of fun! I love you Asha!!!

Eric Metcalf – Best Man

Eric Q. Metcalf aka “E” aka “E-Met” aka “Two-One”, I have had the pleasure of knowing all my life. Besides sharing a lot of the same interest, this man has been a brother/cousin, friend and role model for me since day one. His presence and value in my life could never be discounted or downgraded. I used to try and emulate everything about him. Instead of laughing or making fun of me, he took it as a tool to teach me lessons and give me the wisdom needed to transform me to being a great man and father. He instilled values and principles in me that real men need to have in order to appreciate truesuccess and happiness. He’s a BEST MAN for all those reasons and more. #LIFERS

Alonzo Gilbert – Best Man

My guy Alonzo Ray Gilbert II aka “Zo” aka “Bear” aka “Fall asleep anywhere”, has been my boy for over 20 years. When we first met at the prestigious Franklin High School, we had a connection that I knew would last and build into a lifetime friendship. He’s seen the bad, the good and the ugly, but he’s never judged or left me stranded. He’s been a best friend to me through it all,and continues to do so. He will forever be my extended family and my brother. #LIFERS

Steve Banks – Groomsman

Alfred Steven Banks aka “Banks” aka “loyalty” aka “Big Bro”, has been a major influence and “Go to Guy”for me for quite some time now. Our instant connection which formed into a big brother/ Lil brother relationship has been a major blessing to me and my family’s lives. His loyalty as well as support will forever be the example of what a brother/friend really is. He’s a true LIFER to the fullest. #LIFERS

Loyal Allen – Groomsman

Loyal Andrio Allen aka “LA” aka “Dance Fever” aka “Tapeworm”, I have known since seven years old. He’s actually been the same size since seven years old as well. Lol. But my guy LA has been my dog since the beginning of time. His love and support for me and my family go unparalleled. Besides us tearing up a dance floor we connect in holding each other to a standard where we will be viewed as successful men as well as second to none. True lifer indeed. #LIFERS

Brandon Gibson – Groomsman

Brandon Lewis Gibson aka “BG” aka B-Gibs” aka “Shoe Problem” has been my Lil Cuddy forever. He went from the scronny kid we picked on to a grown successful man. Both of us have encountered our own individual success, but we never lost sight of who we are or what family is and what it stands for. We continuously support each other in more ways than one just off family values alone. Sometimes that gets forgotten with success,but we choose to be living examples of how people become successful together without the hate.We always stayed faithful to the motto. #LIFERS

Ulysses Cox – Groomsman

Ulysses Tee Cox aka “Tee” aka “TC” aka “Pretty Tee” is my big brother. He has been an influence on me from jump. I used to try and dress like him, wear his clothes and try and be like him just in general. But it didn’t work. Lol. It got me in trouble by him and my mom countless times. By messing up his clothes and other things I won’t mention I got plenty of whoopens throughout the process. But through it all he always led me to believe without saying it, “it’s okay to be yourself, You don’t have to be like me,” Those type of values have created the man you see today and I’m forever grateful for him showing me that light at an early age and throughout time. #LIFERS

Ryland Brown – Groomsman

Ryland Wales Brown aka “Brown” aka “Point Guard” aka “One Egg” has been my guy for years. Brown has always been dependable, loyal, supportive and consistent since we met. We went from young guys playing video games at my house until 4am. All the way to being successful men with family values while supporting one another through everything. His love for my kids and wanting what’s best for them is priceless. He has supported me throughout my career as well as my relationship. Those long talks, and him just being there to listen has been monumental for me and that’s enough in itself. #LIFERS