by Scott Johnson

Dubei Wedding on 11/12/17 at The Golf Club at Newcastle in Newcastle, Wa

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Whether it is a bright, clear sunny day reaching towards the 80s or a foggy, dreary morning in the low 40s, The Golf Club at Newcastle ceaselessly surprises us. With its imposing views, the rolling mounds of the course, and a stately venue for weddings, there’s simply no reason not to make the quick drive up the hill to catch a glimpse at majesty. As such, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it is booked often year-round for weddings, like the Dubei’s in the middle of November.

Despite the typical Seattle overcast, and just a shimmer of fog, the views from the Golf Club on the Dubei’s wedding day were mostly unimpeded. The day started out as they usually do–getting hair done, primping and priming, and waiting anxiously for what is to come.  It was a calm morning, long before the even the most ambitious of golfers dared to brave the cold outside.

Looking dashing in his tux and leather shoes, Laurentiu waited for his bride-to-be overlooking the course and region beyond. As Monica approached from behind, with a gorgeous bouquet of reds and pinks, she tapped her groom on the shoulder. With excitement and glee in their eyes, we were able to capture some wonderful shots of them and their family. The varying greys of the sky really brought some great contrast for the shots making us wonder if the weather was all that bad after all.

Heading off to the church where they were to be married, ceremony saw the two sitting on the altar as they waited to deliver the words that would seal their union and make them one. All at once, the two kissed and became husband and wife. They headed back down the aisle for some more pictures and greetings before finally heading back up to the Golf Club for the reception.

With a five-tiered cake, beautiful banquet tables with reds and purples, and the ever-present sense of god and faith, the reception was a joyous celebration of these two newlyweds. With enough food and good cheer to go around, it simply was one of those days that you didn’t want to end. After everyone got their fill, the two cut the cake.

A little later on, we got to walk around the course some more with the newlyweds. Posing for just a few more photos and shots, they walked arm-in-arm, finally married and happy as can be. And then, walking off, it was easy to know that these two were set for life.

Thanks again to Monica and Laurentiu for choosing Best Made Videos to shoot their wedding! We also want to wish you a happy six-month anniversary! We hope you have been as blissful as your wedding day was.

It probably goes without saying at this point, but I’ll say it anyway: if you have any questions or comments please leave them below! We’d love to hear from all of you on what we can do better.

Venue – The Golf Club at Newcastle

Photographer – Betty Globa

Floral/Design – Monica’s Ideal Design

Hair and Makeup – Natalie Kalini

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