by Scott Johnson

So it’s your big wedding day. You’re decked to the nines, you’ve been dieting and working out for weeks, and you’ve just married the partner of your dreams. Glowing with happiness and looking the best you probably will in your entire life, only one question remains: where do you wish to immortalize this momentous day? Most couples simply choose do it where the wedding was shot, as just about every wedding venue offers beautiful architecture or scenery in which to take your portraits as a married couple.

But then there are those like the Sablan’s, who are such huge Target shoppers that they wanted their wedding portraits to be taken inside their favorite stomping ground! Unlike the couple who got married inside a Walmart, which is an entirely different story, the Sablan’s held their ceremony elsewhere before heading on over to the superstore for some romantic, adorable photos throughout the frozen-foods section and elsewhere. It just goes to show that sometimes the most resonant moments in a relationship, like a weekly trip to Target, often start without much thought at all—until you realize the depth of the love and connection they share.

Believe it or not, but we unfortunately have not had the honor of being able to shoot such iconic photos in any superstore. Boring, right?

Despite the massive disappointment, we have still seen our fair share of wedding portraits that hopefully make up for the legendary photos of the Sablan’s. Ultimately, we got to thinking about what are our own favorites, so we scoured our archives and picked out the best ten that we’ve shot! Without further ado, here is the first part of our Best Wedding Portraits video series.


Reilly Wedding, 09/16/17, Bellaflora Farms

A gorgeous wedding down in Walla Walla led us to the discovery of Bellaflora Farms–an enchanting landscape that certainly looks like it’s right out of a fairytale. Drooping leaves, a romantic manor, and the last lights of summer creeping in through the leaves makes this place absolutely spellbinding. For the Reilly’s wedding portraits, we followed them out to the fields down the road following their ceremony. With the wheat fields stretching out in the background, and the rolling hills slowly rising up, the two danced in an almost barren landscape. It’s just them, the world and the setting summer sun illuminating the approaching grey clouds. The pure isolation out here was spectacular, seldom do we get this few of interruptions–nor the views!

Moriarty Wedding, 08/19/17, The Four Seasons Hotel

You may recognize the opening footage of the Moriarty’s wedding from our Favorite Drone Footage weddings. The camera swoops in over the Sound and enters the city from up high. Anybody who has ever visited Seattle will undoubtedly recognize the waterfront and skyline that makes Seattle so iconic, especially now with the Ferris Wheel perched on the pier. Following their ceremony, Sasha and Shane made their way up to the famous Four Seasons pool deck for an awe-inspiring view of Puget Sound. With ferries dotting the water and the sun glistening as it dipped below the Olympics, there’s really no beating a sight like this.

Chan-Hayashi Wedding, 07/29/17, The Seattle Tennis Club

You’d probably never think that an athletic club would be the premium location to shoot your wedding portraits—but you also probably haven’t seen the Seattle Tennis Club. Situation right at the edge of Lake Washington near Madison Park, the stunning facility offers breathtaking views of the water as well as Bellevue to the east. While it might seem more romantic—and certainly more popular—to pose for photos looking across the Sound towards the Olympics, many forget (except Rebecca and Justin) that towering far to the south behind Lake Washington is none other than Mt. Rainier. As the two posed with the water gently lapping up on shore, they peered off into the distance and to the mountain that is so symbolic of everything Washington.

Nelson Wedding, 07/01/17, Chihuly Garden and Glass

Perhaps the most renowned and recognizable Seattle artist that is still living, simply hearing the name Dale Chihuly instantly brings to mind dazzling glass sculptures featuring pretty much every color of the rainbow in mind-melding shapes and designs. Almost directly underneath the Space Needle, the Chihuly Garden and Glass is a hotspot for art lovers and tourists alike—and also those who are seeking a gorgeous spot for their wedding ceremony, something not nearly enough people are aware of. Which is exactly what makes the Nelson’s so far ahead of the curve. On the first day of July, the two met to be married surrounded by the ones they love and breathtaking artwork. Following the ceremony, the newly weds met underneath warping lights of every hue before taking a stroll through the museum proper. With almost alien-like designs, Chihuly’s sculptures proved to be the perfect backdrop for the bride and groom, inspiring both fascination and love.

Pearman Wedding, 04/22/17, The Landing at Tyee

Out of all of Seattle’s waters, Lake Union is often the most unrecognized. Sure there’s Lake Washington, the Sound, and some consider Lake Stevens up there, but Lake Union (despite getting prime attention in Sleepless in Seattle) is the forgotten one of the bunch. The Pearman’s wedding, held at the Landing at Tyee, reminded all of us of its breathtaking beauty, especially at sunset. Following an unforgettable ceremony, the bride and groom headed on down to the waterfront. Posing on the docks with Rachel’s massive veil billowing in the wind, the sun streaked through the clouds and reflected off the water, creating a golden aura that highlighted the newly weds from behind.


That concludes part one of our Favorite Wedding Portraits! We hope you enjoyed all of the beautiful footage of newly weds sharing their first few moments together in pure happiness. Check back in later for part two of the series as we count down some of our favorite portraits of the last few years!

Have any questions or comments? Want tips and tricks to capture your own footage? Drop us a comment below and we’d be happy to help!