Vera Wedding on 8/4/17 at Russell’s Loft in Bothell, Wa

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“We found Reid (Best Made Videos) on Yelp. He was awesome to have as our videographer and worked well with all of our other vendors (photographer, DJ, officiant). My favorite thing about Best Made Videos are the upgrades they offer (we didn’t opt for any), but it’s nice to know you could have a drone or 4K video upgrade.”

Frequent visitors to our website will surely recognize the Vera Wedding from our Favorite Vows series. The wedding of Mathew and Alex is truly one of our most unforgettable, mostly because of the vows the two share for each other as they recount their legendary story of love, conflict, and acceptance, but also because there’s little uncertainty to the love they have for one another as you will witness in the video.

The two grooms started their days getting ready together—with a little help from YouTube in the art of bow-tying, because that is no easy feat—at a Hilton, sipping bubbly and preparing for one of the biggest days they will ever share. Foregoing a traditional wedding party and best mans, the two simply stood at the altar with the officiant by themselves—and they also got ready together, which is often considered “unlucky,” but that had no implications on a day that went almost like a fairy tale. And then, with pressed tuxes, a little liquid courage, and a whole lot of love, Alex and Mathew met to be wed at Russell’s Loft by the legendary Ray Van Winkle.

As mentioned before, their storied vows show an epic saga of ups and downs, doubt and realization and ultimately the proposal that led to this moment. As Alex starts, he dives into the past and the first time they met. He doubted he’d ever meet anyone that felt the same way about him as he did about them, but they were like “two lesbians in love, moving fast.” Cue the chuckles followed by an emotional beat where Alex describes how safe and comfortable and at ease he felt to be with Mathew. He ends his vows with a declaration of his love.

Mathew responds with personal accounts of his own accepting of his sexuality. He always wondered “why me, why did I deserve this,” and doubted that he would ever reach this moment—standing with the person of his dreams, about to get married—but here he was, about to do just that. Vows like this hit us right in the feels, and surely you as well, because they are so true and full of love and emotion. Without further ado, the two lunged in for a passionate kiss to finally seal the deal.

Sneaking away for a gorgeous photoshoot around the estate, the two lovebirds looked like kids as they couldn’t keep their hands off one another, snapping photos with the sun setting off in the distance. These two are both the best of friends and the kindest of lovers, which is a pretty swell combination if you ask us.

As the night turned to dancing and partying, capping off with a glow-stick tunnel of love with everyone they love, the air was alive with music and wonder—the end to a perfect day. We want to thank Mathew and Alex for letting us video their ceremony and wish them nothing but the best!

– Scott Johnson