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Miller Wedding on 8/25/17 at Marionfield Farm in Arlington, Wa

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“Reid was an absolute dream come true! He helped us out incredibly last minute and I cannot say how happy I am we were able to work with him. He captured the most beautiful parts of our day and sent us our video remarkably fast. I honestly cannot talk this up enough, you will not regret booking with this company!”

It’s always nice to get out of the city, especially when it’s to one of the outlying farmlands around Seattle that many people forget actually existed. Sure it’s wonderful to be downtown with all of the Amazon techies, tourists and bikes speeding down the sidewalks, but head about forty-five minutes in any direction from the city and you’ll find yourself even further from the city life than you could possibly imagine. Up north lies Arlington, a great town just a few miles away from Marysville. To the south east of Arlington you’ll find Marionfield Farms, which is gently nestled between two bends in the South Fork Stillaguamish River (say that ten times fast).

It is here that the Millers held their wedding. Bright and early the day began. The guys sipped on various beers and had an educational lesson from the highly regarded “YouTube” in the art of tie tying. The gorgeous estate, which boasts a seriously cool barn that provided excellent contrast for hanging the wedding dress, has enough space to fill your entire family and even has a bridal cottage.

As the bride and groom got ready for their first look, smiling all the while, the excitement was almost palpable. When it was finally time for groom Jeff to get a look at his bride, he spun around and with a gleeful scream he greeted the love of his life. As we sent them through a litany of poses from silly to sincere to seriously, the camaraderie the bridal party shared became quite apparent. With the stunning grounds as a backdrop, there was no shortage of beautiful places to put the party.

An elegant ceremony followed, with an exuberant official declaring the bride and groom as man and wife. As the two shared their first kiss as a married couple, the sparks ignited once again. As everyone retired to the grounds for champagne and beer, the newly weds went off to sign papers before showing up at the reception to blasting music. You’d never think it from looking at the outside, but the interior of the barn event space is jaw dropping with purple and white lighting and enough room for everyone and their mothers to get on the floor and shake their booty. With a doughnut cake-cutting (and plenty more dozens to come) the two couldn’t take their eyes off each other for one minute.

As the night dwindled away and the lights turned down low, flashing sabers came out to illuminate the way for the dancers. Following the garter and bouquet tosses, the bride and groom retreated down some country roads for some personal photos that—had it just been a little bit darker—truly had the stars shining down on them.

Thanks again to Kayleigh and Jeff for picking Best Made Videos to film your wedding! We hope the first six months of marriage have been full of happiness and wonder. Have any questions? Concerns? Drop us a comment below and we’ll be sure to get to them!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Marionfield Farm


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Jewett Wedding on 8/12/17 at Seabrook, Wa

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“Reid and his videography crew were all very professional and punctual! His services are very reasonably priced and he works with you to figure out what the best package is for you specific event. When emailing him with questions he would always reply within an hour which was very helpful. Overall we had a great experience and received an amazing end product.”

Far to the west, at the very edge of our state right near the Olympic National Forest, you’ll find Pacific Beach. Just a little south from there lies Seabrook, our destination for today. When you get that far west the weather is a little more unpredictable. Ocean mists and fog roll in like the waves and meet the forest lining the beach. These aren’t the best shores for swimming or surfing, unless you like them frigidity (even during the summer) but they sure as heck make for excellent wedding venues.

A calm morning greeted our bride and groom who got all dressed up in quaint abodes, Julie donning sparkly silver sneakers and Taylor sporting a jacket-less tux with a grey/blue tie. After the two got ready, the bride and groom met for the first time on a secluded path behind the charming cottages where Tyler greeted Julie with a warm embrace.  Amazed by his bride, Tyler cannot take his eyes off of her—who could blame him?

With a great little town to pose as a backdrop for photos, the two walked around the area, their feet propelled by the excitement of what was to come. Making their way down to the shore, the soothing fog provided almost a safety blanket. It felt cozy, albeit a little chilly, but it is just part of the natural wonder of Washington and its visually stunning beaches. Heading back up into town, the bride and groom posed for photos with family and friends who were just as excited as they were for the big day.

The ceremony, held on the steps of Town Hall, was tender and sweet. The bridesmaids looked dazzling in their light blue dresses while the groomsmen simply wear shirts and slacks. No frills for these two who like to keep it simple, yet still stylish and personal. When it was time, the officiant—cracking a few jokes—let’s the two kiss (he claims it was his idea) and that was it!

After all the bureaucracy (paper signing), the wedding party headed to the reception where the bride and groom shared their first dance surrounded by all they love, sneaking in little kisses here and there. Soon after, the entire party got up and slow danced, holding their loved ones close. A simple cake cutting was no less adorable, and then the good music kicked in and got everyone shaking their booty—even the kids!

At the end of the day, the newlyweds were ushered off into their future with a barrage of bubbles blown by the guests. You see this a lot with sparklers, glow sticks and candles—though this one seems like one of the safest and funnest options! Thanks once again to Julie and Tyler for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope that the New Year is treating you right and that your six-month anniversary went well!

Have any recommendations for articles? Notice a typo? Let us know below!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Seabrook

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by Scott Johnson

We here at Best Made Videos have seen a lot of weddings, and by a lot—we mean a lot. On the biggest day of your life we get there bright and early, ready to capture every magical moment that comes along. From getting ready with your friends, to the first look, all the way to your car driving off into the distance—we get it all. But many people often forget that the proposal itself—you know, the event that got you here in the first place—is sometimes just as special as the wedding day. But wedding proposals professionally captured on video is something that we don’t see too much of, which is why we offer special wedding proposal videography packages.

An article that came out shortly before Valentine’s Day in the New York Times discussed some common pitfalls with proposals—and one of the major takeaways is to not spend gobs of money on something extravagant like a hot-air balloon or skywriting. The other is to not be too cliche, like proposing on Valentine’s Day itself—come on, that’s an easy one to miss. Other missteps they say to avoid include not sticking the ring in food or anything of the sort and to simply focus on the cute things in your relationship and inside jokes—but without making it too extreme. Often times the best proposals, according to the article, are just the ones with the two lying in bed in their most comfortable, normal states. No frills, no exuberant amounts of money, just a quiet moment of love and reflection.

Since we want to be there to capture every special moment for you, we offer a special Proposal Package that includes social media posts, highlight video and a teaser for Instagram. With prices starting at $500, this package also includes a $200 credit towards your Wedding Package should you decide to keep us on for the big day!

Just ask Connor and Addie who picked Best Made Videos and shared their endearing proposal all the way up at Newcastle (a familiar stomping ground for us, and one of the most breathtaking spots in the region). In what is now a truly unbreakable tradition, Connor took Addie up to one of their usual spots—the hills at The Golf Club, where his sister works—to do what they normally do: take pictures before heading on in for dinner.

This time, however, was just a little different. A warm spring day, we watched them from a distance as he guided her out to the hills. The minute he dropped to his knee and her hand rushed to her mouth we knew it was sealed. As family looked on from the estate, the two shared a kiss and were officially engaged! Having hired a photographer as well, the family posed for photos and beamed with excitement!

At the end of the day, your proposal should be meaningful and speak to your relationship in some aspect. If that’s hiring a flock of doves, a fireworks show or a marching band to come trumpeting down your street—then go for it! But always remember that sometimes simplicity is the best and most touching proposal to stick to. Just popping down on one knee is enough to make most people swoon, so never underestimate it.


Drop us a line below if you’re interested in hearing more about our Proposal Package—or if you just liked the video we’d love to hear that too! Thanks for checking in!

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Ko Wedding on 8/20/17 at Novelty Hill Januik Winery in Woodinville, Wa

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See their video testimonial here!

“My now-husband and I were sure we wanted a videographer to capture our wedding day but had no idea where to start. But within minutes of reaching out to Reid, we got a response back with all of our initial questions answered in full. We loved his work, his attitude, and his flexibility. Reid was consistently and constantly available during the entire planning process. He’s an expert in what he does and it shows in our wedding video (that we received a mere 5 days later!!!) we are so glad we chose Reid to capture our day — he was so easy going throughout the entire day, which we really appreciated in the hustle and bustle of our wedding day. He also got along great with all of our other vendors. If you’re considering Reid for your wedding, act fast!”

Here’s a friendly reminder: Washington State is the #2 highest wine producer in the country, second only to California. You wouldn’t really think it–Washington is often associated with apples…or rain–but this is indeed very true. While a good portion of wine is grown in the Yakima and Columbia Valley, Woodinville–just a short drive East of Seattle–has a fair share of wineries and vineyards. From Cabernet Sauvignon to Riesling to Chardonnay, it’s a delectable taste treat to spend the afternoon in these areas. Plus, it’s a heck of a lot closer than Napa.

With the abundance of wineries, there’s also the abundance of wedding venues. I’m not sure if the Ko’s are much “winos,” but their beautiful ceremony at the Novelty Hill/Januik Winery was a full-bodied event with hints sweetness that left us feeling pretty grand. Getting ready on the property, which provided us some cool shots of the production floor, Nick was gifted a sick watch to wear with his suit while Sally got a new clutch purse! Once they were all set, and after Sally’s father almost lost it at the sight of his daughter in her wedding dress, the bride and groom met for their first look.

The giggly, bashful pair just smiled and let the emotions overwhelm them (this was pretty common throughout the day) as they embraced. While we followed them around the winery as they snapped photos we couldn’t help but feel thankful for the superb weather. Slightly overcast, this is often a “cool” welcome in the hot summer months, especially if you’re having to be outside in the sun the whole day (even more so if you’re the groom in all black).

The outside ceremony was one full of tears and celebration with Sally reducing to tears within moments of beginning her vows–though she was already pretty weepy after Nick read her a poem written by himself. The words of love and devotion shared between the two will melt your heart and remind you that soul mates do exist, particularly the ones who promise to pick up all the hair they shed. When Ray Van Winkle (remember him?) delivered the bonding words, and the bride and groom shared a kiss, the two were official.

The nice thing about having your wedding at a winery is knowing you’re not too far from excellent vino. As every sipped their wines all along the color spectrum and played ladder golf, Sally and Nick signed their boring papers before taking some more pics around the estate. Eventually they headed inside and cut their official Wedding Pie (say, now that’s an idea!) and shared their first dance as the lights dimmed down low.

The sun set pretty quickly, but that didn’t stop the fun or the beauty. As the night wore on, we stepped outside with Sally and Nick for them to have another private little dance, hardly illuminated as their silhouettes twirled and embraced for then and forever.

Thanks again to the bride and groom for picking Best Made Videos to film your wedding! Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Novelty Hill / Januik

Photographer – Julianna J Photography

Floral/Coordinator – Love Blooms Wedding and Event Design

Officiant – Chaplain Dale Weddings

Hair + Makeup – Salon Maison Bridal Beauty & Style Bar

Dress – Bellevue Bridal Boutique


Pie (not cake) – A La Mode Pie

DJ – Sweet Sounds

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Moriarty Wedding on 8/19/17 at The Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, Wa

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“Reid and team did a wonderful job capturing our special day! The highlight video did an exceptional job taking in the true essence of the moment. I highly recommend Best Made Videos to anyone who wants to relive their wedding day over and over. Thank you!”

Seattle’s waterfront is one of the most gorgeous in the world. There’s nothing sweeter than spending a day walking on the piers, visiting the great little stores like Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants and tracing the dozens of ferries as they head out into the Sound and beyond. Have any doubts? Just watch the exemplary drone footage (say, that looks pretty familiar, doesn’t it?) that kicks off the Moriarty’s big wedding day!

A sophisticated day for sure—certainly underscored by the early-morning whiskey sipping with all the guys already decked to the nines in their tuxedos—the Moriarty’s decided to have an indoor wedding despite the weather being as clear as could be. Bride and Groom Sasha and Shane wed at the Four Seasons Hotel, just a block away from the world famous Pike Place Fish Market. Their first look, inside the hotel, was simply adorable. In front of a massive window, Sasha came up to Shane who greeted his bride-to-be with excitement and awe. We followed them around the hotel as they took photos both inside and out, the love in the air was palpable.

Soon we headed to a nearby rooftop where the true beauty of the city exploded out from behind—the Space Needle, the Sound, and Queen Anne rising to the north. You really cannot ask for better weather in Seattle—it was unreal. After swinging by EMP for some more fun photos, pictures continued back at the Four Seasons with the bridal party and the family until it was finally time to head inside for the ceremony. Signing the wedding book, guests were greeted by a live quartet playing classical music.

The ceremony, as formal as you’d want it to be with the signature wedding march playing, was pristine and joyous, with white flowers and curtains that perfectly contrasted with the stark black of the tuxedos. With absolute glee, the bride and groom finally sealed the bond with a kiss. They headed off to sign the papers while everyone helped themselves to a beer or two.

Following the cake cutting—with a cake that was almost too gorgeous to ruin—the event space was transformed to a purple that would make the Huskies jealous with the help of dozens of lights that provided the dancers with what they needed to dance into the wee hours of the morning. Everyone had a ball, shimmying and shaking their booties until they couldn’t go on. As everyone kept on dancing, the newly weds made their way outside one last time before the sun set off behind the Olympics in the west. Standing against the glistening sky, the bride and groom shared one last kiss before heading back inside to finish the night off strong.

Thanks again to Sasha and Shane for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope your first six months as a married couple have gone as great as possible. Let us know below if you have any comments or suggestions, we’re always looking to improve!

– Scott Johnson

Photography – Azzura

Venue – Four Seasons Seattle

DJ – Chris Graves

Wedding Planner – Perfectly Posh Events

Beauty – Bridal Beauty Agency, Sorrida Salon

Entertainment – Puget Sound Strings

Photo Booth – 321 FOTO | photo booth rentals

Favors – Lady Yum

Flowers – Flora Nova Design

Rentals and Decor – CORT Party Rental, Sweet n Design, Creative Ice, Prop Gallery Events

Stationary – Songbird Paperie

Transportation – British Motor Coach, Seattle STS Town car, Inc

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Wangner Wedding on 8/12/17 at Dairyland in Snohomish, Wa

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“Reid was absolutely amazing to work with!!! He made videoing our special day, flawless! He is very personable and responds promptly to any and every question we had. He also got us our clip video within a week and our full wedding videos shortly after!! We HIGHLY recommend Reid for your videographer!!”

For the uninitiated–and those who missed our Best Wedding Vows article–you might be surprised to learn that Dairyland is far from the milk theme park you imagined it to be. No, the only white you’ll be seeing her is the bride’s gown–because Dairyland is indeed a wedding venue. To the northeast of Seattle lies a fairly large area of farmland–wide open spaces that, in the right weather, can serve as the ultimate wedding venue. This is where Dairyland (along with Woodland Meadow Farms) lies, and for the last time there are no cows to serve as ring bearers!

The Wangner’s wedding was a glorious day of love, happiness and a touch of the country life. Kicking off the day with hair, billiards, and a game of giant Jenga the spirits were high and the tension was loose. With the tower crashing to the floor, resulting in a loud rumble, it was perhaps time to really get into preparing for the big day.

Gifted a killer golden watch from Erika, Kayla looked stylish in her grey suit without a jacket–which would’ve been pretty impressive on this hot summer day–while Erika rocked an elegant, shoulderless gown. Their first look, which was started with Erika tapping on Kayla’s shoulder and Kayla not immediately turning around, showed the silly, fun-loving nature of the couple. Adorable photos taken in a horse stable and around the venue were an absolute delight as we followed the wide-eyed couple around the estate while they never let go of each other once.

When the ceremony kicked off, I’m sure nobody was expecting the tremendously emotional vows that were delivered by Erika that reduced not only herself, but also Kayla and pretty much the entire audience–even the officiant was getting a little teary! Kayla, a little overwhelmed and certainly sure she couldn’t follow what Erika just said, responded with matching emotions, telling Erika she’s her “best friend for life.”

As guests loaded up on snacks, hung out with old friends and new, signed the wedding book and waited for the reception, the wedding party soon came dancing on into the event space. Cutting their red, messy cake they smear it all over each other before tyding one another up. Their first dance was full of giggles and smiles as they held each other tightly for the first time as a married couple.

The night wore on as they danced away in a barn lit by chandeliers. Once the disco lights turned on, and the DJ started thumping the music, everyone got off their feet to party until they couldn’t party no more. Kayla, removing her jacket, became the life of the party as she hit the middle of the dance floor–heck, they even danced on the table!

Congratulations to the Wangners! We hope the first six months of your marriage was joyous and wonderful! Thanks again for choosing Best Made Videos to shoot your ceremony!

Like what you saw? Let us know below! We are always looking for suggestions and recommendations for what to do next!

– Scott Johnson

Photography – Hannah Wahl

Venue – Dairyland

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Lehuraux Wedding on 8/6/17 at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish, Wa

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The Music Bed –

“Best Made Video came highly recommended by our photographer and they did not disappoint. We knew we wanted a videographer since most of my husband-to-be family could not make it since they were international. We wanted them to feel like they were there. Reid was the most responsive vendor we had for our wedding and great to work with. On our wedding day, Joe and Matt were professional, arrived on time, and had ideas for poses for the video. They were awesome to work with and captured our wedding day perfectly. After our wedding, we received our video highlight back really fast and it was amazing. We watch it over and over! I would highly recommend Reid and Best Made Video if you are looking for a videographer! You wont regret it!”

About thirty miles outside of Seattle lies Lord Hill Farms, a highly-rated wedding venue that boasts a seriously stunning estate and plenty of options for your wedding day, especially for those looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. One look from above at the land and it’s clear as day why the Lehuraux’s decided to have their wedding there—it just takes your breath away. Plus they can cram as many as 350 people in for the wedding ceremony and up to 450 for the reception, so be sure to invite all of your cousins, even the ones twice removed.

The Lehuraux’s big day got underway with the bride and groom preparing themselves for the ceremony. On Tina’s side, an entourage of lovely ladies in magenta dresses—which complimented the decadent gown quite nicely—helped her get all primed for the day while the guys on Maxence’s side—rocking magenta ties—were smiling and having a good time.

The two met for their first look in a little walkway surrounded by flowers, which look to be the exact same ones Tina was holding. With a spin and a kiss, the two just couldn’t keep to themselves. There were nothing but cute smiles and wide-eyes, both fixating their eyes on one another. Soon the whole party came on out for group photos, the excitement welling up in Tina’s face for what was soon to come. Even the parent’s got in on it, too, which makes for some really special photos.

Held in a little field with a pond flanking the altar and the vast expanse of land behind it, the ceremony was a sight to behold with the wooden gazebo covered with purple drapes and flowers, and magenta dresses and ties popping right out of the video. Once the deal was sealed, Tina and Maxence’s smiles burst across their faces as they raised their hands in triumph to walk back down the aisle.

After the documents were signed, the drinks started to flow with an open bar before everyone retreated inside for the reception. The space inside is perfect for a large amount of people with plenty of tables and chairs for those who don’t feel like dancing and those who’ve danced a little too much. Along with a photo booth for some silly group photos, tons of food and drinks, and a DJ who knew how to get everyone dancing together, the night was just a sheer blast.

Tina and Max, following the ceremony, found themselves walking down a dirty road for some private photos of just the two. As they dipped and kissed, the excitement and joy was almost palpable. At the end of the night, as they were heading off to start their new adventure together, they were sent off by their guests holding dozens of sparklers. It was a marvelous sight, and an even more beautiful way to end the night!

Thanks again to Tina and Maxence for choosing Best Made Videos to film your wedding. Let us know below what you thought! Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

– Scott Johnson

Photography – Tasha Owen

Venue – Lord Hill Farms

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Berry – Reich Wedding on 8/10/17 at Kitsap Memorial State Park

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The Music Bed –
Song Freedom –

We LOVE it!!! Thank you so much!!

Though it might be require a bit of traveling–if you’re coming from Seattle it means a ferry–Kitsap Memorial State Park is one of Washington’s many, many breathtaking parts and a constant reminder of the sheer natural beauty that the state has to offer. Located on Hood Canal, the 58-acre park just a short drive north of Poulsbo is the perfect destination for your wedding with almost 2,000 feet of shoreline. Even the Parks Department knows how beautiful and romantic it is for a wedding, with the opening description on their site reading, “Lovebirds, take heed!”

Bride and groom Kaylee and Conor thought this would be the perfect place for their wedding, and there’s really no questioning their decision especially when the weather behaved admirably–hardly a cloud in sight! Their day began as any would expect: the girls got ready, sipped champagne, did their hair, and bustled around with the urgency that the day required.

The boys…well…they played Mario Kart. Which to some might seem silly, but to others it is the perfect way to take the edge off of what is surely a high-stress day. But soon they got ready!

Conor struggled with his shoelaces quite a bit (remember this from our Favorite Wedding Video Surprises?) but he eventually got to be presentable for his bride who donned an open-back A-line gown. The adorable first look came next with their pearly whites shining with happiness. With the light creeping in through the trees, the photos and video we got were extraordinary, especially when everyone else got in on the fun and had a grand old time goofing around and making each other smile.

In a clearing in the woods, filled with dozens of white chairs, the bride and groom stood before their friends and family and tied the knot in a serene ceremony. With the officiant declaring them man and wife, she adds with a cute little whisper, “you can kiss,” before the two throw themselves at each other in a passionate embrace.

While the bride and groom took care of all of the official business, guests entertained themselves with bean bag toss, Giant Jenga, and barrels full of beverages! Cake cutting, dancing under twinkling lights in a gigantic wood cabin, and food came next. Be on the lookout for an adorable little boy strutting his best moves before he’s overtaken by the adults in the room when they started to really get into the party, even lifting up the groom in an almost unsafe fashion.

As the evening progressed, we headed outside with the newlyweds as they posed for more shots on the waterline. The sun was slowly creeping behind the hills in the distance, the perfect way to close out a day that couldn’t have gone any better. Thanks again to Conor and Kaylee for choosing Best Made Videos for their wedding ceremony. We hope your six-month anniversary goes swimmingly!

Did you like the video? Want to see something different than what we’re doing? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

– Scott Johnson

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Vera Wedding on 8/4/17 at Russell’s Loft in Bothell, Wa

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The Music Bed –

“We found Reid (Best Made Videos) on Yelp. He was awesome to have as our videographer and worked well with all of our other vendors (photographer, DJ, officiant). My favorite thing about Best Made Videos are the upgrades they offer (we didn’t opt for any), but it’s nice to know you could have a drone or 4K video upgrade.”

Frequent visitors to our website will surely recognize the Vera Wedding from our Favorite Vows series. The wedding of Mathew and Alex is truly one of our most unforgettable, mostly because of the vows the two share for each other as they recount their legendary story of love, conflict, and acceptance, but also because there’s little uncertainty to the love they have for one another as you will witness in the video.

The two grooms started their days getting ready together—with a little help from YouTube in the art of bow-tying, because that is no easy feat—at a Hilton, sipping bubbly and preparing for one of the biggest days they will ever share. Foregoing a traditional wedding party and best mans, the two simply stood at the altar with the officiant by themselves—and they also got ready together, which is often considered “unlucky,” but that had no implications on a day that went almost like a fairy tale. And then, with pressed tuxes, a little liquid courage, and a whole lot of love, Alex and Mathew met to be wed at Russell’s Loft by the legendary Ray Van Winkle.

As mentioned before, their storied vows show an epic saga of ups and downs, doubt and realization and ultimately the proposal that led to this moment. As Alex starts, he dives into the past and the first time they met. He doubted he’d ever meet anyone that felt the same way about him as he did about them, but they were like “two lesbians in love, moving fast.” Cue the chuckles followed by an emotional beat where Alex describes how safe and comfortable and at ease he felt to be with Mathew. He ends his vows with a declaration of his love.

Mathew responds with personal accounts of his own accepting of his sexuality. He always wondered “why me, why did I deserve this,” and doubted that he would ever reach this moment—standing with the person of his dreams, about to get married—but here he was, about to do just that. Vows like this hit us right in the feels, and surely you as well, because they are so true and full of love and emotion. Without further ado, the two lunged in for a passionate kiss to finally seal the deal.

Sneaking away for a gorgeous photoshoot around the estate, the two lovebirds looked like kids as they couldn’t keep their hands off one another, snapping photos with the sun setting off in the distance. These two are both the best of friends and the kindest of lovers, which is a pretty swell combination if you ask us.

As the night turned to dancing and partying, capping off with a glow-stick tunnel of love with everyone they love, the air was alive with music and wonder—the end to a perfect day. We want to thank Mathew and Alex for letting us video their ceremony and wish them nothing but the best!

– Scott Johnson

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Davis Elopement on 8/6/17 in the Quinault Rainforest

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“Reid was a pleasure to work with during the entire process; he was friendly, prompt, and thorough. We are unbelievably grateful for all of the amazing footage he captured. We were also amazed by how quickly he was able to put together such a beautiful video. I would definitely recommend Best Made Videos”

There’s something about the Pacific Northwest that calls out to the nature lovers, even those who prefer Birkenstocks and wool socks to hiking boots. From its expansive wildlife–bears, wolves, salmon, orca whales, and relentless squirrel population–to its near-constant rainfall, and all of the waterfalls, mountains and forests you could ever imagine, it’s no surprise that outdoor megastore REI was founded in the city almost a century ago.

But it’s also no surprise, as least when it comes to weddings, that the foreboding dreariness and dampness of the region sends couples indoors or undercover in order to tie the knot. Though the summer does indeed offer far more sun than the rest of the year, these days are always going to be a gamble, especially when it can transition from rain storms to clear skies in the matter of minutes and then back again another half dozen times throughout the day. When we say that Seattle weather is bipolar, we absolutely mean it.

Today’s video isn’t your typical wedding at a typical venue with the typical accoutrements–this is far and away the most simple yet elegantly assembled elopements we’ve ever had the honor of filming. On a misty day in August, Ashleigh and Malick trekked their way into towering Quinault Rainforest (famous for its “Valley of the Giants,” which boasts six of the largest trees in the country and world) to elope.There were no guests, no altar, no nothing–it was almost as barebones it could’ve been aside from an utterly adorable first look and officiant of the ceremony.

It’s becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst younger couples who don’t want all the pomp and circumstance, to simply elope. There’s significantly less planning (still even less than our Surprise Wedding videos), it’s deeply personal, and it saves on tons of money. Due to their increasing popularity, we’re proud to offer a special package for elopements–prices start at just $1000 and include two videographers and edited highlights and your ceremony video.

Malik, who in his vows reveals his deep, undying love for Ashleigh, opens his heart to her as he describes how she came into his life and “wrote her name on every page.” A year earlier he had left for boot camp, but they met on this day deep in the woods to establish their bond for life. Amongst the giant trees and the creeping mist, they tied the knot and walked off into the future together, even if he might have to be apart to serve his country.

All in all, Malik and Ashleigh’s went off without a hitch. While it may not appeal to everyone, elopements are often a better choice for people who either don’t have the money or simply don’t want an extravagant event. Nevertheless, there’s no way to deny that these two have something special going on. Thanks again to Ashleigh and Malik for choosing Best Made Videos to film their ceremony, we wish you all the best!

Did you elope? Have a super private ceremony? How did that go for you? Let us know below!

– Scott Johnson



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