Anderson Wedding on 7/21/17 at Swans Trail Farms in Snohomish, Wa

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“I’ve watched the highlights video like 10 times, it makes me laugh each time I watch it. There are some pretty hilarious moments that just crack me up! Zach loved it too!”

In a city like Seattle, you’ll find countless locations to get married. Towering sky-rises, little churches tucked between massive buildings, historical structures that tell a story and brand new marvels of architecture are just some of the many venues you’ll find—but that’s just the city. Head off in any direction from Seattle (though west will eventually put you out in the middle of the ocean) and you’ll find vineyards, farms, quaint towns and some of the most serene landscapes you’re likely to ever find.

On a sunny day in July, the Andersons tied the knot at the idyllic Swans Trail Farm (which is already a pretty hopping place come Autumn with their massive pumpkin patch) located just a short drive north of the city. All the way up in Snohomish, and right by some delectable vineyards, the region is a far cry from what city-life has to offer—and that’s exactly why we love heading out into the country.

A picture-perfect day started out just so as everyone got ready at Adam’s Manor, a gorgeous estate just down the road in Snohomish. One of our favorite wedding dress shots from this last year was the shot of Tracy’s dress on the front of the amazing house. The ornate details of Adam’s Manor also lead to some great shots of Tracy’s shoes and other wedding day details.

Adorned in peach-colored dresses, the bridesmaids assisted the lovely Tracy with her stunning dress as laughs were had as they forgot we were even there! As the clouds rolled in, photos were taken around the venue with the bridal party looking radiant amongst the rustic locale.

Groom Zachary finally joins the picture with everything mostly in order—there is that funny mishap with the groomsmen “forgetting” his pants, which you can find out more about here—and soon (with a pair of stand-in jeans) the men align for some epic photos out in the fields amongst a beached boat. We would be lying if we told you that we didn’t continue to tease our clients about the funny occurrences, but we do need to get our clients smiling somehow! Thankfully, all that besmirched the day was near wardrobe crisis, but we hardly consider that a loss at all.

The ceremony to follow was a touching display of the bride and groom’s love for each other, with both sides of the family intermingling with each other as “no sides” were taken in the seating. This fun trend keeps popping up wherever we go, and we absolutely love it. The forgotten pants were still remembered after the wedding as the post-wedding photoshoot featured some low-hanging apparel to tease the absent-minded groomsmen.

With the rest of the day turning to overcast, the glistening lights strung over the dance floor lit up for everyone to party the night away. As the day slowly came to an end, the sky darkened to a deep purple and the guests danced until they couldn’t dance no more. As always, we want to wish nothing but happiness and love for the married couple and thank you for picking Best Made Videos to shoot your wedding day. What was your favorite part of the wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

– Scott Johnson