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Fotopoulos Wedding on 7/22/17 at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Seattle, Wa

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Something we always like to mention is the massive amount of diverse, creative and meaningful weddings that our clients want us to film. For every massive family celebration that gathers everyone and their cousin under one roof there is a juxtaposing ceremony that is quiet and small, and for every gorgeous sunny day outside in the country there is an equally rainy and cold day spent inside. But the one thing we love the most is seeing other cultures celebrating in their traditional manner because it transcends the love of the bride and groom and represents their entire being.

The Fotopoulos wedding is just one of many examples of a traditional, cultural and religious wedding for Greeks. You may have seen this wedding before—it was referenced in our Favorite Venues article because the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church is a beauty—but it’s one of our favorites for many reasons other than the stunning church!

The day began a search—a search for toothpaste. It’s funny how of all trivial things you might be lacking on such a big day in your life that brushing your teeth would seem like one you’d have in the bag. But with fresh teeth—made even fresher with a swig from a flask—the smiles shone bright as the bride and groom met at the church for their swooning first look outside the church where groom Yanni teased us—anything to keep him smiling—until his bride tapped him on the shoulder.

As the entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen slowly amassed in front of the church, one would think it’s the entire guest list with how many of them there are! But alas, there awaited more guests inside for the wedding itself! Even more beautiful than the weather that day—but perhaps not as much as the bride—is the church itself with its depictions of the stations of the cross, stained glass windows and the drooping chandeliers that add light to an already breathtaking venue.

With an entire army alongside the bride and groom, the two tied the knot and sealed it with a kiss as what felt like a thunder of applause greeted them from the audience. The official signing, taking place with a prayer inside the priest’s office, legitimized the ceremony. Arriving to dimmed lights and all of their family and friends, the bride and groom strolled into the ballroom for their first dance.

Our favorite part of the reception was the traditional greek dancing with everyone going around in a circle. You’ve surely seen this somewhere before, but being there to experience it firsthand is a wild ride. With a private photo booth and photographer, guests could snap the night away with cherished memories they could carry forever.

Yanni and Chelsea’s wedding day was such an honor to film! We hope the New Year is treating you well! Have a favorite moment from the video? Want us to write about something specific? We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line below!

– Scott Johnson

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Chan – Hayashi Wedding on 7/29/17 at The Seattle Tennis Club in Seattle, Wa

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“I feel so incredibly lucky that I was able to book Best Made Videos for my wedding! They are the total package – super easy to work with (I’ve never met anyone who responds as quickly), totally professional (I’m pretty camera shy but they made me feel so comfortable and I completely forgot they were even there), fast (they turned around our videos before we even returned from the honeymoon), talented (they captured every important moment perfectly), and provide the best value (other companies charge an arm and a leg and I can’t believe how much we get for the prices they charge). I cannot thank Reid, Joe, and the team enough! Thank you for capturing our day so perfectly and ensuring we get to enjoy it all for years to come.”

On a sweltering, sun-soaked July day just begging you to go to the beach (visitors to the city will still be devastatingly chilled by the crisp waters even during the summer) the Chan-Hayashi Wedding got kicked off early in the day by the waters of Lake Washington at the Seattle Tennis Club. The magnificent estate can play host to just about everyone you could think of, and they provide full catering too!

Getting ready for their big day, Rebecca’s side had to perform surgery to untangle her necklace, which had somehow jumbled up like a pair of earbuds left in your pocket for too long, resulting in a big cheer. With flowers in her hair, a strapless dress and a long train, Rebecca stunned everyone, especially Justin when they met for their first look out on the docks. As the water lapped up on shore and the sun beamed down on them, it was truly a special time for the two. Shortly after, the entire bridal party lined up on the dock for a group photo.

Continuing around the estate, the party went along with all the silly poses and formations we had for them, and at one point even lifting Rebecca and Justin up individually. The poses continued for some time with everyone trying to stifle their contagious laughter. It was a great looking group with the men in their suave light-grey suits and the bridesmaids in periwinkle dresses.

The ceremony, held under a tented event space and overlooking the water, was touching on all accounts, especially the vows spoken by the bride and groom. The officiant also delivered some special lines that dug right into the heart strings. Following the big kiss that sealed the deal, the newly weds retreated for a tea ceremony with their parents and some more private photos with their merged families.

Heading on inside to the ballroom, the bride and groom arrived to cut the cake and perform their first dance—with elegant dip and all—before the rest of the guests joined in on the fun. Once the chandeliers dimmed and the party lights went on, the whole room was on their feet, dancing and partying the hot summer night away. At one point, someone even had a tie wrapped around their head. Now that’s a party!

When the day drew to an end, Rebecca and Justin headed back out to the shores for one last photo shoot as they stood on the shore, staring off into the distance at Mt. Rainier, these two were preparing to embark on the great journey of life together with the pinks and blues of the sky intermingling—one of the most beautiful sights you can witness on a summer night in Seattle.

Thanks again to Rebecca and Justin for choosing Best Made Videos to film your wedding! We hope that you had a wonderful six-month anniversary!

Did you enjoy the video? Let us know in the comments below! We are always taking suggestions and recommendations for what to write about, so don’t be shy!

– Scott Johnson

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Anderson Wedding on 7/21/17 at Swans Trail Farms in Snohomish, Wa

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“I’ve watched the highlights video like 10 times, it makes me laugh each time I watch it. There are some pretty hilarious moments that just crack me up! Zach loved it too!”

In a city like Seattle, you’ll find countless locations to get married. Towering sky-rises, little churches tucked between massive buildings, historical structures that tell a story and brand new marvels of architecture are just some of the many venues you’ll find—but that’s just the city. Head off in any direction from Seattle (though west will eventually put you out in the middle of the ocean) and you’ll find vineyards, farms, quaint towns and some of the most serene landscapes you’re likely to ever find.

On a sunny day in July, the Andersons tied the knot at the idyllic Swans Trail Farm (which is already a pretty hopping place come Autumn with their massive pumpkin patch) located just a short drive north of the city. All the way up in Snohomish, and right by some delectable vineyards, the region is a far cry from what city-life has to offer—and that’s exactly why we love heading out into the country.

A picture-perfect day started out just so as everyone got ready at Adam’s Manor, a gorgeous estate just down the road in Snohomish. One of our favorite wedding dress shots from this last year was the shot of Tracy’s dress on the front of the amazing house. The ornate details of Adam’s Manor also lead to some great shots of Tracy’s shoes and other wedding day details.

Adorned in peach-colored dresses, the bridesmaids assisted the lovely Tracy with her stunning dress as laughs were had as they forgot we were even there! As the clouds rolled in, photos were taken around the venue with the bridal party looking radiant amongst the rustic locale.

Groom Zachary finally joins the picture with everything mostly in order—there is that funny mishap with the groomsmen “forgetting” his pants, which you can find out more about here—and soon (with a pair of stand-in jeans) the men align for some epic photos out in the fields amongst a beached boat. We would be lying if we told you that we didn’t continue to tease our clients about the funny occurrences, but we do need to get our clients smiling somehow! Thankfully, all that besmirched the day was near wardrobe crisis, but we hardly consider that a loss at all.

The ceremony to follow was a touching display of the bride and groom’s love for each other, with both sides of the family intermingling with each other as “no sides” were taken in the seating. This fun trend keeps popping up wherever we go, and we absolutely love it. The forgotten pants were still remembered after the wedding as the post-wedding photoshoot featured some low-hanging apparel to tease the absent-minded groomsmen.

With the rest of the day turning to overcast, the glistening lights strung over the dance floor lit up for everyone to party the night away. As the day slowly came to an end, the sky darkened to a deep purple and the guests danced until they couldn’t dance no more. As always, we want to wish nothing but happiness and love for the married couple and thank you for picking Best Made Videos to shoot your wedding day. What was your favorite part of the wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

– Scott Johnson

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by Scott Johnson

Most of us don’t want to admit it, but we can all be lazy when it comes to planning things. So when something like a wedding needs to be planned–often with an absurdly daunting list of a hundred different things that need to be ordered and organized–it’s not a surprise that a lot of people shut down and hire a wedding planner in order to take on the weight of planning a decadent affair.

Of course, there’s also the option of not planning much at all. You could just boogie on down to the courthouse and get married like Richard and Stacey.

These two proved you can still have a ton of fun getting married and taking pictures around downtown Seattle with just a small bridal party in tow and the sense of carefree joy you get when you do something on a whim, rather than wait months and months for an event to happen.

The other option, as movies like What If and shows like Parks and Recreation have inspired a number of people in recent years, is throwing a surprise wedding. Take Ashleigh Banfield (CNN host) for example who, upon not wanting to get bogged down in “a million details,” threw a surprise wedding for all those in attendance at what they presumed would be her 50th birthday party.

So, essentially, the couple just had to plan for a birthday party and that was pretty much it! Check out the article from People to learn more about their day!

We don’t get too many offers to shoot surprise weddings—mostly because we’re often booked months in advance and the idea of a surprise wedding is pretty much the exact opposite of that—but we have indeed had two that were truly special events full of love and excitement. Also, they just so happened to take place at the same venue. Weird. But that’s just the way we like it! Let’s find out more about them, shall we?


Alford Wedding

One of our most emotional weddings, the Alford’s was a truly spectacular day. About a month in the works, the surprise wedding was staged as your typical Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is dressed up, ready to eat some good food, excited to see family and friends—but they’re in for just a little bit more than that!

What makes this day so special is the love these two have for each other and the sheer impact their children have in their decision. Feeling like it was a “good idea” but still “non-traditional,” the couple very quickly established the plans within a month—which by our standards is pretty darn impressive. The wedding, to be held at the place they had their first kiss, is amazingly touching.

Raising a kid on her own, it was always Desiree’s hope that Hartley would find a father figure. “I cared more about her having a father figure more than a mate for myself.” It seemed like she found the best of both worlds with Ron!

Even more special, Ron didn’t know his father which makes his connection with Hartley almost kismet. The bond these two have with their respective kids is something else, but merging the two amazing families is one of those things you only see in movies—until now.

Part of the planning also had to involve including his son who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, which had shaken things up a bit, but the ability to have everyone be there is what makes it even more fantastic for these two.

The day went off without a hitch, as everyone was welcomed to the wedding right away—with many doubting Ron’s words! As soon as they all saw the chairs and the officiant, it all became clear—this wasn’t just Thanksgiving dinner.

Cofield Wedding

One of the most thrilling aspects of a surprise wedding is that it feels almost like you’re pulling off a big heist. Only a few select people are in on the operation—lest certain family members feel betrayed—in order to make it run smoothly. It is done under utmost secrecy, because then that destroys the whole “surprise” aspect of it. But most importantly, the rewards are key—the excitement and shock on everyone’s face is utterly priceless.

So the Cofield wedding kicked off as a “engagement dinner,” planned for about two months. They both wanted small weddings, Mallory was lacking the “wedding gene,” and simply didn’t want to have all the bells and whistles—but they still wanted to make it special. Only close family and friends were invited, essentially the “wedding party,” as well as his boss who happens to be a preacher.

Once everyone was sat down in Mama Stortini’s, Mike got up on stage with his preacher boss and asked her directly, in front of everyone, if she wanted to officiate their wedding. Being in on the plan, she responds with, “well I’m honored. I don’t even know what to say, but why not just do it now? You have all your family and friends here.” Then it clicked with everyone. The tears, applause and cheers were everything you expect them to be. Everyone got duped! But at least it was the good kind!

Earlier this year, the Cofield’s surprise wedding was actually featured on Offbeat Bride! The article, written by Catherine Clark, discusses the diverse background of the parents of both of the bride and groom. After a more-or-less “traditional” ceremony, the two changed garbs to perform the traditional Korean Pyebaek bowing ceremony, in honor of Mike’s heritage, who is also African-American while the bride is Chinese, Greek, Italian and German!

Surprise weddings can be a lot of fun if pulled off correctly, though for some it might upset some of the more traditional family members. There’s not much more that can be the look on everyone’s face, however, so just that alone might be enough to convince you to throw your own!


Did you have a surprise wedding? Ever been to one and have pics and videos to share? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to feature you!

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Pablo Wedding on 8/5/17 at Cedar Springs in Port Orchard, Wa

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See their video testimonial here!

“The one thing I was told by many brides that they wish they had at their wedding was a videographer. I wasn’t planning on getting one, but after thinking about it, having your special day captured on film is something that you can treasure for a lifetime. I found Best Made Videos with their wonderful and positive reviews and I was not disappointed when I booked them! Reid and Jeff were beyond professional, punctual, flexible and helped with so much more than just videotaping our wedding day. I got my video highlight back really fast and it was of amazing quality. I had to watch it over and over again just to relive that day and admire the stunning video itself. I can tell that Reid and his team are very passionate about videography and take their roles and jobs very seriously. I would highly HIGHLY recommend brides and grooms to get a videographer and to have Best Made Videos capture it. This will definitely be my little treasure from my wedding day.”

The Pablo wedding is far and away one of our most recognizable weddings. It is the joyous meeting of two people, their cultures and families, and a massive celebration of tradition and heritage. On a temperate August day, Tim and Kaleena met at the isolated Cedar Springs in Port Orchard and brought a little of the island life with them. It also helps that Tim is both wickedly hilarious and deeply emotional by just about everything the day had to offer, so be sure to laugh and cry at the same time while you watch the video!

The early morning preparation for weddings is often an exciting, anxiety-inducing period of time where you count down the minutes to the ceremony that will unite you and your fiancé. These periods of time also produce some of our funniest and memorable moments, especially when you have as many big personalities as you do in the Pablo wedding. Joking around with his party, Tim—with cuss words flying—cracks jokes and gives hugs with his friends and family.

Surrounded by lush vegetation and a sun that twinkles in through the leaves, Tim and Kaleena met for their first look along with their family. Following their tender first look, the guys all line up for some of the funniest moments in a photoshoot we’ve ever witnessed. From wisecracks (“maybe I should suck in my gut”) to hilarious and silly poses, these guys sure know how to party and it certainly makes you wonder if you could hire them for your own wedding.

The ceremony itself, however, continued to show Tim’s comedic streak. Starting off by announcing he’s already crying, and losing it a couple times throughout, you will be fighting back both laughs and chuckles as he soldiers on through a delicate speech that declares his love for Kaleena. In response, Kaleena’s speech is a little less funny and a whole lot more emotional as she too starts to break down partway through, which only makes Tim worse, but these two are such suckers for each other that it’s entirely adorable.

The reception to follow on the breathtaking estate shows a melding of cultures. With mosquito spray, leis, traditional attire, and even dancing, it’s like they transported one of the islands right into the middle of Washington. Both genuine and beautiful to witness, it is just another example of the unique and delightful weddings out there in the world to see, even if it isn’t part of your own culture.

Following the bouquet toss, a rather raunchy garter dance, and some stunning photos with the sun setting behind them, Tim and Kaleena set off as husband and wife to start a new life together. Thanks once again to Tim and Kaleena for choosing Best Made Videos to shoot their wedding! We hope the New Year is treating you right!

Did you have a not-so-traditional wedding? Bring a slice of home along with you? Let us know below and we might feature you later on!

– Scott Johnson

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Wagner Wedding on 7/15/17 at Craven Farm in Snohomish, Wa

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See their testimonial video here!

“It makes me want to cry thinking about it. Literally, I’m probably going to cry. It was awesome. It was so cool to see it. It just highlighted the joy and the love that we have for each other. And to see everybody so happy during it, it was badass. It was so great. And to have the family pictures in it as well it brings it to life. “

A fair majority of us have been stood up before—whether it’s for drinks, a date, or a ride from the airport. It’s a fact of life that thing’s don’t always pan out. People get busy, emergencies arise, or maybe they just don’t like you. But standing up your fiance at the wedding is a different story–we have a 100% track record with our weddings, knock on wood–as it is a horrendous deed, though it has inspired both comedic and heartbreaking material for movies and television. Call it superstition, or just general courtesy, but it’s probably not the best idea to joke about it to a man on the verge of getting married.

And that’s just how the Wagner’s wedding day started—with the best man humorously teasing the groom about his potential “Runaway Bride.” If you’ve been reading our articles, this one last appeared in the Best Bridal Parties list, which discussed that sometimes you do need a friend to cut the tension if stresses are high. Friends should be there to tease you, make you chuckle, even if—deep down—your heart is fluttering. We don’t encourage this sort of tomfoolery on your wedding day, but sometimes it works.

The Wagner wedding, held at the lovely Craven Farm out in Snohomish, was a splendidly sunny day for an outdoor ceremony. After a morning of getting primped and primed for the big wedding, Derek—with tears in his eyes—went to meet Jacquie for their first look. Turning around, the color rushes to his face as his face lights up with a million-dollar smile. Across the homey estate, the two posed for some incredibly adorable photos, smiling like two high schoolers ready for their first date. The day could not have been better for the lighting in the photos and videos, with the sun blasting its light across the farm for a warm and inviting day of fun in the sun.

Lilac was the color of choice for the groomsmen’s ties and the bridesmaid’s dresses as the entire party gathered for a grand photoshoot including a hand-tunnel, some football huddles and plenty of beaming teeth. Heading over to the ceremony, with officiant Ray Van Winkle guiding the way for the bride and groom to become one. Emerging from a barn door in epic fashion, Jacquie made her way down the aisle to be greeted by the love of her life. Soon after, the two kissed and were officially married.

After a wave of applause, the documents were signed and the two retreated away until it was time for the cake cutting and dancing. Inside the long barn, with links twinkling above like a thousand stars, the summer day wore on into twilight with everyone getting off their feet for drinking and partying. Later on, the bride and groom snuck away for some golden hour photoshoots with the sun setting far off in the distance behind them. It was absolutely stunning.

Thank you again to Jacquie and Derek for choosing Best Made Videos to film your wedding! Drop us a comment below if you have any suggestions or comments!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Craven Farm

Photographer – Megan Montalvo

Officiant – Chaplain Dale Weddings

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

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by Scott Johnson

Look, we get it—there’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding. Venue, flowers, dress, shoes, suits, seating arrangements, vows—you name it. It’s a tough, tough job having to plan all of this out—which is why wedding planners exist—but what about the maid of honor, best man or parent of the bride or groom who has to dig deep into their souls and find something that speaks to the character of their friend. That is a tough job—believe me, I had to give the toast for the founder of Best Made Videos.

I mean, if only they knew how hard it was to write a speech that somehow captured both heart and humor, then maybe just maybe, they’d understand the sheer amount of pressure we face in the months leading up to the wedding. What if it isn’t funny? What if it’s too mean-spirited? What if they cry too much? What if I cry too much?

Well, we can’t write your speech for you, but we can give you some tips we just picked up from The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bridesand Wedding Crashers for good measure. First of all, this one is from Wedding Crashers—always, always, always come from the heart. Don’t try to be too funny—humor is absolutely important—but you don’t want to be too harsh. If in doubt, simply tell a story you have of the couple and how it showed they were meant to be. Other helpful hints include acknowledging the guests, talking about your connection, being positive and staying away from alcohol for your own sake and that of who you’re toasting.

You wouldn’t believe how many toasts we’ve heard, but we’ve somehow managed to whittle down our huge backlog to just three. So let’s check them out—oh, and prep the tissues.


Veldee Wedding, 07/31/17, DeLille Cellars

You probably wouldn’t ever expect one of your parents to absolutely kill it with their toasts—that job is often left up to your best man or maid of honor who know the even more embarrassing details you wouldn’t want your parents to know about—but the Veldee wedding is something entirely unique for us. Not only is it absolutely wonderful in that it is the bride’s mom getting to “roast” the groom, but it is honestly one of the sweetest and most touching speeches we’ve witnessed.

As Kat’s mom starts off, explaining she and her daughter were digging through some old “love letters,” they found one written by the groom himself—check Kat apologizing to him for the ambush—which she most certainly brought to be read aloud. But before digging into the juicy letter, her mom describes how the two met—with Kat coming home everyday in 7th grade saying “there’s this annoying boy that sits behind me in class.” But, as her mom noticed, she would always be smiling when she was “complaining.”

As the years went by, he would invite her to school dances, prom (where they ended up being queen and king) only to be distanced by college…which is where this letter comes in. After a year of being apart, the letter was sent, and in it he writes, “Dear my beautiful, loving girlfriend,” before being cut off by he who wrote it saying, “let’s just end it there.” Alas, her mom continued, “Only a few weeks left until I shall depart this land they call Oregon in search of pastures anew for the summer time. My likely destination, your heart.”

There’s tons more to it, but you probably get the picture!

Sanchez Wedding, 08/28/16, Historic 1625

If ever there was a tear-jerking toast, this would be up there with some of the best. Sometimes a sibling is the best friend you’ve always had, and they stand up there with you knowing not only yourself, but also your significant other. So often times they have not only a great insight on your character, but also your fiancé. As is the case with our next vows.

“This is really difficult,” the bride’s sister begins, “she is the baby of the family. We have eleven years between us. I’ve watched her, I’ve babysat her from diapers to now. I’ve been protective of her through the many years. I’ve watched her blossom from a young lady to this beautiful woman right here.”

She then starts in on her time with the groom, “Then she met Jesus, who worked his way to our hearts through our stomachs. I mean, the guy can cook, you know, and we love him. He fed us,” which was met with a huge applause. Who can blame her for mentioning that—it’s the easiest way to anybody’s hearts.

Briggs Wedding, 08/15/16, Historic 1625

There’s a running joke amongst most best friends that they—without any doubt whatsoever—wish for their future children to be married and then they’d be in-laws. Very rarely does this actually happen—but we happened to be so lucky as to film the wedding of such an occasion. As the two moms start out their speech, they announce that this has actually been “25 years in the making, and we did it!” They then joke about how they think their kids thought this was simply their own natural chemistry, but they take all the credit for themselves.”

The father of the bride comes up next, joking about how he didn’t want to be surprised by any of his daughter’s suitors, so he “started the vetting process early. Basically, about birth, ok. There’s things you need to know: background checks, credit reports, internet search history, text messages. That’s not the important stuff, I wanted to know how long for Joey to be potty trained, ok. I needed to know if he shared his toys well with others. Did he talk back to his mom? He passed with flying colors.”

I mean, what are the odds. Take back what I said earlier about parents not knowing everything. They know somethings.


Was your toast at the wedding particularly special? Did it reduce the room to tears or make the double over laughing? Let us know below!

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by Scott Johnson

Technology is getting pretty wild these days, especially drones. For a while, they were commonly associated with people doing stupid things with them—like the guy who flew one into the Space Needle—but now they’re being incorporated by cinematographers and videographers (like Best Made Videos) to add even more ways to shoot your wedding day. Though it isn’t cheap—some services charge several thousand dollars per wedding due to tech costs, the need for a trained pilot, and all the FAA regulations—it is becoming increasingly more accessible for a lower fee.

CNBC published an article in October digging into these new high tech weddings which include digital mapping, augmented reality photo booths, and other cutting edge technology to add an extra-geeky flair to your ceremony. And to think, all of this has become a reality within this century alone. What a time to be alive.

We here at Best Made Videos like to be with the times and have on staff our very own drone pilot, so here are some of our favorite drone-shot weddings!


Salama Wedding, 05/29/17, Fairmont Olympic Hotel

From the opening minutes of the video it’s easy to tell the amazing benefits of drone photography as ours soars across the Sound towards the Ferris Wheel down on the piers. Before drones, you’d have to hire a helicopter to do this sort of thing, but with the advancements in technology, it’s so easy and adds such a cinematic feel to just about any video. Later on, a bird’s eye view of the the breathtaking St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Seattle, will leave you stunned as it rises over its towering domes.

Moriarty Wedding, 08/19/17, Four Seasons Hotel

Just like the Salama wedding, the Moriarty’s video opens with a stunning shot of the city with the drone flying in over the water. For those who call Seattle home, this is an iconic shot. For those who love their home, this might just be the best way to open the video, especially if it’s the city where the bride and groom met. Using drones in the city is tricky, but here it shows the beauty and size of the city before it settles in on something a little more intimate.

Apigo Wedding, 08/27/16, Des Moines Yacht Club

Sweeping shots of beaches filled with driftwood and choppy water on a typical grey Pacific Northwest day opens up the Apigo Wedding out in Des Moines. Like the other videos, and in movies themselves, it helps serve as an establishing shot. You know exactly where it is, and it’s so beautiful to watch. Later on, as the wedding party poses for photos, the drone soars over for a high angle shot that wouldn’t have been possible with something like a helicopter. Drone shots like this are excellent reminders of ways to get massive wedding parties all into one shot while still looking sleek and formal.

Get Hitched, Give Hope – Highlight Video


As drones become more accessible to more people, instead of just a rich techie’s hobby, it’s important to weigh the benefits of using one to enhance your wedding day. Here at Best Made Videos, we offer a drone package with a minimum of 2 hours at a rate of $200 per. For more information, please contact us directly for inquiries, if not let us know if and how you used drones to upgrade your own wedding!


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“Awwwww yay!! We love it! Thank youuuu so so much!! :)”

There’s something so quaint and fairy tale-like about one of our favorite wedding venues, Maroni Meadows. Located just outside of Snohomish and the tiny town of Cathcart, the five-acre venue can accommodate as many as two-hundred people and is ready to handle volleyball, bocce and a slew of other fun games and events. We just like it because how idyllic it feels, especially after driving out of the madness that is downtown Seattle.

For Julia and Kevin, like many others, it was the spot they wanted for their wedding—with their unique “island-on-the-pond” altar—and we can do nothing but agree. A beautiful July day—though in the midst of the forest it is hard to tell the sun was shining—started with high spirits, especially after Kevin received a Samurai Darth Vader! Smiles and laughs were abound as the bride and groom got ready with their closest friends and family, sharing drinks and coffee to get the day off to a joyous start. Their first look soon followed with the two completely isolated on a little wooden walkway with the forest behind them. It was touching and sweet that both of them just glowed with smiles.

The ceremony, with a sign declaring “pick a seat, not a side,” was a beautiful culmination of these two’s story with family there to celebrate both of them—not just who they know. We love venues and weddings that gut the age-old tradition of sitting on the respective side—after all, everyone will be family now. The bridesmaids, adorned in shades of purple, looked elegant across from the groomsmen without jackets or vests.

Julia’s vows, which were ranked among our absolute favorites just a few weeks ago, make us emotional every time we hear them. Reciting everything she loves about her groom—which is, well, everything about him—she completely bares her soul, making it absolutely impossible to not feel the same way. Kevin responds with some embarrassingly cute stories and moment’s that cement the two’s relationship and guarantees their success and happiness.

Following the ceremony, document signing followed while the rest of the guests made their way to the bar. Joining the rest of the party, the bride and groom posed for photos and sliced their adorable cake topped with lego avatars. Dancing followed, with twinkling lights strewn across the rooftops to illuminate the dance floor. Soon everyone else joined in for some of the best dancing we’ve ever witnessed. Very rarely do we see this talented of breakdancing, so be sure to watch to the end of the video to glimpse some talented footwork!

As the sun went down, fire pits were started for, you guessed it, s’mores! But, alas, the sun did go down and the night had to end. We want to wish nothing but happiness and joy to Kevin and Julia, it was an honor being able to do the video at your wedding.

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Maroni Meadows

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By Scott Johnson

Welcome back everyone for the second half of our Favorite Venues article! Yesterday, we introduced you to the topic of wedding venues and just how important it is to find the perfect location for yourself and your guests. As all of us know in the Pacific Northwest, the month you pick your wedding to be is an especially tough choice—particularly if you’re hosting it outside—and even then a sunny July day could end up in rain clouds at the flip of a switch.

Don’t let that rain on your parade, though, because we’re here to give you some more of our favorites that might just influence you to do something extra special for your big day. Let’s finish it off!


Novelty Hill—Januik Winery, Woodinville, Wa

If you’re not big on cities or churches, heading out to Washington’s very own “wine country” can lead you to any one of the dozens of vineyards that produce delectable wine all year round. But for us, Novelty Hill Januik Winery is our favorite. Promising “modern, intimate wedding celebrations,” the venue offers solitude and relaxation for the bride and groom after tying the knot and then plenty of space and games for the guests. Their Tree House serves as the Bride’s preparation room while the Cellar Room can be used for the document signing or the rehearsal dinner for up to 26 guests. It also can serve as the prep room for the men to get ready before the ceremony.

Their dinner menu is something else, however, as it promises everything from fresh oysters to Thai Style Meatballs, a Croque Madame, Porchetta, Pasta, Pizza, Albacore and more! The Ko Wedding, recognized from our Favorite Recipients Video, shows just how sleek and contemporary the estate really is. Beautiful architecture married with natural beauty of the region as seen in the Bolen video, is a truly rare combination—but those always make the best marriages, don’t they?

Historic 1625, Tacoma Wa

About 45 minutes south of Seattle, Tacoma has recently become one of the more favorable cities of the Pacific Northwest considering the skyrocketing prices for just a studio apartment on Capitol Hill. But on top of that, the Historic 1625 remains one of the best wedding venues in the city. The event space, which has seen a massive remodel, is built with slate floors, barrel-vaulted ceilings, and “dramatic lighting” to make for a wholly unforgettable experience even if you’re just there as a guest.

With the ability to accommodate as many as 350 guests, the gorgeous venue will supply all of the chairs and tables needed along with free onsite parking for guests, though it’s only just a few minutes away from downtown. Additional amenities include changing rooms for the bride and groom’s parties and air conditioning and heat depending on the time of year.

The Briggs and Sanchez weddings showcase how classy and unique the space it. At a glance, it looks like an old factory you’d pass by and not even peak in its big bay window—but if you did you would find an astonishingly beautiful interior that shows a real sophistication.

Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Seattle Wa

While it may be a little difficult to have your own wedding here if you aren’t a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Demetrios is nonetheless one of our favorite venues. We’ve featured the weddings held here before—primarily because it is such a unique venue and culture to witness firsthand–but it has officially earned its spot on a list!

According to their site, “Marriage is a ‘mystery’ that involves human love and divine love, the very sign and image of God’s presence with humanity.” It is a deeply spiritual connection that not everyone shares, but for those that do then this is absolutely the place to make it official.

However, not just anybody can get married here. Those who wish to wed there must not only be members of the church, but also be in “good standing,” have kept up to date on their pledges, and they are also required to complete a program of Pre-Marital Counseling, which is extremely common in regards to religious marriages.

The Tsoulouhas wedding beautifully demonstrates the majesty of the church, especially the painted icons that encompass the interior. Even the ceremony itself is a moving, spiritual experience with the melodic chantings and fascinating proceedings. The Fotopoulos wedding gives an idea of just how gorgeous the exterior of the building is with its lined bricks of alternating colors and mosaics all around the central nave.

Monte Cristo Ballroom, Everett Wa

Every girl deserves to go to the ball, or at least says Jim Carrey in Yes Man, so why not pick your big day to be at an actual ballroom. The Monte Cristo, which proclaims to be the “most all-inclusive wedding venue” in Washington, delivers on that proclamation as “Approximately 82% of what you need for your Wedding is provided in-house.” Promising to save you not only time, but more importantly money, there is an almost overwhelming amount of options to be decided upon.

You will receive private tours and tastings, access to wedding planners, a DJ, Butler, an entire culinary staff and just about the best service you’ll ever receive. The towering Foyer and Mezzanine, where your wedding and dancing will be held, is astonishing. While the elegant Ballroom gives a royal feel for your entire gusts with simply stunning interior design. Weddings like the McLaughlin’s are a marvel to watch, especially with the ceremony in front of one of the coolest old fireplaces we’ve ever seen!

It’s no surprise, as you’ll see in both the McLaughlin and McDonald weddings, that at the end of the day—the ballroom really is the best for dancing the night away. It rightfully earns its name with just a single look.


That’s it, folks! While we could go on and on about all of the gorgeous venues around the state, we just wanted to give you a little flavor of what’s out there! Let us know if you got married at any of them below!

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