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by Scott Johnson

You’d think that at a celebrity wedding the most talked about factors would be the vows, the guests, or even the after-party. But at his recent wedding, rapper Gucci Mane aimed to make the biggest moment the cake cutting. Picture this: a $75,000, 10-foot tall cake decked out in 2,500 Swarovski crystals, 8,500 handmade sugar flowers, and made up of five flavors including red velvet, amaretto, carrot, banana nut and Jamaican rum. Surely that’s enough to talk about, right? Wrong: Gucci and his bride Keyshia Ka’oir took it a step further and decided that the best tool to cut this magnificent beast of a cake was an actual, honest-to-god sword. Check out the video for yourself below!

This got us thinking: what are our favorite cake-cutting wedding videos we’ve done? So we’ve compiled a list of the best and sweetest ones yet!


Mead Wedding, 10/21/17, Melrose Market Studios

Dakota and Taylor’s tearful union is one of our favorite vow exchanges as there wasn’t a single dry eye in the room. Their vows for each other touched everyone deeply—watch the video and try not the cry—but their cake cutting, shows their complete adorableness. The initial cut by Dakota has a piece fall off as she gives a shocked glance to the videographer while Taylor stands there with mouth agape. As Taylor delicately—and then not so delicately—shoves the piece of cake into Dakota’s mouth, she recoils and then preps for her turn. But right as she’s about to go in for the shot, Taylor grabs her hand and does the deed for her, ruining her attempts to smear his face with cake as he caps it off with a “oh shucks” shrug. The two go in for a kiss, only for him to nearly spit his cake into Dakota’s mouth. It’s romantic, silly, and completely genuine. There’s no denying the love between the bride and groom.

Vega Wedding, 10/29/16, Huber’s Gasthaus

While this wedding alone would…take the cake…for being one of our spookiest videos, RaKayla and Juan’s wedding also has one of the best wedding cakes ever. Rife with spell books, zombie babies, decorative skulls, animatronic hands and a black bridal gown, it’s not entirely surprising the bride and groom’s cake would be out of the norm as far as weddings go. The three-tiered cake, which looks like sewn-up flesh with blood ready to ooze out, is literally butchered by the bride and groom as they plunge the knife right into the top of the cake. Indeed, even the insides look like blood and guts, and what follows is one of the most adorable—yet slightly creepy—food fights we have ever seen as they smear the innards all over each other. Let us know what you think of the video: sweetly sick, or sickly sweet?

Mallum Wedding, 02/26/16, Bainbridge Island

A picturesque wedding on the quaint Bainbridge Island is any videographer’s dream. The little town has some of the best venues for weddings in the region, mainly due to the breathtaking view of Seattle off in the distance. Though it was raining on their wedding day, it certainly didn’t damper any attitudes as the bride and groom were all smiles under the cover of their families’ umbrellas. Inside for the reception awaited a dove white, three-tiered cake contrasted by a lovely baby blue color scheme. When it’s time for their first bite, the bride and groom look as if they’re testing each other as if they’re afraid to go first, but it’s the groom who makes the first move and sticks it in the bride’s mouth, who reciprocates with a much more delicate face-smearing. And of course there’s the kiss that makes it all so much better.

Smith Wedding, 02/26/17, Rose Hill Community Center

You might find yourself dabbing your eyes at the tearful vows between bride and groom Ariella and Evan, but it’s the sweet and adorable cake cutting that gets to us. After delicately cutting the cake together, it looks as though Evan is going to carefully give a hesitant and curiously suspicious Ariella a hand-fed piece before he decides to shove it right in her mouth and smear it all over her face. The force-feeding is followed by a sweet kiss and a joke from Evan as they continue to cut their lovely three-tiered cake garnished by flowers. It’s silly wedding moments like these that are followed by sweetness that touch our heart. Plus, who doesn’t want cake on their face?


Cake is amazing on its own, but when you have two people who love each other so deeply that they don’t mind it getting smeared on their face in front of everyone they love—then that’s something truly special. These are our favorite cake cutting wedding videos. What are some of yours?

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Phillips Wedding on 7/15/17 at Greens Landing in Chelan, Wa

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“Our wedding day was truly the single most amazing day of my life. I wish it never had to end but at least I have this amazing video to relive it over and over again.

Thank you Reid for making our fairytale wedding something we can enjoy and share for the rest of our lives.”

“Reid was so amazing. He made a beautiful video of our wedding day that captured every part of our day. I would recommend him 100% and would choose him over and over again. He was great to work with leading up to the wedding and on the actual event. We had our video back so quickly with amazing quality.”

There’s something magical about the golden hour setting on a hot summer night as twilight slowly approaches that takes you back to some distant memory long forgotten. That childhood nostalgia crafts a most potently affecting spell, tickling a sense of curiosity and excitement for those days that would never end. It wouldn’t be surprising if that were exactly what made Kelly and Rylee decide to hold their wedding at the breathtaking Greens Landing out by Lake Chelan, Washington because that’s exactly what the venue does to you. I bet you could ask anyone who was in attendance–or those who watched the video–and they would say the entire wedding day was nothing short of pure, heart-fluttering magic.

Accompanied by a loving, tight-knit group of bridesmaids and groomsmen there to support and honor Rylee and Kelly, the day set off with the two getting ready separately before having the sweetest first look in the orchards located on the property. The bride and groom could barely take their eyes off each other as their excitement for what was to come could hardly be contained.  A heartfelt wedding ceremony full of love, laughter, and beaming smiles–unabashedly evident in the video– followed as the two shared their vows in front of everyone they love and finally became one.

The festivities kicked off immediately after the ceremony with Cornhole and ladder golf as everyone settled in for an unforgettable night of drinking, dancing, and being together. It’s easy to forget that weddings can often serve as a family reunion of sorts, and walking into this blindly you very well may have thought this was one. And, even if it wasn’t, there’s no denying the love and support this family and their friends has for each other. The dancing, playing, and partying seemed as though it could go on forever, so long as everyone was together.

Light and timing is crucial for any photographer or videographer, yet sometimes it lines up just right and you find something truly special—much like marriage itself. To cap off what was already a pitch-perfect wedding day, Kelly and Rylee had a serene Golden Hour dance overlooking Lake Chelan as the light dimmed to a glistening hue while the water shimmered in the distance. It’s so easy to say something is a “fairy tale moment,” but I don’t think you’d be able to find anyone who would deny this one the title, especially after having watched just the video. It was surely a dream for them, but for anyone interested in videography it was a superb lesson in using lighting to evoke poignant emotions. Sometimes things really are as good as they appear to be, and this was definitely one of those occasions where everything fell into line for the people who deserved it most.

If you would like to witness magic happening, do yourself a favor and watch the happy bride and groom share their love for each other and prepare to start their journey through life together.

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Greens Landing

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Ordona Wedding on 2/25/17 at Immaculate Conception in Seattle, Wa

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“Reid is unbelievably TALENTED. We have had nothing but wonderful compliments on our beautiful wedding video. There has not been a day that has gone by we have not watched our highlight video. We are absolutely speechless. We LOVE it! Best Made Videos – Reid produced an incredibly unique and special video highlighting our big special day. He went above and beyond and were so thankful for these long lasting memories that we can reflect on for years to come. We cannot recommend Reid HIGHLY enough!!!!”

Still one of my favorite dress shots of the last year, there’s lots of little details I really love about Joana and Eddie’s wedding video from February of this year.  Seeing the dress go up in the elevator in the wide shot of the hotel lobby still makes me chuckle every time!

Working with one of our favorite wedding photographer teams of Kate and Josh with GSquared weddings, it was a blast of a day starting with some candid getting ready moments in SeaTac, Wa.

Heading over to the church for a beautiful catholic mass at one of the most scenic and breathtaking churches in the area (Immaculate Conception), Joana and Eddie had an amazing first look on the stairs out front.  We even got some nice family portraits on the stairs out front of the church as well.

Following the church service we stopped by the I-90 overlook to take some groomsmen and bridesmaid photos overlooking Lake Washington before heading down to the Renton Pavilion for Joana and Eddie’s reception.  It was a packed house and tons of fun was had as the newlyweds danced the night away surrounded by family and friends.  It was a fun and emotion-filled wedding day and I was very happy to get to ride along and capture it all on video.

Go ahead and check out this amazing couple’s wedding video and experience all of the fun for yourself!

Photographer – GSquared Wedding

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Klehr Wedding on 6/17/17 in Wenatchee, Washington

Check out their video testimonial!

“I would recommend Best Made Videos to anyone. They were a pleasure to work with. Very professional and fun!! The video came sooner then I expected from Reid and needless to say….it was AMAZING!!! The passion he has for videography comes through loud and clear.”

What a fun day!

True story – on the day that I was supposed to sit down and initially meet with Cristina, my car broke down.  Not wanting to reschedule (Cristina had a busy schedule and was hard to pin down), I rented a car for the day and drove down to Graham, Wa. to meet her.  She was already at the bar with a plate of something, (chips or tacos maybe?) and a drink in hand.  I knew immediately we would get along!  She told me about how her favorite part of my wedding videos was how authentic they were, and in particular she liked the scene in my most recent video where the bride forgot she had her retainer in and took it out mid-sentence while reading the card written by her groom.  Cristina told me that she had showed that clip to EVERYONE including her hairdresser, and watching her tell the story just made me smile.

Cristina and Jason had THE most fun wedding day ever, hands down.  Bouncy houses, kids running around like crazy, lots of food and enough beer for everyone, what else could you want?  Watching the beginning of this video while preparing for this blog post just makes me cry over and over.  Seeing the look in Cristina’s face as she tries to hold back her tears gets me every single time.

Running around the fields snapping photos was a blast!  The groomsmen and bridesmaids were on point, keeping everybody smiling and laughing all day.  The girls even attempted to throw Jason in the air for a couple of fun photos which caused Cristina to literally fall over because she was laughing so hard.

When Cristina hired me to shoot her wedding video her one request was that when she watched her video she wanted to see everyone having a good time.  Seeing the look in her eyes as she spoke about her wedding video while we recorded their video testimonial makes me feel like I succeeded!

The reason I do what I do is because of days like this and clients like Cristina and Jason.  The love and joy that they have and the love that those around them have for each of them is infectious, you can’t help but get wrapped up in it.  Thank you guys so much for allowing me to participate in your special day with you!

Photographer – Memory Montage Photography

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McLaughlin Wedding on 9/24/16 at The Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett, Wa

“Reid was extremely friendly, responsive and helpful. His prices are very fair and always responded immediately via text, email, or phone. He showed up early, worked extremely well with photographer and adapted well to any situation that popped up during the entire day. I would strongly recommend him to any engaged couple that are wanting to have a memorable video to relive one of the most beautiful moments of their lives.”

I’ve been meaning to blog about this wedding for literally forever, and now that they’ve celebrated their one year wedding anniversary, I figure now is the time!  Working at one of my favorite venues with one of my favorite photographers, Scott and Erin had a fantastic wedding day from start to finish.

To this day they still have some of my most favorite wedding detail shots, from the dress hanging in the middle of the ballroom, to the sun flare coming through the window upstairs.

Getting ready with the guys and the girls was a blast, the guys eating plates of bacon and playing foosball while the girls were getting pretty in the bridal suite downstairs.

Scott and his groomsmen were a rambunctious bunch and had fun fake punching, tickling facial hair and partaking in all other sorts of shenanigans during their portrait session, while Erin and her girls were a little more professional but still thoughtful and sincere.

Going down to the Everett train station provided some beautiful photos of the two of them before heading back to the Monte Cristo where they tied the knot in front of everyone that they loved.  Dancing back up the aisle was only a preview to come, as the party raged all night.  Scott was even challenged to a dance off by one of his groomsmen, who performed a standing back flip on the dance floor creating what was (in my opinion) my favorite moment ever from a wedding reception.

Why are you still reading this?  Go ahead and check out all of the fun from their wedding day for yourself and watch their wedding highlights video above.

Venue – Monte Cristo Ballroom

Photographer – Seven of Hearts Photography

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