Vega Wedding on 10/29/16 at Huber’s Gasthaus

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“In the beginning of our planning process for our wedding, we foolishly believed we did not need a videographer. I am so glad that mindset changed in time for us to find Reid of Best Made Videos. The theme for our wedding was “Halloween”, and for a wedding with such a unique and awesome theme you need to have an equally unique and awesome videographer. Reid’s style and way of editing is perfect. Shooting with him was fun and he worked alongside our photographer so well. His wife assisted him for our wedding day and she was an absolute delight to have for all the confidence-boosting! Reid gets your footage to you within 72 hours, which is so fantastic because I couldn’t wait to see it! Everyone loved watching the video once it was finished, it was an absolute hit! I cannot thank Reid and his wife enough for being a huge part of our wedding day. If you are searching for a videographer, Best Made Videos is the videographer you want and need for your wedding!”

This is a cool wedding video, plain and simple.  RaKayla and Juan LOVE Halloween.  They love Halloween so much that they wanted to throw the ultimate Halloween Wedding extravaganza!

After years of planning and 2 days of non-stop decorating, their vision came to life. Complete with a fountain of blood and bones, to a pitch black wedding dress, their day screamed Halloween through every spooky detail.

A highlight has to be their first look, when RaKayla scared Juan wearing a creepy mask. Juan tried to play it off as cool, but I was there and I will tell you I think he was shaking in his boots just a little bit.  

I am beyond honored to share this wedding video with you today and I hope you enjoy every creepy, crawly detail!

Photography – Vibrant Lens Photography

DJ – DJ Suave

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