Toohey Wedding on 7/30/16 at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish, Wa

“We were absolutely thrilled with our wedding day video by Best Made Videos! If you are even remotely on the fence of adding a videographer to your budget, please make sure that you prioritize it! Our video beautifully captured our special day, from the small moments to the big ones. We were so impressed with the skill and quality of the video, and the videographer was a delight to work with. He was skilled, calm, and approachable. He worked extremely well with our photographer to capture our day. Having this day in video was absolutely priceless. We were able to share it with our friends and loved ones that were not able to attend the wedding and it meant the world to them. They were able to see our wedding as a guest would. Also, for ourselves, it was such a gift to re-live that day. Our wedding day went by so fast, and was a blur of moments and experiences. By having the video, we were able to re-live moments that we may have forgotten, or notice details that we hadn’t on the day of the wedding. As the bride, I especially appreciated seeing the ceremony procession. Since I was last in the procession, I was not able to see the bridal party walk down the aisle (including the adorable ring bearers and flower girl). I really enjoyed getting to see the ‘perspective’ of the other side! Please make sure that you have a videographer on your wedding day, and please make sure it is Best Made Videos. You will be so glad you did!”

Kelly and Mike are dear friends, and I was ecstatic when they asked me to help capture their wedding day.  My wife Dorothy was a bridesmaid, as were many of her girl friends. Dorothy and Kelly bonded while studying abroad in Spain years earlier.

What really made this wedding so memorable, was the song that Mike sang to Kelly at the reception.  A bit of a musician himself, Mike had written a song for Kelly when they got engaged.  He played it to her when he proposed.  After their entrance into the wedding reception he surprised her (and the rest of the guests) with a live performance that left the entire room speechless.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, myself included.

Besides just a wedding recap video, this 6 minute piece of videography to me is a tangible representation of Kelly and Mike’s love and the life they have built together and will continue to build in the future.  This is where I find my ultimate joy, giving couples a small token like this that they can view, share and hold onto for years and years to come.  I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Photographer – Haze Gray Pixels

Venue – Lord Hills Farm

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