Wisner Wedding Video on 5/21/16 at Red Cedar Farm in Poulsbo, Wa

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Having never been there before, I was amazed to discover all of the fun little elements that Red Cedar Farm had to offer as a wedding venue.  From farm animals (goats, chickens, etc) to a pinball arcade and a lush green pasture to hold the wedding ceremony, it really has it all!  Situated in Poulsbo, Washington, Red Cedar Farm is just a quick ferry ride from Seattle making it a fun either local or destination wedding venue.  It is quiet and secluded allowing for a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony and has plenty of indoor seating for your wedding reception.  I really couldn’t recommend this wedding venue more!

The bride and groom were tons of fun, laughing and giggling the entire day.  I remarked to the mother of the bride afterward that I don’t think I’ve seen a groom so happy and so radiant during picture taking before and it really shows in their wedding video.  They were an absolute delight to work with and I’m so glad I got to share their special wedding day with them.  More than anything else I’m so happy to be able to give them a special wedding video that they can watch every year for anniversaries to come!

I was really proud of how this wedding video turned out, not only showcasing the uniqueness of the venue itself, but also the personality of both the bride and groom.  From a beautiful walk down the aisle, to an intimate first dance, the emotion of everyone is on display, and I was honored to be able to capture it and experience it first hand!  Be sure to check out their wedding video link above and experience all the fun and joy for yourself!

Venue – Red Cedar Farm

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