Carreño Wedding on 1/2/16 at Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán, in Oaxaca, Mexico

Reid traveled to Oaxaca to film our wedding. He is professional, personable, easy going, and truly seems to enjoy his work, which is awesome! He didn’t speak much Spanish, but it wasn’t a problem at all. He collaborated well with our Spanish speaking-photographer and the rest of our wedding team. Reid took the time to ask us what it is we wanted to make sure was captured in our video, but we really didn’t know, so we did not give him much to go on, but Reid took it in stride and produced an incredibly unique and special final product. He went above and beyond our expectations. He recorded original music and captured some of the most beautiful shots of Oaxaca we had ever seen! Everyone who has seen the final video has complimented the quality of the videography and the amazing editing. I cannot recommend Reid highly enough.” – Rory C.

What a one-of-a-kind wedding to get to experience and video firsthand.  A beautiful city, amazing couple and such rich traditions (including a parade through the streets of town) I was honored to get to take part in such an incredible day.

The bride is a childhood friend of my fiance so when she told us, over a year ago, about her plans to wed her husband Guillermo in the town of Oaxaca, Mexico (where he is originally from) the dream in my mind was always to shoot their wedding video.  Little did I know the logistical issues that would arise in trying to travel down to Mexico with the proper insurance in place on all the gear that I would need to take with me.  Long story short after numerous phone calls and insurance quotes, I was finally able to find the proper endorsements to cover my equipment and we were on the plane headed to beautiful Oaxaca.

The actual wedding day was a whirlwind affair, but one that truly pops on video.  The church itself where they go married, Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán is without a doubt the most beautiful venue I’ve ever filmed a wedding ceremony.  Sitting in the center of town, it’s a draw to both locals and tourists alike who come to marvel at the beautiful architecture both inside and out.  Even the hotel the bride got ready at just a few blocks away has such beautiful colors on the outside, that it allowed us  to get some beautiful shots of the dress and shoes in the great Oaxaca sunlight.  The photographer Alfonso who I worked alongside during the wedding day spoke of the “Oaxaca sky.”  I came to understand it as the bright blue combined with a few small vivid clouds, and I tried my best to capture glimpses of it throughout the day.

Following the ceremony we were treated to one of the most memorable experiences I will ever have in my life, as the whole town basically ambushed the bridal party as they left the church.  Pouring shots of Mexcal and lighting off fireworks, they accompanied the bride and groom on a parade from the church to the reception.  The bride had met her husband while studying abroad in Oaxaca, so it only made sense to hold the reception at the same school she worked at many years ago.  It was a perfect end to a fantastic day and I feel so blessed and fortunate that I was able to capture it and bring it to you now.

Photographer – Alfonso Gaitan

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