Anderson Wedding on 11/28/15 at the Tacoma Sportsmen’s Club in Puyallup, Wa

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“He did an amazing job with everything. Responding quickly the day of he did everything he could do to help and then some. He was the perfect guy for the job. Plus we got the video 3 days after the the wedding. I recommend him you won’t be disappointed”

This was certainly an interesting and challenging (but fun!) wedding video shoot.  The mother of the bride’s cousin was the couples’ wedding photographer of choice, and although he was a fantastic photographer and wonderful person, he didn’t have a ton of experience doing wedding photography.  This gave me the chance to really flex my muscles, as I had to go about posing most of the shots throughout the day (something the wedding photographer usually has a heavy hand in).

It was a challenging feat but something that really tested my wedding knowledge.  Luckily it seems through working with tons of talented wedding photographers, I was able to absorb some skills and tips when it came to wrangling an entire wedding party together for an afternoon of pictures.  Though the sun was out, it was a cold day in downtown Puyallup and people wanted to get back inside.  I was able to do some fun shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen all while getting some larger extended family shots for both myself and the wedding videographer in less than an hour!

In general everything about the day went off without a hitch!  The couple was great, everyone had a fun time and we were even able to get some stunning sunset shots of the couple in a nearby field before retreating back inside the warmth of the Tacoma Sportsmen’s club for a night of drinking and dancing!

Venue – Tacoma Sportsmen Club

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