“The Black Education Strategy Roundtable is a volunteer-led coalition of African American individuals, groups, organizations and other committed individuals that have been actively advocating for and providing information to policy makers at all levels about the disparate conditions of educational achievement for Black students in the state of Washington.”

Moving out of wedding season, I’ve spent the last week or two putting together two different videos for the Black Education Student Roundtable (both this longer promo video and a shorter second second PSA).  This was an interesting and very unique opportunity for me as someone who went to a fairly privileged private school, to see what challenges and struggles students of color can face trying to achieve their education.  I worked closely with Stephan Blanford, a local school board member as well as various board members of the BESR and even the President of North Seattle College to put this video together.  It’s a reminder that not all people have the same luxuries in life, and that we all have our own struggles to overcome.  For students of color in the Greater Seattle area, this is where the BESR aims to help.  Hopefully my videos will help them get the funding and visibility they need to help make a difference in the lives of students moving forward!

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