Evans Wedding on 10/10/15 at The Seattle Aquarium

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“Reid is awesome! My husband and I used his videography services for our wedding and are thrilled with how the videos turned out. Even in the wind and rain we had that day, Reid was dedicated to capturing our big day and he did a wonderful job. He is clearly passionate about his work. Highly recommend!!

Well this was certainly one for the record books.  When I had my pre-wedding phone call with Matt and Erin a few months ago, they talked about the chance of rain on their October 10 wedding date.  They had plans of getting pictures taken throughout the city of Seattle and hoped that the rain would hold off to make that dream a reality.  Well of course as chance would have it I awoke last Sunday morning to a torrential downpour and sideways rain outside my window.  I texted Ro Ducay of Haze Gray Pixels (their photographer, http://www.hazegraypixels.com) about what his plans for their day were with the rain and all, “It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s going to be fun,” was his response.  This statement proved to be quite accurate indeed! lol

The fun started immediately upon entering the Hotel Maxwell (where they both got ready).  Matt had some antique umbrellas that Erin had bought/rented and was showing them off.  They were “rain-resistant” as Matt called them (even though they were antique,)  “good!” I thought, I do prefer rain-resistant umbrellas compared to the other available models, lol.

Since we had a little bit of extra time (as the dressing of the bride was taking a little longer than expected) I was able to rush upstairs and get some extra footage of her getting ready with her bridal party.  She was laughing and yelling out how nervous, yet excited she was to be getting married in mere hours.  She even started talking to the camera, telling her future self about how excited and joyful she was at that moment.

After a quick first look and a few photos in the hotel lobby, we rushed over to the church (Sacred Heart near Seattle Center) where the photographer and I actually got locked outside in the rain when we tried to enter a backdoor and thus cut down on the travel distance where we would have to haul our gear.  After getting let in a backdoor, we then found ourselves locked INside the church, before we finally got led upstairs to where the ceremony would be taking place.

What followed was a touching church service / wedding ceremony which was attended by all sorts of family and friends.  When the mass ended, we took a large number of group shots inside on the altar before we left with the bride and groom and headed down to Pike Place Market to do wedding party photos.

Pike Place can be a chaotic place on most weekend days and this was no different.  The rains had subsided and the sun was even peeking out a little bit and thus people were swarming the market EVERYWHERE! lol  Embracing the crowds the photographer and myself took some fun photos / footage of the wedding party interacting with the market (picking fruit, walking down the paths) trying to incorporate some of the chaos into some truly unique wedding moments.  I even took it upon myself to capture some video / sound of local bands and artists playing songs throughout the market to later incorporate into the final video edit. 

We wrapped at the market and made our way down to the Seattle Waterfront (as the reception was taking place at the Seattle Aquarium).  The storms had left some amazing clouds in the sky that really glowed in the light of the sunset.  Although it was a little chilly (and very windy!) the bride and groom did a great job rounding the troops for a few more memorable images before quickly retiring into the reception area for a night of drinking and dancing.

What could have very easily been a miserably long day (just in terms of bracing the wind and rain) was made fun and enjoyable by such an easy-going bride and groom.  Not once during the entire day did a smile ever leave their faces.  They maintained a positive spirit throughout and I know it will show as much in their wedding photos as it does in the final wedding video.  You can’t always count on the rain when it comes to your wedding day, but as long as you maintain the right attitude you can count on yourself and your positivity to get you through anything that mother nature can throw your way!

Photography – Haze Gray Pixels

Venue – Seattle Aquarium

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