Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, THERE ARE LOTS OF DIFFERENT WAYS TO SAY I DO!

Throughout the last few months and 30 or so weddings I’ve shot/attended, I’ve seen and experienced quite a few different wedding ceremonies. From the Egyptian ceremony I recently blogged about, to the 4 + hour Cambodian, and everything in between, I can positively say there’s no two same ways to say I do! lol

I think it’s important to craft your own ceremony to fit into your personality and obviously religious beliefs. Maybe you want to have a family member officiate (as my fiancé and myself are considering) or maybe you want to incorporate poetry or a song or blessings from family and friends, any of these things can add to the lasting memory of your big day.

I always tell clients when they have questions about their wedding / wedding video, “there’s no right way or wrong way to get married, just as there’s no right or wrong wedding video.” Whatever you decide to do on your big day is the right way that you were supposed to get married. Customizing your wedding ceremony is no different than picking the colors on the table cloths or the vases the flowers go in, it all comes together to craft the story of the couple that you are, and the couple you hope to be going forward.

Most of the time when people decide to add creative flairs to their wedding ceremony, they decide to hire a videographer to document it as well so they can have a record of it forever. I think that’s a good idea, because it takes the time and energy that you’ve devoted planning a 15 or 30 min ceremony, and extends that into a wonderful wedding video that you can share with friends and family across the nation/world, or every save to share with children that are either too young or haven’t been born yet. It’s a wonderful feeling experiencing a beautiful heartfelt ceremony first hand, knowing that you are helping to preserve this moment for years and years to come.

I would encourage any newly engaged couple to put a little bit of thought behind how they want to go about saying I do, and think of a little special moment or two they can add to their own ceremony. It’s a great way to get family and friends involved in the moment and it’s just another way to add lasting memories that you will remember always.

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