Botros Wedding on 9/12/15 at The Bellevue Club in Bellevue, Wa

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This wedding was a lot of fun for tons of reasons.  Besides getting to witness an Egyptian wedding ceremony which I already wrote about in a previous blog, the day was just really enjoyable and memorable.  The groomsmen were constantly throwing jokes and ribs towards to groom, even erupting into applause when we finished tying his shoes!, lol.  You could really sense the love in the group and how excited they were to be celebrating the groom’s big day with him.

The bridal party was no slouch either, with everyone getting ready at a salon down the road, there was plenty of room for laughter, dancing, singing, and chanting.  The bride’s dress was beautiful and we (the photographers and myself) had a lot of fun finding fun and unique places to hang it, as to achieve the most creative images.  I think they settled for a striped wall inside the salon, while I utilized one of their previous idea of hanging the dress from a tree outside.

Speaking of the photographers, what a great group of people.  Arlene Chambers and her team are certainly at the top of their game, both on a technical level (of achieving some amazing images) but also on a person level (handling the bridal party, other wedding vendors and even working alongside myself).  I’ve been really fortunate this past summer to have the opportunity to work alongside some amazing photographers, and it was nice to finally put a face behind the name (I’ve heard of and been following Arlene for some time) and add Arlene to my list of favorite photographers to work with.

Overall, just an amazing day.  The love between the couple was evident during our picture taking session, the laughter and smiles shared between the two really helped to put a smile on all of our faces.  It’s the reason I do what I do.  I get to share a small part in one of the best days of a couple’s life.  A day that’s hopefully just the beginning of a wonderful life shared together, one full of happiness and joy!

Photographer – Arlene Chambers

Venue – Bellevue Club

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