Every wedding and video shoot has its own unique challenges and forces us to learn and re-adapt. Today’s post and lesson is, PERSONALIZE YOUR VIDEOS!

Today I am tasked with a great undertaking, taking a 4+ hour Cambodian wedding ceremony which was part of a 12+ hour wedding day and editing it into some sort of a understandable and comprehendible wedding video. Luckily I have plenty of amazing assets to help me in this task!

The bride and groom hired a live Cambodian band to play during their reception, a dream for any videographer. I have tons of songs in various tempos and styles to use without fear of copyright laws! lol This allows me to really customize their video to their own unique style and perspective. Obviously a lot of time and energy was given into selecting and hiring the band they wanted to play during their reception and therefore great time and energy will be given by myself into incorporating the music into the video.

Another interesting aspect about my couple from Saturday’s wedding, is the fact that they are both huge cosplay (dressing up after characters from anime shows/movies) fans. They even met at a cosplay convention where he later proposed to her years later. The bride’s room is covered in cosplay posters (she even joked that she recently took some down) and they both dressed up in cosplay to celebrate their first dance. All of these little details that I’m allowed to capture help me to create a richer and deeper narrative of the couple and the amazing day that they experienced.

This goes back to my earlier posts about capturing details and the getting ready shots, all of which allow both the photographer and videographer a greater window into what makes the couple tick and makes them unique individuals. I encourage any couple with the available budget to pay for and allow your creative staff to be with you as much of the day as possible. The more information and assets they have to create and provide you a greater finished product in the end!

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