Brazil Wedding on 8/15/15 at The Bellevue Club in Bellevue, Wa

“Wedding planning is difficult… dates, timelines, budgets, researching vendors, new budgets, hiring vendors, (oh and did I mention budgets?), etc. A lot goes on behind the scenes pre, during and post wedding. Initially my (then) fiancé and I wanted to have a photographer & videographer but it wasn’t “in the budget.” During our time planning we initially decided to move forward without a videographer.

We went to a couple of wedding expos, spent time researching vendors and found that we continued to look at videographers. We spent a lot of time reading reviews, viewing highlight videos, etc. and Best Made Videos was always one of our favorites and often the top rated company. We decided to “stretch” the budget (again) and see if we could find a videographer that was available, had quality videos and was willing to work with us a bit on price. We received a few quotes and although a few were lower, there were even more that were higher priced. In the end it came down to quality of the product and this is when Reid (our videographer) came in to the picture. We really liked his style and the quality of the videos he created. We were excited to learn he had availability on our wedding date.

One of the best decisions we made during our wedding day planning was hiring Best Made Videos as our videographer. Reid is an experienced and highly skilled professional with excellent communication. You want your vendors to be on time on your wedding day and Reid took this to another level. On the day of our wedding Reid arrived a couple hours earlier than stated on our contract and because of this, he filmed some great footage which he added to our videos. My wife and I were concerned about some of our footage because of complications we had with a different vendor on our wedding day and after watching the magic that Reid worked with his cameras, we are even more thankful that we had the opportunity to hire and work with him.

Our videos were completed in less than a week and they turned out ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

If you are searching for a videographer to film your special day, I would HIGHLY recommend Best Made Videos.  To put it plainly, Best Made Videos is simply that… The BEST!!!”

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