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By Scott Johnson

Welcome back everyone! We apologize for interrupting the Favorites of 2018 countdown, but we just had to share some more weird stories from the world of weddings! Never fear, the countdown will be continuing shortly, but in the meantime we have some tragic, happy, bizarre and sad stories coming your way. Get cozy, ‘cause here we go!

In recent weeks, you’ve seen the immense pressure that bridesmaids have to face (heck, some even have to compete for the coveted role). Well, a new article has compiled some truly strange requests bridesmaids have had to fulfill for their bride(zillas).

From the minor (like having to act and dance like a robot in a themed-wedding) to the more extreme of dishing out upwards of $4,000, these stories will really make your blood boil and rethink how you treat your own bridal party members. One story even has a groomzilla, which you don’t always get to hear about! My personal favorite is the one where the bridesmaid had to plan the bachelorette party and had to buy a ton of penis-themed items, even cookie cutters. See goes on to say “I’m just glad I wasn’t living with my parents at the time!”

The recent Camp Fire in California wreaked havoc on much of the state and has since claimed the lives of at least 29 people. One family, however, has found a little shred of hope in the rubble. Jake Olsen, who had to flee with his family and leave everything behind, returned to check out the damage.

His wife had left her wedding ring on the counter in the rush of things, so he promised her he would try and find it. Upon arrival, the entire house was gone. Nevertheless, he started digging. Sure, enough, buried right around where the kitchen counter was, he found the ring.

So while he and his family might not have a home any longer, they still have each other and their love. Sometimes things really turn out with a silver-lining…or in this case gold.

We keep running into stories like this and it’s starting to become a bit of a downer. Back in November, yet another wedding dress was stolen out of a car. Jessica Blackwell, who was already married at this time, was hoping to pass the dress down to her daughters. She had left the dress in the car overnight, with the idea that her husband would take it to the cleaner, only to find that it was missing in the morning. Married for just a few months, this is surely devastating, but we’re glad that she was able to have it for her own wedding! She is now asking everyone to watch out for it, and has learned her mistake to never leave anything valuable in her car.

The topic of bridesmaids is an ever-evolving myriad of dresses, responsibilities and bouquets. An article in The Atlantic digs deep into the wedding staple, exploring just how out of control it has become. They say that there is now an average of five bridesmaids per wedding, which was up from four just a decade ago. It goes on to note that other countries seldom have more than three, and some don’t even have one.

The author of the article goes on to explain that things have gotten way out of hand just in regards to “aesthetically pleasing photos and a tidy, recessional, couples typically choose the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.” The issue then, is that the brides often invite exorbitant amounts of people, meaning they far outnumber groomsmen. It then mentions same-sex weddings and after that everything becomes co-ed on both sides of the aisle.

If that isn’t enough to make your head spin on the subject, just remember that you don’t actually need anyone other than a maid of honor and best man, so don’t stress yourself out too much!

Ben and Michael’s perfectly colorful wedding has caught the attention of the internet. An article from Pop Sugar details their adorable wedding, which featured their very own “love-story playlist” that features a couple songs from Lady Gaga like “LoveGame” and “You and I,” along with the Glee cover of “Don’t Stop Believing,” and most importantly, “Rainbow” by Kesha. It’s this last song that has the biggest impact, because their bridesmaids’ dresses were dyed to look each like a color of the rainbow, resulting in a dazzling display of beauty and love.

The article features more photos from their wedding, but just from the cover photo it looks truly spectacular.

This last story is not about the beginning of a marriage–it’s about the end. And boy does it end in a bang…literally. A 43-year-old divorcee by the name of Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler decided to celebrate the end of her marriage by literally blowing up her wedding dress.

As opposed to just tossing it in the trash or lighting it on fire, it was rigged with 20 pounds of Tannerite, which is used as an exploding target. So, her dad and brother-in-law thought this would be a pretty grand idea. Luckily they happened to have a friend who is a bomb tech so this whole thing could come together, and sure enough Kimberly hit her mark on the first shot, obliterating her marriage. That being said, there were reports that the explosion could be felt for fifteen miles! That’s a big one.


And there you have it for another week of Bizarre Wedding News! As you all well know by now, we are always looking for stories to share with you so please leave them below if you come across any! See you all next time.

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by Scott Johnson

Welcome back everyone to the next installment of our Favorites of 2018 Countdown! This time around is our Favorite Repeat Wedding Venues: places we went to multiple times this year. Who would have thought we would be hitting up these places so many times? But they sure made their impression on us! Ballrooms, golf courses, conference centers and more are coming your way, so let us dive right on in!

Indian Summer Golf and Country Club

I have said it before, and I will most definitely keep saying it: golf courses are one of the best venues for a wedding. Architectured landscapes, peace and quiet, and usually a large enough clubhouse for your entire party all make these atypical venues such a pleasure to visit. Down near Olympia, the Indian Summer Golf and Country Club was so popular, we went twice within a month.

The Middleton Wedding at the end of May was such a gorgeous day from start to finish. Toasty weather, vibrant green grass and a sun that made our job so much easier really made for a superb wedding. The Smith Wedding, just a few weeks later, was not quite as sunny but nevertheless ended up being a perfect day. With so many places to snap photos of our bridal parties, we could walk around the course for hours and never get tired. Inside for the reception, both weddings really got into the swing of things. The hall, which seems big enough to fit hundreds of people, proved to be the perfect place to dance the night away!

Bell Harbor International Conference Center

I know, I know. You are probably thinking, “A conference center? Who would want to get married there?”

Let me tell you something: these places are fantastic. Especially the Bell Harbor International Confer Center.

Think about it this way: say you have hundreds of people to invite. Most places are going to be iffy about letting that many people come storming on in. But a conference center, somewhere that’s used to that volume of people, can surely accommodate the quantity.

Did I mention it’s also simply stunning? Well, it is!

Take a look at its panoramic views of the harbor, city skyline, and the mountains way across the water and you’ll be treated to a feast for the eyes. Did you need space? They have over 96,000 square feet of it!

Two weddings took us there this year. The Ta wedding back in May was a touch cloudy, but the outdoor wedding against the harbor (with cruise ship backdrop and all) was touching and sweet. Once he headed on back in for the reception, the hall was so spectacularly designed and beautiful. With tons of room for dancing, it proved to be the perfect venue.

Elaine and Aaron’s September wedding was held indoor, but we certainly made them walk around the waterfront enough! The indoor venue was intimate enough for the ceremony, but big enough to fit everyone. Hopefully this has been enough to remove any doubts about Conference Centers!

Trinity Tree Farm

Trinity Tree Farm serves one very important purpose during this time of year: Christmas Trees. But for much of the other parts of the year, it serves as a great venue for events and weddings. Poised on a hill overlooking Issaquah, with exceptional views of the mountains to boot, it’s a lovely location for some peace and quiet. With the Barn and the Lodge as their two venues (and with capacities of up to 150 people) they offer tons of amenities including lawn games, s’mores, and the option to hire your own food trucks.

The Van Cise and Wolff/DeChant weddings brought us over here within a month of each other. One right before Spring began and the other shortly after. Both of the weddings, and the farm itself, were teeming with new life and excitement for the future.

Early in March, as the trees were only about three feet high when Taylor and Angelina wed. The grounds themselves were so full of light and beauty, but it’s the Lodge that truly makes everyone feel right at home. It’s there that the Van Cises tied the knot, overlooking the backyard area in such a lovely ceremony. The Wolff/DeChant wedding followed suit, but they were not nearly as lucky with the weather as the Van Cises’. The gray overcast day still proved to be such a wonderful occasion.

Monte Cristo Ballroom

It feels like we’ve been going to the Monte Cristo Ballroom forever! Certainly one of our favorite stomping grounds, this Everett establishment has played host to hundreds of weddings and other events. Their “no package” deal, which, essentially means you get everything, is an absolutely crazy good idea. They even offer the wedding dress. Along with servers, bartenders and more, they are ready to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible.

Which is probably why the Cordovas and Ohashis had such stellar celebrations for their weddings here. Lovely marbled floors and stark white pillars fill the atrium where weddings are held. It doesn’t take too much effort, and soon the wedding hall is turned into the ballroom proper, with a balcony for those too tired to dance to watch from.

For both weddings, held almost exactly four months apart, the venue did their best to ensure a fun filled day. Hey, when you get married in a ballroom, they dancing should never stop!

Salty’s on Alki

Our final venue is one that holds significant value Best Made Videos®. It is where our founder got married two years ago. We were fortunate enough to get to go here twice this year–with its imposing views of not only the Sound, but Seattle as well, Salty’s inspires romance and beauty on its waterfront perch.

A late July wedding for the Eisenhauers, and a smart decision in opting for the drone package, exemplifies just how gorgeous the area can be for a wedding. While the Eisenhauers got married in a church, their first look (as with any first look at Salty’s) took place on the docks overlooking the Sound with Seattle soaring in the distance, followed by their reception in the great hall underneath the restaurant.

The Grybos spent their entire day galavanting around the area. An early September wedding, with surprisingly clear skies (that later made way for overcast clouds) allowed for some great shots, especially during the first look and group photos. Boisterous, romantic, and beautiful to say the least, both weddings reminded us of the magnificent power of Salty’s.


Thus concludes our favorite Repeat Wedding Venues of 2018. We hope you enjoyed visiting these wedding venues as much as we have. Perhaps you might consider getting married at one of these great venues! Have any questions or comments? Leave them below! See you soon for our next Favorites of 2018!

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by Scott Johnson

Welcome back to the conclusion of our Favorite New (for us) Wedding Venues of 2018! These places are venues we have never been to before, and they certainly left an impression on us. We hope they leave on on you, too! Be sure to check out the previous installment so you don’t miss out on any great venues! Let’s get to the finish:

Freestone Inn

If you’re up for a drive (albeit an utterly gorgeous one) then you might find yourself winding through the mountain passes on your way to one of the quaintest little venues we’ve found in a long time: Freestone Inn. About 15 miles west of the awesome town of Winthrop, you’re pretty much up there in the mountains far away from any real civilization.

While it may not offer dozens of cool perks like more urban venues, the selling point is the breathtaking views and the complete sense of solitude. Even the little ponds and lakes hardly move out here, and sometimes all you can hear is the sound of the wind. The Wetzler/Ashby wedding took great advantage of this places beauty, especially with an end-of-July wedding. Even the interiors go above and beyond to look spectacular. Have a bunch of kids to take care of? There’s a pool to keep them distracted and an outdoor spa for any honeymooners who want to stick around up here.

Carleton Farms

One of the newer wedding venues we’ve been to, Carleton Farms built their “Wedding Barn” just a few years back in 2014. A quick drive from Everett, or a not-so-quick one from Seattle, and you’ll find yourself in the Snohomish Valley. With the promise a friendly staff, picturesque vistas, and “real bathrooms,” this place has all the charm and style you’d want from a wedding venue. Brides get their own A/C cooled room, while the rest of the farm itself is pretty enough to warrant a day-trip. Their ability to always accommodate at least 150 is perfect for anybody who wants to invite their whole family and then some.

Kyrsten and Karsten lucked out with a pristine September morning for their wedding. Foosball and the calmness of the farm helped ease the nerves. Look no further than the outdoor wedding site with a sprawling backdrop and you’ll know within seconds that you’d want to get married here too. Big blue skies on a day like this really help contrast the greens and the browns of the farm, making it one of our favorite new venues.

Hilton Bellevue

We grew up not too far from Hilton Bellevue, the classy hotel just on the outskirts of downtown Bellevue. Hidden off the freeway, right near the renowned Bellevue Athletic Club, it is such a distinct building to drive past that you can’t help but stare. The slanted windows stand out like a sore thumb, but they also make you wonder what’s behind them. Well, a fabulous reception venue, that’s what!

No, seriously. Directly behind the windows is a 240-capacity ballroom, along with two other locations to wed or receive. With tons of selections for decorations, linens, champagne toasts, and a selection of amazing foods, there is no shortage of great amenities offered. Though, be warned, their food list is as bottomless as you would want your stomach to be once you see all their great choices. Chicken and Waffle bites, anyone?

The Thomas’ reception here was an absolute blast. Filling out the entire event space, there was room for a photo booth, dozens of tables and a even a stage with a dancefloor at its feet. That came to some good use once everyone started dancing!

Tibbetts Creek Manor

Not too far at all from Issaquah’s great shopping center and downtown area is a secluded wedding venue that feels almost like a home away from home. The darling grounds, which cover around three acres, also features a picture-perfect creek that really ties everything together.

The Hines’ wedding back in May was partially overcast, so the couple opted for covered wedding underneath a tent. The day went by in a flash, and after the ceremony everyone retreated inside to the reception center. A sizable dance floor and plenty of tables kept everyone busy mingling and rocking out to the music.

Able to host between 130 and 175 people depending on the season, Tibbetts Creek Manor really can handle it all! The charming area in which it inhabits is so full of splendid natural light and spots to take photos, we can’t help but want to come back!


The Jacksons’ wedding at Faberfarm is one of those occasions that makes us want to get back to a more rustic lifestyle. Situated in the peaceful city of Mount Vernon, the minute you step onto the farm it’s like you are nowhere near Seattle or any civilization at all. With a loving sense of community and togetherness, Faberfarm teams up with neighboring farms to help source any produce or flowers for any of you veggie lovers out there. Why have produce flown or drove in when you can have it right out of the ground?

Offering up multiple ceremony locations, as well as catering and everything else, the real selling point is its sheer beauty. There is so much to see at every corner of the land; from its wide open vistas, the surrounding farms and the rolling fields, who wouldn’t want to get married in such a romantic place?


And there you have it folks: our Favorite New (for us) Wedding Venues of 2018! We hope these have inspired you to visit them, or even get married there yourself!

Have any questions? Want to share your own venue? Please leave them below!

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by Scott Johnson

Bricker Wedding on 10/13/18 at The Bellevue Club in Bellevue, Wa

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Song Freedom –

The Bellevue Club holds a special place in our hearts here at Best Made Videos®. We grew up coming to swim here, play basketball and attend camps. Since then, the Bellevue Club has been reshaped and renovated to become quite magnificent with 200,000 of athletic facilities, a luxury hotel and spa, and several restaurants that have to-die-for food. But it’s the Olympic Ballroom that takes centerstage with its sophisticated design, giving the impression of true class. Did I mention the menu of caramelized apples and gorgonzola? Filet Mignon? Mini grilled cheese sandwiches? Now my stomach is grumbling…

The Bricker wedding in the middle of October was blessed with unseasonably sunny skies. A morning of board games, makeup and throwing back a couple cold ones eased everyone into the groove, though the emotions were already started to peek through as evidence by Kendall. A first look along a wooden walkway showed off Donald’s dapper white suit, and soon the two were exploring the peaceful little area behind the Club.

It was such a great day to be exploring outside, especially with the leaves scattered across the ground and the multitude of colors in the trees. The boys got up to some literal horseplay, while the ladies looked like knockouts in their black gowns. Eventually we made our way back around to the entrance for some family photos–only for it to be time for the ceremony.

Back inside, the bride and groom met at the altar flanked by their parties. The intimate space was still big enough to fit all the guests, while the officiant delivered some truly inspiring words of wisdom. With some moist eyes in the room, the bride and groom officially kissed and became husband and wife.

Making their way to sip some champagne and take care of bureaucracy, the bride and groom posed for some portraits in the utterly suave backrooms. Everyone else filed into the reception hall, lit by neon purple lights, for some refreshments before the true celebration started. Soon, the newlyweds emerged and the lights dimmed way down for their first dance.

And then in the blink of an eye, the lights started flashing and soon everyone was joining in on the fun. A photo booth with extremely silly masks and costumes provided some…unforgettable…memories for those not wanting to shake their booties. Serving its purpose to a T, the Olympic Ballroom was such a blast to spend time in, and definitely provided more than enough space for everyone at the wedding.

Decadent cakes and pastries helped give some energy to those too tired from dancing, and a hilarious garter and bouquet toss helped pave way for who might be getting wed next! Eventually, the night had to come to a close, but that only means it’s just the beginning of something new and special.

Thank you again to Kendall and Donald for picking Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first two months have gone by wonderfully. Have any questions or comments? Leave them below!

Venue – Bellevue Club Hotel

Photographer – Jenny Storment Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

DJ – Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Florals – Cugini Florists & Fine Gifts

Hair / MUA – Pacific Artistry

Desserts – Chef Anne Marie

Kendall and Donald’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We were next door neighbors in college at Central Washington University!

Tell us about the proposal!

Donald and I went to London for the weekend and he proposed to me on a boat, on the Serpentine in Hyde Park. It was very romantic!

Why did you choose your venue?

We like the ability of the venue to alter lighting to fit the mood, the space for holding a cocktail hour, and the size of the ballroom. the hotel/club is awesome because there are also activities for guests and wedding party that are staying. outside offers good photo opportunities as well.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Everyone having a great time and Donald and I looking happy and in love!

Wedding Party

Cassie Cabuag – Maid of Honor

I met Cassie at a college party 10 years ago in October. The two of us had the biggest hair in the room and it was love at first sight. She has been my soulmate ever since (yes, I can have two) and she actually introduced me to 3 of my bridesmaids. She lights up any room she walks into and always has a smile on her face. Cassie has been such an amazing and supportive friend over the years, cheering Donald and I on in absolutely everything we do, and I am so fortunate to have her as my Maid of Honor.

Terris Bricker – Bridesmaid

Terris is my future sister-in-law (even though we already tell everyone we are sisters) and has basically been the sister I never had. This girl has a heart the size of Texas, which is suiting as that is where she was born and raised. She is tough as nails and the girl that I want by my side in any sort of crisis situation, which believe it or not, we have encountered together before! One of our favorite hobbies include sipping red wine and watching reality TV, at which point she responds to Terri Jo. I am so thrilled that she also became part of the Bricker family!

Kari Edwards – Bridesmaid

I met Kari at CWU and she has remained one of my closest friends ever since. We have an incredible amount of common interests, including our passions for health, fitness, and nutrition, and the names of our first cars! I was so thankful to have her in all of my classes, as well as cramming for finals at the library until 2 am, sharing a table and a bag of Sour Patch Kids. From Ellensburg to Seattle to Scottsdale, I have loved living and laughing in all these places with Kari by my side.

Whitney Lawrence – Bridesmaid

I also met Whitney at CWU! No matter what, she never fails to put a smile on my face and keep me laughing at all times. She is always up for an adventure and makes any of our boring situations more fun by simply being herself. She actually got me my first job in Arizona and is responsible for many of the fun memories I have of Scottsdale. Together we share a love for fashion, travel, and baked goods that others will never understand. I am so lucky to have her by my side on our big day!

Nina Lucason – Bridesmaid

Nina is another girlfriend from Central and I am so lucky to have her. After the group moved on from Ellensburg, all we had left was Wing Central, the Starlight, and each other. We have shared so many memories together including hot-rodding around town in her Slug Bug (formerly known as the Lovebug), long-boarding, and too many sleepovers in my 350-square-foot studio apartment. Nina marches to the beat of her own drum, and fortunately I get to march with her, as she also lives in Dallas.

Ryan Orphan – Best Man

Having known Ryan since kindergarten, he easily qualifies as one of my oldest friends. Since then, we have attended the same elementary, junior high, high school, and university. After serving in the US Army, Ryan and his wife Mikayla moved to Honolulu, HI where he is a student teacher and enroute to becoming a high school math teacher.

Alex Bricker – Groomsman

I could not be more excited to have my brother by my side on my wedding day. His wife Terris will be one of the bridesmaids, their daughter Weslynn will be our flower girl, and their son Gunner our ring bearer; a true family affair. After serving in the US Marine Corps (and a tour in Afghanistan), Alex and Terris moved to Charleston SC where Alex joined the city of Charleston’s police force. Alex and Terris will soon be even closer to us in Texas, as Alex will be joining the Rockwall County Sheriff’s department this summer.

Trevor Swynenburg – Groomsman

Trevor and I have been beer drinking buddies for almost seven years now, and I am excited he will be joining me as a groomsman. Trevor is one of the funniest people I know, and I am fortunate to not only get to call him my brother-in-law, but also a friend. Trevor is a driving instructor and supervisor at Pierce Transit.

Tyler Vlasak – Groomsman

Tyler has been a good friend since high school and we lived together before I moved to Arizona. As roommates, we solidified our friendship by “customizing” air hockey tables, arguing politics, and using trigonometry to find the optimal TV placement. Tyler is a Seattle-area real estate agent.

Dan Ottenad – Groomsman

Dan has been one of my best friends since seventh grade when he was the “new kid” at Lakeridge. We attended the same schools all the way through university and I can’t imagine not having Dan alongside to celebrate my wedding. Dan is also one of my primary golf buddies, and I’d like to think my career record against him is close to even. When you see Dan at the wedding be sure to congratulate him, as he and Kristen will be getting married just four weeks prior to Kendall and I! Dan is a talented graphic designer and web developer.

Andy Schwartz – Groomsman

I have known Andy since high school, when he still went by his old nickname of “Smiley” (I’m not sure I knew his real name until junior year!). Despite my moving south, Andy has remained one of my best friends and I am grateful for the times when we can get together in Arizona and Seattle. Andy is a manager at a marketing firm in Seattle.

Alex Gatlin – Groomsman

Alex is another groomsman I’ve known since elementary school. He taught me to snowboard, and we’ve spent plenty of time together tracking fresh snow in the Alpental backcountry. Alex is an award winning artist and works as a graphic designer. He and his wife Erika recently welcomed a baby boy!

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by Scott Johnson

Welcome one and all to our month-long countdown of our Favorites of 2018. Over the course of December, we will be listing our Favorite Wedding Venues, Vows, Indoor and Outdoor Ceremonies and more. Our first countdown is a list of our Favorite Venues we visited for the first time this year, Let’s get the show started with part one, of our Favorite New Wedding Venues (for us)!

Hotel Bellwether

Far too many people associate Bellingham with its connection to Western Washington University. Others simply know it as one of the last stops before we get to our neighbor to the north. But for those who want to try it as a vacation spot, boy is Hotel Bellwether a prime place to change your mind. The luxury hotel, which boasts views of not only Bellingham Bay and the San Juan Islands, but also the Cascades. There’s even a Canine Concierge.

The Kirk wedding at the end of September took us to the hotel for a splendid day of love and celebration. After holding their actual wedding ceremony at the nearby Assumption Church, the Kirks headed over to the hotel for the reception. With tons of beautiful spots to photograph the newlyweds and their friends, the waterfront hotel is a magnificent sight. A bevy of wedding rooms can accommodate as few as 14 or up to 250 guests. Catering comes included too, with a hand-picked menu that features a Roasted Pork Loin and Risotto Forester.

Semiahmoo Resort

Even closer to the Canadian border than Bellingham, Blaine also features an incredibly charming, and deeply underappreciated hotel called Semiahmoo Resort. Take a look at the Leslie wedding for all the great things you need to know about the resort. There’s virtual golf, beautifully decorated interiors, a quaint dock perfect for ceremonies, and a stunning waterfront.

The Leslies had such a gorgeous wedding. Following them around the area would have been more than enough for us, but the rest of the resort and grounds are to die for. Views of the ocean and mountain mean you’re just right at home in Washington, while the hotel itself can hold up to 400 guests. An all-inclusive wedding package includes many of the basics, but you can throw on additional enhancements like specialty cocktails and even a bonfire.

Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center

Tucked in Magnolia’s Discovery Park, poised on top of a bluff overlooking the Puget Sound, is the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. A wildly spacious, architecturally stunning building that can host hundreds of people for any kind of event–especially weddings. At once an undeniably crucial place for Native families, it also brings together people who want to be together for life.

For your big day, you get 25 banquet tables, 250 chairs, and a kitchen where you can hire your own caterer to make all the delicious foods for you wedding. The Spampanis’ big wedding day saw the reception held at Daybreak. Its structure and exterior paintings immediately make you want to take a closer look, and then you go inside and find it to be open and inviting. Its surrounding area, though, is what really takes the cake. Just take a look at the sunset shots we got of the two at the end!

Lake Union Cafe

While the name itself should not give you any pause as to where it is, we never actually have been requested to shoot a wedding here! And, being such a Seattle Spot, they come prepared for rain. Their standard package includes buffets, fresh baked rolls, fruits and veggies, professional event staff and more. You can also tack on candles, in-house bar access and even plated dinners rather than buffet.

They also offer an outdoor wedding venue at Fairview Park, though they are fully aware of the weather and can easily switch things to the indoor venue at a moment’s notice.

The Gallos’ January wedding, right in the prime of winter, was made a spectacular day as we avoided rain and snow (the second one is pretty easy). After a morning of patrolling Volunteer Park for their first look, it was the Lake Union Cafe that saw, well, the “union” of these two love birds. As regal as any hotel, with gold decorations, tons of candles and about a hundred mirrors, it really is surprising how little we have seen this place! The dance floor itself is something not to be missed!

The Woodmark Hotel

If you’re looking for one of the best hotels in the area, look no further than the Woodmark in Kirkland. While not getting nearly as much love as Seattle or Bellevue, Kirkland is a lovely town that boasts an even lovelier waterfront. Rated as one of the Ten Best Resort Hotels in the West, the Woodmark offers more things than you probably care to think about. From its exemplary location right on Lake Washington, peering across to Seattle, down to the awesome fact that you can even stay there after the wedding and have your honeymoon as well, it’s such an awesome place. Oh, and there’s even a boat that takes you out around the harbor.

The Bullards had a spectacular wedding day here in the middle of August. Their first look is one of our favorites of the year as well, taking place inside the hotel with the regal architecture and a sense of sophistication. Even the exterior is unreal, with a long dock for our newlyweds to walk down and a view of Seattle that will make you want to sit for a while. With as luxurious as the hotel is, you bet your bottom they’re willing to go above and beyond for all of your wedding needs.


And there you have it for the first part of our Favorite New (for us) Wedding Venues! Check back in later for the final five. Want to share with us where you got married? Would you want to do it somewhere else if you had the chance to do it again? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Scott Johnson

Spiziri Wedding on 9/8/18 at DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, Wa

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Song Freedom –

When you think of wine country, you think of Bordeaux in France, or Tuscany in Italy. Heck, you might even just think of Napa. But for us Washingtonians (who have, in recent years, gotten quite good at this wine game), we don’t need to venture very far at all, depending on which side of the state your own. For those of us on the west side, look no further than just a few miles out of Seattle–Woodinville to be exact–and you’ll be off sipping fancy wines by afternoon!

But even more wonderful than having a bevy of wine for your wedding, Washington’s own wine country is just as beautiful as any other in the world–and it’s also as peaceful and quaint. Probably even more so without all the tourists. The Spiziri’s landed on DeLille Cellars for their big day, an adorable vineyard that even has its own herd of sheep and alpaca. Just across the way from Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, we love this area for visits and weddings alike.

Some cloudy skies got us started off, though there were some shades of blue tucked in between the whites and the grays. The peaceful interior soothed the anxieties that come about with as much stress that a day like today brings. With such luck, once everyone was ready, so was the sun ready to pop its head out for the first look.

Around a charming little fountain, Andrew stood waiting for his bride. Some onlookers watched with glee as Christina came from behind. With a perfect kiss, it was off to take these two around the area. Posing amongst the grapes, barn and pond, it was such a sweet and serene time with these two as they eagerly smiled and posed anywhere we told them to.

By the time it was ready to get hitched, the sun really roasted some gray away as it started to light up the vineyard with its warm light. As everyone gathered in a clearing for the ceremony, the bride made her way to her fiance. Delivering heartwarming–and certainly tear-jerking–vows, the bride and groom shared their love for one another and everyone they knew. With just a few utterly magical words, they finally had permission to do what they’d been waiting so long to do: kiss and seal their union.

Traipsing around the area once again, it was time to get some even more romantic shots now with the sun high in the sky. Complete with a pond, the vineyard really goes above and beyond to give you plenty of picture-perfect locations. Heading back to the reception tent, pumping up the music even as they arrived, it was definitely time for celebration.

After the cake and food had all been absorbed into bellies, there was still plenty of time left to dance the night away. To leave in utmost style, the newlyweds made their way out with a flurry of sparklers to one heck of a ride, ready for their new lives.

Thank you again Christina and Andrew for picking Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope you’ve had an excellent three months already!

Have any questions or comments? You know what to do!

Venue – DeLille Cellars

Photographer – Carol Harrold

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

DJ – Intergral DJs

Flowers, Catering, Coordination – Blue Ribbon 

Transportation – British Motor Coach

Andrew and Christina’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Christina and I met while she was in town looking for apartments before she moved up here and we attended a party at a mutual friends apartment. It was a pre-party for a concert at the home of someone she went to college with and that I knew through work.

Tell us about the proposal!

We were planning a vacation to somewhere with a beach and i convinced Christina to upgrade our plans to Maui. She agreed as long as I planned it which was perfect. After a long day of stops along the road to Hana we had dinner at Mamas Fish House just in time for the sunset. After dinner we walked out front to their private beach where I proposed under the lit tiki torches.

Why did you choose your venue?

Our close friends got married here and suggested it to us. After taking a tour it was an instant winner.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

I think we’re mainly interested in two aspects:
1) Having a video to capture the ceremony and speeches so we can send them to family members who are unable to make it

2) Capturing the beauty of the venue so we can always remember how special it was

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by Scott Johnson

Welcome back one and all for another wonderful edition of Bizarre Wedding News. If you’re unfamiliar with the routine, every so often we deliver to you a variety of stories from the wacky world of weddings. Sometimes funny, other times sad, and certainly always informative, these stories are meant to entertain and educate. This week we’ve got four great stories coming your way. There are twists, turns…and tattoos? Yes, you read that right, so let’s get down to it!

Let’s start with the weird stuff first: generally speaking, the only names or dates you want permanently emblazoned on your body should be either your parents or kids. Unless, if you’re lucky to meet your absolute soulmate. Nobody wants to have to wear the name of an ex around on them forever, but if that’s your thing, then hey good for you.

Just like us regular people, celebrities do this too. Take the Beckhams’ tattoos (yes, they have multiple). David has Victoria and “99” on his hand, as it was the year they were married. He also has a bouquet of roses on his arm for their anniversary. To take it one step further, they both got matching tattoos for their sixth anniversary that read “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” Now that’s pretty sweet.

A few others like Beyonce and Jay-Z are shared, theirs being “IV” for their shared birthday numbers. They did this in lieu of getting rings, which is super cool, though we hope their marriage is going a little better now…

Though they aren’t quite married yet, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got perhaps the most odd tattoos of the bunch: matching Vegemite Jars. Hers is on her arm, while his got put on his ankle. Whatever makes you happy, I guess!

This next story is quite the tale. A Michigan-based photographer by the name of Matthew Dippel was taking photos in Yosemite National Park in early October when he snapped an absolutely breathtaking shot of one of the most iconic overlooks. In terms of basic photo appreciation alone it’s borderline a masterpiece, but when you look closer…you see someone popping the question to their significant other. You can make out a little silhouette of a man on a knee with his girl looking like she’s just saying yes.

Well, Matthew came home and posted the photo to social media, and the hunt for these two lovebirds began. After thousands of shares, and dozens of fakers claiming they were the couple, about three weeks later he was put in touch with Charlie Bear and his fiance Melissa. After providing him with cold, hard proof, Dippel exploded with excitement at the luck of finding them. Apparently it was also the “second proposal” but we have a feeling they’ll say it was the only one!

Remember a few weeks ago about the bridezilla who had the ridiculous list of demands that included an expensive gift, dress codes, and the silly notion that nobody was allowed to talk to the bride?

Well we have another one of those stories and it’s just as bad. Someone posted to reddit about how their sister was getting engaged and the bride was going to have a “Battle Royale” for her bridal party to see who would become the four bridesmaids, so as to not have to make another decision. Along with this demand came requirements “to secure your spot in our wedding party, the following things will be required: a promise to host a party (must be coupled) at a venue other than someone’s house. Your wedding gift must be cash/check of at least $500. You must buy me or [her partner] a “day of gift” of at least $100”

As you can tell, you probably don’t want to be at the wedding. Because on top of those gifts, she is also demanding that there be shower/party gifts as well. Oh, and don’t forget about the contract you have to sign that will hold you legally and fiscally responsible if you drop the ball. Basically, if you sign that thing, expect to lose about $600 or more. Sounds like a blast, right?

Sometimes you just need to end on a sad note for the best impact, and this one is pretty heartbreaking. Some Canadian treasure hunters (yup, you heard that right) from the Calgary Metal Detecting Club were searching around a lake when something made Paul go right to the bottom. He came up with a wedding ring, engraved with names and a date. So, like any good Samaritan, he set off to find the owners.

A few stops and a post on social media later, and it only took an hour for them to find the family of the ring. But, with great sadness, both husband and wife, Palma and Karl, had died just a few years ago. Luckily, Paul was able to make contact with the son’s and grandkids of Karl and Palma so he could return the ring.

It turns out that Karl had lost the ring twenty years prior after a day at the lake, and it supposedly had left him haunted for years until his eventual death. Alas, Paul and the family were able to meet and lay the ring on the gravestone, finally getting some sense of closure.


And there you have it for another week of fun, sad, and informative wedding news! We hope you have enjoyed your time as much as we did! Please let us know if you have any stories that you would like to share and we will gladly feature them! Just leave them below and we will get to them. See you next time!

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by Scott Johnson

Park Wedding on 9/22/18 at Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

“Couldn’t be happier with Best Made Videos! Reid and Jeff were awesome to work with day of and brought great energy to the day. Reid was super responsive throughout and delivered amazing work quicker than expected! Do not make the mistake of not having a videographer for your wedding. We initially didn’t plan on having one, but it was the best decision we made to book; the videos and moments captured allows you to look back and re-live all the wonderful memories of your big day. Best Made Videos is highly recommended and offers amazing value!”

Almost directly next to SeaTac Airport lies Cedarbrook Lodge. You’d imagine it might not be the quietest of venues, but you will certainly be surprised. With an indoor venue, as well as a beautiful exterior one, you won’t have to worry about anything coming from the sky–whether it be noise or rain. With capacities of up to 200, you can surely invite everyone to come–but maybe not those pesky aunts and uncles.There’s also the magnificent Copperleaf Restaurant for food, as well as a handpicked menu for weddings.

There was some blue peaking out of the clouds in the fresh new season of Fall. The spirits were high from the get-go with tons of laughing and fun in simply getting ready. Everyone was beaming with smiles as they fixed their ties and hair, while imagining what lies ahead. Though there were some struggles getting the jacket on, it was a boisterously good time. Some singing and dancing bided the time before an adorable first look.

Meeting on a little wooden walkway, enclosed by greenery, Andrew had one of those “million buck” smiles on his face while Katie approached from behind. Teasing each other just a tad, the two were eager beavers as we walked them around the area, snapping photos with the Fall sunlight sneaking through the leaves. As soon as everyone gathered out on the grass for group photos, it felt like the sun came blasting on through. Looking awesome in contrasting blue suits and deep red dresses, the ladies and gents got in on the fun poses with some we’ve never seen before!

After a few more sweet and hilarious photos, it was the moment we had all been waiting for: the wedding. Lucky enough to be outside in the spacious and welcoming ceremony venue, the sun really burnt away the clouds to illuminate the little enclosed space. A spiritual, loving and simply stunning ceremony finally saw the union of Andrew and Katie as they officially became husband and wife.

Retreating inside for some decadent food and plenty of fun, the reception was a sophisticated affair with no shortage of good times. With wine and beer flowing, everyone was feeling ready for some celebration. A beast of a three-tier cake was soon cut into, enjoying some sweets and an already splendid day. Then came the dancing. With the lights dimmed down low, the newlyweds embraced each other closely as they swayed on the dance floor.

After the bouquet and garter toss, the strobe lights flicked on and soon it was one massive dance party. With everyone celebrating the new love of Andrew and Katie, it was only fitting for their send off to be done with dozens of sparklers as they headed off to start their brand new life together.

Thank you again to Andrew and Katie for picking Best Made Videos® to film their wedding. We hope your first two months together have been incredible. Have a burning question or comment that you need to get off your chest? Leave it below!

Venue – Cedarbrook Lodge

Photographer – Paul Maranan

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Day of Coordinator – Sprinkled in Seattle

DJ – DJ Rocryte

Florals – Alice’s Floral Designs

Photo Booth – The SnapBar

How did you guys meet?

Through a mutual friend. First met at the gym and worked out our legs together for three hours trying to impress each other. We were very, very sore after!

Tell us about the proposal!

I proposed to Katie the night of her cousin’s wedding. The wedding was in Woodinville and I booked us a suite at the Willow’s Lodge next door. The staff there decorated the rooms with candles, rose petals, etc. and when we came back to the room, I proposed to her.

Why did you choose your venue?

I used to work at Cedarbrook and love the feel of the place.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Seeing our friends and family, dances, things that we won’t be able to see due to being too busy, first look, sparkler send off, etc.

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by Scott Johnson

Plummer Wedding on 10/20/18 at Dairyland in Snohomish, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

“Reid this was absolutely beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Reid was absolutely amazing! He was on top of everything, checking in as the day got closer and making sure to get as many details about us as possible. He was so great to work with and made everything so easy for me and my husband. I am so happy with everything he did for us and I still look back at our highlight video and tear up, so does my husband!! I highly recommend using this company!”

October (as with most of the Fall here in the Pacific Northwest) was unseasonably nice. It appears the weather gods are being nice to us for just a little bit before we probably get slammed with relentless rain from December onwards. But this wonderful October day took us out to our favorite venue with the most misleading name: Dairyland. I’ve said it before and I will (begrudgingly) say it again: Dairyland is not a cow-themed amusement park, as much as it should be. Hopefully the Plummers knew this before their big day!

We headed off to Snohomish for the wedding of Ashley and Cole, a summer romance that went the distance. While not as immaculately bright and cheery as one would like it (that’s asking for a lot in October), there was not a drop of rain to be seen or felt. We were even able to get out in the early morning and sip some beers and drinks in between getting ready and snapping photos.

Looking quite schnazzy in slate gray suits, the boys posed around the wooden structures around the farm. The ladies, on the other hand, stood out vibrantly against the grays and the browns in their red dresses. As smiles slowly became permanently fixed to their faces, it seemed just about time to go tie the knot!

Inside a charming barn space, with vaulted ceilings strung up with lights and chandeliers, it was wedding o’clock. Getting hit with a wave of emotion as he saw his bride approaching down the aisle, Cole looked like one happy fellow who was about to embark on a lifetime of even more happiness. Sharing their hearts with one another, as well as digging at each other’s sports teams, the happy bride and groom very quickly became husband and wife.

And with massive applause they exited out of the building to go do some of the bureaucratic stuff. Almost as if the weather knew that great happiness took place, we were greeted with a breathtaking afternoon bright with sun that brought out all of the Fall colors in such wonderful light. We got a chance to follow around the newlyweds as they wandered through the flowers and pastures of the ranch, though they would eventually have to be getting back.

The reception hall space at Dairyland is so inviting. With stark-white wood and the dazzling lights, it’s a romantic mixture of rustic and elegant, new, old and beautiful all in one. The dancing got off to a roaring start as the guests could barely stay seated any longer. A potentially dangerous start to the cake-cutting didn’t see any fingers go missing, but then it was back to more dancing with the boys really getting into it.

The night rushed by in the blink of an eye after that. It was such a wonderful time to be had with the Plummers. Thank you again to Cole and Ashley for picking Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first two months being married has been splendid!

Have a question? Leave it below!

Venue – Dairyland

Photographer – Rachel Howerton

Videographer – Best Made Videos

DJ – Melody Music

Catering – Java Haus Cafe and Catering

How did you guys meet?

We met at a cabin in Entiat, Washington on Memorial Day Weekend in 2011.  We both had several mutual friends there and we just started talking, but didn’t pursue anything until a couple weeks later.

Tell us about the proposal!

We went to Las Vegas with my parents for a weekend trip!  He wanted to meet up with my parents and do something fun, so we met in front of the Bellagio fountain.  He had read that they put on a cool show a couple of times a night, and little did I know what he was planning.  After talking to my dad as we got there (asking for his blessing) right after the show started he got down on one knee and proposed!  Of course I cried…but it meant more to me than I could have imagined because my dad passed away a couple of months after from cancer.  It was so special that he could be there for that moment.

Why did you choose your venue?

Who doesn’t love a beautiful white barn??  We loved the casual yet elegant rustic theme that Dairyland presented and we were so excited to be able to decorate it how we wanted.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The vows..and I am just so excited to marry Cole that it will be amazing to just relive our special day and watch us celebrate love with our friends and family.

Anything else?

I can’t wait!!

Ashley and Cole’s story in their own words:

Cole and I met through mutual friends, during a weekend we were both just planning to have a good time over in Lake Chelan.  At first we were just friends, but naturally clicked and not long after started hanging out more. It was one of the best summers I had ever had, only to have it end by me having to go off to school at WSU (Go Cougs!).  Several trips back home and visits we realized we were “doing the damn thing” and made it official! Luckily we only had to do long distance that first year because he joined me at school the next 2 years!

Once school was over we moved back home and in with our parents (not for long).  We had to learn what real adulting was and find jobs and figure out our next steps in life.  Finally we figured it out and moved in together and things have been great ever since! We have grown quite a bit, we have an adorable dog Cooper and two dorky yet devilish cats.  We have done home improvements, taken trips and vacations together, bought cars, experienced real life obstacles and loved each other even when we were angry with each other.

Like every relationship we have had our ups and downs but in the end it has made us stronger as individuals and as a couple and the future looks so bright!  

In September 2017 we went on a vacation with my parents to Sin City, VEGAS BABY!  This actually was the first time either of us had been since turning the legal drinking age.  It did not disappoint. We battled the crazy cigarette smoke, loud casinos, 100+ degree weather, and realized to walk the strip took forever with all of the people.  This was a special trip for me because earlier that year my dad had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Stomach cancer, so this was one of our last family trips. My parents showed us how to play blackjack at the table and I got to sit right next to my dad and soak up all of the fun and laughter (and losing money).  We also got to walk down to the Bellagio fountain where my life changed forever. As we were watching the fountain show I glanced over at my mom who was tearing up while Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on” was playing and I assumed it was due to my dad’s situation. So naturally I start tearing up while trying to tell myself it is a fun and happy trip and to not be sad.  Next thing I know Cole takes my hand and gets down on one knee…if I wasn’t crying before I sure was now! The euphoria I was feeling was indescribable. To be able to share that special moment in front of my parents, especially my dad, was something I will forever be thankful for.

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by Scott Johnson

Cochran Wedding on 9/29/18 at Overlake Golf and Country Club in Bellevue, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

Across Lake Washington, tucked in Medina right near Bill Gates’ house, is one of the nicest country clubs in America. It also boasts some of the highest paying members thanks to a good majority of the patrons being Microsoft employees in the nearby neighborhoods. We used to spend many a summer in the pool here (and even shared pool toys with the Gates kids once), but this Fall we got to see it in an entirely different and magical way.

Going hand-in-hand with our love of golf courses and their absurd serenity, Overlake’s prime location makes it wonderfully peaceful even though it’s just a few minutes from Downtown Bellevue. And with the season just having changed, the Fall leaves brought out a bevy of beautiful colors from the hundreds of trees dotting the course and surrounding hills.

A morning of shenanigans while getting ready, and plenty of bubbly, got the group feeling excited and prepared for the big day. Meeting for their first look outside the entrance, Mary and Dan were so charmed and eager to get the rest of the day going. We got some shots of them out on the course, luckily there wasn’t a “fore!” to be heard, and the two looked utterly stylish together. The rest of the bridal party came out. The guys rocked gray suits and red ties while the ladies stunned lavender gowns.

Filing in underneath a tent on the grounds, the guests and Dan waited patiently for Mary to come down the aisle. Bursting with excitement, Dan took his bride-to-be and the ceremony began. With sweetly sincere vows that recounted their near misses and eventual union, there were hardly any dry eyes to be seen. And then when all was said and done, there was just one more thing needed: the kiss.

The guests returned to the reception area for some corn hole and beverages, while Dan and Mary looked on from above. Enjoying a few moments just to themselves before the reception, the newlyweds eventually showed up for the party of a lifetime. Their awesome cake, with lifelike sculptures on top, was soon cut and eaten. And then it was time for the dancing. What a show was put on for everyone with some pretty impressive moves.

A live band kept the music going and did more than enough to get everyone in the mood for dancing. Half-concert, half-wedding, the entire afternoon and evening was a sheer blast. As the day finally wore to the end, and the band was finishing up their last set, the newlyweds and some pals made their way up on stage to have a bit of their own show.

After a day of love, music, celebration and more, it was finally time to turn on the lights and head off to a new future. Thank you again to Dan and Mary for picking Best Made Videos® to film their big day. We hope your first two months together have been as grand as your wedding day.

Have any questions or comments that need to be answered? Leave them below!

Venue – Overlake Country Club

Photographer – Maurice Photo

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

Band – Hit Machine

Florals – Fena Flowers

Paper Goods – Perfect Press

Wedding Signs – Chalk Boss

Bar Rentals – Happy Hour Bar Rentals

Mary and Dan’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

Fate brought us together at a small school in Angola, Indiana.  There was not much in Angola except our newly found companionship. We quickly became inseparable, but knew we were going our separate ways.  We both transferred to finish school and started careers in different cities (halfway across the country). Fate once again brought us together in a bar in Portland, Oregon.  Mary was visiting with a couple friends while still living in the midwest and Dan was living out in Seattle. After four months, we decided we didn’t want to spend another day apart.  On February 2nd, 2014 we officially took the plunge and started a life together in Kirkland, Washington.

Tell us about the proposal!

Dan made it official by proposing on the 4th of July under the fireworks in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Brought Mary up to a balcony, just the two of them and proposed under the fireworks.

Why did you choose your venue?

Members at the club, love outdoors, golf, activities, special place to us. Plus it’s beautiful!

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Special moments captured between the two of us and amongst our family and friends. Hoping this will help us relive these special moments for the rest of our lives!

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