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Veldee Wedding on 7/31/17 at DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, Wa

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“We were not planning on having a videographer at our wedding. However, my grandmother was ill and unable to make the wedding and requested a video. We found Best Made Video, talked a couple of times, and scheduled with Reid only a week before the wedding day. He was incredibly flexible and informative. We knew what we were getting, he knew what we wanted, he showed up the day of, and the day couldn’t have gone any better. Like I said, we weren’t thinking about having a videographer and now I don’t know what I would’ve done without it! He did such an incredible (truly incredible) job of capturing our day! The edited video was amazing. It captured the feeling of our day perfectly! I am so beyond happy with how it turned out and now we can go back and watch it and relive our day over and over again! If you are a bride and you’re on the fence about a videographer, or even think that you don’t need it, trust me when I say it is WORTH IT. You won’t be sorry!!”

You hear a lot about high school sweethearts, but bride and groom Kat and Dan’s companionship began in junior high. Like all young boys, Dan would “annoy” Kat because it was the only means in which he could communicate these feelings—especially as a 7th grader. But it appeared that Kat liked Dan back, as her mother would note how she would smile when she would tell her about the incidents. Their relationship bloomed throughout high school—the two even became prom king and queen together—and endured through the aching distance during college.

The wedding, held at DeLille Cellars located near Woodinville, was as sweet and romantic as their story. It was a warm and sunny last day of July as the two met for the first look right outside the cellars. Dan was playful and excited, hopping around to greet his bride to be as she approached. They were all smiles as they continued with photos amongst the trees and grapes.

Enclosed by towering trees that filtered the sun’s light through the branches, the ceremony was like one from a fairy tale. Quaint and serene, the space would make any nature lover feel at home, but for the bride and groom—and dozens of friends and family members—it was the perfect place to tie the knot and have two best friends become husband and wife.

The reception to follow saw one of the best speeches ever in any of our videos given by the mother of the bride. In it, she recites a love letter written by Dan in his college years professing his love and admiration for his now-wife. The shocked look on Dan’s face makes it all the more priceless, but he took it like a champ as everyone heard the words he originally only meant for Kat. This may have been embarrassing being revealed on any other day, but on this one in particular it cemented their long-lasting love for each other while also proving to be a hilariously touching moment.

Their playful cake cutting led into a tender dance as they re-donned their Prom crowns for their first dance as husband and wife. As everyone else hit the dance floor, the lights went down and the partying started. After a few hours of drinks and dancing, the flower and garter toss went off with two victors as the night slowly faded to an end. A day that had been decade in the making was capped off by none other than a drive into the sunset, as the bride and groom hoped in a wicked convertible and headed down the road to a brand new future.

This was one of our favorite wedding videos from this past year. Young love always proves to be a beautiful story of two people becoming friends and something much more. With the gorgeous DeLille cellars as their venue, the wedding proved to be nothing short of exceptional. It was the perfect milestone in this young relationship that has many more years to come.

– Scott Johnson

Venue – DeLille Cellars

Florist – Bear Creek Florist

MUA – Kirsty Mackay

Catering – Alexa’s Catering

Dress – Bellevue Bridal Boutique

Groom’s Attire – Tux Shop

Cake – Pinkabella Cupcakes

Photographer – Jahni Lynn

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by Scott Johnson

Deciding on who is going to officiate your wedding is as major of a decision as any when it comes to your big day. It can be as easy as hiring your religious community leader to head up the ceremony—especially if you’re getting married in your house of worship. But anybody can take the necessary steps to officiate weddings, as it is increasingly easy to become ordained on the Internet.

Just a few weeks ago, actor Arrow actor Colton Haynes tied the knot with Jeff Leatham, the Four Seasons Hotel floral designer, in a Palm Springs ceremony officiated by none other than Kris Jenner. The two, who have been “Instagram Official” since February, know quite a few famous people, as Melanie Griffith, Cher, and Serena Williams all helped out with the star-studded engagement back in March. You can learn more about their relationship here.

Though none of our weddings featured celebrities of this caliber, it nonetheless made us wonder who our favorite officiants were. So we’ve compiled a list of the best!


Vera Wedding, 08/04/17, Russell’s Loft, Rev. Ray Van Winkle

A Seattleite since 1982, Rev. Ray Van Winkle is the owner and primary officiant at Seattle’s Best Officiants. Sincere, sweet, and with some excellently timed humor, Van Winkle has made a life out of weddings. His officiating of the Vera Wedding in August 2017 ranks as one of our favorites thanks to his touching words issued to Alex and Mathew right before their “kiss seals a promise.” The officiant is much like a master of ceremonies, so in many ways it’s important to find one that best matches the personality and attitude of the wedding, we think Mathew and Alex chose marvelously.

Balsoma Wedding, 04/29/17, Great Hall at Greenlake, Huey Yu

Depending on who your best friend is, they could play a very important role in your wedding day—especially if they’re not already your maid of honor or best man. For the Balsoma wedding, groom Dominick chose his long-time friend Huey Yu to serve as officiant of the ceremony. While this may not be as “formal” as other weddings go, it is a special day meant to be shared among friends and family, so why not let some of them in on the action? Having a close friend adds a personal touch, especially if the history is long and poignant. They know you better than anybody else, so why not let them be the guide to your new union?

Wagner Wedding, and Ko Wedding, Chaplain Dale

Like Rev. Ray Van Winkle, Chaplain Dale (real name Dale Amundsen) is a career officiant. According to his website, he has conducted almost 3,000 weddings, loves doing weddings in “unusual locations” and has a passion for working with the couple to guarantee the perfect day. We’ve seen his work at three different weddings and have no doubt he’s the real deal.

At the Wagner and Ko weddings Dale offered words of love and encouragement, while still maintaining the confidence of a seasoned officiant. He’s calm and knows how to react to the soaring emotions with wit and authenticity, asking in both weddings, “you ready for this?” This breaks the high-flying emotions just enough to allow for a heartfelt kiss as the bride and groom seal the deal.


Whether you go the religious, seasoned or personal, picking the right officiant is certainly a decision that should feel right for both the bride and groom. Whoever you pick will be the one who ushers in a whole new era in your life and they will have a deeply profound effect on the entire day as a whole. Let us know which route you went with your officiant, we’d love to hear if it was the right choice!

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Tsai Wedding on 6/10/17 at Alderbrook Resort in Union, Wa

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“I would highly recommend this company to video record your wedding. They were dependable, efficient and gave us a really good price. The video they put together was gorgeous and I am looking forward to having it to watch for years to come! :)”

Alderbrook Resort, a century-old vacation spot that was originally only accessible by water, is nestled in a grove of towering trees along a crook in the Hood Canal—it is also a quaint and undeniably stunning wedding venue. For those looking to get out of the city and into nature, Alderbrook should be at the top of your list. Like Abraham Lincoln’s greatest dream, the timber building is a sight to behold, but its shores themselves make for some exquisite photography and an even better altar for a wedding.

Caroline and Edward Tsai sure thought the same as their wedding is one of our most beautiful from this past summer (even if it wasn’t quite yet summer). On a gorgeous Saturday in June, the bride and groom took their vows surrounded by their friends, family, and the sounds of birds and waves lapping up on shore.

Their first look was as picturesque as can be with the bride and groom meeting on a dock that juts far into the canal. We shot from a distance to encapsulate both the epic view of the distance shores with the poignancy of the two standing together against it all. Working with the brilliant minds of Chris and Simon of Brooks Range Photography—who have done some pretty incredible work all over the world—the entire estate transformed into one of our favorite video locations. The stony beaches, towering trees and lazy river are already magnificent as is, but on this June day they were really something special.

Even amidst a rainbow of docked canoes, Caroline and Edward stood out in the contrasting black and white. Ever-cuddly and playful, the two exuded happiness, even from afar. Pictures continued around the estate in a myriad of browns and greens and the blue summer sky that would soon be overtaken with some clouds.

Red roses were the flower of choice as they punctuated the ceremony with a blast of color, though they were pretty hard to compete with the socks rocked by the groomsmen. An absolutely adorable flower girl led the way into the ceremony, and perchance got a little—understandably—distracted by the dozens of people in attendance.

But as Caroline neared, Edward started to tear up (as any good groom should) at the sight of his bride to be. And after exchanging some seriously touching vows, the two were married. The reception to followed with a purple color theme that added a calming vibe to the party. Dancing followed with everyone getting on their feet as the music cranked up for a fun night of celebrating the newlyweds.

And so the night went. Partying, dancing, and most importantly, honoring the bride and groom in such a beautiful place is all we hope for with our clients. Caroline and Edward made some excellent decisions with their wedding, and it was a pleasure being able to shoot their special day in such a gorgeous place.

We hope you check out the video for yourself to witness the big day.

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Alderbrook Resort

Photographer – Brooks Range Photography

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Best Made Videos – Blog

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by Scott Johnson

Biggest Cry Babies:

Say what you will about Barack Obama and his politics, but regardless of how you vote, there’s no way you can deny the love he has for his wife, Michelle. Over eight years, Barack and Michelle were as much as a dynamic duo as Barack and Joe Biden (who has been led to tears by Obama’s words, too) and their marriage is—quite frankly—relationship goals.

Their love is so legendary it even inspired a movie called Southside with You, which follows them on their first date back in the 80s. Over the years he was in office, he would frequently speak about Michelle in the most endearing ways. Even in this video— which is less than two minutes long—he describes how much he has adored her for over 25 years and completely loses it. Calling her his best friend and describing her impact on America, he makes himself cry, he makes Michelle cry, and then even his daughter Malia sheds a tear.

Oh, and he makes all of us cry, too.

Just last month, on their 25th anniversary, he popped up on screen during a conference in Philadelphia that Michelle was attending for a sugary sweet message to his loving wife. He showers her with affection and words of love, calling her an “extraordinary partner” and a “saintly, wonderful, patient person.” Michelle teared up, obviously.

Everyone wants someone who talks to him or her like Barack talks to Michelle, and even more they want someone who cries when they talk about how much they love their partner. We’ve witnessed such couples, so we dug through our backlog of tear-jerking videos and found what we like to call our “Favorite Cry Babies.”

Pack some tissues, things are gonna get wet and weepy.


Soni Wedding, 08/31/17, The Golf Club at Newcastle

The Soni wedding was full of emotions throughout the entire day. The first look started it all as Christina and Tanuj met on the spectacular vantage point overlooking the course and outlying areas. When she approaches, his mouth drops open as his hands rush to his face. They embrace and some tears start to shed—and all he can do is look at her.

The tears didn’t stop there. Christina couldn’t keep the tears from falling during her vows, either. Tanuj kept it together pretty well during his, though, but right near the end he starts to choke up as she looked longingly in his eyes. While this wasn’t a completely emotional outburst, we just like the way his jaw drops like a sack of potatoes when he sees her for the first time—there’s no beating that.

Mortega Wedding, 08/26/17, Kitsap Conference Center

Although EJ is more widely known as “Magic Mike” from his reception dance moves for wife Jessica, he also takes the prize of biggest crybaby. Neither EJ nor his wife can keep straight faces in their vows as they both bawl their eyes out. The struggle was real, but so was the love.

Jessica loses it first. Talking about being each other’s biggest critics, she can hardly get the words out as the emotions overtake her. Then EJ tries to get going but he is left completely speechless as the officiant reassures him it’s ok. Even though he has the words written out, it’s a trek just to speak them. Pausing after almost every sentence, his love for her is so overwhelming that he can’t even talk about it. We think that’s pretty darn wonderful.

Robak Wedding, 05/12/17, The Canal

Seconds into the Robak wedding video, it’s clear that Brett is a total mess. Trying to play it off as silly, he clears his throat and shuffles around uncomfortably before beginning his vows as his voice begins to crack and he takes increasingly large breaks—at one point he even requests some liquid courage. Tears fill his eyes as he powers through the speech with the determination of a teenager getting through their first in-class speech. Fanning himself with the words helped a little bit, but he just keeps the tears coming. It’s truly inspiring his love for her, and then Katie starts to lose it too.

But then Katie starts her vows—and oh man. She lasts a little longer, but then the sobs start as the two fall into total messes for each other. That’s what we love—because they love each other.

Williams Wedding, 07/01/16, DeLille Cellars

Crying isn’t something to be ashamed of, especially at weddings. They aren’t happy tears—not in the slightest. Even the very founder of Best Made Videos shed some tears at his wedding, though he’d never show any of the proof. It’s a highly emotional day in terms of the commitment and love alone, but add in the stress and everything and for some it’s just too overwhelming.

Jeff Williams caught the feels right when his bride-to-be Megan strutted down the aisle. A fun and easy-going photo shoot prior to the ceremony had Jeff in good spirits, but the second he got to the altar and saw his lady walking towards him, the tears started to flow. During the vows, Megan started to weep, too, so at least he wasn’t alone.

Leaoa Wedding, 11/04/16, Emerald Queen Casino Ballroom

As Tautalafua stood regal in a white tuxedo on the altar, waiting with his family for his bride to walk down the aisle, you might be intimidated by his size and stern look. You probably wouldn’t want to pick a fight with him based on his appearance, but in actuality he was suppressing some pretty powerful emotions. He is, after all, just a big teddy bear.

He was already getting emotional as the music started to play, but as his wife walked through the doors he tried as hard as he could to keep a straight face. The closer she got, the harder it became for him to not lose it. Then you realize she’s starting to lose it, too. The kiss changed everything though, as the tears faded away into smiles.


Doing ok? Good. The only tears we like to talk about are the happy ones, and we’ve seen nothing but them at all of our weddings we’ve shot. Did you completely lose it at your wedding? Have a funny story? Let us know below!

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by Scott Johnson

Favorite Surprises:

The longer and bigger a wedding is–both in terms of the event itself and simply just planning it–the more opportunity there is for a surprise. Of course, all surprises can range from delightful to just plain horrible. No, none of our brides and grooms have ever not shown up to the altar, so we take that as plus, but there’s still plenty of moments that have surprised us.

With the release of Stephen King’s It in theaters a few months ago, clowns are on the rise, as is ever-apparent in Jesse McLaren’s engagement photos he took for his sister. In a cute (or subtly terrifying) move, he snuck in Photoshopped Pennywise the Dancing Clown into every one of her photos. The result is a sinister surprise for his sister—and luckily one he can easily remedy when she finally discovers the twisted clown leering at her and her loving fiancé. See the photos for yourself below.

Here are some of the best surprises from our own wedding videos:


Wagner Wedding, 07/15/17, Craven Farms

The biggest surprise any wedding day could bring is the bride or groom not showing up. As stated before, this has never happened at one of our weddings, but that doesn’t stop the groomsmen from not poking a little fun at the groom prior to the ceremony. Everyone knows of Runaway Bride, Run Fatboy Run, and every other movie where one of the two parties makes a fast getaway before they tie the knot, so perhaps it isn’t always best to make comments on the day of the wedding to the groom. Luckily as you can see in the video, he takes the jokes in stride and the bride did indeed show up.

Berry–Reich Wedding, 08/10/17, Kitsap Memorial State Park

Weddings are stressful; no doubt about it. That stress can seep into even the easiest tasks—like tying your shoe. If this is your biggest issue of the day, it’s pretty safe to say you got off easy. But for the groom, the simple task was a bit of a struggle even with a few sessions of Mario Kart to ease his nerves, though we can’t really blame him because for one it is the biggest day of his life, and two—nobody really likes those thin, wonky laces, do they?

Watch the video if you need a quick chuckle, or some empathy if you’ve ever been in the same situation.

Forney Wedding, 06/18/16, Chambers Bay Golf Course

There’s a lot of work going into getting the bride all made-up for her big day. Hair, nails, eyebrows, make up, the dress, and teeth all need to be attended to, which makes it all the more easy to forget about the little things—like a retainer. Just as she’s ready to open up her dazzling jewelry, bride Elizabeth’s friend reminds her that she still has her retainer in her mouth, to which Elizabeth responds with glee and humor as she urged us to keep it in our video.

So we did.

Nelson Wedding, 07/01/17, Chihuly Garden and Glass

Even though the wedding dress is the most important piece of attire in the ceremony, the groom still has his own suit to worry about—and you know how guys are. Thankfully, groom Adam has a thing for perfection as evident by our video of him picking and plucking with a lint roller at the sleeve and cuff of his jacket to get it just right. It takes a certain amount of dedication—or fear of snarky comments from his bride—to get this level of grooming from a man. At the very least, it shows that he loves his bride-to-be dearly and wants to dress to impress.


Sometimes cute, always unpredictable, surprises don’t all have to be bad. Whatever the case may be; we just hope that it’s for the best and on video. Share your own surprising wedding moments below!

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Satterfield Wedding on 7/16/17 at Laurel Creek Manor in Sumner, Wa

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“Our wedding day was truly the single most amazing day of my life. I wish it never had to end but at least I have this amazing video to relive it over and over again.

Thank you Reid for making our fairytale wedding something we can enjoy and share for the rest of our lives.”

“Reid was so amazing. He made a beautiful video of our wedding day that captured every part of our day. I would recommend him 100% and would choose him over and over again. He was great to work with leading up to the wedding and on the actual event. We had our video back so quickly with amazing quality.”

Summer is prime wedding season, especially in the Pacific Northwest where it rains about 99% of the year and seldom reaches over 80 degrees in some areas. You’re lucky to get a handful of nice days in as many months, and even luckier if they’re in a row. So that makes May through September particularly busy for us, but it makes for some of our most beautiful videos.

The days are warm and sunny, making outdoor weddings possible without it being sweltering hot for the wedding guests; the days are long, which allows for the reception to continue well after the sun sets; and there’s that golden hour aura that eventually creeps in that makes time stand still. It’s the combination of all of these elements that makes the Satterfield wedding one of our favorites from this past summer, though we’ll let the video do the talking.

As far as wedding venues go, Laurel Creek Manor looks and feels a little bit like home, which is wonderful on so many levels. For one, Kelly and Aaron’s first look took place on the walkway leading up to the gorgeous brown manor, almost like it was their home they were arriving at. It adds a personal, calming touch to the atmosphere that for some might ease the stress of the day knowing they’re somewhere comfortable and homey. As family watched from the window, the bride and groom were nothin but smiles for each other as they embraced and posed for photos.

The wedding ceremony, held behind the manor on their stunning estate, packed family on both sides of the aisle on a spectacularly sunny day. The groom, rocking a grey vest and coral(salmon?) tie, looked spiffy along with his groomsmen while the bride dropped jaws in a strapless dress as she walked down the aisle to Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors.” Flanked by a bridal party adorned in slate grey gowns, the colors popped everywhere as the officiant delivered a speech worthy of a box of tissues as he touched on how “every day moments” come together for one big experience, and we couldn’t agree more.

Spanning both in and outdoors, the reception got to partying with wine, beer and dancing. Barrels for tables, a photo booth complete with Star Wars mask, and dozens of stringed lights helped add a romantic and distinct touch to an already marvelous day. The estate couldn’t be more perfect for weddings like this where you get everyone under a clear sky for a night illuminated by smiles and the twinkling lights above.

As the day crept towards twilight, the party seemed like it was only getting started. Dancing to a live DJ, the bride and groom shared time with their family and friends, but their day got the perfect punctuation with a slow dance lit by the setting summer sun as the golden light shone on two of the happiest people you’ll ever see. Some days you don’t ever want to end, and this wedding day was one of them.

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Laurel Creek Manor

Photographer – Amy Nielson

Best Made Videos – Home Page

Best Made Videos – Blog

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by Scott Johnson

When you picture weddings, you probably imagine them in a church with everyone dressed in their nicest formal attire, a serenading violin or harp playing the Bridal Chorus, a white gown and tuxedo, and a reception decked with flowers and gourmet food. We adore tradition, but we also love to see the sheer creativity the bride and groom put into their special day.

Every couple has a “thing.” Whether it is sharing a deep passion for a football team, an obsession with Star Wars, or just simply a favorite restaurant, these commonalities help make some for of the best weddings. Which is exactly why we love the story of Skylain and Jeffery Clarke who enjoy Taco Bell so much, they took their wedding photos inside the very restaurant the two spent many-a-afternoon in. Silly? Definitely. Queso-y? Sí, señor. But there’s no denying the smiles on their faces in the photos.

With that in mind, we dug through our video archives to find our own favorite themed weddings. Check out the videos below!


Pablo Wedding, 08/05/17, Cedar Springs

There’s something special about a bride and groom honoring their roots, like how Kaleena and Tim paid tribute to their Hawaiian heritage at their gorgeous wedding at Cedar Springs. Adorned with nut Lei’s the groomsman looked extra classy, while the bridal party stunned with flower ones. The massive bouquet of tropical flowers also added a sentimental touch to the ceremony, while traditional luau dancers graced the reception as family and friends joined along. Weddings like this remind us that home is never really that far away when you’re with family.

Morrison Wedding, 12/31/16, Embassy Suites

To some, the When of a wedding is more important than the Where. Sure a New Year’s Eve wedding might not be the most original idea out there, but the significance of ringing in a new year with a new chapter in life is tough to beat. Plus, you can’t really hate the idea of having to party until midnight, can you? Bride and groom Andrea and Gus certainly made a spectacular bash of it all as their reception wasted no time in getting the fun started to carry them all to the end of the year and the start of something new and wonderful.

Faber Wedding, 07/09/15, Robinswood House

Who said weddings needed to be super serious affairs? The Faber Wedding is all about the child at heart, as its theme is a combination of superheroes, Legos, and boardgames. Cupcakes garnished with dice, copies of Cranium and Taboo set up on tables, and a simple cake topped by Lego Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson say everything you need to know about the bride and groom. Sure it’s a little childish, but isn’t that how love’s supposed to make you feel? Kelly and Adam certainly think so.

Iffrig Wedding, 06/26/16, Manresa Castle

Save for Disneyland/World, it’s a little tough finding castles here in America. Luckily, for those in the Pacific Northwest, Port Townsend, WA, has one right out of a fairytale. And like a childhood dream come true, bride and groom Anna and Curt had their “happily ever after” wedding held at an honest-to-god castle, complete with a tiara, glass slippers, and a dress to rival Cinderella’s. I guess some fairytales weddings are real.

Stephens Wedding, 09/17/17, Sorrento Hotel

Ashley and Rajeev’s wedding is a beautiful union of not only two people, but two different cultures. By all accounts, the ceremony was as formal and traditional as one could expect until the groom places the traditional Hindu Bindi on his bride’s forehead just as they are about to kiss. There’s slow dancing and photos to follow, but as the reception kicks off Rajeev and Ashley arrive decked out in Hindi attire. Then, like a scene out of a Bollywood film, dancers arrive and perform routines for the guests and bride and groom. It’s a blast of energy that could get a stone’s foot tapping (seriously, watch the video), but more importantly it is the combining of two worlds.


Themed weddings reveal a lot about who the bride and groom are, even the tiniest details can add both significance and fun to the special day. Just the date of the wedding alone can say something to the nature of the couple. Let us know of any fun or unique themes we can pass on below!

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by Scott Johnson

You’d think that at a celebrity wedding the most talked about factors would be the vows, the guests, or even the after-party. But at his recent wedding, rapper Gucci Mane aimed to make the biggest moment the cake cutting. Picture this: a $75,000, 10-foot tall cake decked out in 2,500 Swarovski crystals, 8,500 handmade sugar flowers, and made up of five flavors including red velvet, amaretto, carrot, banana nut and Jamaican rum. Surely that’s enough to talk about, right? Wrong: Gucci and his bride Keyshia Ka’oir took it a step further and decided that the best tool to cut this magnificent beast of a cake was an actual, honest-to-god sword. Check out the video for yourself below!

This got us thinking: what are our favorite cake-cutting wedding videos we’ve done? So we’ve compiled a list of the best and sweetest ones yet!


Mead Wedding, 10/21/17, Melrose Market Studios

Dakota and Taylor’s tearful union is one of our favorite vow exchanges as there wasn’t a single dry eye in the room. Their vows for each other touched everyone deeply—watch the video and try not the cry—but their cake cutting, shows their complete adorableness. The initial cut by Dakota has a piece fall off as she gives a shocked glance to the videographer while Taylor stands there with mouth agape. As Taylor delicately—and then not so delicately—shoves the piece of cake into Dakota’s mouth, she recoils and then preps for her turn. But right as she’s about to go in for the shot, Taylor grabs her hand and does the deed for her, ruining her attempts to smear his face with cake as he caps it off with a “oh shucks” shrug. The two go in for a kiss, only for him to nearly spit his cake into Dakota’s mouth. It’s romantic, silly, and completely genuine. There’s no denying the love between the bride and groom.

Vega Wedding, 10/29/16, Huber’s Gasthaus

While this wedding alone would…take the cake…for being one of our spookiest videos, RaKayla and Juan’s wedding also has one of the best wedding cakes ever. Rife with spell books, zombie babies, decorative skulls, animatronic hands and a black bridal gown, it’s not entirely surprising the bride and groom’s cake would be out of the norm as far as weddings go. The three-tiered cake, which looks like sewn-up flesh with blood ready to ooze out, is literally butchered by the bride and groom as they plunge the knife right into the top of the cake. Indeed, even the insides look like blood and guts, and what follows is one of the most adorable—yet slightly creepy—food fights we have ever seen as they smear the innards all over each other. Let us know what you think of the video: sweetly sick, or sickly sweet?

Mallum Wedding, 02/26/16, Bainbridge Island

A picturesque wedding on the quaint Bainbridge Island is any videographer’s dream. The little town has some of the best venues for weddings in the region, mainly due to the breathtaking view of Seattle off in the distance. Though it was raining on their wedding day, it certainly didn’t damper any attitudes as bride and groom Danjuma and Tade were all smiles under the cover of their families’ umbrellas. Inside for the reception awaited a dove white, three-tiered cake contrasted by a lovely baby blue color scheme. When it’s time for their first bite, the bride and groom look as if they’re testing each other as if they’re afraid to go first, but it’s Danjuma who makes the first move and sticks it in Tade’s mouth, who reciprocates with a much more delicate face-smearing. And of course there’s the kiss that makes it all so much better.

Smith Wedding, 02/26/17, Rose Hill Community Center

You might find yourself dabbing your eyes at the tearful vows between bride and groom Ariella and Evan, but it’s the sweet and adorable cake cutting that gets to us. After delicately cutting the cake together, it looks as though Evan is going to carefully give a hesitant and curiously suspicious Ariella a hand-fed piece before he decides to shove it right in her mouth and smear it all over her face. The force-feeding is followed by a sweet kiss and a joke from Evan as they continue to cut their lovely three-tiered cake garnished by flowers. It’s silly wedding moments like these that are followed by sweetness that touch our heart. Plus, who doesn’t want cake on their face?


Cake is amazing on its own, but when you have two people who love each other so deeply that they don’t mind it getting smeared on their face in front of everyone they love—then that’s something truly special. These are our favorite cake cutting wedding videos. What are some of yours?

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Phillips Wedding on 7/15/17 at Greens Landing in Chelan, Wa

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The Music Bed –

“Our wedding day was truly the single most amazing day of my life. I wish it never had to end but at least I have this amazing video to relive it over and over again.

Thank you Reid for making our fairytale wedding something we can enjoy and share for the rest of our lives.”

“Reid was so amazing. He made a beautiful video of our wedding day that captured every part of our day. I would recommend him 100% and would choose him over and over again. He was great to work with leading up to the wedding and on the actual event. We had our video back so quickly with amazing quality.”

There’s something magical about the golden hour setting on a hot summer night as twilight slowly approaches that takes you back to some distant memory long forgotten. That childhood nostalgia crafts a most potently affecting spell, tickling a sense of curiosity and excitement for those days that would never end. It wouldn’t be surprising if that were exactly what made Kelly and Rylee decide to hold their wedding at the breathtaking Greens Landing out by Lake Chelan, Washington because that’s exactly what the venue does to you. I bet you could ask anyone who was in attendance–or those who watched the video–and they would say the entire wedding day was nothing short of pure, heart-fluttering magic.

Accompanied by a loving, tight-knit group of bridesmaids and groomsmen there to support and honor Rylee and Kelly, the day set off with the two getting ready separately before having the sweetest first look in the orchards located on the property. The bride and groom could barely take their eyes off each other as their excitement for what was to come could hardly be contained.  A heartfelt wedding ceremony full of love, laughter, and beaming smiles–unabashedly evident in the video– followed as the two shared their vows in front of everyone they love and finally became one.

The festivities kicked off immediately after the ceremony with Cornhole and ladder golf as everyone settled in for an unforgettable night of drinking, dancing, and being together. It’s easy to forget that weddings can often serve as a family reunion of sorts, and walking into this blindly you very well may have thought this was one. And, even if it wasn’t, there’s no denying the love and support this family and their friends has for each other. The dancing, playing, and partying seemed as though it could go on forever, so long as everyone was together.

Light and timing is crucial for any photographer or videographer, yet sometimes it lines up just right and you find something truly special—much like marriage itself. To cap off what was already a pitch-perfect wedding day, Kelly and Rylee had a serene Golden Hour dance overlooking Lake Chelan as the light dimmed to a glistening hue while the water shimmered in the distance. It’s so easy to say something is a “fairy tale moment,” but I don’t think you’d be able to find anyone who would deny this one the title, especially after having watched just the video. It was surely a dream for them, but for anyone interested in videography it was a superb lesson in using lighting to evoke poignant emotions. Sometimes things really are as good as they appear to be, and this was definitely one of those occasions where everything fell into line for the people who deserved it most.

If you would like to witness magic happening, do yourself a favor and watch the happy bride and groom share their love for each other and prepare to start their journey through life together.

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Greens Landing

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Ordona Wedding on 2/25/17 at Immaculate Conception in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“Reid is unbelievably TALENTED. We have had nothing but wonderful compliments on our beautiful wedding video. There has not been a day that has gone by we have not watched our highlight video. We are absolutely speechless. We LOVE it! Best Made Videos – Reid produced an incredibly unique and special video highlighting our big special day. He went above and beyond and were so thankful for these long lasting memories that we can reflect on for years to come. We cannot recommend Reid HIGHLY enough!!!!”

Still one of my favorite dress shots of the last year, there’s lots of little details I really love about Joana and Eddie’s wedding video from February of this year.  Seeing the dress go up in the elevator in the wide shot of the hotel lobby still makes me chuckle every time!

Working with one of our favorite wedding photographer teams of Kate and Josh with GSquared weddings, it was a blast of a day starting with some candid getting ready moments in SeaTac, Wa.

Heading over to the church for a beautiful catholic mass at one of the most scenic and breathtaking churches in the area (Immaculate Conception), Joana and Eddie had an amazing first look on the stairs out front.  We even got some nice family portraits on the stairs out front of the church as well.

Following the church service we stopped by the I-90 overlook to take some groomsmen and bridesmaid photos overlooking Lake Washington before heading down to the Renton Pavilion for Joana and Eddie’s reception.  It was a packed house and tons of fun was had as the newlyweds danced the night away surrounded by family and friends.  It was a fun and emotion-filled wedding day and I was very happy to get to ride along and capture it all on video.

Go ahead and check out this amazing couple’s wedding video and experience all of the fun for yourself!

Photographer – GSquared Wedding

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