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Mead Wedding on 10/21/17 at Melrose Market Studios in Seattle, Wa

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“We both love it so much! Thank you for perfectly capturing our day!”

Described as “industrial-chic,” Melrose Market Studios has quickly become one of the hottest venues on Capitol Hill, just shy of downtown. The nearly century old building, recently refurbished, hosts restaurants, shops, and–most importantly–weddings. Capable of holding up to 250 people, the old brick-and-mortar is infused with metal framing and wood to present a distinct old-meets-new type of vibe which is pretty darn perfect for a wedding ceremony.

On a crisp and drizzly October morning, just a week before Halloween, bride and groom Dakota and Taylor got ready at the luxurious Hotel Sorrento for their wedding. Sipping ciders and brightening the October drear with tons of pink and color, Dakota and her bridal party were full of energy and good cheer. Not to be outdone by the boys, Taylor and his pals looked dapper in their scarlet ties as they made their way out front for some sophisticated yet goofy photos, exchanging fake punches and sticking their tongues out at each other. At one point they were even able to pick up the groom himself.

The rest of the family soon came out, after all the bridesmaids donned their deep red dresses, and under the cover of umbrellas and awnings the family got all of their photos taken. Before we realized it, it was time to head on over to the Melrose Market Studios for the wedding itself.

Under the sparkling lights hung from the metal work, the bride and groom met at the altar. With the aisle lined by vibrant yellow candles and the altar backed by a massive wreath of white, red and green, it was a simple yet elegant setup. Delivering personal and heartfelt vows that recounted their history, starting way back under the friday night lights on the football field, their love had finally come full circle as they became man and wife.

A quick jaunt down the road after the wedding saw Dakota and Taylor heading towards the I5 overpass, just down Pike street, as the newly weds posed for photos overlooking the freeway near those giant, mysterious columns. The rain didn’t slow them down, nor did it damper their happiness.

Following the ceremony, which seemed to have crammed the space to its limits, the lights dimmed to near darkness as the newlyweds took the spotlight for their first dance. With a short reprieve for the cake-cutting (which happened to make our cut of Best Cake Cuttings as Taylor shoved a slice in Dakota’s mouth and then playing a little “see-food”) followed by a riotous garter dance, the alcohol started flowing and everyone got in the mood to celebrate. Even the kids got on the dance floor and hogged the space from the adults, but mostly everyone just hopped around under the twinkling, swirling lights that illuminated the dark, gloomy October night that was anything but.

Thank you again to Dakota and Taylor for picking Best Made Videos to shoot your wedding! We’re glad the rain didn’t ruin your “parade,” and hope that married life is treating you spectacularly!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any recommendations or suggestions, we’re always looking to get better!

– Scott Johnson

Venue: Melrose Market Studios

Videographer: Best Made Videos

Photographer: Rachel Howerton Photography

DJ: Otto-Matic Mobile Music

Bridal Gown: Laineemeg Bridal

Hair Stylist: Olive and Opal

Makeup Artist: Posh Styling

Bridesmaids Gowns: AZAZIE

Groomsmen Attire: Macy’s

Florist: Dakota’s Grandmother

Planner: All Tied Up Wedding and Event Design

Cake: Jenny Cookies Bake Shop

Catering: Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering and Events

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Stephens Wedding on 9/17/17 at Hotel Sorrento in Seattle, Wa

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“Yay!!! Thank you so much Reid!!”

Anybody who has ever spent time on Madison right near I5 and St. James Cathedral–whether making their way downtown or up towards Capitol Hill–will surely recognize the regal Hotel Sorrento perched on the north side of the road. Opened in 1909, the website explains that its very first guests were prospectors with heavy pockets after striking rich in the Gold Rush. Back then, the prime position on First Hill would’ve surely featured some spectacular sights, only for a century of construction and development to obscure them.

But despite the city aging around it, Hotel Sorrento is nevertheless an icon, and a perfect wedding venue at that. On one of the last remaining days of summer, Ashley and Rajeev turned the hotel into a meeting of worlds and cultures. Essentially a two-parter wedding, the day started out with a pretty standard ceremony. Ashley and Rajeev exchanged vows in a solemn ceremony surrounded by everyone they love wearing traditional attire. Partway through the ceremony, Rajeev, in connection to his Hindu roots, places the Bindi on Ashley’s forehead, symbolizing marriage and life-long commitment, before sealing the deal with a kiss.

Shortly after the wedding ceremony, Rajeev and Ashley returned for their first dance. In the Penthouse Foyer, family and friends soon joined in on the fun. Though it didn’t last too long, once the dancing was done, the two families headed outside to pose for photos around the legendary hotel. Silliness was to be had as they headed up to the roof for some awesome views of Downtown Seattle. But then everything changed.

The newly weds returned inside to the reception–but this time they took things to an even higher gear. Emerging through the double doors wearing ceremonial Hindi attire, bride and groom Ashley and Rajeev arrived for “Part 2.” Almost as if they flipped a switch, the formal, by-the-books wedding day soon became something akin to a Bollywood movie complete with live dancers, performances, and garbs that showed every color of the rainbow. That’s right: a crew of dancers showed up busting out some gravity-defying moves that both entranced and excited everyone in attendance.

After the troupe finished their routine, the rest of the guests got in on the energy as it fueled them like a shot of espresso. It’s rare at weddings where you get such thrilling moments, but this wedding was particularly special in that it was two worlds and cultures becoming one. Tradition met diversity, East met West, and love found its equal. More than just the ceremony itself “marriage” is, by definition, simply the “combination or mixture of two or more elements,” and if this wedding wasn’t that–I don’t know what is!

Thanks again to Rajeev and Ashley for choosing Best Made Videos to film their special day! We don’t get to see many weddings like it, so it was particularly meaningful to us that we got to film it and share it with the world! Happy six months of marriage!

Have any questions or comments? Let us know in the comments below!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Hotel Sorrento

Photographer – Chris Carino

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Faoro Wedding on 9/2/17 at Ashe and Alder in Arlington, Wa

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“Jeremy and I are a very laid back couple; the moment we met Reid it was clear he would be exactly the same way, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Reid and Jeff with Best Made Videos were an absolute blast and pleasure to work with. The moment they showed up at our venue they went to work, but you could tell they enjoyed their job. They were joking with everyone and blending in with the crowds, while capturing all of the most important moments and making it look easy. The communication from the time of booking through the delivery of the videos was prompt and organized. He was very realistic about what could and couldn’t be done with video so that we weren’t surprised when getting the footage back. There was a time when we weren’t sure about having a videographer and we could not be happier that we were given Reid’s information and encouraged to have live video of our day. We got the video back within days of our wedding and have relived it several times already. Best Made Videos could not come more highly recommended from us! They are amazing!”

September is where things in the Pacific Northwest get a little tricky. While it’s still technically “summer,” the fresh greenness that once covered all of the trees starts to fade and is slowly replaced by yellows and oranges—which is a sight in itself. But for weddings, it proves to be the home stretch for the season. The weather grows slightly colder with the smell of rain electrifying the air, and the days no longer remain as bright as they once did. Luckily, for the Faoro Wedding, it still looked and felt like your average summer day.

Heading on up to Arlington again, this time we took up shop at the Ashe & Alder wedding venue that boasts some truly exquisite views of the surrounding mountains. With a sense of seclusion from the city—which lies just an hour south—the venue is absolutely extraordinary and does everything it can to accommodate its guests.

Getting ready with the bright sun blasting in through the windows was enough to keep the morning moving along with the excitement of what was to come. As the bride and groom read their respective letters to each other (convinced they both wrote the same one) their love starts to become apparent—they both get choked up by the words written by their love.

Without a doubt, shooting around the venue was a sheer pleasure. With the bright sun illuminating the day, the groomsmen gathered for some group photos while the ladies continued to get ready. Before too long, bride Stefanie headed out with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to meet her soon-to-be husband Jeremy who was waiting in the shade beneath a grove of trees. Wiping a tear from his eye, he greets his bride with passion and happiness. Their portraits are simply adorable (we had a blast working with Mike and Karen of Unique Moments Photography) —but when everyone gathers for a big group photo things really go wild. A match of tug-of-war leaves the groom being pulled back and almost face-planting into the ground! Nobody was hurt, and it made for some wonderful shots—and certainly a story to tell.

As everyone gathered for the ceremony itself, the sun glaring over the mountains behind the alter, the magnificent view perfectly framed the momentous occasion. With some touching vows, a few inside jokes, and the sass of the officiant as he says “you may kiss my sister,” the years-in-the-making relationship finally took the big leap as the two became one.

With such a large property, you’d have to imagine that there would be plenty of space for games, drinking and dancing—and boy was there. As the sun crept its way behind the hills, the trees lit up with stringed lights as the grounds all of a sudden became a fairy tale in the woods. It was truly a magical night full of laughs, dancing, and love.

Before long, the bride and groom made their way out to the fields again where they posed against the golden sky, ready for the future together.

Thanks again to Jeremy and Stefanie for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We had a blast and hope you are having a wonderful year. Let us know below if you have any suggestions or recommendations!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Ashe and Alder

Photographer – Unique Moments Photography

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Soni Wedding on 8/31/17 at The Golf Club at Newcastle in Newcastle, Wa

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See their testimonial video here!

“Reid was recommended to us through a good friend, and he did not disappoint! Not only was he awesome to work with, he made our wedding highlight video within DAYS… it perfectly captured the moments we loved most about our special day. Our guests of the wedding and even friends who did not attend the wedding all said the video made them feel like they were there and made them both cry (happy tears) and laugh at the same time. We are so happy we had a videographer, but even more happy we had someone so easy to work with. I called him the day of to tell him that hair and makeup was running earlier than scheduled and he showed up early enough to catch the end of me getting ready with the makeup artist, he was so flexible!”

For as many weddings as we’ve done, the altitude reached at The Golf Club at Newcastle is certainly up there with the “highest” weddings we’ve shot. There really is no beating the extraordinarily exceptional views provided up there in the hills. With panoramas of the Sound, Seattle, and outlying towns, the Golf Club has become one of our most frequent stomping grounds—proposals, weddings, you name it––and we’re always excited to get another glimpse of that awe-inspiring view.

Heading up the winding road to Newcastle for Christina and Tanuj’s big day, the morning was greeted by some clouds. Soon, however, they rolled away to reveal the glistening blue skies behind them. As early morning whiskey shots got the boys feeling extra toasty on the last day of August, there was a very laid back feeling to the day. After shooting some pool and lounging around while the ladies got decked out in their lovely pink dresses, the boys rode up outside sporting their best shades.

Setting up for the first look, which was situated on the viewing area that features the property’s most iconic views of the region, the bride and groom met against the massive backdrop of King County and beyond. The look of absolute jubilation that appears on Tanuj’s face as he turns around to greet his bride is one for the scrapbook. Sharing a hug and a kiss, the two posed for some shots overlooking the region before heading off around the state for more breathtaking photos and video. Luckily there were no stray balls that got in the way from the golf course, not a “fore” was to be heard!

Reuniting with the bridal party, the gang messed around on the overlook as they lifted each other up and rocked out some of the silliest poses you could think of. The wedding itself saw both sides of the family sitting together, this wedding also featured one of the more promising new traditions in weddings: a sign that read “Choose a seat, not a side.” After a beautiful ceremony that had heartfelt, soul-touching words of love and devotion, Christina and Tanuj sealed the deal with a kiss and a long set of promises that reveal the depth of their love.

Splitting their reception between St. Andrew’s ballroom for dinner and the tented ceremony space outside, there was certainly enough room for everyone to fit on the dance floor! DJ Chris Graves transformed the traditionally white interior of the tent outside to a glowing ember red. As the reception got underway, the shortening summer day dwindled away as Fall slowly approached. Before it got too dark, we headed outside once again with Christina and Tanuj as they danced and dipped on a little hill with the setting sun, Seattle, and the mountains reaching out miles behind them just like their future. With the Newcastle bagpiper and all, the newlyweds were ready to embark on their future.

Thank you again to Tanuj and Christina! We hope you are enjoying the married life and have had an excellent first six months! Have any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments below! We are always looking to improve!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – The Golf Club at Newcastle

Photographer – Haze Gray Pixels

Planner – Aisle Of View

DJ – Chris Graves

MUA – Sweet P Beauty

Floral – POSH Wedding Flowers

Cake – Celebrity Cake Studio

Photobooth – Lewieland Productions Photo Booth

Rentals – Rented Elegance & Design

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Kent Wedding on 8/27/17 at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, Wa

Music courtesy of Homestretch

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“We looked at numerous wedding video companies and ultimately decided to choose Best Made Videos because of their high HD quality, cinematic highlight videos, and exceptional service. Having an international wedding, we also chose Best Made Videos for their ability to live-stream the wedding. We did not end up needing to use this service as most of our international guests RSVP’d, but it’s custom services like this that elevate Best Made Videos above and beyond the competition. Reid worked with us to create a wedding video and highlight video that truly showcased who we were. His vision brought out the best parts of our big day. Custom touches included music from our live band, our vows, and a video guestbook. Reid was a pleasure to work with and enhanced my wedding day. He was happy/smiling and has a great sense of humor. He worked well with my other vendors and having him there enhanced my wedding day. If you are considering investing in videos, DO IT! The day is so busy you won’t remember a lot of details- having video of it helps you keep memories of these moments forever! If you are considering investing in Best Made Videos, DO IT! I invite you to look at the quality of his videos in comparison with other companies: He is the best! His service, personality, and professionalism elevate him even more from the competition. From one budgeting bride to another: Best Made Videos is worth the investment!”

Tucked on the edge of the water a little ways south of Poulsbo, Kiana Lodge feels safe and secluded as it peeks across the bay at Seabold and the rest of Bainbridge Island. With a sense for the old and a love for the new and natural, the folks over at Kiana Lodge have created a superb little wedding venue perfect for those who want something a little more in-touch with the earth and the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

The Kent’s wedding, held on the last weekend of August, was greeted with bright blue skies and a toasty sun that seemed to bring out the color in just about everything. From the rich blue waters of the Sound to the overabundance of flowers that dotted the estate, the Kent’s wedding was simply beautiful to just look at.

Their day started with a few cold ones shared by the boys and mimosa for the ladies. Blue was the color for the day—which the Pacific Northwest seemed to realize with its pitch-perfect weather—as the bridesmaids donned blue dresses and the groomsmen sported identical ties. The ladies got a little something extra as they were all gifted with matching necklaces that complimented their gowns nicely.

One of our favorite parts of the day—the group photos—were as wacky and wild as ever. First the bride’s side took the spotlight, posing like Charlie’s Angels and doubling over with laughter. Rocking some slatted shades, the entourage of ladies made their way down to the waterfront where we got some excellent video of them looking totally rad against the water. Afterwards it was the boys turn who shared knuckle-bumps and even a few little kisses. It was nothing but laughter and high spirits—the perfect way to lead into the ceremony.

The elegant ceremony down by the water went off swimmingly—with both bride and groom delivering some truly emotional vows. Before you knew it, the officiant was saying “Robert, the pressure is on: you may now kiss your bride,”and at long last they were married!

Following the ceremony, bean bag toss and a live band entertained guests while the bride and groom went off to do all of the proper paperwork. The sprawling estate with its gorgeous architecture really makes for a fantastic venue with no shortage of space for guests and plenty of activities and vistas to take in.

After cutting into their (literally) dazzling cake, the bride and groom shared their first dance as man and wife. Soon enough, more people got in on the party and before it was too long the bouquet and garters were being tossed. The night went on as if it would never end—which was great, because everyone seemed to find a second-wind later in the evening to keep the dancing going even if their feet were sore.

Finally, after a romantic sunset walk on the beach, the bride and groom were ushered off into their new lives together with a tunnel of lightsabers. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Thank you again to Lisa and Rob for choosing Best Made Videos! We wish you a happy six months of marriage! Did you like what you saw? Let us know in the comments below!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Kiana Lodge

Photographer – Becca Blevins Photography

DJ – DJ Z Entertainment

MUA – Bridal Beauty Agency

Band – Homestretch

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Mortega Wedding on 8/26/17 at Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“Awwww we LOVE it!!!   Had us tearing up and laughing our butts off!”

There’s no denying that of most days you will experience in your lifetime, your wedding is by far one of those that has heightened emotions, a lot of stress, and the hope that everything turns out just as you’ve been planning for months. Now, a lot of these emotions come out in a variety of ways—uncontrollable giggles, a bit of the shakes, or simply the feeling as though you could burst into tears of joy at any…single…moment.

For the Mortegas’, it was the latter. From the very early hours of the day, both the bride and groom were on the verge of tears—it was, as the devastatingly emotional vows will describe, a day they had long been working towards, one that had been earned through years of hard work, compromise, and the belief that they could get through everything together.

As Jessica and EJ got ready separately, both finding something or other to get the tears flowing, they got primped and primed for their romantic first look right outside the Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton. During their first look EJ’s eyes light up when he turns to greet his bride-to-be, their happiness confirmed by their near-blinding smiles. We followed them around the are as they kissed under the trees and down by the waterfront—a gorgeous August day that captured the few remaining weeks of summer in its rays.

After the family got involved for some formal pictures, the rest of the bridal party got in—particularly the bridesmaids—for some fun and wild pictures. The groomsmen held nothing back either as they made us all chuckle with their poses. But then came the ceremony, with the altar looking over Port Orchard Bay as boats zipped across behind them, and it was here that all of the emotion poured out like a river. Both the bride and groom got choked up quite a bit in their vows as the two of them powered through their vows that seemed to have been written from the very bottom of their hearts. EJ really got emotional as he got near the end of his—but these are happy tears, and they should be flowing freely.

Once the tears had subsided, the vows had been delivered and the words spoken by the officiant declared them man and wife—the only thing left to do was kiss. With smiles and a sense of relief, the two went for it and were officially husband and wife.

At the reception the two shared their first dance and EJ’s brother used a ukulele to give a memorable and sincere wedding toast in the form of a song. However, the romance quickly turned into something else. As you may remember from our Best Wedding Reception moments, during the garter dance EJ broke out his best Magic Mike impersonation to deliver by all accounts one of the best garter tosses that we have ever seen. Study up, boys, you got a new bar to reach.

Thanks again to Jessica and EJ for picking Best Made Videos to shoot their wedding! We hope your first year as marriage has been as full of happiness as your wedding day was.

Have any questions or funny comments about that EPIC garter dance? Let us know below!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Kitsap Conference Center

Photographer – Genesa Richards

DJ – Mike Moovz

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Miller Wedding on 8/25/17 at Marionfield Farm in Arlington, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“Reid was an absolute dream come true! He helped us out incredibly last minute and I cannot say how happy I am we were able to work with him. He captured the most beautiful parts of our day and sent us our video remarkably fast. I honestly cannot talk this up enough, you will not regret booking with this company!”

It’s always nice to get out of the city, especially when it’s to one of the outlying farmlands around Seattle that many people forget actually existed. Sure it’s wonderful to be downtown with all of the Amazon techies, tourists and bikes speeding down the sidewalks, but head about forty-five minutes in any direction from the city and you’ll find yourself even further from the city life than you could possibly imagine. Up north lies Arlington, a great town just a few miles away from Marysville. To the south east of Arlington you’ll find Marionfield Farms, which is gently nestled between two bends in the South Fork Stillaguamish River (say that ten times fast).

It is here that the Millers held their wedding. Bright and early the day began. The guys sipped on various beers and had an educational lesson from the highly regarded “YouTube” in the art of tie tying. The gorgeous estate, which boasts a seriously cool barn that provided excellent contrast for hanging the wedding dress, has enough space to fill your entire family and even has a bridal cottage.

As the bride and groom got ready for their first look, smiling all the while, the excitement was almost palpable. When it was finally time for groom Jeff to get a look at his bride, he spun around and with a gleeful scream he greeted the love of his life. As we sent them through a litany of poses from silly to sincere to seriously, the camaraderie the bridal party shared became quite apparent. With the stunning grounds as a backdrop, there was no shortage of beautiful places to put the party.

An elegant ceremony followed, with an exuberant official declaring the bride and groom as man and wife. As the two shared their first kiss as a married couple, the sparks ignited once again. As everyone retired to the grounds for champagne and beer, the newly weds went off to sign papers before showing up at the reception to blasting music. You’d never think it from looking at the outside, but the interior of the barn event space is jaw dropping with purple and white lighting and enough room for everyone and their mothers to get on the floor and shake their booty. With a doughnut cake-cutting (and plenty more dozens to come) the two couldn’t take their eyes off each other for one minute.

As the night dwindled away and the lights turned down low, flashing sabers came out to illuminate the way for the dancers. Following the garter and bouquet tosses, the bride and groom retreated down some country roads for some personal photos that—had it just been a little bit darker—truly had the stars shining down on them.

Thanks again to Kayleigh and Jeff for picking Best Made Videos to film your wedding! We hope the first six months of marriage have been full of happiness and wonder. Have any questions? Concerns? Drop us a comment below and we’ll be sure to get to them!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Marionfield Farm


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Jewett Wedding on 8/12/17 at Seabrook, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“Reid and his videography crew were all very professional and punctual! His services are very reasonably priced and he works with you to figure out what the best package is for you specific event. When emailing him with questions he would always reply within an hour which was very helpful. Overall we had a great experience and received an amazing end product.”

Far to the west, at the very edge of our state right near the Olympic National Forest, you’ll find Pacific Beach. Just a little south from there lies Seabrook, our destination for today. When you get that far west the weather is a little more unpredictable. Ocean mists and fog roll in like the waves and meet the forest lining the beach. These aren’t the best shores for swimming or surfing, unless you like them frigidity (even during the summer) but they sure as heck make for excellent wedding venues.

A calm morning greeted our bride and groom who got all dressed up in quaint abodes, Julie donning sparkly silver sneakers and Taylor sporting a jacket-less tux with a grey/blue tie. After the two got ready, the bride and groom met for the first time on a secluded path behind the charming cottages where Tyler greeted Julie with a warm embrace.  Amazed by his bride, Tyler cannot take his eyes off of her—who could blame him?

With a great little town to pose as a backdrop for photos, the two walked around the area, their feet propelled by the excitement of what was to come. Making their way down to the shore, the soothing fog provided almost a safety blanket. It felt cozy, albeit a little chilly, but it is just part of the natural wonder of Washington and its visually stunning beaches. Heading back up into town, the bride and groom posed for photos with family and friends who were just as excited as they were for the big day.

The ceremony, held on the steps of Town Hall, was tender and sweet. The bridesmaids looked dazzling in their light blue dresses while the groomsmen simply wear shirts and slacks. No frills for these two who like to keep it simple, yet still stylish and personal. When it was time, the officiant—cracking a few jokes—let’s the two kiss (he claims it was his idea) and that was it!

After all the bureaucracy (paper signing), the wedding party headed to the reception where the bride and groom shared their first dance surrounded by all they love, sneaking in little kisses here and there. Soon after, the entire party got up and slow danced, holding their loved ones close. A simple cake cutting was no less adorable, and then the good music kicked in and got everyone shaking their booty—even the kids!

At the end of the day, the newlyweds were ushered off into their future with a barrage of bubbles blown by the guests. You see this a lot with sparklers, glow sticks and candles—though this one seems like one of the safest and funnest options! Thanks once again to Julie and Tyler for choosing Best Made Videos to film their wedding! We hope that the New Year is treating you right and that your six-month anniversary went well!

Have any recommendations for articles? Notice a typo? Let us know below!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Seabrook

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by Scott Johnson

We here at Best Made Videos have seen a lot of weddings, and by a lot—we mean a lot. On the biggest day of your life we get there bright and early, ready to capture every magical moment that comes along. From getting ready with your friends, to the first look, all the way to your car driving off into the distance—we get it all. But many people often forget that the proposal itself—you know, the event that got you here in the first place—is sometimes just as special as the wedding day. But wedding proposals professionally captured on video is something that we don’t see too much of, which is why we offer special wedding proposal videography packages.

An article that came out shortly before Valentine’s Day in the New York Times discussed some common pitfalls with proposals—and one of the major takeaways is to not spend gobs of money on something extravagant like a hot-air balloon or skywriting. The other is to not be too cliche, like proposing on Valentine’s Day itself—come on, that’s an easy one to miss. Other missteps they say to avoid include not sticking the ring in food or anything of the sort and to simply focus on the cute things in your relationship and inside jokes—but without making it too extreme. Often times the best proposals, according to the article, are just the ones with the two lying in bed in their most comfortable, normal states. No frills, no exuberant amounts of money, just a quiet moment of love and reflection.

Since we want to be there to capture every special moment for you, we offer a special Proposal Package that includes social media posts, highlight video and a teaser for Instagram. With prices starting at $500, this package also includes a $200 credit towards your Wedding Package should you decide to keep us on for the big day!

Just ask Connor and Addie who picked Best Made Videos and shared their endearing proposal all the way up at Newcastle (a familiar stomping ground for us, and one of the most breathtaking spots in the region). In what is now a truly unbreakable tradition, Connor took Addie up to one of their usual spots—the hills at The Golf Club, where his sister works—to do what they normally do: take pictures before heading on in for dinner.

This time, however, was just a little different. A warm spring day, we watched them from a distance as he guided her out to the hills. The minute he dropped to his knee and her hand rushed to her mouth we knew it was sealed. As family looked on from the estate, the two shared a kiss and were officially engaged! Having hired a photographer as well, the family posed for photos and beamed with excitement!

At the end of the day, your proposal should be meaningful and speak to your relationship in some aspect. If that’s hiring a flock of doves, a fireworks show or a marching band to come trumpeting down your street—then go for it! But always remember that sometimes simplicity is the best and most touching proposal to stick to. Just popping down on one knee is enough to make most people swoon, so never underestimate it.


Drop us a line below if you’re interested in hearing more about our Proposal Package—or if you just liked the video we’d love to hear that too! Thanks for checking in!

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Ko Wedding on 8/20/17 at Novelty Hill Januik Winery in Woodinville, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

See their video testimonial here!

“My now-husband and I were sure we wanted a videographer to capture our wedding day but had no idea where to start. But within minutes of reaching out to Reid, we got a response back with all of our initial questions answered in full. We loved his work, his attitude, and his flexibility. Reid was consistently and constantly available during the entire planning process. He’s an expert in what he does and it shows in our wedding video (that we received a mere 5 days later!!!) we are so glad we chose Reid to capture our day — he was so easy going throughout the entire day, which we really appreciated in the hustle and bustle of our wedding day. He also got along great with all of our other vendors. If you’re considering Reid for your wedding, act fast!”

Here’s a friendly reminder: Washington State is the #2 highest wine producer in the country, second only to California. You wouldn’t really think it–Washington is often associated with apples…or rain–but this is indeed very true. While a good portion of wine is grown in the Yakima and Columbia Valley, Woodinville–just a short drive East of Seattle–has a fair share of wineries and vineyards. From Cabernet Sauvignon to Riesling to Chardonnay, it’s a delectable taste treat to spend the afternoon in these areas. Plus, it’s a heck of a lot closer than Napa.

With the abundance of wineries, there’s also the abundance of wedding venues. I’m not sure if the Ko’s are much “winos,” but their beautiful ceremony at the Novelty Hill/Januik Winery was a full-bodied event with hints sweetness that left us feeling pretty grand. Getting ready on the property, which provided us some cool shots of the production floor, Nick was gifted a sick watch to wear with his suit while Sally got a new clutch purse! Once they were all set, and after Sally’s father almost lost it at the sight of his daughter in her wedding dress, the bride and groom met for their first look.

The giggly, bashful pair just smiled and let the emotions overwhelm them (this was pretty common throughout the day) as they embraced. While we followed them around the winery as they snapped photos we couldn’t help but feel thankful for the superb weather. Slightly overcast, this is often a “cool” welcome in the hot summer months, especially if you’re having to be outside in the sun the whole day (even more so if you’re the groom in all black).

The outside ceremony was one full of tears and celebration with Sally reducing to tears within moments of beginning her vows–though she was already pretty weepy after Nick read her a poem written by himself. The words of love and devotion shared between the two will melt your heart and remind you that soul mates do exist, particularly the ones who promise to pick up all the hair they shed. When Ray Van Winkle (remember him?) delivered the bonding words, and the bride and groom shared a kiss, the two were official.

The nice thing about having your wedding at a winery is knowing you’re not too far from excellent vino. As every sipped their wines all along the color spectrum and played ladder golf, Sally and Nick signed their boring papers before taking some more pics around the estate. Eventually they headed inside and cut their official Wedding Pie (say, now that’s an idea!) and shared their first dance as the lights dimmed down low.

The sun set pretty quickly, but that didn’t stop the fun or the beauty. As the night wore on, we stepped outside with Sally and Nick for them to have another private little dance, hardly illuminated as their silhouettes twirled and embraced for then and forever.

Thanks again to the bride and groom for picking Best Made Videos to film your wedding! Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

– Scott Johnson

Venue – Novelty Hill / Januik

Photographer – Julianna J Photography

Floral/Coordinator – Love Blooms Wedding and Event Design

Officiant – Chaplain Dale Weddings

Hair + Makeup – Salon Maison Bridal Beauty & Style Bar

Dress – Bellevue Bridal Boutique


Pie (not cake) – A La Mode Pie

DJ – Sweet Sounds

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