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By Scott Johnson

Hyland Wedding on 7/6/19 at Pickering Barn in Issaquah, Wa

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“Amazing Videographer. Reid is awesome! He was upbeat and engaged with us throughout the whole process. Before, during, and after our wedding he was very personable and easy to work with. On top of all that, the quality of his work is excellent. We absolutely love our video!!! It is beyond perfect! We also got the raw footage which is filled with valuable memories. We HIGHLY recommend using Reid as your videographer!! You won’t be disappointed!”

The first creeping chills of fall have arrived. Gone are the pleasant morning strolls and here come those miserable departures from your cozy bed. Hopefully without making the transition between seasons more bitter, we come to you today with one of our weddings from the beginning of July. Back when the weather was still warm, we met for the Hyland wedding, which saw the union of Blake and John.

What made things even more awesome was the venue: Pickering Barn. With shocking proximity to the Issaquah Costco, this great, centralized venue can fit up to 350 people. With options for both interior and exterior weddings, you can get hitched here any time of year, though only if you are willing to endure the cold.

Blake and John both had lively mornings as their parties got all made up for the day. Crews tackled the barn to get it looking spiffy for the bride and groom, and before too long everything was ready for the first look. Meeting outside of Pickering Barn (note that they got married in the Hay Barn), the bride and groom looked splendid for their first look. The bright summer sun made everything that much better, especially when we made our way into the greenery to let the sun streak through the leaves.

Once we had enough shots of this adorable couple, it was time for some group photos. Rocking grey suits, the groomsmen looked grand next to the lovely ladies in light blue. For some reason, the boys just couldn’t keep their super stern faces for too long as they soon reduced to chuckles and smiles.

Gathering in the massive hay barn is a sight to behold. The massive wood wall towers over the altar, while the wonderful colors of the dresses and suits flank along the sides to create a nice contrast. After committing to each other, and to God, John and Blake became husband and wife. A kiss sealed the deal, and they made their way back down the aisle.

We ran off with the newlyweds to catch some blissful photos of the two. Strolling through gardens alive with flowers, they twirled and smiled like they were the only two on the planet. While the guests entertained themselves with cornhole and some drinks, Blake and John enjoyed just a bit more solace before arriving for the reception.

With food and drinks ready to go, the partying got off to a quick start. The evening made way into the cake cutting and first dance, with Blake looking utterly delighted with her new husband’s dance moves. In a flash, it was time for the bouquet and garter toss, only for more dancing to take the night away.

Congratulations to Blake and John for almost three months of marriage! Thank you once again for choosing Best Made Videos® to film your big day. We hope you have been having a superb time.

Have any questions? Comments? Leave them below and we will be happy to get back to you!

Venue – Pickering Barn

Photography – Tiffany Rosendahl

Videography – Best Made Videos

Catering – Snuffin’s Catering

Dress – I Do Bridal

Blake and John’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

I was down in Tacoma for the PBR with a friend and we decided to check out the country bar, Steel Creek, Saturday night. John was there with a buddy and wife.  He was shy so he had his buddy’s wife come bump into me and ask if I could help her find her husband (they were standing 10 feet away). Eventually she said “Oh, there they are!” and asked if my friend and I wanted to hang out. That’s when I met John :).  We got to talking and he bought me a shot of my favorite whiskey and taught me how to line dance and two-step. I gave him my number and he ended up buying a ticket to the PBR the next day and came all the way back down to Tacoma from Silverdale to watch the bullriders and hang out with my friend and me. The rest is history. 🙂 ((We go to PBR every year now)).

Tell us about the proposal!

My mom, my sister, and I went to a Mariner’s game on Friday night. John was supposed to go too, but told me he had to go away for the weekend for work. (He was in the USCG, so that was common). I was bummed but I was used to it. We got home from the game and my mom and sister decided they wanted to try this new brunch place out in the Richmond Beach area in the morning, and of course I wanted to go.  So we wake up and get ready and head to the café, and my dad called. He was at Richmond Beach Park taking pictures (also a very common thing, even though it was raining). He called and asked if we were at the restaurant yet, because he spotted some orcas and said we should come down to see them. I love whales, so of course I wanted to go down and see them before brunch. We got down there and my dad told me they were feeding and he thinks they moved north. He told me I might be able to see them if I walked down a little ways.  As I was walking down towards the water I noticed a glass bottle with sand, shells, and a picture of John and me in it. I said “What the hell? That’s John and me” and then looked up to see him coming up the beach from around the corner. He came up to me, got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked me to marry him and I said YES. His family had driven up from California, so we all celebrated with some champagne. Definitely, completely and totally surprised me! Also, I still have yet to see any orcas in the Puget Sound. 🙂

Why did you choose your venue?

We were looking for a barn and this was the first place we looked and we loved it. We booked it right then and there. 

What are you most excited to see in the video?

I’m really excited to be able to watch and re-live the memories from the day.  I know it’s all going to be a blur and go by so fast. I’m also glad we’re going to have it for our kids to watch in the future. I’ve watched my parents wedding video a few times and it’s cool to see relatives, like my grandpa, who I never got the chance to meet. 

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By Scott Johnson

Well folks, fall is officially here and that signals the end of our summer wedding season. But never fear! We have weddings going on all-year round so you will always get to enjoy continuing love and happiness! Plus, who knows? Maybe we will see a spooky Halloween wedding!

This also means we get to start compiling our Top Ten of 2019 Countdowns! In the meantime, we have a nice nugget of weird wedding news coming your way. This time, we have a stop to Disneyland for cake, some celebrity wedding news, and…a dinosaur?

Celebrities and other famous people have it pretty tough sometimes, admittedly, as the average Joe does not know what it is like to have crazy fans come up to you commanding you to recite a favorite movie line or snap a photo.

When you’re a renowned clothes designer (or artist of any kind), imagine how crazy it would be to have someone run up to you and beg for you create your signature artwork for them? That’s exactly what happened to Vera Wang, and luckily for us it was wedding related!

Just a few weeks ago at the US Open, Vera Wang was enjoying the tourney when out of nowhere a fan was upon her asking for a custom bridal gown. Surely very busy doing the gowns for some of the richest people in the world, Wang was said to have been very accommodating all things considering, and chatted with the fan for almost half an hour. Apparently the fan also brought in her mother to try and “‘schmooze her’”!

The latest celebrity wedding to catch our eye is that of Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry. Best known for his roles in The Spectacular Now and the ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot, Teller rocked a Celine by Hedi Slimane suit while model Sperry wore a Monique Lhuillier gown.

Their long-awaited Maui wedding (they’ve been engaged since August 2017) was held at the lush Ritz Carlton Kapalua Hotel, and featured guests like Shailene Woodley and Nina Dobrev. Be sure to check out the article for more details about their big day, and congrats to the newlyweds!

It’s always fun to catch a wedding that is a little more on the casual side. There’s less worry if you spill on your shirt, and who doesn’t love a groom who wears shorts? Well, one wedding has garnered the attention of the internet after bride Deanna Adams declared to her bridesmaids that they have free reign over their attire for the wedding.

As you can tell by the photo, it was a pretty lax day. The ladies on the right all wear some form of dress, some sneakers and flip-flops…except for the Maid of Honor.

She’s wearing a T-Rex costume; and it’s the bride’s sister!

Wait, what? Talk about taking an idea and running with it! Let us know below, would this ruin your wedding day or take it to a whole other dimension?

For those of you who aren’t super familiar with Walt Disney World, during the Fall they host Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, which has a slew of Autumnal activities and treats. It’s probably at this point you’re wondering how this has anything to do with weddings, but we’re getting there! One of the park’s vendors, Constance is selling what is called the “For Better or For Worse Wedding Cake” and it looks equal amounts adorable and tasty.

For the price of $7.50 (plus the price of a plane ticket and the outrageous admission prices), you can get these three-tiered cakes that are perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand. You haven’t even heard the flavor yet: “Raspberry Bavarian Cream and layers of glacage, and is topped with buttercream pearls and a chocolate axe.” How badly do you want one now?


That about does it for this week! Thank you for keeping up to date with all of our weird wedding news we have to share! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some wonderful fall weddings; the lighting this time of year is unbeatable! As always, if you have any stories to share please send them our way and we will be happy to share them!

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By Scott Johnson

Lebel Wedding on 5/25/19 at Saint Alphonsus Church in Seattle, Wa

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Song Freedom –

It’s always wonderful to see bride and grooms get married in a church. What used to be almost entirely the norm has fallen by the wayside over the past few decades with more and more bridal parties opting for destination weddings, specialized venues or even backyards. We were lucky enough to get to see the Lebel wedding at St. Alphonsus right at the start of this year’s wedding season.

In order to get your ceremony here, you must complete a pretty standard Catholic preparatory checklist including being a member for at least three months of the Parish, attending catechesis programs and meetings with the pastor, as well as a few other items that all relate displaying your love for each other, your shared faith, and devotion to God and the community.

Having gotten through the extra hoops in order to get wed at Saint Alphonsus, it was officially time for the big day! We were ready and raring to get this wedding season off to a stupendous start. After a chilling winter that left us snowbound, the spring sun felt amazing.

A group of experienced friends helped Edwin get ready for his big day. There were no tutorials for tie-tying, or how to get the pocket square just right. No, these guys were ready to send their buddy down the aisle. We were fortunate to get some shots of these dapper dudes overlooking Seattle before it was time to bring out the ladies.

Not to be seen before the wedding, Edwin eagerly awaited his bride, Diahann, as she approached from down the aisle. Looking jubilant as can be, Edwin was more than ready for this moment. Meeting in front of the pastor, the two opened themselves up before God, their family and friends. After a wholly spiritual sermon from the priest, the soon-to-be newlyweds exchanged their rings, signed the official documents and became husband and wife!

As their loved ones applauded, they made their way down the aisle before returning a brief moment later for some greetings and massive group photos. Eventually, everyone made their way to the reception space decked out with tables, balloons and plenty of food. A lovely cake proved for what will likely be one of our picks for Best Cake Cuttings of 2019, as the smiles and excitement filled their faces.

Soon enough it was time to dance and boogie. The wood floors were cleared of tables so that the guests could start shaking their booties. After a lot of fun dancing around, we headed off with just the bride and groom to catch some photos of the two with the slowly setting sun in the background. What a wonderful afternoon with such amazing people!

Thank you again to Diahann and Edwin for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding day! We hope your first four months as a married couple have been splendid! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please send them our way! We love hearing from all of our readers!

How did you guys meet?

We met at Catholic Match online late in August 2017. We struck up a friendship and met in person on October 7 2017.  We officially had our relationship on November 24 , 2017 (day after thanksgiving) 

Venue – Saint Alphonsus Church

Photographer – Michael Curtis

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

DJ – Seattle DJ Services

Catering – Act 3 Catering

Tell us about the proposal!

Edwin came up to see Denden on January 18, 2018 in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  Together we went to visit St Anne’s Catholic Church in Abbotsford and Ed proposed to Denden. 

Why did you choose your venue?

We are both devout Catholics and wants a traditional-based marriage. 

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The whole wedding ceremony with the choir. 🙂 

Anything else?

To have all the guests in the video so we would be able to review who attended the wedding. 

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by Scott Johnson

Welcome back everyone for your favorite weird, wedding world updates! With summer on its last legs before the leaves start to change and the rain begins to fall every day, we are trying to squeeze in as many wonderful outdoor weddings as we can. Nevertheless, we want to keep you informed on all-things wedding, so here is your weekly helping of Bizarre Wedding News! This week we have got feuding sisters, ideas for wedding planners, cake and more! Buckle up!

Martha Stewart Weddings takes no time in stating a cold, hard truth: “Wedding favors are a lovely thought, but they’re often hit or miss.” What should you get for your guests, when in reality the favors are often unwanted or simply thrown out? Some wedding planners have offered up a few tips on what you can do should you choose to do it.

The first tip is to give it some thought: “Thoughtful favors are a win every time” claims Deanna Nash. But what if you can’t think of anything? How about food? Everyone loves food, especially after a night of drinking and dancing. Still, Nash says to go thoughtful with the food rather than fancy. A few more tips include buying local and donating to a good cause instead. What did you give as wedding favors?

The first of two Reddit-based stories today comes from user “paperweightfairy.” She and her fiance had booked their wedding venue quite a ways down the road (three years engaged). Yet as life would have it, her sister got pregnant. Why this matters is about to become abundantly clear: the sister wanted to get hitched and have her sister and future-brother-in-law give up their venue for her. Why? Because of the stress of getting pregnant and feeling the pressure to get married. What is the craziest is her family started to take the pregnant sister’s side and began badgering the other sister into giving up the venue.

There have not been too many updates since then, though the mom of the sisters apparently called the fiance’s parents to harass them as well. What a family!

And now for other Reddit story: This time, a photo was posted to the r/Trashy page (where gross, inappropriate and, well, trashy images and videos are posted) that showed a smiling, happy wedding party. The thing is, the girl standing next to the bride is wearing a rather deep-cut dress. The post pertaining to the photo is “When you just have to steal the spotlight.” As it was the internet, lots of people decided to share their opinion. There were some clear disapproval, and others in support. But then someone actually claimed they knew the bride and the people in the photo, and that the bride herself approved of the dress.

To cap it all off, the group in the photo caught wind of all the hullabaloo and posted more photos of the wedding to prove everyone was in good spirits. What do you think about the dress?

Our last story for the week is about our favorite wedding tradition: cake. Except this time, we come to you with what is being called a “disaster.” A photo that popped up on Instagram (the famous That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming page to be exact) that showed a three tiered cake, but the cake looks somewhat like worn-out luggage, with a blaring drizzle of icing that anyone passing by would recognize as, well, poop.

It is certainly one of the most…interesting…wedding cakes we have seen, but the bride and groom in question have received quite the roasting from the internet. Not quite sure what the idea was here, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t excrement-based.

There you have it for this week. Be sure to keep an eye out for the final batch of our summer weddings as we head into Autumn. Have a story to share? You know what to do!

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by Scott Johnson

Anderson Wedding on 6/22/19 at Swiftwater Cellars at Suncadia

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The Music Bed –

If ever there was something that goes well with most weddings, it would be wine. For toasting the bride and groom, to dancing with barrels in the welcoming cellar, to strolling grapevines for the first look, wine and weddings are almost synonymous. With Washington rising in the ranks of renowned wineries, we are more than happy to be visiting the up-and-coming vineyards for wedding days. For the Anderson’s big day, they sure picked a doozy! Swiftwater Cellars all the way over in Cle Elum.

This remarkable venue offers up several wedding locations and a flurry of amenities. Free rehearsal, uniformed staff, and a mobile bar are just a few to get you interested, and they can certainly accommodate a busload of guests. Just after the beginning of the Summer season, we were ready and eager to see the Andersons get married.

Adorable socks, fresh bubbly and a few snacks sped the morning along until the ladies and gents were all dressed. Be sure to watch until the end of the video if you want a good chuckle, it seems like Peter wasn’t too ready for that tequila!

Sporting a navy suit, the groom was flanked by an army of groomsmen in gray attire. Meanwhile, the ladies all rocked lovely pink dresses, which made for some great contrasting shots in the group photos.

A delightful first look overlooking the nearby golf courses saw Lauren and Peter just about bursting with emotion. The excitement and happiness that a wedding day brings is nothing to shy away from, you just have to embrace it! When the rest of the wedding party came out, you better bet the smiles did, too. After all the fun and “cheeses” had ended (at least for the time being) it was finally time to get hitched.

With a backdrop of a sprawling forest, the bride and groom met to be wed underneath a wooden altar. The ground leading up to it was filled with white chairs, and seated in them were loving family and friends. In a blink of the eye, the ceremony was coming to a finish and it was time to hear those magic words, “Peter, you may kiss your bride.” He listened.

After the sealing kiss, we ran off with the newlyweds for some golden hour shots of them along the golf course and surrounding hills. It was not nearly enough time before making our way back to the reception for dinner, cake, and pie! Wine and pie? Yes please! Unforgettable dances, particularly with Lauren and her father, helped burn off the calories. All focus was, as it should be, on the newlyweds. Smiles and laughter made the room come alive, and there was nary a dry eye when Peter and his mom shared their dance.

Thank you again to Peter and Lauren for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wonderful wedding day. We hope your first two months of marriage has been amazing! Have any questions or comments? Leave them below!

Venue – Swiftwater Cellars

Photographer – Adina Preston

Videographer – Best Made Videos®

DJ – Pristine Entertainment

Florist – Where Style Blooms

How did you guys meet?

Blind Date

Tell us about the proposal!

Proposed outside next to a lake

Why did you choose your venue?

Half way for both families

What are you most excited to see in the video?

First look, vows, toasts, and everybody having a great time 🙂 

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by Scott Johnson

Conway Wedding on 7/13/19 at Craven Farm in Snohomish, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

“Your Search Ends Here, This is Your Videographer. Best Made Videos is definitely one of the best out there. Not only is Reid a professional, he is down to Earth and so easy to work with. Many times when we’d email Reid, he would respond within minutes! It was so great to have such a quick response. No pressure Reid! 😀 The videos of course were amazing! We enjoyed watching and sharing our highlights video with our family and friends. We finally got around to watching our ceremony and toasts after coming back from vacation. It’s so great to be able to relive those memories, especially since the whole day went by so fast! We’re looking forward to watching this in the future years to come. Thank you Reid!!”

It is funny how just a few miles of driving can take you away from the city into vast fields of greenery. Take a tip from the Conways if you want some jaw-dropping bird’s eye view action with our drone package. Opting for it themselves, the vastness of Snohomish was overwhelmingly filmed from up high with our awesome drone. At the peak of summer there is so much to see with clear skies and rolling hills.

Zooming in on Craven Farm, you will be shocked at just how…red…it is. With red buildings and dark red trees dotting the farm, it is a sight to behold, especially from above. This wonderful venue can seat up to 300 people and allow you to bring in your own caterers. We are always happy to come back here, even if it’s just for their pumpkin patch in October! Don’t worry if you are not going during peak season (or even during, for that matter) because they have two outdoor ceremony sites as well as one inside in case the weather isn’t so cooperative.

The Conway wedding got off to a great start. Some darts, sipping drinks and getting all spiffy took up most of the morning. The gents rocked pink ties that reflected the ladies’ lovely dresses. Once Shea was looking spiffy, he went to meet Diane along a romantic walkway for their first look. We got the two smooching underneath branches with sunlight spilling through and along country pathways. Once the rest of the bridal party joined in, the shades came out and everyone was having a good time.

There was no need for the rainy-day alternative today, so we headed out to the clearing lined with those splendid red trees. As the bride and groom made their way down to the altar, the summer sun shined bright in the sky. You got to give Shea some credit, he really knocked his vows out of the park. Was that a little The Office reference in there? After the officiant gave the word, Shea and Diane became husband and wife.

What farm wedding is complete without a barnyard bash? After returning from some time away from the crowd, the newlyweds joined their guests for dinner and cake. The dazzling wooden framework was strung with lights, under which the newlyweds shared their first dance. Convenient barrels lined the walls in case anybody else wanted to set their drinks aside for a good dance.

With so much daylight to burn, the dancing started early with everyone cutting a little footloose. Be sure to watch for mind-blowing breakdancing, with one guest (former groom Kevin) putting all others to shame. After all the dancing, there was only enough time left to catch some golden hour shots out along the fields.

Thank you to Shea and Diane for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope you had a grand one-month anniversary! As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and we will happily get back to you!

Venue – Craven Farm Inc.

Photography – Travis Lawton Photography

Second Shooter –

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Planner – Flowing White Wedding & Event Coordination

Cake – Despi Delite Bakery

DJ – Scott Dulin

Hair/Makeup – Pacific Artistry

Dress – I Do Bridal

Catering – Alexa’s Cafe

Rentals – CORT Party Rental

How did you guys meet?

Shea and I met 7 years ago. We were and still are very busy people. We were tired of the bar scene and decided to try out online dating. At this period of time, meeting someone offline was still kind of a new thing. Shea tried online dating because his friend wanted to do something for him since he helped her get through a tough time. I started online dating to try it out. We were both kind of done after a few months. Shea was my last message I had sent after spending time with thoughtful messages and not receiving anything in return. I went on a few dates but they didn’t work out. So luckily everything turned out perfectly! 

Tell us about the proposal!

Shea and I were in Ireland 2 years ago for our first international trip together. We were at the Cliffs of Moher and put the phone on the ledge of a window. He said we were taking pictures on the time, so we posed for some. He then said we had one last picture to take and it was an important one and that’s when he got down on one knee and proposed! It was so exciting and the phone was actually taking a video and not pictures! 

Why did you choose your venue?

We loved the openness and the options for the venue. We love the surroundings of nature.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

I guess seeing our raw emotions of this day. It would be interesting to see what he and the groomsmen were up to as we are probably scrambling to get ready. 

Anything else?

Nothing else! We can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

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by Scott Johnson

Sherry Wedding on 6/8/19 in Ravensdale, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –
The Music Bed –

Have any of you King Countians ever heard of Ravensdale? I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t–it’s pretty small. With a population of just over 1,000, the entire town is about as big as your high school. On a good day, it’s only about an hour outside of Seattle, which makes for a wonderful day trip. In the case of the Sherrys, well, it was the perfect location for an intimate, private wedding on a piece of property that had been in the family for years.

It was gray and cloudy to get the day off, which is typical for early June (remember, it was still Spring here!) The not-so-sunny morning made it perfect for taking some shots to bolster courage and warm the appendages. Taking care to get ready and look absolutely dapper, the boys got their bow ties on perfectly (even if they were a few shots in).

Sipping shots out of mini-solo cups and cracking open a few beers got the blood running before gathering for group shots in the clearings between the trees. The soon-to-be newlyweds were bubbling with excitement before we could even get a picture of the two. Once all of the shenanigans were out of their systems, it was time to wrangle up the wedding party for the big ceremony!

Situated in an opening surrounded by trees, the ceremony was just in time for the sun to start poking its head through the clouds. With the guests seated under a massive canopy, the bride, groom and their party stood at an adorable, elevated altar fashioned out of wood. With light grays and a almost-seafoam green dresses, the party looked just as suave as the bride and groom. Rocking Converse, the groom made his way down the aisle where he waited eagerly for his bride.

If there is any indication of a wonderful ceremony, it is the amount of laughter that arises from it. Now typically you don’t want laughs at a wedding, unless it fits perfectly with the couple. Some are just too serious and straightforward, but the Sherrys were giggly and oh-so excited to get hitched. When all was said and done, the two shared their sealing kiss and became husband and wife.

With plenty of space to roam around afterwards, it was time for an extravaganza of a reception. Multiple tents and tables were set up for food and beverages. While the party got even more silly with their newlywed photos (we took extra time to get some solo shots of the happy couple walking down some nearby train tracks) as the rest of the guests were having fun on the jungle gym and sipping their worries away.

When the newlyweds returned, it was definitely time to start the party. With what seemed like an endless amount of food to fill our bellies, the newlyweds shared a hopelessly romantic first dance in the wooden barn, decked out with a chandelier and all.

And then it was over far too quickly; as they say, this one was for the history books! Thank you again to Cheyenne and Tim for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first month of marriage has gone magically.

Have any questions or comments? Leave them below!

Venue – Cheyenne’s Grandparent’s Property

Photographer – Jen and Jody Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Catering – The Apogee Pub and Eatery

DJ – Jeff Schellhase

Rentals – Anna’s Party Rentals

Cake – My Friend Diane

Cheyenne and Tim’s story in their own words:

How did you guys meet?

We met in college through our athletic department, we were both student athletes

Tell us about the proposal!

We went hiking outside of Columbus, GA (at Pine Mountain technically) to a waterfall, and that is where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Why did you choose your venue?

This is actually my grandparent’s property, I grew up “camping” here, and my grandfather has since built it into a beautiful place for a wedding!

What are you most excited to see in the video?

The speeches!

Wedding Party

Flower Girls: Alyena, Kendall, Camryn, Raelynn, Farryn, and Gizelle

Ring Bearers: Carson and Hudson

Gus Greenside


As Cheyenne’s longest standing friend (and brother), he enjoys bird hunting, driving Cheyenne crazy, and feeding his herd of pigs.

Cat Sherry


Often called Sherry rather than her first name, Cat has put up with all of Tim’s nonsense for the past 25 years, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a Beverage Connoisseur, animal lover, and gym rat.

Sarissa Lammers


Saved Cheyenne with Thai dates, chocolate and Grey’s Anatomy binges during college, enjoys making fun of Tim.

Soren Butler


Soren and Tim were rivals-turned-roommates after competing against each other growing up and being roomed together in college. Soren has put up with Tim and his craziness in life and in athletics.

Kayla Contreras


Cheyenne’s high school mini-me, running buddy, Kayla is going to school in North Carolina and enjoys ice cream and Cheyenne’s dog Carlos

Luke Johnson


Luke is a PA native and loves the outdoors. He is a beer enthusiast and brings the party to any room he enters!

Kyle Froese


This guy was fool enough to literally take care of Cheyenne (and Sarissa) through four years of college

Lauren Todaro


Lauren, commonly referred to as LP, is full of fire, loves cats, and recently married her best friend!



Cheyenne’s family mini-me, likes to make sarcastic comments, and enjoys Olive Garden

Tim Soushek


Although a cousin of the bride, Tim gets along with everyone and enjoys teasing gators, long walks to the kitchen, and a cold brew.



Cheyenne’s cousin and Olivia’s brother, Logan enjoys Fortnight, fighting with Gus, and french fries with steak

Alyssa Larsen


Alyssa and Tim met and became friends over their love of coffee and and dogs!

Asne Hoveid


A Norwegian native, Asne helped both Cheyenne and Tim cause plenty of trouble in college. And as the only person in the bridal party from another country, she brings the life to every party

Nathan Taylor


Nathan, commonly known as Nay Nay, is a Texas native and loves helicopter rides, strolls through the biology lab, and making fun of his friends.

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by Scott Johnson

Welcome everyone to the beginning of the end of our Summer Wedding Season. As we creep our way into the month of August, we only have about 6 weeks left of Summer! Of course we will have some wonderful Fall weddings later on, dazzling us with the oranges and browns of the leaves, but for now let’s just soak up the last bit of summer and get ready for some more Bizarre Wedding News. This week we have some dresses, news about JFK Jr., nudity, and Arthur? Guess you will just have to find out! Let’s begin:

Now I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of a wedding that got so rowdy and out of control that someone got naked–let alone the groom. Well that is exactly what happened back in May as a video posted to Jacaranda FM shows a groom stripping (along with a groomsmen) and getting wild for his newly-wed wife. While on the one hand we must praise this man for his bravery and talent, the other hand must also question whether this was exactly the best place to do it–I mean, the honeymoon was surely just a few hours off…

Anyway, check out the video and let us know: if your new spouse decided to drop to their skivvies, would you be mad? Or would you join them?

Fans of Boy Meets World will undoubtedly recognize a name out of this article. Dancing with the Stars pro, Cheryl Burke, got hitched to Matthew Lawrence (Jack Hunter in BMW) back in May. Their San Diego wedding was held at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, and saw the bride wearing a “structured silk crepe gown that featured a scalloped sweetheart neckline.” There were also “Swarovski crystal buttons along the “cathedral-length, six-foot train.”

For more details about their grand wedding, be sure to hit the link!

If ever you thought there would be a controversial television program, the least likely one you would consider was probably Arthur. Well, back in May, Alabama Public Television decided to bar an episode of the delightful children’s program from airing. Why, you ask? Because it had one of the long-time staples of the show, Mr. Ratburn (the teacher), get married to his boyfriend.

What was titled “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” was cut out of the state’s programming and has yet to see the light of day there (unless, you know, you go on the internet). It’s wild to think that in this day and age there would be such an uproar over a kid’s show, but then again, people are going to be very upset when that Baby Shark show gets going.


There you have it for this week! We hope you have been entertained and well-informed about some of the weirdness going on in the wedding world! As always, if you have any questions or would like to share your own story, leave it below!

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by Scott Johnson

Mosley Wedding on 5/4/19 at Mountain View Venue in Port Angeles, Wa

Music licensed from –
Song Freedom –

While many may know May the Fourth as Star Wars Day, the Mosley’s will forever cherish it as their wedding day. We love any chance to get over to Port Angeles (and for all of you who haven’t made a weekend trip out there, you definitely need to). With Seattle far to the East, the peaceful tranquility of the area (particularly the Mountain View Venue) makes any wedding feel absolutely perfect.

The morning got off to a wonderful start as the ladies got ready in their lovely blue dresses. The natural beauty of the Olympics really made itself known from the minute we stepped onto the property. Breathtaking trees, particularly when the sun crept through the branches, made the little clearings feel like a fairy tale. It is here that the first look took place, and with some creative (and certainly improvised) “special effects” we got some dazzling blossom shots.

Soon enough, the bridal party made its way out to join the bride and groom. Looking all dapper with vestless suits, the boys tried to show-up the ladies but didn’t quite cut it. With plenty of fun poses to try out, they kept us busy until the wedding bells began to toll. Once everyone was bubbling over with laughter and good cheer, we knew it was just about ceremony time.

If the rest of the venue gave any indication of how gorgeous the actual altar was going to be, we would’ve thought it was impossible to get better. Nevertheless, the little clearing overlooking a farm in the distance, surrounded by mountains and towering trees, proved to be an utterly perfect location for Jason and Marie to tie the knot. Once the magic words were unleashed by the officiant, it was time for the two to kiss and make it official!

Retreating to some new areas around the estate, we got some intimate shots of the newlyweds amongst the unrelentingly beautiful greenery. While the kids concerned themselves with the finer things in life (meaning the wicked tire swing), and the rest of the party milled around, the newlyweds were signing their documents and getting ready for the reception. In other words, getting all the boring stuff out of the way!

The dazzling walls of lights in the reception hall made for a dream-like tapestry. As the dancing got underway, the newlyweds shared some special moments with their family before the rest of the gang hit the dance floor. As the day wore on, the sun began to plunge below the mountains, which meant it was time for our favorite golden hour shots. Moments like this really bring the day to a superb conclusion, as evidenced by the smiles on their faces.

Thank you again to Jason and Marie for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding day! We wish you nothing but the best of luck and happiness. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, leave them below! We are always looking to make improvements! See you all soon!

Venue – Mountain View Venue

Photographer – Adrien Craven Photography

Videographer – Best Made Videos

Coordination – Vanessa Thompson

Makeup – iilya violet event artistry

Cake – That Takes The Cake


Hair – Hair & Makeup by Jocelyn DeChenne

Dress – Black Diamond Bridal

Bartender – Pour Girls and Some Guys

How did you guys meet?

We met via Bumble and our first date was a hike up Pyramid Peak with my foster kiddo.  And our second date was a gruesome (for me) hike up Mt Baldy, Graywolf, and Tyler Peak.

Tell us about the proposal!

Sunset walk on the Beach at Salt Creek

Why did you choose your venue?

It was the biggest place we could find in the area and it has a pretty view.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

1st look; Jason Smiling; walking down the aisle; 1st dance, father bride dance; vows; father of the bride speech; parents at ceremony and reception

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by Scott Johnson

Gayle – Manson Wedding on 6/22/19 at Novelty Hill Januik Winery in Woodinville, Wa

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Song Freedom –

What’s better than a wonderful wedding at the beginning of Summer? A wedding at a winery, in this case the Novelty Hill Januik Winery over in Woodinville. Certainly not our first time visiting this lovely estate, it’s important to note that they offer several packages for their weddings that feature different amenities. The unique concrete construction and iconic red translucent wall of the winery make a show-stopping venue perfect for any occasion, especially a wedding!

The Gayle-Manson wedding was greeted with some gray clouds early in the morning. Getting ready in the various spaces throughout the building, the boys hung out in the Cellar room sipping some fine wine and looking particularly stylish with their navy suits and red ties. The ladies matched the ties with their dresses, while the bride rocked some coral flowers in her hair.

After everyone had a few sips of their drinks, it was time to meet for the first look. In a little courtyard, the bride and groom shared some tender moments before we had them traipse around the winery. Posing in between the grapevines and train tracks (don’t worry they aren’t in use anymore), it was so sweet and romantic. As the clouds were burning off high above, it was a wonderfully warm day to be outside. Soon enough, it was time for group photos and everyone rolled on out with the biggest and best smiles.

And then it was time for the ceremony. We aren’t sure if the sun just knew when to pop through or what, but by the time it was good to go there were some streaks shining down from the clouds. Filling the adorable wedding courtyard, the guests lined the way in white seats while the bridal party made their way to the altar. Following Laura and Jeff’s vows, both of which breaking out the sobs ever so briefly, they were able to kiss and become husband and wife.

After the newlyweds retreated for some privacy, the guests did what any guests at a winery would do: drink wine and relax! The spacious, inviting winery felt like you were actually at a bar. Cornhole kept the competitive spirit alive and worked up appetites while the dining area was prepped. Once everyone was seated, the newlyweds made their triumphant return before mingling around all of the tables with their friends and family.

The party kicked into high gear after this, with cake-cutting and dancing to follow. A vivacious first dance left our jaws on the floor, but certainly also inspired everyone else to put their best moves out there. Once the twinkling lights came on it became a non-stop party until it was time to head outside for a few more private photos, capping off a wonderfully fantastic wedding day.

Thank you again to Jeff and Laura for choosing Best Made Videos® to film their wedding! We hope your first month of marriage has gone magically.

Have any questions or comments? Leave them below!

Venue – Novelty Hill Januik Winery

Photography – Soper Photography

Videography – Best Made Videos®

Coordination – Pink Blossom Events

DJ – Seattle Parties

Bakery – Cubes

Why did you choose your venue?

We both love wine and often our vacations together center around wine so we knew we wanted to get married at a winery. We chose Novelty Hill Januik because of the beautiful and modern space.

What are you most excited to see in the video?

Us and all of our guests having fun. We want this to be a joyous event, and while we hope for a romantic touch during the ceremony, I am not a very sappy person.

Anything else?

I really liked how a video I saw of yours used the couple’s vows as well as some music for the sound. 

Laura and Jeff’s story in their own words:

Important Dates

6.26.13 | First meeting

7.11.13 | First date

5.29.14 | Adopted Kessa (pup)

7.1.14 | Moved in together

10.23.16 | First international vacation (Iceland)

4.22.18 | Engaged

6.22.19 | Wedding date!

How we met

Jeff and Laura met in the summer of 2013 playing ultimate frisbee for a club team named Tugboat. They hit it off immediately at the first team meeting, bonding over their broken clavicle stories, and at the first tournament Jeff kept going out of his way to spend time with Laura. Only 15 days after their first meeting, Jeff and Laura went on their first date, and they have been inseparable since. Less than 1 year later they adopted their adorable dog Kessa and moved into their very own house, and now they are finally getting married!

And although Tugboat dissolved, Jeff and Laura continue their passion for ultimate frisbee together on club team Birdfruit. Chirp chirp!

The Proposal

It was their last day in France. Laura and Jeff had just spent a long weekend drinking wine and exploring the lovely vineyards and towns of Burgundy, France with Jeff’s college friend and their frisbee teammate, Peter Burrows. After spending the day biking to different domaines for wine tasting, Jeff told Laura that they should get dressed up for a fancy dinner. But first, Peter wanted to show them a nice view of Beaune, the town they were staying in. Little did Laura know that Jeff and Peter were planning something.

Clueless, Laura got dressed up in her best clothes and followed Jeff and Peter up a hill to a view of the vineyards and town of Beaune below. While Laura snapped a selfie with Jeff, Peter pretended to take a phone call and scurried away. Only seconds after this picture was taken, Jeff pulled a ring from his pocket and dropped to his knee.

Laura said yes! After peeking out from a bush a short distance away, Peter came running out with sparkling wine. They drank, laughed, snapped some pictures, and then headed out for their fancy dinner as a newly engaged couple (and Peter too).

Wedding Party

Maids of Honor

Lisa and Sarah Manson

Lisa is Laura’s older sister and Sarah is her younger sister. With less than 2 years between each age, they spent a lot of time together growing up. One year, all 3 of them were in high school at the same time! Somehow their dad survived 🙂

There can be no mistake that Lisa, Laura, and Sarah are sisters. If you can’t tell from their similar looks and mannerisms, you can certainly match their deep Manson voices. Lisa and Sarah both live in Los Angeles, and a friend of theirs once said upon meeting Laura for the first time that she was the link that connects them.


Ali Wismer

Ali and Laura met in high school and first got to know each other playing on the freshman softball team. Through their years in high school, Laura spent countless nights hanging out in Ali’s basement, and now always looks forward to seeing her when she returns to Cleveland for Christmas.

Katia Dubas

Katia was Laura’s first Seattle friend when she moved to the city in 2011. Katia worked with Laura at Boeing, and was so welcoming and friendly, they immediately started hanging out – holding girls’ nights and going on hikes in Cascades. Katia now lives in Carmel, IN with her husband and adorable baby boy, Teddy, but they still find plenty of opportunities to hang out. No distance can separate these two!

Anika Tuba

Anika joined Laura’s team at Boeing in 2012, and they quickly hit it off. Anika is always down for a happy hour or a weekend brunch, and has been a constant source of friendship in Seattle. She may be small, but Anika has a huge personality and is always so much fun to be around.

Best Man

Peter Burrows

Peter and Jeff met at Whitman College and became fast friends. They played on the Ultimate team, the Whitman Sweets, together before continuing on with various teams after college. Though Peter currently resides in France, that has only given Jeff an excuse to visit Europe. Peter was intimately involved in helping plan the proposal, even running up with a bottle of sparkling wine when it was complete.


Raphael Miller

Jeff and Raphael met while working together at Getty Images. Raphael won’t back down from any competition, continuing to challenge Jeff in ping pong despite a winless record (though he’s getting better). Raphael ran the Tough Mudder with Jeff and Laura on a whim, even carrying Jeff on his back to help the team power through.

Ernesto Hernandez

Jeff and Ernesto also met while working at Getty Images. Ernesto helped mentor Jeff, becoming his “code whisperer”, and they became fast friends. They bonded over many Taco Tuesday happy hours while at Getty Images. They enjoy playing board games, though Ernesto still won’t let Jeff play dungeons and dragons with him.

Aaron Dubas

Jeff and Aaron met through his wife Katia. Aaron has been a constant source of intriguing conversation and friendship since they met. Though he and Katia moved to Carmel, IN, Jeff and Aaron stills find ample time to hang out when Aaron is back in Seattle for work.

Brian Percival

Brian was one of Jeff’s first friends at Whitman College. They met trying out for soccer freshman year, and continued to bond over their love of sports. Go Sounders, Seahawks, and Mariners! Though Brian no longer lives in Washington, they continue to keep in touch with a yearly fantasy baseball league.

Flower Girl


Little Alaskan Klee Kai, Kiwi, entered Laura and Jeff’s lives in September 2018. She is full of energy and loves to snuggle and play. She will be almost exactly 1 year old on the day of the wedding and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Ring Bearer


We had planned for our adorable 10-year old dog, Kessa, to be our ring bearer, but after a short and unexpected battle with adenocarcinoma, Kessa passed away on September 7, 2018. Although she will no longer be a part of our wedding, she will forever live on in our hearts.

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